List of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 mobile weapons

List of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 mobile weapons

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is the eleventh incarnation of the Gundam media franchise and features several mobile units.


First season

Concept and development


Gundam Exia

The GN-001 Gundam Exia is the mobile suit piloted by protagonist Setsuna F Seiei during the first season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Exia is the second Gundam to appear in the series as it overpowers and destroys the AEU's latest mobile suit, the Enact, during a public demonstration of the Enact's capabilities.[e 1] Designed for melee combat, Exia's primary weapon is a massive metal blade mounted on its right forearm, which can be folded down to reveal a beam gun. Additional hand-held swords, beam blades and shield complement Exia's armament. While the Exia is in battle with Ali Al-Saachez piloting the stolen Gundam Throne Zwei, the death of Aeolia Schenberg triggers a system trap and activates Exia's Trans-Am system, releasing the Gundam's full potential.[e 2] During the battle at Lagrange point 1, Exia is severely damaged during its confrontation with Graham Aker in an upgraded Flag, the GN-Flag, and left drifting in space.[e 3] The partially repaired Exia makes a short appearance during the first episode of the second season. Although it can stand its ground against the GN-XIII, it is no match for the newer Ahead. Celestial Being recovers the Exia after its battle at the Proud colony and installs the Exia's GN Drive on the 00 Gundam.[e 4] A repaired and upgraded Exia, dubbed the R2, makes another appearance in the last episode of the second season, when Setsuna transfers from the wrecked 00 Gundam to pilot the Exia against the 0 Gundam, piloted by Ribbons Allmark.[e 5]

Gundam Dynames

The GN-002 Gundam Dynames is the mobile suit piloted by protagonist Lockon Stratos (AKA Neil Dylandy). Dynames is the third Gundam to appear in the series when it provides fire support for the Exia during a public demonstration of the Enact's capabilities.[e 1] Designed for long-range sniping, Dynames's primary weapon is a long-barreled beam rifle. For close combat, the Dynames has a pair of beam pistols and beam sabers. The Dynames is also outfitted with several shields and missiles. Its most powerful weapon however is an extreme long-range sniper rifle, an optional stationary armament capable of targeting and sniping targets in planetary orbit.[e 6] During the battle at Lagrange point 1, The Dynames is heavily damaged when Lockon Stratos shields an immobile Gundam Virtue piloted by Tieria Erde from an enemy mobile suit, causing Stratos to lose his dominant eye.[e 7]

Gundam Kyrios

The GN-003 Gundam Kyrios is the mobile suit piloted by protagonist Allelujah Haptism during the first season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Kyrios is a high-mobility suit that can transform into a jet-fighter. Its primary weapon are a double-barreled sub-machine gun which can operate in both flight and mobile suit modes. For close combat, Kyrios has two beam sabers as well as a shield sporting a pincer claw and a retractable heat blade. Optional equipment include weapons containers which are attached during flight-mode, various missile launchers, a pair of beam cannons, and additional thrusters for increased speed. Kyrios also has the ability to use a GN Field though the barrier is not as large to that of Virtue's.[e 8] At the end of the first season, Kyrios is captured by the UN Army, but not before Allelujah ejects Kyrios's GN Drive to prevent it from falling into the UN Army's hands.[e 9] Celestial Being eventually recovers the GN Drive and installs it on the Arios Gundam by the second season.

Gundam Virtue

One of the protagonist units of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the GN-005 Gundam Virtue boasts sufficient firepower to independently annihilate numerically superior forces. Its primary weapon is the GN Bazooka, an energy cannon that fires massive blasts capable of destroying multiple enemy mobile suits in a single shot. Due to the GN Bazooka's slow rate of fire, the Virtue is also equipped with a pair of shoulder mounted, double barreled GN Cannons and a pair of GN beam sabers (the latter are rarely used however as the Virtue's heavy armor plating severely limits its speed and maneuverability in melee combat). A spherical GN particle barrier can also be generated from specialized projectors mounted along Virtue's chassis for added defense or other applications such as weight reduction during shutdown for ease of transportation with constant generator activity When the Trans-Am System is activated, the charging time of Virtue's GN Bazooka is drastically lowered and the shot becomes stronger. In emergency circumstances, the bulky armor of the Virtue is removable and can be ejected during battle to convert into an alternate high-mobility mode, Nadleeh. Later, Gundam Virtue's armor has been heavily damaged in the battle by Ali Al-Saachez in his Gundam Throne Zwei and some of the GN-X and after the battle, Celestial Being forcing to discard the damaged Virtue's armor into Gundam Nadleeh before the final battle.

Gundam Nadleeh

The uncovered high-mobility mode of the Gundam Virtue, The GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh is slimmer and more mobile than the Virtue, Nadleeh specializes in high mobility and is armed with a GN Beam Rifle and a GN Shield. Because the Virtue's armor lacks additional weapon mounts, Nadleeh's weapons are usually kept stored on the Ptolemy and must be either delivered to or picked up by Nadleeh. While waiting for its own armaments, Nadleeh is able to defend itself with Virtue's beam sabers or by converting Virtue's GN Cannons into a handheld configuration. The Nadleeh is also equipped with an emergency program called the Trial System, which enables it to control any mobile suit connected to Veda in the event of their capture. When the Trans-Am System is activated, it boosts Nadleeh's specs to three times the normal amount and its acceleration causes afterimages to appear. The Nadleeh is heavily damaged in battle with U.N.'s GN-X suits. Celestial Being recovers the remains of Nadleeh, along with Tieria Erde. The GN Drive is then installed in Seravee.

Its name originates from nádleehé, the Navajo term for a person whose body houses both a masculine and a feminine spirit, alluding to the mobile suit's dual nature.

GN Arms

The GNR-001 GN Arms is a mobile armor/weapons platform created for Celestial Being's Gundams. The GN Arms uses GN particles to power its weapons and propulsion. It can draw these particles from its internal condensers or from a Gundam's GN Drive while they are docked. The Arms can act as backup combat support for the Gundam(s) or transform to dock with the mobile suit as a mobile armor (in this form it is called GN Armor). Only 2 are known to exist (the Type-E for Exia, and the Type-D for the Dynames).


Human Reform League


The MSJ-06 II-A Tieren is the mainstay mobile suit of the Human Reform League is comparable in design to a bipedal tank, markedly less advanced and less maneuverable than the mass-production types of the other major powers. Unlike all other mobile suits in Gundam 00, and indeed in the Gundam metaseries as a whole, the Tieren series have no cockpit display screens. Instead, the pilot wears a virtual reality helmet which connects to the mobile suit's sensors. There are multiple variants of the Tieren that specialize in an antiaircraft, artillery, and space combat. Although largely replaced by the GN-XIII by the second season, at least one high mobility type is piloted by Sergei Smirnov during Hank Hercule's attempted coup d'état and the collapse of the orbital elevator tower in Africa.

Tieren Taozi

The MSJ-06 II-SP Tieren Taozi is a mobile suit built from the ground up to best express the physical and cognitive enhancements of the super-soldier Soma Peries, the Taozi is a highly-maneuverable general-purpose mobile suit superior to standard-model Tieren variants in any terrain. The Taozi is the only Tieren model that does not use use he HRL's VR helmet system, instead incorporating a holographic "surround monitor" into cockpit walls.



The VMS-15 Union Realdo is a previous-generation variable mobile suit manufactured by the Union, still a mainstay of the Union Military as of 2307 despite gradual retirement in favor of its successor, the Flag.[1] "VMS" stands for "Variable Mobile Suit.

In the second season, Katharon was able to enhance the Realdo for space combat.


