Dance: UK

Dance: UK

Dance:UK is a computer game that was released on October 3, 2003, for PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

The game was available separately or with an 8 way dance mat controller, the difference from other dance games was that the dance arrows came from the centre of the screen outwards, rather than scrolling up the screen. The game had many popular chart hit songs on it including "It's Like That" by Run-DMC featuring Jason Nevins.

The game had a dance recorder which you could record your own steps and play them back at a later date. There is also an aerobics mode.

Successors to Dance:UK include Dance:UK eXtra TraX, Dance:UK XL, Dance:UK XL Lite and Dance:UK XL Party.

There are variations in the songs included in the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 releases. The songs included on each of these games is listed below[1].

Song Title Artist PlayStation PlayStation 2
"Pop Muzik" M
"Blame It on the Boogie" Big Fun
"Murder on the Dancefloor" Sophie Ellis-Bextor
"Let's Dance" Five
"Move Your Feet" Junior Senior
"Round Round" Sugababes
"Cotton Eyed Joe" Rednex
"When You're Looking Like That" Westlife
"Reach" S Club 7
"The Ketchup Song" Las Ketchup
"Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit" Gina G
Hit The Beat TJ
Stand and Fight (Feeling Goes On) TJ
Meet Me After School TJ feat. Mak
Hey Baby Jose Guadaloupe
Dance UK Kidz UK
Pleasant Experience Mike Hulme
Stop It Rick Guard
Keep On Movin' TJ
Nappy hardcore Highgate
One Night Stand Mis Teeq
"Got to Have Your Love" Liberty X
"Rappers Delight" Sugarhill Gang
"Make Luv" Room 5
"Everybody Dance" Chic
"Disco Inferno" The Trammps
"Heaven" DJ Sammy
"Gotta Get thru This" Daniel Bedingfield
"It's like That" Run-D.M.C.


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