List of Kamen Rider Black characters

List of Kamen Rider Black characters

This is the list of characters in the 1987 Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider Black and its 1988 sequel Kamen Rider Black RX.


Century Kings

Kotaro Minami

Kotaro Minami (南 光太郎 Minami Kōtarō?) is a 19 year-old man who became a cyborg after the Gorgom captured him and his stepbrother Nobuhiko. Using the power of the King Stone, he shouts "Transform" and poses to become the mighty Kamen Rider Black (仮面ライダーBLACK Kamen Raidā Burakku?). He is referred by Gorgom as "Black Sun". A few years during the events of Black RX, Kotaro lives with the Sahara Family and was captured by the Crisis Empire when the Skullma were sent to bring him to them. Refusing to side with the Crisis Empire, they shattered his King Stone into two pieces, thus rendering him unable to transform into Kamen Rider Black. He was then thrown into outer space, where the sun's radiation mutated his King Stone and allowing him to evolve into Kamen Rider Black RX (仮面ライダーBLACK RX Kamen Raidā Burakku Āru Ekkusu?) to fight the Crisis Empire and the Strange Demon Soldiers.

Kotaro Minami is portrayed by Tetsuo Kurata (倉田 てつを Kurata Tetsuo?)

Nobuhiko Akizuki

Nobuhiko Akizuki (秋月 信彦 Akizuki Nobuhiko?) is the stepbrother of Kotaro Minami who was also captured by Gorgom to became a cyborg like his stepbrother, However he was abandoned and was hibernated until he emerges as the Century King Shadow Moon (世紀王シャドームーン Seiki Ō Shadō Mūn?) armed with his King Stone and his Satan Sabre. In the series finale, Shadow Moon was weakened by Kamen Rider Black using the Satan Sabre to slash the King Stone and left him inside the Gorgom Headquarters when it explodes. During the events of Black RX, He mysteriously came back to seek revenge against Minami Kotaro. He now uses the twin Shadow Sabers similar to the Satan Sabre. He was finally defeated by RX when he thrust the Revolcane through his King Stone. He turned good shortly before he died and finally reverted to Nobuhiko.

Nobuhiko Akizuki is portrayed by Takahito Horiuchi (堀内 孝人 Horiuchi Takahito?), while Shadow Moon is voiced by Masaki Terasoma (寺杣 昌紀 Terasoma Masaki?).

Black characters

Kyoko Akizuki

Kyoko Akizuki (秋月 杏子 Akizuki Kyōko?) is Nobuhiko's younger sister, targeted a number of times by the High Priests as her lifeforce could awaken Shadow Moon. At first she was not aware of Kotaro being Black himself until his fight to save her from the clutches of Bilgenia. Once Nobuhiko emerges as Shadow Moon, she and Katsumi are terrified of his new appearance as she eagerly refuses his offer to join him in making a new world without violence. After the defeat of Black at the hands of Shadow Moon, she and Katsumi left Japan to start a new life abroad. However, when Katsumi heard the news about Black's revival, Kyoko attempts to return to Japan to see Kotaro again.

Kyoko Akizuki is portrayed by Akemi Inoue (井上 明美 Inoue Akemi?)

Katsumi Kida

Katsumi Kida (紀田 克美 Kida Katsumi?) is Nobuhiko's girlfriend, like Kyoko she is not aware of Kotaro being Black himself until Kyoko tells her the truth about Kotaro. Once Nobuhiko emerges as Shadow Moon, she was also terrified of his new appearance. After the defeat of Black at the hands of Shadow Moon, she and Kyoko left Japan to start a new life abroad.

Katsumi Kida is portrayed by Ayumi Taguchi (田口 あゆみ Taguchi Ayumi?)

Soichiro Akizuki

Soichiro Akizuki (秋月 総一郎 Akizuki Sōichirō?) is an archaeologist and friend of Kotaro's father, Soichiro joined Gorgom to financially support his archaeological projects. He was assassinated by Gorgom for disobeying their orders, for he realized that they were an organization of evil.