Making its first appearance in the second episode of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the SVMS-01 Union Flag is a transformable mobile suit used by the Union. In the hands of skilled pilots, such as Graham Aker, the Flag can transform between flight and mobile suit modes in mid-air. When the Anti-Gundam Investigative Unit is formed, Graham's Flag is upgraded by Ralph Aifman so that it can combat the Gundams by increasing its speed, improving its armor, and adding an anti-beam coating. As the Anti-Gundam Investigative Unit is renamed to Overflags and expanded into an entire squadron, more Flags are similarly upgraded and designated as SVMS-01O Overflags. Towards the end of the first season, Graham's Flag was further modified to incorporate a GN Drive Tau. This version, called the GN-Flag, is destroyed in a battle with the Gundam Exia in the final episode of the first season.

Advance European Union


Manufactured in large numbers and exported outside the AEU member nations. The second most common mobile suit in the world, the Hellion has been used by terrorists. The current model is 05 Perpetuum; previous models include 09 Initium and 00 Medium. The Hellion also holds the distinction of being the first transformable mobile suit, as well as the first suit to utilize linear weapon technology.


The latest mobile suit developed by the AEU, the AEU-09 AEU Enact's basic design is heavily based on the Union's Flag and shares many features, such as the flight form transformation and armaments. The AEU has staked its organization's prestige on the development of this new solar energy-adapted mobile suit. Variants include a Commander type and a Space type. Ali al-Saachez was give a customize variant of the Enact by the PMC Trust. This unit is further augmented by docking with the AEU-MA07013 Agrissa mobile armor, however, the mobile armor is destroyed by the Gundam Throne Drei during its confrontation with Gundam Exia. Ali Al-Saachez later abandons the Enact when he steals the Gundam Throne Zwei from the Trinity siblings.

United Nations


The GNX-603T GN-X (pronounced "Jinx") is a semi-mass produced mobile suit, created by Alejandro Corner distributed by Laguna Harvey influenced by the Innovators. Thirty of these suits were produced and handed over in equal proportions (10 drives each) to the three superpowers that form a combined UN Army.

The GN-X units piloted by combat aces easily overwhelm and outnumber the Gundam Thrones, despite the Gundam Thrones having superior units. With the GN-X's introduction, the technological gap between Celestial Being and the major world powers has been bridged. Of the original squad of thirty, only one unit remains (Soma Peries unit) after the UN and Celestial Being wiped each other out in a climatic battle at Lagrange 1. However, in the four year interim that links both seasons together, the Earth Sphere Federation has been able to mass-produce a new version, the GN-XIII.


First appearing in episode 24, the GNMA-XCVII Alvatore was a large golden mobile armor piloted by Alejandro Corner, who first used this unit on a joint UN operation to eradicate Celestial Being, at one point severely damaging the Ptolemaios. It is equipped with 7 GN Drive Taus (not including the one in Alvaaron) and is heavily armed with multiple GN beam guns, GN fangs, a pair of large pincer claws, a nigh impenetrable GN field, and a powerful GN particle cannon. It has a golden mobile suit, Alvaaron, stored inside its main body.

The Alvatore was destroyed by Gundam Exia when it literally sliced the mobile armor apart with its GN sword.


A golden mobile suit uncover from the Alvatore. The GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron is equipped with a pair of beam rifle and beam saber. The Alvaaron is also capable of using a GN Field and fire a powerful beam shot similar to Gundam Virtue.

During the final battle between Setsuna/Lasse (Gundam Exia & GN Arms Type-E) & Alejandro (Alvaaron), Alvaaron has been severely damaged by Gundam Exia after he ejected an damaged GN Arms. After the battle, he abandoned and using the Alvatore to fight against Exia.



Originally used by the Human Reform League, the MSJ-04 Fanton is an older model mobile suit that was converted and sold off to third parties as the MSER-04 Anf. The slow-moving Anf sees use in military groups around the world.

Gundam Thrones

Gundam Throne Eins

A Gundam from the Trinity team. The GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins specializes in high-powered, long-range artillery similar to that of the Dynames and Virtue. The GN Tau Drive it uses emits red GN particles that differ from the original GN Drives. The GN Mega Launcher is able to fire a long-range sniper rifle or an extremely powerful beam, depending on the weapon mode. Docking is possible with either the Throne Zwei, Throne Drei or both simultaneously to further enhance its firepower, creating a highly concentrated GN beam for wide-area sweeping. The Throne Eins was destroyed by Ali Al-Saachez after he hijacked the Throne Zwei, killing Johann Trinity.

Gundam Throne Zwei

A Gundam from the Trinity team, the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei is powered by a GN Drive Tau. Its primary armaments are the GN-Buster Gun, GN Buster Sword and eight GN Fangs which are stored in launchers on both hips that can be used to attack enemies remotely. The GN Fangs are capable of being used as beam guns or generating short beam edges to engage enemies as daggers. After Michael Trinity was shot and killed by Ali Al-Saachez, the latter took the Throne Zwei as his own, as its biometric scanner had been deactivated by the hacking of Veda. He immediately proceeded to kill Johann Trinity by shooting down the Throne Eins. He later piloted Throne Zwei against the original Gundam Meisters and during an intense battle severely damaged Gundam Dynames. However, Lockon Stratos was able to salvage an operational cannon from the GN Arms Type-D and use it as a turret to snipe down the Throne Zwei and destroy it. The remains of its upper torso are salvaged and used to create the Arche Gundam.

Gundam Throne Drei

A Gundam from the Trinity team, GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei is powered by a GN Drive Tau and specializes in combat support. Its GN stealth field, which deploys huge pairs of wing-like GN particles over a wide range, is a powerful ability possessed only by this unit. Its GN shield pod can internally store various missiles, back-up beam sabers and other such equipment that meets tactical needs. Due to this capacity to carry large amount of GN Particles, the Throne Drei can dock itself with the Throne Eins to enhance its GN Mega Launcher. Throne Drei is the only Throne unit remaining at the end of season one.

Second season

Concept and development


00 Gundam

The GN-0000 00 Gundam is the successor unit to the Gundam Exia and piloted by main protagonist Setsuna F. Seiei. As Celestial Being's first fourth-generation Mobile Suit, the 00 Gundam (pronounced Double-O Gundam) possesses many of the previous generations' standard features, including the GN Drive and Trans-Am System, but also introduces the Twin Drive System. The system uses two GN Drives with compatible GN particle production as the basis for the system's operation, with their productive synergy, the amount of particles the two drives can produce is squared. 00 Gundam's synchronized Twin Drive System allows the 00 Gundam for high speed combat and immediate GN Field generation, as well as increased particle output. The 00 Gundam are severely damaged along with 0-Raiser by Reborns Gundam during the final battle

The 00 Gundam's weapons consists of two GN Sword IIs, two GN Beam Sabers, and two GN Shields that combine together. They can also function as katar-like weapons.

