nihongo|"Gorgom"|ゴルゴム|Gorugomu is a fictional cult and criminal group in the Japanese TV series "Kamen Rider BLACK".


As with most tokusatsu programs, this fictional criminal group is primarily based in Japan. Members of Gorgom consist of both human and non-humans. The group is notorious for its terrorist activities in the name of world domination. Their only formidable foe seems to be Kamen Rider BLACK, a failed creation.

Fictional history

For many years, Gorgom has been ruled by the mysterious Creation King. As Gorom tradition dictates, a new King must be chosen every fifty millennia. The selection process involves finding several worthy candidates who will be transformed into mutants and are sentenced to fight for the crown.

In 1987, Gorgom has chosen Kotaro Minami and Nobuhiko Akizuki for this purpose. During their surgery, the previous Creation King commanded the High Priests to place the powerful Holy Kingstones into their bodies. Kotaro was implanted with the "Sun's Stone", and was given the name "Black Sun". Nobuhiko was given the "Moon's Stone", and was named "Shadow Moon." When the two recovered from their surgery, they were forced to fight to the death. Both were known as the Century Kings, and the one that reigned victorious was to become the next Creation King.

However, Soichiro Akizuki, the boys' father, interrupted the final stages of the surgery, the brain washing that was common to all cyborgs. Kotaro barely escaped with his life, but Nobuhiko remained captured by Gorgom, where he was hibernate to become the next Creation King. Soichiro's actions were unforgivable, as Golgom sent five Spider Mutants to kill him.

After the successful assassination, Gorgom continues to terrorize the country, in order to defeat Kotaro and take his Kingstone, and to rule the world.



* (50-51)
The almost omnipotent leader of Gorgom. Appears as a giant evil heart. Killed by Kamen Rider Black when the Satan Saber was stabbed into him.

High Priests

The High Priests are second only to the Creation King, and they carry out his will. They eventually become the Grand Mutants upon their sacrifice to Shadow Moon.

* (1-49)
The leader of the High Priests. He has a pale, white face. He can manipulate others by pointing at them. After losing the power of the "Stone of Heaven" within him, he becomes the nihongo|Grand Mutant Darom|大怪人ダロム|Daikaijin Daromu, a trilobite-like creature. In this form, he can discharge laser beams from his fingers and use his feelers like ropes.

* (1-46)
He has a green face. He can discharge deadly laser beams from his robotic hands. He is usually in charge of the deployment of Golgom's Mutants. After losing his powers from the "Stone of Ocean" within him, he becomes the nihongo|Grand Mutant Baraom|大怪人バラオム|Daikaijin Baraomu, a black-haired cat-like creature with elephantine-like tusks. In this form, Baraom still has his laser beam powers. He also can wield tusk-shaped weapons

* (1-45)
Her face is divided between black and white, and a clear film covers most of her face. She can discharge laser beams from her eyes. After losing her powers from the "Stone of Earth" within her, she becomes the nihongo|Grand Mutant Bishium|大怪人ビシュム|Daikaijin Bishumu, a white-haired pterosaur-like creature. In this form, she still has her usually powers and she can spin around to create twisters.

Handmaiden Mutants

They appeared in episode 38. The Handmaiden Mutants were created by Shadow Moon. Both handmaidens died during the collapse of Gorgom's base.
A silver handmaiden mutant.
A golden handmaiden mutant.


Gorgom allows any humans to join them. They were lured into the syndicate as they found Gorgom's offers interesting. These humans were willing to become Gorgom's monsters which could live for up till 5,000 years.

Current Human Members

* (6, 8, 38)
A politician who used his political and non-political connections in performing tasks that Gorgom could not expose themselves into, such as kidnapping or assassination.

* (7)
The head of Omiya Konzern. He used his business connections in finance Gorgom's criminal and terrorist activities.

Former Human Members

* (1)
An archaeologist and friend of Kotaro's father, joined Golgom to financially support his archaeological projects. He was assassinated by Gorgom for disobeying their orders, for he realized that they were an organization of evil.

* (12)
A scientist who was recruited by Gorgom to create the Road Sector before the high priest gave orders to mass produce the Road Sector for their plans of world conquest. Convinced that the bike should not used for evil means, he hid it in a safe place. When Gorgom discovered it, they sent the Bat Mutant to kill him and Hotaru, wife of Akira Daimon. His son, Akira, hid in the mountains and trained his son Kenichi on how to ride a motorbike in order to master the Road Sector. Akira gave possession of the Road Sector to Kamen Rider BLACK to use for the good of mankind after Kamen Rider BLACK defeated the Longhorn Beetle Mutant and saving Kenichi from Baraom and the Bat Mutant.