Yoichi Daimon

Yoichi Daimon (大門 洋一 Daimon Yōichi?) is a scientist who was recruited by Gorgom to create the Road Sector before the High Priests gave orders for mass production for their plans of world conquest. Convinced that the bike should not used for evil means, he hid it in a safe place. When Gorgom discovered it, they sent the Bat Mutant to kill him and Hotaru, wife of his son Akira Daimon. Akira hid in the mountains and trained his son Kenichi on how to ride a motorbike in order to master the Road Sector. Akira gave possession of the Road Sector to Black to use for the good of mankind after he defeated the Longhorn Beetle Mutant and saved Kenichi from Baraom and the Bat Mutant.

Masaru Todo

Masaru Todo (東堂 勝 Tōdō Masaru?) is Kotaro's senior at the university who owns the Capitola bar shop where Kyoko works part-time.

Masaru Todo is portrayed by Sent (セント Sento?)

Ryusuke Taki

Ryusuke Taki (滝 竜介 Taki Ryūsuke?) is a Special Agent from America who helps Kotaro in a bad situation.

Masaki Kyomoto (京本 政樹 Kyōmoto Masaki?) guest stars as Ryusuke Taki in episodes 16 & 30.

Kujira Mutant

The Kujira Mutant (クジラ怪人 Kujira Kaijin?, 46, 48-50) is a whale Mutant able to emit sticky foam from his blowhole and use a sonic attack. Unlike the others members of Gorgom, the Whale Mutant was concerned for the oceans after overhearing Baraom and Darom talking about Gorgom's rise to power might pollute the oceans and consider rebelling as a result. Recruited by Baraom to defeat Black, the Whale Mutant overpowered Black when Baraom arrives to take his Kingstone. But learning the Mutant's intent, Baraom attempted to kill the Mutant with Black. As a result, the Whale Mutant became an ally of Kamen Rider Black before retreating into the sea. Upon learning of Black's defeat, the Whale Mutant searched the ocean and found his body, using a revival ceremony of his clan within his cave home to bring him back to life. Darom and the Bat Mutant then went after the Whale Mutant until Kotaro revives and came to his aid. However, the Whale Mutant was forced to turn himself in to Gorgom to save a child's life. Darom used him as bait for Black, only the Whale Mutant to help Black defeat Daraom. Though still wounded from the Koumori Mutant's attack, the Whale Mutant guides Black to the cave that is Gorgom's Shrine before being attacked by the Togeuo Mutant. Kotaro catches up as the Togeuo Mutant starts to overwhelm Whale Mutant but is forced to the Creation King's palace with the Whale Mutant telling Black to protect the oceans before he died. The Whale Mutant's cave would later serve to save Kotaro's life and then give life to Rideron before it caved in as a result.

The Kujira Mutant is voiced by Eisuke Yoda (依田英助 Yoda Eisuke?).

RX characters

Reiko Shiratori

Reiko Shiratori (白鳥 玲子 Shiratori Reiko?, 1-3, 5-12, 14-19, 21, 23-26, 28-30 & 32-47) is a Photographer who is the girlfriend of Kotaro, helping him before and after learning he's RX. After learning that Kotaro is RX, she begins to train herself in order fight Crisis's minions.

Reiko Shiratori is portrayed by Jun Koyamaki (高野槇 じゅん Kōyamaki Jun?), who previously played Diana Lady in Jikuu Senshi Spielban

Sahara Family

The Sahara Family (佐原家 Sahara Ke?) are the ones who took in Kotaro and gave him a job in their helicopter business Sahara Airlines. Shunkichi (俊吉 Shunkichi?) and Utako (唄子 Utako?) are the parents who are always arguing with each other, Shigeru ( Shigeru?) is their son, and Hitomi (ひとみ Hitomi?) is their daughter. The parents are murdered by Jark Midla in episode 46. Shigeru is the first person in the series to know, that Kotaro is RX.

Makoto Akatsuka (赤塚 真人 Akatsuka Makoto?), Eri Tsuruma (鶴間 エリ Tsuruma Eri?), Go Inoue (井上 豪 Inoue Gō?), and Shouko Imura (井村 翔子 Imura Shōko?) portray Shunkichi, Utako, Shigeru, and Hitomi respectively.