Cherudim Gundam

The GN-006 Cherudim Gundam is the successor unit of the Gundam Dynames and piloted by protagonist Lyle Dylandy, twin brother of deceased protagonist Neil Dylandy. Like the Dynames can use a Sniper Mode, by exposing a forehead scope used specifically with a rifle-like control device within the cockpit. The cockpit also contains a customized dock for Lockon's orange Haro. The Cherudim is equipped with a dedicated precision targeting camera located in its head, above the V-Fin, similar to Dynames. In addition, during Trans-Am it deploys a HoloScreen, a targeting unit stored in the backpack which is used to boost Cherudim's accuracy by increasing the speed at which it processes targeting information. The Cherudim's primary armament is its GN Sniper Rifle II, which is stored on the right shoulder. Folded in half for storage, it can be used in this configuration as a short-to-medium-range three-barrel Vulcan gun. Its other main weapons are its GN Beam Pistol IIs stored in its backpack. Unlike the Dynames, the Cherudim is not equipped with Beam Sabers. However, The GN Beam Pistol II can serve as its melee weapon, sporting an anti-beam coating capable of blocking enemy beam sabers and can be used as an axe. The 4 GN Micro Missile Pods that make up the front skirt armor house 8 GN Micro Missiles that are identical to those used by the 0 Raiser. Finally, the Cherudim is equipped with the Shield Bit system which allows all nine GN Shield Bits, two of which are mounted to the left shoulder as a shield, another two on the knees and the others mounted around the GN Drive on its rear waist to be remotely controlled and used for defensive purposes, though they also store a beam gun for offense as well similar to the Throne Zwei's GN Fangs. Four Shield Bits can combine into one in order to emit a more powerful beam.

The unit is heavily damaged in battle with Arche Gundam, losing the left forearm and right foot in the process. During the final battle, the Cherudim engaged the Gadessa and sustained further damage. Seemingly disabled, the Gadessa moved in for the kill but at the last moment, the Cherudim used Trans-Am to dodge behind the attacker and destroy it with a point-blank burst of GN Pistol II fire.

Arios Gundam

The GN-007 Arios Gundam is the successor unit to the Gundam Kyrios and piloted by protagonist Allelujah Haptism. Like the Kyrios, the Arios can also transform into a mobile armor. The Arios is equipped with two dual-barreled GN Beam Rifles which can rapidly fire beam shots. Also attached to each of the unit's wrists are a pair of small GN submachine guns which can fire at the same rate as the Arios's GN Beam Rifle. A pair of beam sabers are also attached to the lower part of the unit's legs and can slice through a GNX-XIII's GN rifle/lance with ease. Its prow, called the GN Beam Shield while in the mobile armor mode, can be used as a claw similar to the GN Heat Blade/Shield of Kyrios and can also be used defensively in mobile suit mode using a defense mechanism that's different from GN-Fields, though its never seen being used defensively in the anime. Optional armaments include the GN Archer, which combines with the Arios in mobile armor mode to form the Archer Arios.

In the final battle, the Arios engages and destroys the Garazzo by cutting it in half with the GN Beam Shield. Before it can move to assist the 00 Gundam however, the Reborns Gundam retaliates with its GN Fangs, disabling the Arios.

Seravee Gundam

The GN-008 Seravee Gundam is the successor unit to the Gundam Virtue and is piloted by protagonist Tieria Erde. The Seravee Gundam carries over the heavy armament concept and the Trans-Am System. Like the Virtue, it wields four cannons, though they are slimmer. Said cannons are placed in pairs at the knees and on the back of the unit, and a pair of GN Bazookas. They can also be attached onto the two cannons at the back which can then fire a charged high-density, compressed blast known as "Buster Cannon". The combined form of the GN Bazookas is called "Double Bazooka", and can also switch to Burst mode to fire a more powerful shot. If it is fired together with the four cannons it is known as "Hyper Burst Mode". Attaching the Double Bazooka onto the right cannon at the back will form the "Double Bazooka Cannon", while switching to Burst mode will become "Double Bazooka Buster Cannon". It is also equipped with a pair of GN Beam sabers which are attached to the wrists of the unit. The two knee-mounted cannons and the two shoulder cannons hide a pair of hands, which can be equipped with beam sabers. There is a torso-sized head that resembles a Gundam's on the back of the Seravee, it is a GN Particle emitter and rear view camera, which generates GN Fields when the V-fins split to expose the eyes (known as Face Burst mode), which is actually the Seraphim Gundam. The GN Field produced by it can also be used to focus a powerful cohesive blast, using the four smaller cannons, at the front. The Seravee is also equipped with the "Seraphim System" which is actually the torso-sized head and shoulder cannons of the Seravee, which separates from the main unit and transforms, becoming the Seraphim Gundam.

During the final battle between Celestial Being and the Innovators, Seravee is heavily damaged and immobilized by Revive Revival's Gadessa and Hilling Care's Garazzo using Trans-Am, forcing Tieria to abandon the unit.

After the fall of A-Laws and the Innovators, Tieria recovers Seravee's MS frame and rebuilds it into Raphael Gundam's backpack, renaming it into Seravee Gundam II.

Seraphim Gundam

The GN-009 Seraphim Gundam is the high mobility mode of the Seravee Gundam and successor unit to the Gundam Nadleeh. The Seraphim is armed with a pair of hands that can turn into GN Cannons and have the ability to pass through GN fields, and it also has a pair of GN Beam Sabers hidden inside. When utilizing the Seraphim Gundam, the pilot's seat in Seravee performs a 180-degree turn into the Seraphim's cockpit prior to Seraphim's separation from Seravee. The Seravee, while pilotless, could be controlled via an interface in the Seraphim. The Seraphim is also equipped with a increased performance Trial System called the Trial Field, which has a wider effective range and can shut down any unit linked to Veda. After merging with Veda, Tieria remote-activates the Trial Field to disable the Gagas attacking Ptolemy 2 in episode 24. However, the Seraphim Gundam and it's GN Drive are quickly destroyed by the Reborns Gundam.

0 Raiser

The GNR-010 0 Raiser is a mobile weapons platform specifically designed to complement the 00 Gundam. It can combine with 00 Gundam to form the 00 Raiser. Outwardly the unit looks very similar to the GN Sefer. The 0 Raiser helps stabilize the 00's Twin Drive system and has the ability to amplify 00 Gundam's Trans-Am System, quadrupling the GN particle output of either one of the twin drives. On its own, the 0 Raiser is equipped with GN Micro Missiles, GN Beam Machineguns, and GN Vulcans. Saji Crossroad is the current pilot of the unit, even though it doesn't actually require one once connected to the 00 Gundam.[2]

GN Archer

The GNR-101A GN Archer is a mobile weapons platform designed to specifically support the Arios Gundam in mobile armor mode in a manner not too dissimilar to the Kyrios's tail-booster. When docked with the Arios, the resulting form is known as Archer Arios. It uses a large GN condenser instead of a GN Drive as its power source. Although the GN Archer can improve the Arios' functions while docked, it is also capable of transforming into a standalone mobile suit. Its weapons include two wide-barreled GN Beam Rifles, GN Beam Sabers, GN Vulcans and GN Missiles. Piloted by Soma Peries (Marie Parfacy), the GN Archer is first used in episode 17, to aid the Gundams defending the cities during the Break Pillar incident. It would remain as Soma's personal unit for the remainder of the series, despite protests from Allelujah Haptism. It is critically damaged during the final battle, having been struck by several suicidal Gaga units. After the battle, it is later salvaged, along with both the Cherudim Gundam and Arios Gundam.