* (1, 4, 10, 14, 19)
A scientist, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Tohto University professor. He was Gorgom's chief scientist in converting humans (willing or not) into various mutants. He also has interchangeable hands for him to experiment on said humans. He uses his Tohto University job as a sanctuary for Gorgom's mutants and as a laboratory for conducting conversions for humans and for Mutant-related experiments. He was later killed off-screen for his failure to eliminate Kamen Rider BLACK and Birugenia briefly took the form of him.

* (1-2)
One of Japan's most famous actresses. She was assassinated by the Leopard Mutant when she unintentionally mentioned that Kotaro and Nobuhiko were becoming Century Kings on their 19th birthday party.

* (10)
Believed to be a former JGSDF (Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces) soldier, he uses his training to raise the Gorgom Destruction Team as a commando task force for Gorgom before Kotaro forced him to come to his senses.

* (24)
Katsumi's biology teacher in the university, he is secretly the nihongo|Coelacanth Mutant|シーラカンス怪人|Shīrakansu Kaijin|, using his medicine to keep him from changing into his monstrous form. As the Coelacanth Mutant, he can shoot electricity from its fingers, emit laser balls from his hands, and turn into an electrical ball. His research lab, known as the Takayama Research Laboratories, has an android staff and is where he takes the female college students he aducts to use his "Coelacanth DNA Injection" to turn them into female Gorgom soldiers. When Katsumi becomes the next target, Kotaro was attacked by Katsumi until he brought the Coelacanth Mutant out and escaped during the first battle with Katsumi in his clutches. With the help of some children (whom were really adults turned into children by de-aging medicine), Kotaro found the captive female college students just as Professor Takayama assumed his mutant form to a surprised Katsumi. The surviving children got the captives out so Kotaro can fight. Once Kamen Rider BLACK destroyed Takayama/Coelacanth Mutant with the Rider Kick, the explosion destroyed Takayama Research Lab.


* (18-35)
The legendary warrior member of Gorgom. He was born 30,000 years ago on a day of the solar eclipse like Kotaro Minami and Nobuhiko Akizuki. However, the Creation King did not favor him and therefore did not give him a Kingstone. He was then sealed in a coffin for almost trying to revolt against him. The three High Priests awakened him in Episode 18 when the Creation King reprimanded them for not doing their job. The Creation King gave orders to the High Priests to release the curse on the coffin he was imprisoned in. He was both a pain for Kamen Rider BLACK as well as to Gorgom. In episode 22, he turned his face white from 30,0000 years ago, making him more powerful and more arrogant. In episode 25, he had Yoichi Daimon's pupil Egami create the Hellshooter: an equivalent to Road Sector. He used it to challenge Kamen Rider BLACK and Road Sector only for the Hellshooter to be destroyed. In episode 34, he stole the Satan Saber (a sword to be used by the next Creation King) during Gorgom's latest attempt to use Kyoko's lifeforce to awaken Shadow Moon. Birugenia disrupted their plot. He attacked the Gorgom High Priests and made of Kyoko. The Creation King told the Gorgom High Priests to sacrifice the powers from their stones to awaken Shadow Moon. After Shadow Moon was born, he took the Satan Saber for his own personal use. Birugenia fought Shadow Moon who disarmed Birugenia and killed him.

* (6)
The head of the Ishida Psychiatric Lab, he turned several kidnapped artists into psychics and sent them to infiltrate various corporations in order to conduct economic sabotage. After the Eagle Mutant was destroyed, it is assumed that he was arrested by the police for his role in the kidnappings.

Gorgom Mutants

Gorgom's Mutants are genetically altered half-beast humans possessing long life that lasts 5,500 years. For Gorgom's human members, being transformed into a Mutant is the ultimate reward for their loyalty. Each Mutant is based on an animal or plant lifeform. Among those Mutants were:

* (1-49), (1st Movie) - A bat monster and main servant of Gorgom's High Priests. He is a good expert at trailing specific people. It uses Echolocation to seek out its targets. It often assists Gorgom's High Priests and any fellow Gorgom Mutant.
* (1) - 5 spider monsters who were responsible for killing Professor Akizuchi. They can spew webbings from their mouths. 4 of them were destroyed by Kamen Rider BLACK's Rider Punches and the other one was destroyed by the Rider Kick.
* (2) - A leopard monster responsible for killing Yukari Tsukikage. This monster can attack with its claws. This monster was destroyed by Kamen Rider BLACK's Rider Kick.
* (3) - A silkworm monster. It can bind anyone or anything with the silk threads it shoots from its mouth. Alongside the Bat Mutant, Gorgom used it to capture people and items for its "The End of Mankind" project in Gorgom Studios. It fought Kamen Rider BLACK alongside Bishium. When lured outside, it faked dead only to trap Kamen Rider BLACK in a silk cocoon. Kamen Rider BLACK got free and destroyed it with his Rider Kick.
* (4) - A flea monster. It has great jumping abilities. Professor Kuromatsu used it to inject his subjects with some chemical followed up with a steroid Kuromatsu used. Hayami was his first subject for him to be a fast racer, but it ended up turning him into a werewolf-like Kaijin later on. Gorgom used the "Coward Hormone" to have the Flea Mutant inject it into Kotaro. Once Kamen Rider BLACK destroyed the monster with his Rider Kick, Hayami returned to normal.
* (5) - A goat monster. It can headbutt and attack with its magic. He had the Asahi Village inhabitants under his spell so that they would interfere with the peace conference. Kamen Rider BLACK chopped off his horns with his Rider Chop. Once the Goat Mutant was destroyed by the Rider Kick, the villagers returned to normal.
* (6) - A Steller's sea eagle monster. The Eagle Mutant can swoop down to attack as well as use illusions and hypnosis. Gorgom used it to capture the most talented artists to be used for Doctor Ishida. Kamen Rider BLACK chopped off the Eagle Mutant's left wing before destroying it with his Rider Kick and rescuing the artists.
* (7) - A rhinoceros monster. It can charge, ram into things, has super-strength, and it attacks with its horns. In a plan to have humans fight each other, Gorgom used a grasshopper serum in a champaign. To help those people who already had the serum and to prevent Kamen Rider BLACK from interfering, the Rhinoceros Mutant was unleashed to help them and it first brutally killed four gang members. In the first battle, it damaged Battle Hopper (whom was revealed to have quick-healing powers). In its second battle at Honmoku Docks, he broke off the Rhinoceros Mutant's front horn and Battle Hopper rammed the Rhinoceros Mutant. The Rhinoceros Mutant was wounded by both before being destroyed by the Rider Kick.
* (8) - A cicada monster. It can make the stinger on its nose grow to impale, shoot electric-like beams from its eyes, and use high-frequency sound attacks. In order for Gorgom to use talented musicians for havoc, the Cicada Mutant was used to tamper with any music through a girl named Yuri who lost the contest to a millionaire's daughter. With a mind-controlled headband on her, Yuri felt the Cicada Mutant's pain. When it came to "The Devil's Trill" recording with Yuri and other violinists, Kotaro entered and became the victim of their music. Kamen Rider BLACK had a hard time fighting the Cicada Mutant until he used his Rider Punch on its third eye to break his link to the violinists before destroying it with the Rider Kick.
* (9) - A bee monster who assisted Bishium into placing pendants with bee eggs that hatch to place a deadly illness on anyone wearing them. It can fly, and shoot stingers from its abdomen. Bishium and the Bee Mutant took control a girl named Etsuko and used her to be the "Queen." When the Bee Mutant took Etsuko and Kaoru hostage, Kotaro became Kamen Rider BLACK and pursued them. As Kotaro was battling the Bee Mutant, Bishium created a vacuum beehive to suck in Etsuko and Kaoru. Kamen Rider BLACK used his Rider Punch on the Bee Mutant's stinger. Once Kamen Rider BLACK destroyed the Bee Mutant with his Rider Kick, the bee eggs on the pendant disintergrated and Etsuko and Kaoru are saved.
* (10) - A lizard monster sent by Gorgom to assist Professor Kuromatsu into causing car accidents and fake ambulances in order to turn its victims into Gorgom's terrorist group to start a World War. It can bite, attack with its tail, and regenerate its tail if cut off. Kotaro went undercover until Professor Kuromatsu appeared. Once Kotaro was revealed, the Lizard Mutant appeared and a battle with Kamen Rider BLACK began. Battle Hopper tackled the Lizard Mutant before it was destroyed by the Rider Kick.