Joe the Haze

Joe the Haze (霞のジョー Kasumi no Jō?, 15-18, 20-26 & 37-47) is a master of the fighting style Haze Kenpo (霞拳法 Kasumi Kenpō?). He is one of Kotaro's closest friends and considered just as close as he was to Nobuhiko. Joe was originally a human from Earth who willing allowed the Crisis Empire to convert him into a cyborg, losing all memory of his past and actual name. Under the control of Necksticker, Joe attacked Kotaro during his attempt to save Hitomi, becoming his ally once he regained his mind. He ended up injured by Bosgan during RX's fight with Gynagingam. He soon recovered and came back to help Kotaro.

Joe the Haze is portrayed by Rikiya Koyama (小山 力也 Koyama Rikiya?).

Kyoko Matoba

Kyoko Matoba (的場 響子 Matoba Kyōko?, 29, 30, 38-41 & 43-47) is an ESP girl who is skilled with a bow and can manipulate ground water. Her parents were murdered by the Crisis Empire monster Mundayganday, helping RX fight the Crisis Empire. Before specifically manipulating water, she was able to control all sorts of things in nature such as plants and rocks.

Kyoko Matoba is portrayed by Megumi Ueno (上野 めぐみ Ueno Megumi?)


Goro (吾郎 Gorō?, 6, 14, 20, 26, 35, 37, 40 & 45-47) is a chef who works at Sahara Airlines.

Goro is portrayed by Jo Onodera (小野寺 丈 Onodera Jō?), the son of Kamen Rider Series creator Shotaro Ishinomori.

Hayato Hayami

Hayato Hayami (速水 隼人 Hayami Hayato?, 2, 6, 7 & 12) is an inspector who pursues Kotaro, believing he's a troublemaker. He was last seen knocked unconscious by Maribaron when she uses him to arrest Kotaro for her.

Hayato Hayami is portrayed by Minoru Sawatari (佐渡 稔 Sawatari Minoru?)

Ten veteran Kamen Riders

The original Ten veteran Kamen Riders (10人の仮面ライダー Jūnin no Kamen Raidā?) are composed of Kamen Riders #1 to ZX. They help Black RX in defeating the Crisis Empire. They appear at their base in the Arizona Desert in episodes 41-43 and help RX in episodes 44-47.

The appearance of the previous 10 Kamen Riders in the last 7 episodes of the series was their last in the franchise history, up until Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, not counting the remake versions of #1, #2 and V3 in recent movies Kamen Rider The First and Kamen Rider The Next.



Gorgom (ゴルゴム Gorugomu?) is a criminal group is primarily based in Japan. Members of Gorgom consist of both human and non-humans. The group is notorious for its terrorist activities in the name of world domination.

Creation King

The Creation King (創世王 Sōsei Ō?, 50-51) is the almost omnipotent leader of Gorgom. He appears as a giant evil heart that communicates with the High Priests and the two Century Kings via telepathy. The Creation King also had monstrous strength that could destroy the entire universe. The Creation King pulled Kamen Rider Black away from where the Stickleback Mutant was attacking Whale Mutant. He made itself known to Kamen Rider Black and Shadow Moon. The Creation King then transported Black and Shadow Moon to the battle field to determine who will become his successor. After Shadow Moon was ultimately defeated, Black confronted the Creation King who threatened him to take the Kingstone from Shadow Moon's body unless he wants the Creation King to jump into the hole he created to lead him to the Earth's core and destroy it from within. The Creation King was killed by Black when the Satan Saber was stabbed into him.

The Creation King is voiced by Takeshi Watabe (渡部 猛 Watabe Takeshi?).

High Priests

The Three High Priests (三大神官 San Daishinkan?) are second only to the Creation King, and they carry out his will. Upon their sacrificing their Stones to revive Shadow Moon, the dying High Priests undergo a transformation into new physical forms called the Grand Mutants (大怪人 Daikaijin?), reborn as Shadow Moon's emissaries. Setting up for his final battle with Kotaro, Shadow Moon sends the Grand Mutants to attack the city, overpowering the police as everyone runs out of Tokyo. Kotaro arrives to fight them all before they fallback, telling Kotaro he cannot stop the rise of Gorgom. Eventually, the three are killed off one by one.