0 Gundam

The GN-000 0 Gundam is the first mobile suit powered by a GN Drive and bearing the name Gundam; it is the prototype for all other Gundams. The 0 Gundam makes a brief appearance during the first episode of the first season when it, then piloted by Ribbons Almark, intervenes in a battle in the Krugis Republic and is seen by a Krugis child soldier who will later be known as Setsuna F Seiei.[e 1] After intervening in the battle in Krugis, the 0 Gundam is placed in storage and its GN Drive is loaned to Fereshte. After the GN Drive is returned to Celestial Being, it is installed on the 00 Gundam at the beginning of the second season. A repainted 0 Gundam equipped with a GN Condenser is brought back into service just before the final battle with the Innovators and is piloted by Lasse Aeon while defending the Ptolemaios II. However, Lasse abandons the 0 Gundam after its GN Condenser is depleted. Ribbons Almark briefly commandeers the Gundam after stealing its GN Drive back from the damaged 00 Gundam, but both pilot and Gundam are destroyed by Setsuna and the fully repaired Gundam Exia in the series' final fight.[e 5]


Earth Sphere Federation/A-Laws


Successor to the GN-X, the GNX-609T GN-XIII is the Federation's mass-produced mobile suit used by both the peacekeeping army and the elite A-Laws force. Overall design is similar to the GN-X, minus the four thruster canards. The units are equipped with a GN Beam Lance, which doubles as both a melee weapon and a beam rifle it also carries a beam saber, a small shield which can also generate a GN Beam Shield, and also a grenade that releases a green coloured smoke which causes beam attacks to dissipate. The A-Laws use a red coloured GN-XIII, while the Federation uses grey-blue GN-XIIIs.


The GNX-704T Ahead is a new mobile suit derived in part from the GN-X series, which is used by the Earth Sphere Federation's elite A-Laws unit. Slightly larger than the GN-XIII, the Ahead boasts a pair of GN Thrusters mounted on both sides of its GN Drive, giving the Ahead greater maneuverability and speed than standard Federation mobile suits. It is equipped with a GN Shield and GN Beam Rifle. It also carries a pair of GN Sabers mounted in the shoulders. 12 Automaton units can be carried in a single Ahead unit, which are used in elimination of non-mechanical units on ground. Compared to the GN-X, Ahead's basic design is closer to the Gundams. For example, the cockpit is located in the upper torso like the new generation Gundams, rather than the waist like the GN-X line. Designed to perform greatly in every situation, it is a true multi purpose unit. At least two customized Aheads exist, piloted by Mr. Bushido and Soma Peries (Later transferred to Louise Halevy after Soma was declared KIA) respectively.


The GNMA-04B11 Trilobite is a large mobile armor equipped with three GN Tau drives, used for underwater combat. It first appeared in episode 4 of season 2 and it requires two pilots. The Trilobite is first sortied against Celestial Being and succeeds in stopping the Ptolemaios but it is quickly destroyed by Setsuna in the 00 Gundam. The Trilobite is armed with multiple torpedoes including two large ones that are capable of piercing GN fields, in close range combat it can deploy four large claws, normally stored against the body.


The GNX-U02X Masurao is a prototype unit built by Billy Katagiri for Mr. Bushido and is based on the design of the Overflag combined with the Federation's GN Technology. The unit's primary armament is a pair of beam katanas, similar to Bushido's custom Ahead. The Masurao is also equipped with a copy of the Trans-Am system based on notes Billy found in Professor Ralph Eifman's room. This allows the Masurao to fight on par with 00 Raiser. However, the Trans-Am system destroys the GN Tau Drive when activated resulting in time a shorter activation time and renders the Masurao inoperable when the system is shutdown. Also, because the Masurao lacks the advanced inertial dampeners of the Gundams, the extreme g-forces produced by the Trans-Am pose a serious health risk.


The GNX-Y901TW Susanowo is an improved version of the Masurao and piloted by Mr. Bushido. Instead of twin beam katanas, the Susanowo now wields a pair of GN reinforced blades which can combined into a double-sword. The Susanowo also has a GN Beam Cannon mounted in its torso that fires bursts much like Seravee's Hyper Burst bazooka for long range combat. Its Trans-Am system has also been updated and its time limit has been extended. The Susanowo was heavily damaged by the 00 Raiser, revealing the face of an Overflag behind the shattered samurai crest.

Its name is an alternate romanization of Susanoo, the Shinto god of the sea and storms who according to Shinto mythology was banished from heaven and is depicted by some myths as the ruler of the underworld.


Arche Gundam

The GNW-20000 Arche Gundam is the mobile suit piloted by Ali Al-Saachez and bears a striking similarity to the Gundam Throne Zwei. It is equipped with a GN Buster Sword, which can be slid up and down the arm, a shield mounted on the left arm, 10 upgraded GN Fangs, and beam sabers stored in the tips of its feet. The Arche is destroyed twice during the series, once by Setsuna in the 00 Raiser, and finally by Lockon (Lyle Dylandy) in the Cherudim.


The GNZ-003 Gadessa is a mobile suit piloted by Revive Revival. The Gadessa is armed with a large, triple-barreled cannon mounted on its back known as the GN Mega Launcher, two beam sabers, and a pair of GN Vulcan attached to its wrists. Revive joins the A-Laws as a captain, bringing the unit with him. The GN Mega Launcher has the ability to pierce GN Fields unless the GN Field is extremely powerful, and the beam is also movable when firing but it needs a certain amount of time to recharge. The Gadessa can also be equipped with a powerful optional GN Thruster connected to the legs. The Gadessa's torso mounted cockpit is connected to the back unit with the GN Drive, and can detach as an escape pod.

Later in the series, Hilling Care pilots a second Gadessa. Her unit's GN Mega Launcher is equipped with an additional pack that attaches to the back of the mobile suit, which gives it a shorter charge time than Revive's unit. Close to the end of the series, the Gadessa used by Revive is equipped with its own Trans-Am System, which it used to great effect to harry the Seravee Gundam and 00 Raiser, alongside Hilling's Garazzo.


The GNZ-005 Garazzo is a melee-type mobile suit piloted is Bring Stabity. Ithe Garazzo is designed to have superior mobility and speed, possessing capacities that exceed those of the A-Law's units. The Garazzo has a similar appearance to the Gadessa, retaining much of the frame while adding spikes to the shoulders and knuckles, as well as adding a shield built into its left shoulder. It has a powerful optional GN Thruster that can connect to its legs that increases its speed tremendously. Its armament includes a pair of GN Beam Claws stored inside the fingers of its hands which can be combined and has enough power to slice through 00 Gundam's GN Sword. It has a pair of GN Beam Guns attached to its wrists similar to Arios. It is also capable of producing a GN Field and is able to concentrate it on its GN Shield to deflect even Seravee's powerful shots. The Garazzo's cockpit while mounted in the torso, is connected to the back unit with the GN Drive, and can detach as an escape pod. The Garazzo is destroyed by the 00 Raiser in episode 12 of season 2 but Bring manages to survive via the unit's escape pod. Bring is then seen piloting a second Garazzo in a mission to hunt down the heavily damaged Ptolemaios II after its battle against the Memento Mori. This time, however, Bring is unable to escape the Garazzo's second destruction at the hands of Tieria Erde.


The GNZ-007 Gaddess has a similar appearance to that of the Gadessa, sporting a bright blue color scheme. Rather than the long range armament of the Gadessa, its equipment is a GN Heat Saber and 7 GN Beam Saber Fangs. The Gaddess cockpit while mounted in the torso, is connected to the back unit with the GN Drive, and can detach as an escape pod. The only Gaddess seen in the series was piloted by Anew Returner, who used it to fight Lockon Stratos and the Cherudim Gundam. Both mobile suits were heavily damaged by one another, until it was finally destroyed by a surprise shot from the 00 Raiser, killing Anew in the process.