* (11) - A cactus monster. It can launch needles that can melt anything from an opening in its chest, emit vines from its shoulders, and attack with its claws. With more Gorgom Mutants awakening every day, there food supply of Gorugomes fruit was short, Darom cooked up a plan to grow them by having the Bat Mutant drop a weather-changing capsule into the ground to make them grow in the rain (which held embedded spores that caused anyone affected by them to become hosts to the Gorugomes by sapping their host's nutrients dry) and had help from the Cactus Mutant. Kotaro headed to Mount Takayama and went into conflict with the Cactus Mutant which was wounded by Battle Hopper and escaped. Kamen Rider BLACK followed the trail of its blood to where Gorgom had its infected captives (who were captured by the Bat Mutant) and battled Darom and the Cactus Mutant. Kamen Rider BLACK couldn't attack it with it covered in thorns. Since too much water would make a cactus rot, Kamen Rider BLACK threw it into the river which weakened it enough for it to be destroyed by the Rider Kick.
* (11-12) - A longhorn beetle monster sent with the Bat Mutant to steal the Road Sector. It can constrict with its antennae which can detach to form whip-like weapons. Kamen Rider BLACK fended them off in the first battle. Gorgom let Kotaro and Akira Daimon lead them to where the Road Sector is. The Longhorn Beetle Mutant found them and attacked. His weakspot is his head which is where BLACK used his Rider Kick on to destroy him.
* (11, 13) - A crab monster. It can spew some foamy substance from its mouth and detach the legs on its back and throw them. The Crab Mutant was used by Gorgom to kidnap mothers (including the mother of a boy named Taichi) who had just given birth to help the Crab Mutant's eggs hatch to become their frontline soldiers. The Crab Mutant proved to be a powerful opponent for Kamen Rider BLACK in the first battle since his hide was hard, but he did get a sample of the Crab Mutant's blood and discovered that it contained Karado Amoebas which thrive in polluted oceans. He trained himself to find a technique to take on the Crab Mutant when rescuing a dog falling off a cliff caused him to develop a powerful version of the Rider Punch. He searched the local polluted rivers until he hears Taichi's voice when he is caught by the Crab Mutant. When the Crab Mutant hit an oil barrel, Kamen Rider BLACK got it trapped in a fire. With a powerful version of the Rider Punch and even a powerful version of the Rider Kick, the Crab Mutant was destroyed, the mothers were rescued, and the eggs were burned.
* (11, 14) - A mammoth monster said to be the strongest of Gorgom's monsters. It can emit freezing breath from its mouth and shoot icicles from its trunk. Kamen Rider BLACK fought it in the first battle where it retreated. Professor Kuromatsu developed a tauren extract from the nutrients of the Gorugomes fruits which is also found in tuna fish. To maintain the tauren extract, Professor Kuromatsu and the Mammoth Mutant attacked different places that had tuna including Taro Kumakura's shop. His father was injured trying to fight the Mammoth Mutant and ended up hospitalized. The Mammoth Mutant retreated to take another drink of the tauren extract when Kamen Rider BLACK followed it to Kuromatsu's lab where it accidentally destroyed it with its attacks. When Kamen Rider BLACK got frozen and pinned by the Mammoth Mutant's attack, he activated the Power Stripes to thaw the ice on him. He chopped off the Mammoth Mutant's left tusk before destroying it with the Rider Kick.
* (15) - A rock turtle monster. It can withdraw into its shell, tackle while in and/or partially in its shell, and bring out the innate hate within humans. Gorgom used the Rock Turtle Mutant to help manipulate children into treating people the way that they've treated animals and insects through the "Gorgom Mutant Curriculum" by donating pet turtles to each school. Kamen Rider BLACK had a hard time beating it in the first battle when it kept withdrawing its head into its shell. During the second battle, he discovered that his eyes are his weakspot which he successfully aimed for. Once the Rock Turtle Mutant was destroyed by the Rider Kick, its spell on the kids and teachers was lifted.
* (16) - An earwig monster used by Gorgom to manipulate the quartz into causing earthquakes enough to sink Japan. It can shoot energy beams from its blade-like hands and attack with its abdomen. When the recently captured Professor Smith's quartz failed the test, Gorgom began to seek the Ultra Quartz which was supposed to be presented by the late Professor Jones. The Earwig Mutant later captured Professor Yanagi and the Ultra Quartz. Kotaro found the location of the captive scientist and engaged in battle with the Earwig Mutant and Professor Yanagi was really Interpol agent Ryusuke Taki in disguise. Taki freed the professors and later helped Kamen Rider BLACK use the Ultra Quartz to break off the Earwig Mutant's right hand. Kamen Rider BLACK then destroyed the Earwig Mutant with the Rider Kick.