High Priest Darom (大神官ダロム Daishinkan Daromu?) is the leader of the High Priests, having a pale ancient face and able to manipulate others by pointing at them. After losing the power of the "Stone of Heaven" within him to revive Shadow Moon, Darom is reborn as Grand Mutant Darom (大怪人ダロム Daikaijin Daromu?), a trilobite-like creature. In this form, he can discharge laser beams from his fingers and use his feelers like ropes. Following Baraom and Bishium's death, Darom attacked the ex-Shonen Warriors until Kotaro arrives and fights Darom until Shadow Moon arrives, killing Black and sending Darom to find his corpse to obtain the Kingstone. Darom finds Whale Mutant's cave and learns that Kotaro had been revived. Darom and Bat Mutant then had some Gorgom worshipers capture Whale Mutant as bait for Kotaro. After Black threw himself in front of Whale Mutant, he then used his King Stone Flash to deflect Darom's attack before killing him with the Rider Kick.

Darom is voiced by Shōzō Iizuka (飯塚 昭三 Iizuka Shōzō?).


High Priest Baraom (大神官バラオム Daishinkan Baraomu?) is one of the High Priest having a stone-like green face, Baraom can discharge deadly laser beams from his robotic hands. He is usually in charge of the deployment of Gorgom's Mutants. After losing his powers from the "Stone of Ocean" within him to revive Shadow Moon, Baraom is reborn as Grand Mutant Baraom (大怪人バラオム Daikaijin Baraomu?), a smilodon-like creature with tusks. In this form, Baraom can wield tusk-shaped weapons along with his natural abilities. After Bishium's destruction, Baraom trained himself to avenge her and even got the Whale Mutant to help him. Baraom started to use his super-speed to overwhelm Black before Whale Mutant betrays him. Before succumbing to the Rider Kick, Baraom mentions that Shadow Moon will finish him off.

Baraom is voiced by Toshimichi Takahashi (高橋 利道 Takahashi Toshimichi?).


High Priestess Bishium (大神官ビシュム Daishinkan Bishumu?) is a High Priestess having her face is divided between black and white, and a clear film covers most of her face. She can discharge laser beams from her eyes. After losing her powers from the "Stone of Earth" within her to revive Shadow Moon, Bishium is reborn as Grand Mutant Bishium (大怪人ビシュム Daikaijin Bishumu?), a white-haired pterosaur-like creature. In this form, she still has her usual powers and she can spin around to create twisters. When it came to the final confrontation with Black, she tried to get the King Stone from Kotaro by taking control of the mothers and capturing Kyoko. In the conflict, Bishium held Black so that Shadow Moon can shoot a beam that will rip out Kotaro's King Stone. It failed as Bishium is destroyed by that beam.

Bishium is portrayed by Hitomi Yoshii (好井 ひとみ Yoshii Hitomi?).


Kensei Bilgenia (剣聖ビルゲニア Kensei Birugenia?) is the legendary warrior among the Gorgom, Bilgenia was born 30,000 years ago on a day of the solar eclipse like Kotaro Minami and Nobuhiko Akizuki. However, the Creation King did not favor him and therefore did not give him a Kingstone. He was then sealed in a coffin for almost trying to revolt against him. The three High Priests awakened him when the Creation King reprimanded them for not doing their job in killing Black, ordering them to release the curse on the coffin Bilgenia was imprisoned in. He was both a pain for Kamen Rider Black as well as to Gorgom. In episode 22, he turned his face white from 30,0000 years ago, making him more powerful and more arrogant. In episode 25, he had Yoichi Daimon's pupil Egami create the Hellshooter: an equivalent to Road Sector. He used it to challenge Kamen Rider Black and Road Sector only for the Hellshooter to be destroyed. During Gorgom's latest attempt to use Kyoko's life force to awaken Shadow Moon, Bilgenia stole the Satan Saber and attacked the High Priests before running off with Kyoko and going after Black to take his King Stone for himself. However, Kotaro and Kyoko manage to hide from Bilgenia as he decides to attack the city to flush Kotaro out by using his Satan Cross to cause anarchy with a group of young men. Arriving to the scene, Black battles Bilgenia until Shadow Moon finally awakens and he claims the Satan Saber, forcing Bilgenia to retreat as his influence wears off. Returning to the Gorgom shrine, Bilgenia fought Shadow Moon who disarmed and then killed him.