The GNMA-Y0001 Empruss is a prototype mobile armor first seen in episode 14 of season 2, piloted by Innovator Divine Nova. It is equipped with a GN Particle Cannon, a GN Field, 2 GN Cannons, 2 GN Beam Guns and two GN Grappling Claws. The Empruss's first sortie is a retaliation strike against Celestial Being for the destruction of the first Memento Mori orbital weapon, during which it is able to shoot down the Ptolemaios II. It is next seen during Kati Mannequin's attempt at destroying the Ptolemaios II just before the Break Pillar Incident. During this battle, the Empruss is able to immobilize both Arios Gundam and Seravee Gundam, but is forced to retreat at news of the coup. Afterwards, it returns to orbit to defend the second Memento Mori weapon. During Celestial Beings attack on the second Memento Mori, the Empruss engages the 00 Raiser in combat and is eventually destroyed.


The GNMA-0001V Regnant is a mobile armor based on the Empruss and piloted by Louise Halevy. The Regnant is similarly equipped as Empruss, however, its GN Field is far more powerful and its cannon is capable of altering the path of its beam at a sharp angle, enabling it to use surprise attacks. The Regnant can also transform into a mobile suit form. The Regnant first appeared in episode 20, where it was delivered to Louise personally by Ribbons Almark. The Regnant is able to severely damage the Arios Gundam, as well as immobilize it, the Seravee Gundam, and the GN Archer before being damaged by the 00 Raiser, forcing it to retreat. Louise also used the Regnant to defeat and destroy Nena Trinity and the Gundam Throne Drei in an act of revenge. During the last stages of the war between Celestial Being, A-Laws, and the Innovators, the Regnant fights against the 00 Raiser as Saji Crossroad attempts to reason with Louise. Though it is able to immobilize the 00 Raiser, it is struck by a Gaga unit and critically damaged, knocking Louise out. The Regnant is subsequently abandoned, and later recovered by Federation forces after the battle.


A lightweight mobile suit, the GNZ-004 Gaga first appeared in episode 23 of season 2 and are meant to be used as suicide weapons. Because of this, the Gaga possesses very little weapons and are produced in massive numbers for an army of Bring Stabity and Devine Nova clones to pilot. The machine itself was built and designed by Billy Katagiri to have high speed mobility and easy control for the pilot. The Gaga is also equipped with a Trans-AM system, but possesses the same time limit as the Susanowo. The only notable weapon is a GN Vulcan mounted in the torso.

Reborns Gundam

The CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam is the mobile suit introduced in the series finale and piloted by the primary antagonist Ribbons Almark. Equipped with a pseudo-Twin Drive System located on its elbows, along with a Trans-Am System, the Reborns Gundam can assume the mode of Reborns Cannon which is armed with four powerful beam cannons on its torso, and the three-fingered hands can double as a electrocuting grappler. The mobile suit's main weapons are its GN Buster Launcher, a powerful beam rifle that is used by both modes, and a shield which houses four small GN Fin Fangs. Additionally, this unit is equipped with four identical Fangs on the back skirt and the four beam cannons on the front of the Reborns Cannon double as GN Large Fin Fangs. During Ribbons's battle with Setsuna F Seiei and the 00 Raiser, most of the Reborns Gundam's weapons are destroyed and it is severely damaged. Though Ribbons is able to cut off one of the 00 Gundam's arms, claiming one of the GN Drives, the machine is so damaged that he is forced to abandon it for the 0 Gundam.



A small shuttle built for Nena Trinity. The Riian has the same color scheme as the Throne Drei and is used for reconnaissance missions. It has a GN Blaster for offensive purposes which is similar in appearance to the one used by the Throne Eins Turbulenz. In episode 19, the shuttle is revealed to actually contain a repaired Throne Drei, with the shuttle presumably being powered by the Gundam's GN Drive Tau.


Concept and development

Human side

Celestial Being

00 Qan[T]

The GNT-0000 00 Qan[T], pronounced as "Double Oh Quanta" is the successor unit to the GN-0000 00 Gundam, featured in the film. It possesses a Twin Drive System equipped with a newly created solar furnace.[3] The unit is piloted by Setsuna F Seiei. 00 Qan[T] is the latest prototype designed by Celestial Being. Its blueprint originated from Innovators and was sent over from Level-7 by Veda/Tieria. A power connector is built between its left shoulder and Twin Drive. It’s meant to directly transfer power from the Twin Drive to the GN Shield, allowing GN Particles to directly transfer over the shield for quick power recharge. 00 Qan[T]'s primary weapon is the GN Sword V, a dual functioning weapon between rifle and sword. Its blade is composed completely of the same material of GN Condensers. The GN Shield is attached to the left shoulder, which can deploy 6 GN Sword Bits (stored on the sides of the shield) and can be deployed as remote flying blades. There are 3 different types. The 2 A Bits are long bits which are usable as separate homing projectiles. The B Bits perform in the same manner, but can be optionally used as hand held daggers. The C Bits are similar in function to the A Bits, but are half the size of the latter, and can wield a beam saber. The Sword Bits can be reconfigured on the GN Sword V as a buster sword or a buster rifle for combat and also generate a GN Field/portal when positioned together. Setsuna only used this function once to break into the ELS main structure. Setsuna & 00 Qan[T] disappear to the ELS homeworld after Setsuna managed to contact with ELS. Their fates is unknown. 50 years later after ELS war (2364 AD), Setsuna and the 00 Qan[T] returned to Earth, where he visited an aged and blind Marina Ismail in her country home. The 00 Qan[T] is seen outside with new armor and wings, possibly resulting from assimilation with ELS.

Gundam Zabanya

The GN-010 Gundam Zabanya is the successor unit to the Cherudim Gundam, featured in the film. The unit is piloted by Lockon Stratos. Zabanya is a departure from its traditional role as a long-range sniper, placing more emphasis on artillery while still retaining its sniping capability and is now a mobile armory. A series of targeting sensors on its legs and shoulders were built onto the unit for greater accuracy and efficiency in combat. GN Micro Missiles are laced throughout its armor. The GN Holster Bits are the ten green containers mounted on the Zabanya. Zabanya can use the rifles as either hand held rifles or remote weapons. The weapon can also act as a pistol with a shorter barrel and is named GN Pistol Bit in this form with the scope and grip hidden. The pilot has the choice of choosing for the Bit to be either a pistol or a rifle before the weapon exits the Holster Bit. The GN Holster Bits also seem to possess a function similar to the Shield Bits' Assault Mode, arranging themselves into specific formations for offensive purposes, with the ability to incorporate the Rifle Bits themselves into said formations for additional firepower. Also because of the complexity of managing the Rifle and Holster Bits, along with Zabanya's systems, a second Haro port was installed into Zabanya's cockpit system. A Blue Haro now co-processes the data with its Orange counterpart to allow Lockon to effectively pilot Zabanya. Near at the end of the battle after Setsuna/00 Qan(T) managed to communicated to the ELS, Gundam Zabanya has heavily damaged, losing left arm, left GN Missile Pods & left legs. Later, Lyle Dylandy & both Haros abandoned an heavily damaged Zabanya after ELS's mothership transforming into the large desert flower, indicated the final battle is finally over. It is unknown what happened to Gundam Zabanya & its GN Drive. Zabanya's GN Drive are still active, its presumed that Zabanya & GN Drive was salvaged.

Gundam Harute

The GN-011 Gundam Harute is the successor unit to the Arios Gundam, featured in the film. The unit is piloted by both Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy, being a two-seat mobile suit. Similar to its predecessors, it can transform into flight position. It utilizes the Marut system, where the face mask splits open and reveals another pair of eyes, and the field located at the eyes disappears and the eyes turn red. A total of 3 pairs of eyes appear when the Marut system is active. The Marut system activates when Hallelujah is controlling Allelujah's body. The Harute is armed with 2 GN Sword Rifles, which can cut mobile suits like a pair of scissors, similar to its predecessors, the Gundam Kyrios's Shield and the Arios's Beam Shield. It has GN Condenser like materials located at the bottom of the weapon, similar to the 00 Qan[T]'s GN Sword V, which are used for attacking purposes. Located on top of the barrel of the scissor is a Rifle. It can fire as fast as Arios's GN Submachine guns. There is a separate area for holding to turn the GN Sword Rifle into Sword mode as well. Near at the end of the battle after Setsuna/00 Qan(T) managed to communicated to the ELS, Gundam Harute has been assimilated, forcing Allelujah & Marie abandoned their mobile suit just as Harute was destroyed by ELS's beam shot as well. It is unknown Harute's GN Drive had survived or destroyed after the final battle.