* (17) - A tapir monster. It can teleport, shoot sparks out of its mouth and even emit and withdraw bubbles that can absorb the dreams of anyone and bring it out in a dream sphere (destroying the dream sphere hurts the person whose dreams were absorbed) which can be used to control anyone's dreams. It was sent to capture Nobuhiko's sister Kyoko so that they can place some of her life force in him to awaken Shadow Moon. The Tapir Mutant stole Kyoko's dream to lure her out so that they can use her life force to awaken Shadow Moon. When she is captured, the Tapir Mutant extracted her spirit out of her body and used her dreams to lure her to the High Priests where Darom lifted her into a bubble that's the same as the one that Nobukiko was in to transfer her energy into. Kotaro found Kyoko's body and was ambushed by the Tapir Mutant. Once the Tapir Mutant was destroyed by the Rider Kick, Kyoko's spirit returned to her body.
* (18) - A black cat monster. It can turn into a black cat, turn invisible, attack with its claws, and emit a blinding light from its eyes. It accompanied Birugenia into luring Kamen Rider BLACK into a trap. Its weakness is its eyes. Kamen Rider BLACK used his Rider Punch on it before Birugenia killed the Black Cat Mutant with one of his sword attacks.
* (19) - An aye-aye monster. It can use the trees for its advantage and disguise itself as a doll. The Aye-aye Mutant accompanied Birugenia (who was disguised as Professor Kuromatsu at the time) into attacking Kamen Rider BLACK. This monster was destroyed by the Rider Kick.
* (20) - A windflower monster. She can attack with her vines, throw its razor leaves and thorns, and emit pollen. When the Bat Mutant discovered that Kamen Rider BLACK's weakness is his kind heart, the High Priests alongside the Anemone Mutant (disguised as a Hanawa Real Estate woman) planned to use Yukari and her family as part of their trap to destroy Kamen Rider BLACK by using a fake house. Kamen Rider BLACK freed Yukari and Battle Hopper from the Anemone Mutant's pocket dimension. Once the Anemone Mutant was destroyed by the Rider Kick, the pocket dimension was destroyed and the house that Yukari's family were in disappeared around them.
* (21) - A jewel beetle monster used by Gorgom to take over Battle Hopper. It can fly, shoot beams out of its eyes, and emit insects out of its mouth which can take over a person's nervous system. The Jewel Beetle Mutant lured out Kotaro by holding a child over the side of a building so that Battle Hopper would attack Kamen Rider BLACK. It sent more of its insects which Kotaro spotted later that night and tried to fight them off which failed when two of the insects infected Battle Hopper. While Kotaro pursued it on the Road Sector, Birugenia hopped onto the Battle Hopper until it threw him off and Bishium explained that Battle Hopper takes orders from no one now and Battle Hopper rampaged the streets. Kotaro headed over to Iwagami Pass where he battled the Jewel Beetle Mutant in order to get Battle Hopper back and prevent a missile from blowing up Mammoth Dam. He cut off the Jewel Beetle Mutant's wings. Kamen Rider BLACK destroyed it with the Rider Kick, disarmed the missile, and battled Battle Hopper with the Road Sector to get the insects out of it.
* (22) - A wasp monster that has a wasp's abdomen for a right hand. It can attack with the stinger on its right arm, shoot silk from its mouth, and go underground. Birugenia persuaded the Gorgom High Priest to let the Wasp Mutant fight Kamen Rider BLACK to avenge the Bee Mutant. The Gorgom Priests did this by targeting Professor Tsubota (whose project was secretly funded by Gorgom) and his invention the Solar Beam Cannon to attack the city. Kamen Rider BLACK couldn't evade its attack when Birugenia threatened to kill Professor Tsubota's son Umihiko (who had a psychic vision of Kamen Rider BLACK attacking his father). Birugenia escaped and Umihiko is their prisoner. When Kamen Rider BLACK caught up with Gorgom, they sent him into the Mirror World through the mirror where he battled the Wasp Mutant once more. Kamen Rider BLACK summoned the Road Sector who freed Professor Tsubota and broke the Mirror World. With Umihiko's help, he battled the Wasp Mutant and broke the stinger on his right arm and used the Power Stripes to get the silk off his face. He destroyed the Wasp Mutant with the Rider Kick and used the Road Sector to destroy the Solar Beam Cannon.
* (1st Movie) - A chameleon monster. He can camouflage himself as different objects, attack with his tongue, and create clones of himself. Gorgom used it to kidnap children in hopes that they can turn the captive children into Gorgom Mutants and lure Kamen Rider BLACK to them. During one of its kidnapping sprees, Chameleon Mutant ran afoul of Kamen Rider BLACK until Birugenia arrived and told Chameleon Mutant to retreat. With the help of a fisherman, Kotaro heads to Demon Island where the captive children are held. There, he is attacked by Chameleon Mutants. Kotaro henshins into Kamen Rider BLACK and fights them until he finds the Gorgom High Priests and falls into their trap. Kamen Rider BLACK manages to break free, fends off the Chameleon Mutants, release the children, and cause the destruction of the High Priest's lab. Chameleon Mutant then ambushed Kamen Rider BLACK who ended up binded in the tongues of the Chameleon Mutants. Kamen Rider BLACK used his Kingstone Flash to break free and use his Rider Punch to destroy the other Chameleon Mutant clones before destroying the real one with the Rider Kick.