Bilgenia is portrayed by Jun Yoshida (吉田 淳 Yoshida Jun?). He previously played Priest Poe in Uchuu Keiji Shaider.

Handmaiden Mutants

They appeared in episode 38. The Handmaiden Mutants were created by Shadow Moon and are high ranks than the Three High Priests. Both handmaidens died during the collapse of Gorgom's base.

  • Mara (マーラ Māra?): A silver handmaiden mutant.
  • Kara (カーラ Kāra?): A golden handmaiden mutant.


Gorgom allows any humans to join them. They were lured into the syndicate as they found Gorgom's offers interesting. These humans were willing to become Gorgom's monsters which could live for up till 5,000 years.

Current Human Members
  • Ryuzaburo Sakata (坂田 龍三郎 Sakata Ryūzaburō?, 6, 8, 38): A politician who used his political and non-political connections in performing tasks that Gorgom could not expose themselves into, such as kidnapping or assassination. He was responsible for leading a pro-Gorgom political party known as the EP Party with Omiya. His current status is unknown.
  • Koichi Omiya (大宮 幸一 Ōmiya Kōichi?, 7, 38): The head of Omiya Konzern, he used his business connections in finance Gorgom's criminal and terrorist activities. He is one of the EP Party's leaders with Sakata. His current status is unknown.
Former Human Members

Other than Soichiro Akizuki and Yoichi Daimon, these are the additional former human members of Gorgom.

  • Professor Hideomi Kuromatsu (黒松 英臣 Kuromatsu Hideomi?, 1, 4, 10, 14, 19): A scientist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Tohto University professor. He was Gorgom's chief scientist in converting humans (willing or not) into various mutants. He also has interchangeable hands for him to experiment on said humans, along with a cybernetic monocle that attaches tovers his right eye and back of his head. He uses his Tohto University job as a sanctuary for Gorgom's mutants and as a laboratory for conducting conversions for humans and for Mutant-related experiments. He was later killed off-screen for his repeated failures to eliminate Black and Bilgenia briefly assumed his appearance.
  • Yukari Tsukikage (月影 ゆかり Tsukikage Yukari?, 1-2): One of Japan's most famous actresses. She was assassinated by the Leopard Mutant when she unintentionally mentioned that Kotaro and Nobuhiko were becoming Century Kings on their 19th birthday party.
  • Shigeru Sugiyama (杉山 茂 Sugiyama Shigeru?, 10): Believed to be a former JGSDF (Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces) soldier, he uses his training to raise the Gorgom Destruction Team as a commando task force for Gorgom before Kotaro forced him to come to his senses.
  • Professor Takayama (高山教授 Takayama Kyōju?) (24): Katsumi's biology teacher in the university. He is secretly the Shīrakansu Mutant (シーラカンス怪人 Shīrakansu Kaijin?), using his medicine to keep him from changing into his monstrous form when not on one of Gorgom's missions. As the Coelacanth Mutant, he can shoot electricity from its fingers, emit laser balls from his hands, and turn into an electrical ball. His research lab, known as the Takayama Research Laboratories, has an android staff and is where he takes the female college students he aducts to use his "Coelacanth DNA Injection" to turn them into female Gorgom soldiers. When Katsumi becomes the next target, Kotaro was attacked by Katsumi until he brought the Coelacanth Mutant out and escaped during the first battle with Katsumi in his clutches. With the help of some children (whom were really adults turned into children by de-aging medicine), Kotaro found the captive female college students just as Professor Takayama assumed his mutant form to a surprised Katsumi. The surviving children got the captives out so Kotaro can fight. Once Kamen Rider BLACK destroyed Takayama/Coelacanth Mutant with the Rider Kick, the explosion destroyed Takayama Research Lab.