Raphael Gundam

The CB-002 Raphael Gundam is the successor unit to the Seravee Gundam and Gadessa,[4] featured in the film. It was produced by Tieria Erde for his own use.[5] The unit has greater mobility and flexibility in combat, however, in exchange, its defenses have been reduced. The original GN drive of Seraphim Gundam was replaced with 3 GN Tau Drives as Seraphim's was destroyed by Ribbons Almark in his Reborns Gundam. It also has a green ocular sensor scope on its forehead, which is a new targeting sensor derived from Gadessa. Attached to the backpack are a pair of enhanced GN Bazookas (from Seravee's GN Bazooka IIs) and 2 detachable remote controlled GN Claws/GN Big Cannons. The cannons can fly off to remotely shoot down a target or physically be used to crush enemy targets. The unit is destroyed when Tieria uses Trans-Am System to the maximum to overload Raphael & Seravee's GN Drive Tau to destroying most of the surrounding ELS & an assimilating 00 Raiser, causing Tieria go back to Veda.

Seravee Gundam II

With the loss of Seravee's GN Drive and Celestial Being short on resources, Tieria recycled Seravee's frame to create the GN-008RE Seravee Gundam II. Instead of redesigning Seravee as the primary unit for combat, Tieria chose to invert the orientation between the heavily armored form and the hidden high mobility combat form. Seravee was redeveloped after the mechanical aesthetics of Seraphim Gundam, making Seravee the first heavily armored transformable support unit. The original Seravee had a cockpit control system for the pilot and could pivot the cockpit 180 degrees for complete access to Seraphim. Seravee II has no cockpit, the unit is completely autonomous and takes commands through Tieria's quantum brainwaves within Raphael's cockpit.

In its backpack form, Seravee II holds two GN Big Cannons and GN Bazookas for Raphael. The GN Big Cannons is a multi-functional component. Each of the cannons contains a GN Drive Taus and the cannon is hidden behind the GN Claws. The attached drives gives the remote cannons great speed, power, and range. The cannons can fly off to remotely shoot, crush, and push off enemy targets. When its mobile suit form is needed, the entire backpack is jettisoned for quick transformation. Above Raphael's head and shoulders is Seravee's pelvis and legs. The GN Big Cannons transform into Seravee's legs. The parts holding onto the GN Bazookas is the head, arms, and torso of Seravee. When the bazookas are transformed forward, it will reveal its completed form.

The Seravee Gundam II was destroyed when Tieria activated Trans-Am to the maximum to overload Raphael & Seravee's GN Drive Tau to destroy most of the surrounding ELS & an assimilating 00 Raiser.

Earth Sphere Federation


The GNMA-Y0002V Gadelaza is a mobile armor developed from the Regnant, specifically designed to be piloted by a True Innovator. The Innovator's quantum brainwaves allow the pilot to interface directly with the machine and delegate commands, resulting in quicker responses and less dependency on physical multi-tasking. It is piloted by the Federation Innovator, Descartes Shaman. The mobile armor utilizes 17 GN Fangs and a GN Beam Cannon.


The GNX-Y903 Brave is derived from the Susanowo with the latest Federation-developed GN technology. The Brave was developed by both the AEU and the Union team of engineers and is currently in a testing period. The mass-produced model is a transformable aerial combat unit and the Brave units are adapted for space combat. Two variants Brave include the standard unit and a commander version piloted by Graham Aker.[6]


Between the second season and the movie, the Federation adopts the GNX-803T as their standard-issue mobile suit. Compared to it's predecessor, the GN-XIII, this mobile suit is equipped with GN Thrusters and possesses a smaller version of the eyebrow-like head decoration that is traditionally the visual identifier of a Gundam (in fact, Graham Aker once refers to them as "Gundam-types"). Interestingly, this mobile suit is still referred to in dialogue as a GN-X.

In the final battle during the ELS invasion, the ELS copy the GN-XIV and devise a process in which several ELS bodies merge and morph into a GN-XIV replica which is visually more streamlined, has a single eye and builds weaponry during combat by literally growing them out of its arms. Both its ranged weapons and its beam saber are blue.

Other media

Mobile Suit Gundam 00P

Gundam Astraea

The GNY-001 Gundam Astraea serves as the intermediary design between the 1st-generation 0 Gundam and the 3rd-generation Gundam Exia. It is a testbed for a number of experimental technologies, incorporated in pursuit of a greater general utility versus the 0. The GN Drive control mechanism differs from that of 0 Gundam, and benchmarks with both higher output and higher instability. The two ear-like protrusions that extend backwards from the sides of the head structure appear to be a design feature unique to the Astraea, but their purpose is thus far unknown. Later on while testing the Gundam Exia's future armaments Gundam Astraea's face has been covered with a black mask to disguise the fact that it's a Gundam till the day Celestial Being reveals itself.

The unit name derives from the goddess Astraea, who is associated with the card Justice—one of the twenty-two Major Arcana in the Tarot.[7] The other Gundam test-types follow this naming theme.[8]

Gundam Sadalsuud

The GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud is a prototype to the Gundam Dynames.

Gundam Abulhool

The GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool is a transformable prototype of the Gundam Kyrios. Its weapon includes GN vulcans and two 3-tube, nine round GN missile launchers.

Gundam Plutone

The GNY-004 Gundam Plutone has a core fighter inside that houses both the cockpit and the GN Drive and can be used as an escape unit. The Plutone was later destroyed, having sustained heavy damage at the hands of Micheal Trinity's Gundam Throne Zwei. Fon Spaak activated the Plutone's self destruct mechanism and escaped using its Core fighter. A Tau-Drive Plutone sporting a black-and-red paintjob appears in 00F Chapter 16, and chapter 17 reveals that its pilot is Innovator Bring Stabity.

Gundam Rasiel

The GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel is an experimental mobile suit created by Celestial Being which was a bridge experiment platform with GN Sefer to perfect development of GN Arms and 0 Raiser. When combined with GN Sefer, they become Sefer Rasiel. Gundam Rasiel's main armament consists of basic mobile suit compliments of a beam saber, beam rifle and shield. The unit is piloted by Grave Violento.

GN Sefer

The GNR-000 GN Sefer is a prototype mobile platform developed alongside the Gundam Rasiel. The GN Arms is the enhanced succeeding mobile platform to Sefer. When GN Sefer and Gundam Rasiel combined, they become the Sefer Rasiel. Its pilot is Hixar Fermi. The GN Sefer can also be combined with the four third-generation Gundams, as well as the 0 Gundam.

Tieren Kyitwo

The MSJ-06YIII-B Tieren Kyitwo is a Tieren variant equipped with a large three-stage coilgun attached to the suit, a small radome mounted on the back, large shoulder attachments presumably designed for enhanced mobility, and an overall frame similar to the Tieren Taozi. The Kyitwo was meant to be a testbed for the Human Reform League's next series of mobile suits, but that model never proceeded past the planning stage. As a test unit, the Kyitwo has two cockpits, the main cockpit incorporating the same holographic "surround monitor" used by the Tieren Taozi and the secondary cockpit using the standard VR helmet display. This mobile suit was piloted by Delphine Bedelia and Leonard Fiennes.