* (23) - An ammonite monster with two brains: a telekinetic brain and a fighting brain. With the first brain, he has telekinectic abilities which it uses to manipulate objects, and he can attack with its tentacles. With the fighting brain, he can headbutt. In the first battle, the Ammonite Mutant used its telekinectic powers on oil drums to attack Kamen Rider BLACK. He punched off its head which turned into a small ammonite. It was found by a boy named Shigeru (who was visiting the grave of his pet Pochi) who named it Marumo, eventually learning of its psychic power and brought it whatever it needed. With the High Priests were going to punish the Ammonite Mutant for losing his head, Birugenia appeared and revealed that the Ammonite Mutant had two brains as the fighting brain emerges, intent to find its missing head. When the Ammonite Mutant appeared, Kotaro got Shigeru to safety. The Ammonite Mutant caught up with Kotaro and Shigeru at Pochi's grave. As Shigeru ran, Kotaro became Kamen Rider BLACK and fought the Ammonite Mutant. Shigeru ran into Birugenia as Kamen Rider BLACK split its second head open just as Birugenia appeared with Shigeru in his arm and threw its head back at the Ammonite Mutant and its psychic powers are active once more. Battle Hopper attacked the Ammonite Mutant and Kamen Rider BLACK used it to attack the rock the Ammonite Mutant had control of. Kamen Rider BLACK destroyed the Ammonite Mutant with his Rider Kick (which also removed the psychic head from it again) and its head awakened Shigeru before disappearing.
* (25) - A mantis monster. It can attack with its scythe-hands, and shoot dissolving beams from its eyes. He accompanied Birugenia into capturing Professor Daimon's pupil Egami to have him make the Hellshooter with Professor Daimon's data so he can challenge Kamen Rider BLACK and the Road Sector. The Mantis Mutant attacked Egami in his labs and injured his wife Kayo. It later abducted Kayo and Egami's daughter Sachiko from the hospital and Birugenia threatened to have the Mantis Mutant harm them if he did not cooperate. When Kamen Rider BLACK came to the rescue, he engaged the Mantis Mutant as Egami escapes. The Mantis Mutant got its left scythe-hand stuck in a concrete support beam as Kamen Rider BLACK chopped it off him. Kamen Rider BLACK destroyed the Mantis Mutant with the Rider Kick, but Birugenia's challenge has begun.
* (26) - A buffalo monster. It can possess someone, headbutt, and has super strength. Gorgom used it to possess a girl named Mami so she can be good at sports like baseball and soccer when Gorgom used it to break the trust within humans. After it beat up one of the kids that mocked her, it started to concern her parents which is when the Buffalo Mutant took action. In the form of a man, Buffalo Mutant told her that adults can't be trusted. When it came out of Mami, Kotaro became Kamen Rider BLACK and attacked (even when it repossessed Mami). It gave Kamen Rider BLACK a disadvantage with Mami possessed by it. In the second battle near a factory, Mami was able to get the Buffalo Mutant out after stepping on a fallen electric wire. Kotaro became Kamen Rider BLACK and chopped off its horns. The Buffalo Mutant was destroyed by the Rider Kick.
* (11, 27) - A slug moth monster used by Gorgom to render the city's energies helpless (including transformation energies). It can shoot spikes from its body and its cocoons it has displayed can violently explode upon detections of heat and/or friction energy. Kotaro could not transform into Kamen Rider BLACK in the first battle due to the cocoons until a powerline fell on them. Kotaro transformed into Kamen Rider BLACK and the Slug Moth Mutant later retreated. The Slug Moth Mutant later attacked a power plant with his cocoons which interferes with the heart surgery of a boy named Hisao. In the second encounter with the Slug Moth Mutant alongside the High Priests, the bridge that Kotaro was on broke upon responding to Baraom's attack causing Kotaro to fall. Kotaro evaded them and made his way to the power plant in which even if he took out the power source, there would be no power at the hospital. The Slug Moth Mutant and the High Priests had Kotaro at their mercy and the Slug Moth Mutant was trying to rip out the Kingstone in Kotaro. Kotaro poked the Slug Moth Mutant's eyes before jumping into the air to henshin into Kamen Rider BLACK. Kamen Rider BLACK ripped off all of the Slug Moth Mutant's spikes. Once the Slug Moth Mutant was destroyed by the Rider Kick, power was restored to the city.