  • Doctor Takuya Ishida (石田 タクヤ博士 Ishida Takuya Hakase?, 6): The head of the Ishida Psychiatric Lab. He turned several kidnapped artists into psychics and sent them to infiltrate various corporations in order to conduct economic sabotage. After the Eagle Mutant was destroyed, it is assumed that he was arrested by the police for his role in the kidnappings.

Crisis Empire

The Crisis Empire (クライシス帝国 Kuraishisu Teikoku?) are group of aliens who attempt to invade Earth. They always attempted to justify their invasion and their plans to exterminate the human race. They also claimed that their home planet was being sucked into a black hole. Since they thought that humans do not really care about the Earth, the Crisis Empire thought it was right for them to take over Earth. The group under Jark are based on the Crisis Fortress (クライス要塞 Kuraisu Yōsai?) battleship.

Strange Demon World (怪魔界 Kaimakai?) is the original dimensional world where the great Crisis Empire resided. Used to be connected to Earth through dimensional portal in the distant peaceful past until the rise of Grand Lord Crisis. The portal were sealed off by the people of Strange Demon World who opposed the rule of the Emperor. With the dimensional connection severed, the two worlds drifted apart and the past was forgotten. The finale reveals that the Strange Demon World is an exact 'mirror' world of Earth itself.

Grand Lord Crisis blames the dying of their world as an effect coming from the pollution of Earth's environment by mankind, contradicting Professor Walter's explanation that the world's condition was caused by the evil ways of the Crisis Emperor. In the end of the battle, Grand Lord Crisis claimed that as long as mankind lives on "the pollution they caused", there would always be another Strange Demon World. - hinting the possible existence of parallel worlds. His death causes the Strange Demon World to explode as well.

Grand Lord Crisis

Grand Lord Crisis (クライシス皇帝 Kuraishisu Kōtei?, 42, 46-47) is the ruling dictator of the Crisis Empire, a giant head with tendrils and three small faces on his forehead, who is not seen but mentioned several times throughout the series yet based on Crisis City at the Empire's home world. His voice was first heard where Gedorian eventually appeased his wrath, later appearing in the shadows to give General Jark the power he requested to have. He eventually offered Black RX the chance to become his new right hand by offering him Earth. When refused, Crisis has host body Dasmader kill him, upon finally revealing himself upon his host's demise. He was destroyed by RX's Revolcane, with his dimension ceasing to exist as a result while claiming his immorality ensured his return as long as evil exists.

General Jark

General Jark (ジャーク将軍 Jāku Shōgun?, 1-46) is a military leader of the empire and supreme commander of the invasion army. Wearing a golden face mask and a black cape, Jark has the loyalty of most under him as he initially leading the attacks until Crisis arrived. He actually does care about his subordinates even to save Maribaron from being killed by Dasmader. Towards the end of the series, he was forcefully transformed by Crisis into a stronger warrior called Jark Midla (ジャークミドラ Jāku Midora?) to kill RX. In the process, Jark Midla easily murdered the Sahara parents and defeated V3 and Riderman while X and Amazon rescued the Sahara children from his grasp. When he was in the middle of battle, the Sahara children tried to kill him but RX as RoboRider shielded the children and transformed into BioRider. He was inevitably killed by RX in a long mortal combat who used the Revolcane on him. Regressed to his normal form and near death, he proclaimed Crisis was too powerful even for RX.

Colonel Dasmader

Sent by Lord Crisis, Colonel Dasmader (ダスマダー大佐 Dasumadā Taisa?, 28-30, 33-47) is an inspector whose task is to put the invasion party back on track, receiving utter contempt by his peers due to his arrogance. Dasmader could fire a green laser, with a shape of a tiger's head from his helmet for combat. He was almost killed by both General Jark and Black RX. He later leads Gatezawn and Bosgun in the attempt to kill Gedorian to appease Crisis' anger. In episode 46, Maribaron discovers that he is somewhat a puppet of Crisis and a mobile body. In episode 47, he was summoned when Black RX refused Crisis' order, killed as a resort as Crisis is revealed upon Dasmader's demise.