Gundam Virtue Physical

The GN-005/PH Gundam Virtue Physical is a variation of the Gundam Virtue. The Virtue Physical has its GN Bazooka replaced with GN Physical Bazooka which fire solid rounds. The shoulder GN Cannons are replaced with a single larger GN Beam Cannon. It also has GN Panzerfaust and GN missile containers built into its leg armors. The only weapons remaining from its Particle counterpart are GN Beam Sabers. The armor was also completely different than the armor that usually covers the Nadleeh. This was because it originally took too many particles to feasibly use heavy beam weapons in combat. However after they found a way around the problem, the Virtue physical's armor was put into storage and was used only a handful of times when the Virtue Particle Armor (the usual form of Virtue) was unusable.

GN Cannon

The CBY-0077 GN Cannon is the planned prototype mobile suit by Ribbons Almark. It resembles the Reborns Cannon only it has a purple color and it's equipped with 4 GN cannons instead of the GN Fin Fangs. The unit doesn't have an alternate form and its concept was adapted into the Reborns Gundam.

The GN Cannon was intended to be a support unit for Ribbons Almark while he piloted the 1 Gundam. However, Ribbons did not want to rely on a support unit in battle, so the Innovator chose to keep the GN Cannon design, but combine it with the 1 Gundam, forming the Reborns Gundam/Cannon. It was created in absolute secrecy. The GN Cannon faces off with Gundam Meister 874's Gundam Artemie. It used particle beams to attack Artemie. But Gundam Meister 874 uses Trial Field to freeze it, but it was canceled as Tieria Erde was also using Trial and had higher access than Meister 874. Through quantum communication, an image of a young man with the same base pattern of Ribbons, a man with green hair, came into view. His hairdo and appearance is the same as Leif Recitativo. Enraged, Meister 874 used the 4 bits while thrusting towards the enemy. In front of her, one mobile suit came into view after releasing its optical camouflage, the 1 Gundam.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00V

Gundam Avalanche Exia

The GN-001/hs-A01 Gundam Avalanche Exia is a variant of the Gundam Exia that incorporates the optional high-mobility equipment hs-A01 Avalanche. Though the GN particle propulsion system native to the Exia allows for relatively high speed and acceleration, the unit is actually incapable of matching or exceeding certain aircraft and spacecrafts in flight. The Avalanche was developed for the purpose of eliminating this issue. The optional equipment consists of a series of large-capacity GN particle condenser attachments, which act to store the particle production of the GN drive for release in a single 10-minute burst of ultra-high speed. Higher output is possible, but the strain it places on the body of the pilot becomes severe. As the condensers require a full hour to charge, repeated use of the burst function is impossible. The standard Seven Swords armaments can be mounted behind the Avalanche equipment, and quickly deployed for use.

Gundam Dynames Torpedo

The GN-002/DG014 Gundam Dynames Torpedo is a variant of the Gundam Dynames that incorporates the optional anti-marine equipment DG014 Torpedo. The standard GN Sniper Rifle is exchanged for the bipod-mounted GN Torpedo Launcher, designed to eliminate submersible opponents from a stationary position above sea level. The weapon, comparable in size and usage to the unit's optional orbital rifle, is secured over the forearm and to the right rotatable shoulder dock. A sonar sensor is attached to the Dynames' left shoulder, and a goggle-like device is attached over the eyes. The unit possesses only one beam saber. Since the unit had to rely on its GN pistols for defense while using this unit as it had no other long range weapons, the unit was only used a few times to get rid of multiple undersea units.

Gundam Kyrios Gust

The GN-003/af-G02 Gundam Kyrios Gust is a variant of the Gundam Kyrios with ability to exit the atmosphere of the Earth. It takes the form of large jets mounted on the legs of the Kyrios. It allowed the suit to fly at extremely fast speeds, and while it wasn't able to make sharp turns it could turn fairly well due to the equipment being mounted on the legs. they were also equipped with GN Missile Pods and a GN Shotgun which despite its name could fire at a far enough distance. Despite this, the unit was more suited for transport and rushing toward locations than it was for combat, and as a result it was only used a handful of times. The Innovators later used a derivative of the Gust Unit to make jets for their personal Mobile Suits to travel to locations faster. Unlike the Gust Unit, the jets could be dropped from the mobile suit with ease due to mass production.

Gundam Nadleeh Akwos

The GN-004/te-A02 Gundam Nadleeh Akwos is a variation of the Gundam Nadleeh. It allows the influence of the Trial System to be expanded to ten times. The equipment also increases its combat and defensive potential, giving it better armor, a solid blade, the GN-Gladius, and increasing its speed. Due to the takeover of Veda, the Trial System cannot be used; and since this armor must be put on after removing the components of the Virtue, whose sheer power is used very often in combat and missions, this unit is not put in practical use - making it the least-used of the 3rd generation Gundam's special equipment; It was only used twice after the existence of Nadleeh was revealed to the world.

Gundam Throne Eins Turbulenz

A high-speed transformable mobile suit variant of the Gundam Throne Eins, the GNW-001/hs-T01 Gundam Throne Eins Turbulenz combines aspects of the other three thrones into a single design. Specifically, it can transform into a jet, has multiple beam sabers, missile pods and high GN particle storage from the Drei (though its particle storage is inferior to the Drei), retains the body and high firepower of the Eins, and carries 8 GN fangs derived from the Zwei. However, it has no large zweihander or physical blade-type weapons and relies on its abundance of beam sabers for melee combat, carrying 4 in total. This Throne variation was never seen in the anime or manga and was revealed in side materials for the series. The name Turbulenz is German for turbulence.

Throne Varanus

The GNX-509T Throne Varanus is a prototype design for the GN-X and the successor of the Gundam Thrones created by Alejandro Corner. Deborah Galiena made adjustments to the prototype so that pilots from every nation would be able to control the GN-X more easily. Its name, "Varanus" is derived from the Arabic word waral which means monitor. It was test piloted by Deborah Galiena, who withdrew later after learning from Ribbons Almark that Alejandro would use this to take over the world.

Advanced GN-X

The GNX-604T Advanced GN-X is an enhanced version of the GN-X. The Advanced GN-X is equipped with two GN vulcan guns, a GN beam saber, a GN beam rifle with GN beam Bayonet attached, GN defense rods mounted on both shoulders, additional GN verniers, and a GN proto lance similar to those used by the GN-XIII. The Advanced GN-X also has a command fin attached to its head, which gives the unit the ability to override and control subordinates machines if needed.

00 Gundam Seven Sword

The GN-0000/7S 00 Gundam Seven Sword is a variation of the 00 Gundam that resembles the Seven Swords System of Gundam Exia. The armaments include a GN Short Sword II, which features a tip that is attached to a wire and can be shot out and retracted as many times as wanted, and a GN Long Sword II which has an enhanced rifle mode, but a decreased rapid-fire capability and increased particle consumption compared to that of the GN Sword II. GN Katars are mounted on the add-on parts at both knees, a type of heat sword that has not been adapted by any Gundam so far. The cutting edges are made of the material used to create GN condensers. As the GN particles change to heat, the heat is transferred to whatever is in contact at the time. The GN Katars are still in their prototype stage, as the heat produced by them is much higher than the material the GN-Katars are made of, which can endure the heat for at most 2 minutes. The longest sword of the Seven Swords is the GN Buster Sword II, which is attached to the GN Drive on the left shoulder; it is known as the GN Shield mode in its kept state. In its Shield Mode, a large multi-directional GN Field can be generated.