* (28) - A scarab beetle monster used by Birugenia to awaken the ugliness rooted in humans. It can emit Oganemushis (which are worth $10,000) from the mouth-like opening on its chest, and emit golden dust from its mouth. The appearance of Oganemushis had started a hunt for those that are after them including Satoro's parent resulting in the people obtaining them for riches. Birugenia disguised himself as a recent-millionaire and lured Kotaro into battle. In the second battle at a train yard, Kamen Rider BLACK was hit by the gold dust that was slowly hardening up. The Road Sector tackled Birugenia and the Scarab Beetle Mutant was hit by the Road Sector's Sparkling Attack causing the gold to come off. Once Kamen Rider BLACK destroyed the Scarab Beetle Mutant with the Rider Punch, the Oogani Beetles disappeared.
* (29) - An armadillo monster used by Gorgom to end the space explorations once and for all. It can roll into a ball, spray foam from its mouth that can transfere one's duplicated faces, emotions, and personalities into look-a-like mannequins, and shoot electricity from its eyes. Under Gorgom's orders, it copied the 4 selected astronauts (consisting of Mochizuki, Kiyoi, Kasuga, and Katsumi's old friend Kimie Tadokoro), having them hijack the controls of the shuttle, and crashing it into NASA HQ. When Kyoko found out that Kimie she was with was an imposter, she was captured by the Armadillo Mutant which gave the Gorgom High Priests another attempt to awaken Shadow Moon only for her to be freed by Birugenia alongside the real Kimie. Kotaro heads out only to fall into Birugenia trap with Kotaro trapped in a phone booth and Kyoko and Kimie chained to a tree until the Armadillo Mutant attacked. Kamen Rider BLACK got away with Kimie (which later turned out to be the fake one) and Kyoko. Kotaro fell into another of Birugenia's traps when the other fake astronauts attack until the Armadillo Mutant attacked and Darom told Birugenia to withdraw and leave everything to the Armadillo Mutant. Kotaro became Kamen Rider BLACK and destroyed the fake astronauts. The Armadillo Mutant unwittingly led Kamen Rider BLACK to the cave where the real astronauts were being held where they were freed during battle. Once the Armadillo Mutant was destroyed by the Rider Kick, the fake Kimie fell apart.
* (30) - A squid monster. It can attack with its tentacles, shoot purple beams from the side of its head, and shoot a smokescreen from its mouth. Baraom was after Rana Kauai so Gorgom can use her powers to help them since the women of Kauai, Hawaii are said to have untapped powers. Kamen Rider BLACK fought Squid Mutant when it tried to "abduct" Rana and was unexpectedly joined in fighting the Squid Mutant by Ryusuke Taki. In the second battle, Baraom had Rana attack Kamen Rider BLACK during his fight with the Squid Mutant until Birugenia interfered to attack Kamen Rider BLACK. Taki fought the Squid Mutant when Baraom and Bishium found Rana and ended up shooting off one of the Squid Mutant's tentacles. After fighting Birugenia, Kamen Rider BLACK joined the battle and saved Taki. He fought the Squid Mutant, Baraom, and Bishium until Darom appeared to help. Once again, Baraom took control of Rana and had her attack Kamen Rider BLACK. Taki was able to break the pendant that Baraom was using to control Rana. This gave Kamen Rider BLACK the advantage to destroy the Squid Mutant with the Rider Kick.
* (31) - A porcupine monster. It can launch its quills in battle, turn into energy, and teleport. The Gorgom High Priests used this monster to enter the computers and capture intelligent kids through video games in hopes they can turn them into their own Shonen Warriors. When Porcupine Mutant appeared in the form of a bus driver to obtain kids on the bus that Kotaro was on, the ex-Shonen Warriors appeared on the bus and blasted the video game before Porcupine Mutant can beam 2 kids in. Porcupine Mutant strangled Katsumi while the bus was not driven. Once the bus was stopped by one of the ex-Shonen Warriors, the others pursued it into a warehouse followed by Kotaro who henshined into Kamen Rider BLACK. When the ex-Shonen Warriors were losing, Kamen Rider BLACK arrived and fought Porcupine Mutant who retreated. Kamen Rider BLACK and the ex-Shonen Warriors met up with Yuji Oka (who was passing off as a programmer for Gorgom) who got the Porcupine Mutant's matter teleportation energy data before he was severely wounded by Birugenia. With this data, Kotaro (who transformed into Kamen Rider BLACK) and the ex-Shonen Warriors teleport into the cyber-world. When Porcupine Mutant knocked them off into a hole, Kamen Rider BLACK called for Battle Hopper and Hiroshi teleported it into the cyber-world where it tackled Porcupine Mutant. As one of the ex-Shonen Warriors rides Battle Hopper to where the captive children are, Kamen Rider BLACK and the others fought Porcupine Mutant which was soon shown on a monitor at a video game store. Once the kids are rescued, Porcupine Mutant turned into energy and attacked Kamen Rider BLACK. Once Porcupine Mutant was destroyed by the Rider Kick, everyone escaped from the cyber-world safely.