Four Officers

The Four Officers (四大隊長 Yondai Taichō?) are Jark's four followers who carry out the attacks on Earth.

  • Intelligence Staff Officer Maribaron (諜報参謀マリバロン Chōhōsanbō Maribaron?, 1-24, 27-47): The sorceress of the State, a human-looking officer in black and red armor from a noble family outside the Crisisians with feelings for Jark. She uses the yellow feather on her helmet as a weapon or to send messages, along with using a laser whip and breathe fire. She cares for her comrades, displaying it when Lord Crisis' living heir Garonia dies in a freak accident on their watch and she attempts to cover it up by kidnaping Hitomi to take her place. Though Jark learned the truth, he allows Maribaron to take the girl to the Miraculous Valley to complete her plan. But when Kotaro saves Hitomi, Maribaron is advised by Jark to make a false report that the princess was killed by RX. When Granzyrus arrives, Maribaron revived the spirits of 10 soldiers Kotaro killed to finish off the other riders. She was eventually shocked to learn that Dasmader was Grand Lord Crisis' mobile body, killed by Crisis when she objected on his decision to have RX join them after all the trouble he caused them.
  • Naval Commander Bosgun (海兵隊長ボスガン Kaihei Taichō Bosugan?, 1-44): Bosgun is a Crisisian dressed in a blue-green naval coat and white tights who wields a jagged sword and dagger. He wears a white helmet with a red visor and a tiny face on his forehead, which seems to be his actual face. He is in charge of the Man-Beast/Mutant unit, occasionally flaunting his Crisisian hertitage to the other officers as he sees them to be inferior to him. He once plotted to take over General Jark but his plans were foiled when one of his swords was destroyed by General Jark himself upon discovering his treachery when he lost to RX twice. He died fighting when he was stabbed by the Revolcane during the arrival of Granzyrus.
  • Armored Officer Gatezone (機甲隊長ガテゾーン Kikōtaichō Gatezōn?, 1-25, 27-43): A blue robotic biker in a leather jacket, slack, and one red eye on his face. In charge of Robot unit, he took to fight Black RX occasionally. He is armed with a blaster and a powerful motorcycle. Gatenzone had the ability to detach his own head from his body. His body could still move on its own without his head. In his final episode, He died fighting Black RX while attempting a suicide bomb (with his head separated from his body) attack, with only his head remaining before it was shattered by his own laser beams reflected by Black RX.
  • Fanged Captain Gedorian (牙隊長ゲドリアン Kibataichō Gedorian?, 1-25, 27-42): A small, unusual creature who owed his life to Jark and is one of his most loyal minions. He is constantly hopping about and annoying everyone else. He is the most cowardly and is quick to ditch a battle before it's even over. He was soon targeted by Dasmader, Gatezone and Bosgun when Grand Lord Crisis was about to destroy them all, but he soon gave his life to ensure the others avoid Crisis' wrath when he transferred his life energy into Gedolridol before his monster died at Black RX's hands.


  • Chief Cabinet Secretary Robot Chackram (官房長ロボット・チャックラム Kanbōchō Robotto Chakkuramu?): A small robot that announces Jark's arrival before his subordinates and transmits messages from Crisis himself. He was destroyed by Kamen Rider Black RX before the final battle with Dasmader.
  • Chaps (チャップ Chappu?): The Crisis Empire's foot soldiers. They come in three colors: gray, brown and black. They later wear capes. The last of them were finished by the original 10 Kamen Riders before Black RX battles Dasmader.
  • Strongest Inhumanoid Granzyrus (最強怪人グランザイラス Saikyō Kaijin Guranzairasu?, 44-45): An eagle-like monster which was the Grand Lord Crisis' best soldier and worked with Bosgan when summoned to Earth. The 10 veteran Kamen Rider team arrived to help fight Granzyrus. After killing Bosgan, RX became BioRider upon being doused by the water summoned by Kyoko. BioRider turned into water and rode the water summoned by Kyoko into Granzyrus. Once inside, BioRider brought out his BioBlade and destroyed the monster from the inside out.

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