Dance (A$$)

Dance (A$$)
"Dance (A$$)"
Single by Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj
from the album Finally Famous
Released September 20, 2011 (2011-09-20) (radio)
October 18, 2011 (2011-10-18)(remix featuring Nicki Minaj)
Genre Hip hop
Length 3:17 (Album version)
3:40 (Remix featuring Nicki Minaj)
Label G.O.O.D. Music, Def Jam
Writer(s) S. Anderson, O. Maraj (Remix only)
Producer Da Internz
Big Sean chronology
"Lay It on Me"
"Dance (A$$)"
Nicki Minaj chronology
"Make Me Proud"
"Dance (A$$)"
"I'm the Best"
Alternative cover
Remix Artwork

"Dance (A$$)" (also known as simply "Dance") is a song by American rapper Big Sean and will be released as the third single from his debut album, Finally Famous. It is the 7th song on the official track list and will go for adds on urban radio formats on September 20, 2011.[2][3] The official remix of the song, which premiered on October 4, 2011, features Nicki Minaj and was made available for free download on her website; it will impact U.S. Urban radio on October 18, 2011.[4].


Critical reception

The Boston Globe commented on the track by saying it is "a stale stripper anthem out of synch with what surrounds it. The production is heavy on vocal hooks, synths, and chattering beats, but the focus is Sean’s wit and insistent flow."[5] The New York Times complimented the songs use of MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This" and further went on to say that the song "basically cribs its chorus (uncredited) from the oeuvre of DJ Assault, the Detroit ghettotech innovator. Nowhere does Big Sean sound more confident or hilarious."[6] The A.V. Club gave a positive review of the track and called it freewheeling, fast-footed, and full of swagger.[7] The Village Voice complimented Sean's performance on the track and said "he took his microphone and turned it into an extension of his phallus, waving it down there like a gleeful toddler as the track imbued new meaning to MC Hammer's signature phrase "Hammer Time."[8] The Source gave the song a positive review and said that the track "samples MC Hammer's 1990 mega hit "You Can't Touch This” which provides a perfect backdrop for the opposite sex to, as Sean puts it, "wobble de wobble". With a slightly arrogant demeanor, this jam is undoubtedly a club hit with all the components to have a sonic stronghold on the summer of 2011."[9] Ology commented on the song by calling it a positive minority in the album and complimented the "flow-flip" and "low bass tones" in the song.[10] HipHopDX commented on the song and said that it " narrowly escapes formulaic territory by injecting enough personality, comedy and verbal gymnastics to ably complement Da Internz' pounding, dance-ready bassline."[11] Complex did not favor the track and called it repetitive and minimalist compared to most of the other tracks on the album.[12]

Music Video

The music video of the song's remix version featuring Nicki Minaj was premiered on Vevo on November 1, 2011.[13]

Chart performance

Chart (2011) Peak
US Billboard Hot 100[14] 20
US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (Billboard)[15] 10
US Rap Songs (Billboard)[16] 7

Release history

Country Date Format Label Version
United States September 20, 2011[17] Urban contemporary G.O.O.D. Music, Def Jam Album Version
October 18, 2011[18] Remix version featuring Nicki Minaj
October 24, 2011[19] Digital Download
October 25, 2011[20] Rhythmic radio


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