Before the Twin Drive System was deemed fully functional, these swords were meant to be the close-range equipment designed for the 00 Gundam. The equipment is an offshoot of the Exia's Seven Swords System and its armaments are far superior to the Exia's swords in comparison. However, when development of the 0 Raiser became the top priority for Celestial Being's engineering staff, this equipment was abandoned and put into storage at Celestial Being's Lagrange 3 base.

Cherudim Gundam SAGA

The GN-006/SA Cherudim Gundam SAGA is a variant of the Cherudim Gundam designed for base assault. SAGA stands for "Special Assault GUNDAM Arms". The SAGA's armaments follows a scheme based on Exia's Seven Swords, but retooled into what Ian calls "Seven Guns". These include the GN Assault Carbine mounted on the right shoulder, 2 GN Sub-Machine Guns held on the knees, 2 GN Beam Pistols kept holster on either side of the hips and 2 GN Beam Pistol IIs held on its back. Instead of the GN Shield Bits, which are ineffective in small areas, the SAGA is equipped with a handy GN Small Shield stored on its left shoulder. Because the SAGA lacks the GN Shield Bits, its GN Drive has additional armor. In addition to its guns, it is armed with GN Missile Pods and a GN Missile Container on its back.

Arios Gundam Ascalon

The GN-007/AL Arios Gundam Ascalon is a variant of the Arios Gundam is recolored red and equipped with the Ascalon unit for close range combat and long range bombardment. Missile containers have been added to the backs of the unit's shoulders for bombardment purposes, A GN Beam cannon was added as a substitute to the GN Twin Beam Rifle (although the Arios still retains the latter), and a GN sword has been given to the Arios for Meele purposes. Although the GN Sword is reminiscent of the Exia's, it is shaped more like a long, thin spade. Further more, it has functions more similar to the Kyrios' Heat Blade, and can be wielded in both Mobile Suit and Mobile Armor mode. however the heat blade functionality is only usable in Mobile Armor mode, bringing its cutter more resemblance to the Kyrios' shield.

Seravee Gundam GNHW/3G

During the conflict between A-Laws and Celestial Being, A-Laws continuously introduced new and more formidable mobile suit and mobile armour units that challenged the survivability of Celestial Being's Gundams. The demand for more powerful weapons was necessary to help Celestial Being and their Meisters maintain an edge to survive in future conflicts. An upgrade design was drafted for both Seravee Gundam and Seraphim Gundam as part of their GN-H(eavy)-W(eapons) development, GN-008GNHW/3G Seravee Gundam. Seravee's enhancements included Seraphim and two unmanned Seraphims called SEM for the expansion of the Trial System to a wider area and from which Veda-linked machines with solar furnaces are rendered useless. Along with Seravee, the two SEMs are communicated to using quantum signals from Seraphim, and this remote control interaction range is theoretically infinite. On the other hand, there is a limit to the area that the Trial System can expand to. Nevertheless, an area of a hundred kilometers can be covered and the whole battlefield can be covered completely. Though the development was sped up as a trump card to the enemy Innovators, manufacturing the two SEMs was difficult, and as the current status is that its meister, Tieria, has not regained the link to Veda, the SEMs are only a luggage to Seravee and there was anxiety of being shot down before Veda was recaptured; Seravee sortied in the final battle with GNHW/B, which was the second plan.

Jagd Arche Gundam

The GNW-20000/J Jagd Arche Gundam is a solo heavy assault configuration, based on the already proven equipment of the Throne Gundams. The basic idea is to isolate the enemy using the Stealth Field, bombard from range with the GN Launcher, and then tear them apart at close range in the resulting confusion. Because of the decrease in mobility due to the added weight, it is only used to fight large groups and wasn't deployed against a small force like that fielded by Celestial Being.

GRM Gundam

The GNZ-001 GRM Gundam is an experimental design use as the basis of the Innovators' first line mobile suits after Celestial Being's Gundams; its name is an acronym meaning Generation of Reborn Mobile Suits. The GRM (pronounced "Garm") in design is a cross between GNY-004 Gundam Plutone and GN-005/004 Gundam Virtue/Nadleeh, however it shares more in common with the Gadessa and Gaddess. Its armament includes a GN Mega Launcher, a GN shield, two GN Beam Sabers and two GN vulcans. After the final battle between Celestial Being and the Innovators, the GRM Gundam remains on board the Celestial Being colony ship.

Superbia GN-X

The GNX-612T/AA Superbia GN-X is a specialized GN-X developed for assault landings from the sea. Because few currently used mobile suits were capable of operating underwater, it could effectively carry out missions such as surprise attacks. The assault landing unit necessary for underwater operation was purged upon landing. Although this machine was categorized as a GN-XIII during development, it incorporated many innovative technologies, and it was close to the GN-XIV that was under development as a next-generation machine. While it is considered a Federation Forces machine, the Federation Forces had already been placed under A-Laws control when it was developed, and effectively it was used only by special forces led by the A-Laws.


The GNX-Y802T Neo-Hed is a next generation machine developed using data that was gathered from Mr. Bushido and Soma Peries customized Aheads. The developers' plan was to divide the Federation's mass production machines into two series, with a new model of GN-X as a lightweight mobile suit and this machine as a heavy mobile suit. However, when the scandalous actions of the A-Laws were revealed to the world, for the sake of public opinion they had no choice but to cancel the development of a machine based on the Ahead which had effectively been exclusive to the A-Laws.

The most distinctive feature of this machine was the elimination of its head. Thanks to this unusual style, this machine, which was originally to be called "neo head," became known as "no head" and the name stuck. Although it had no problems with performance, this tragic machine ended with little more than ten prototypes due to political decisions. Combat data had made it clear that the sensors concentrated in the head were often hit and destroyed in battle. Thus, in this machine the head was eliminated, and the sensors were distributed throughout the body.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00F


The GNX-607T GN-XII is a refined version of GN-X. Variants include "Cannon", equipped with a large GN beam cannon mounted on the arm, and "Sword", equipped with a refined GN Buster Sword.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00I

1 Gundam

The CB-001 1 Gundam (1 pronounced like the letter "I") is the half-prototype design to Reborns Gundam/Cannon, piloted by Beside Pain. Unlike the Astraea which was built to develop technology, the 1 Gundam is built as an successor to the 0 Gundam, but specifically created as a general purpose machine for an Innovades pilot. 1 Gundam is built in secret and only to be used on special assignments in conjunction with the GN Cannon. Similar to its "brother" unit the GN Cannon, prototype to the Reborns Cannon the 1 Gundam is a stripped down prototype of the Reborns Gundam. Based on the Gundam Exia, the 1 Gundam has a more balanced armament than the GN Cannon. It is mentioned that the 1 Gundam could be equipped with other armament, however it is never mentioned what that equipment is. Similarly to the Reborns Gundam, the 1 Gundam features two large GN condensers on its elbows which relate to the machines great power. It also features the optical camouflage of the third generation Gundams. The 1 Gundam is later upgraded with two additional Binders on its back, two beam sabers, two binder rifles and a GN Buster Rifle. The 1 Gundam first appears in the final chapter of Mobile Suit Gundam 00P where it is critically damaged by Grave Violento in the Gundam Rasiel. Before it is damaged, the 1 Gundam manages to critically damage the Gundam Artemie. Many years later in Mobile Suit Gundam 00I, Leif Recitativo finds the 1 Gundam fully repaired and in a sealed state, however before Leif can get to it he is confronted by Hixar Femi.


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