* (32) - A mushroom monster. He can burrow underground, and detach the pollen-covered mushrooms which target one's nerves. He assisted Bishium into messing with a girl named Yuki by entering her dreams. This plot later thickend when Bishium disguised as a nun fed a mushroom soup (which would kill them if the body rejects it) to Yuki and other children to turn them into Cyborgs of Hate without surgery and using the mushroom pollen to erase their memories that would turn them into demons without memory of their parents. Kotaro found Yuki wandering on the road at night only for him to get attacked by Mushroom Mutant. Kotaro henshined into Kamen Rider BLACK and fought him. Kamen Rider BLACK was hit by one of Mushroom Mutant's mushrooms before he escapes which resulting in a nightmare Kotaro had. Later that night, Yuki and Kotaro were transported to the Realm of Gorgom where Mushroom Mutant attacks Kotaro. Kotaro henshins into Kamen Rider BLACK and fights Mushroom Mutant. During battle, Kamen Rider BLACK ends up in a pollenated mushroom area and is attacked by Mushroom Mutant and Bishium. Kamen Rider BLACK tricked Bishium into attacking Mushroom Mutant. Once Mushroom Mutant was destroyed by the Rider Kick, Bishium's illusion was negated and the effects on the children wore off.
* (33) - A red salmon monster with salmon-like heads for hands. He can bite, manipulate water, and spew red substances from his salmon-headed hands. When the Misuzu River was working in reverse as part of Gorgom's latest plot to drain it of its water, Birugenia unleashed toxic waste from the oil refinery at Tokyo Bay and sent it to Red Salmon Mutant. Kotaro encountered a paraplegic boy named Toru who saw the Red Salmon Mutant. Darom also mentioned that Red Salmon Mutant had a lot of training all over the world which one of them was causing ships to disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. When Kotaro encountered Toru near the river, Red Salmon Mutant attacked. Kotaro henshined into Kamen Rider BLACK and fought Red Salmon Mutant. Red Salmon Mutant made off with Toru with Kamen Rider BLACK in pursuit. Red Salmon Mutant knocked Kamen Rider BLACK into an underground cavern that was recently expelled of its water. With Toru strapped to the wall, the Gorgom High Priests unleashed Red Salmon Mutant upon Kamen Rider BLACK. When Red Salmon Mutant had Kamen Rider BLACK trapped in his jaws, Kamen Rider BLACK called for Road Sector who tackled Red Salmon Mutant, smoked out the Gorgom High Priests, and freed Toru. Kamen Rider BLACK managed to lure Red Salmom Mutant out of the underground cavern. As Toru escaped on Road Sector during the battle, Darom attacked him and flung him onto the suspension bridge. Red Salmon Mutant spewed red substance on Kamen Rider BLACK until he used the Kingstone Flash to get it off and repel it onto Red Salmon Mutant. Once Kamen Rider BLACK destroyed Red Salmon Mutant with the Rider Kick, its effects on the Misuzu River was undone.
* (36-37) - A mole cricket monster. He can attack with his claws, dig underground and spew purple foam. He attacked Katsumi at a wedding in Yubari and ran afoul of Kamen Rider BLACK. During battle, Bat Mutant abducted the unconscious Katsumi and flew off in the direction toward Sapporo, Hokkaido as Mole Cricket Mutant escapes underground. Kotaro follows the trail until Kyoko and Keiko inform Kotaro that Katsumi was found in Tokyo. It turns out that Katsumi was hypnotized by Shadow Moon to attack Kamen Rider by capturing Keiko. Both Katsumi and Mole Cricket Mutant overwhelmed Kotaro until Kyoko entered. Mole Cricket and Katsumi escaped with Keiko. After following a hypnotized Katsumi when she abducted a bus full of school children, Kotaro fell into a trap where Mole Cricket Mutant attacked. Kotaro then henshined into Kamen Rider BLACK as Shadow Moon arrived trying to get Kamen Rider BLACK to kill Katsumi to end it. Kamen Rider BLACK wouldn't do it and continued his fight with Mole Cricket Mutant alongside the Grand Mutants. As he is struggling against Mole Cricket Mutant, Kamen Rider BLACK recalls that Mole Cricket Mutant hates light and uses the Kingstone Flash to illuminate the entire room. As Shadow Moon and the Grand Mutants escape, Mole Cricket Mutant escapes underground and ends up out in the daylight. Once Kamen Rider BLACK destroys Mole Cricket Mutant with the Rider Kick, the spell on Katsumi was lifted
* (36, 38) - A rat monster.
* (2nd Movie) - A dogfish monster.
* (2nd Movie) - Phantom monsters who assisted the Dogfish Mutant. The Mutants revived are Flea Mutant, Goat Mutant, Rhinoceros Mutant, Eagle Mutant, Rock Turtle Mutant, Anemone Mutant, Wasp Mutant, Ammonite Mutant, Coelacanth Mutant, and Mantis Mutant.
* (36, 39) - A centipede monster.
* (40) - A salamander monster.
* (41) - A cobra monster.
* (42) - A fly monster.
* Phantom Mutants (42) - Another set of Phantom monsters who assist Fly Mutant. The Mutants revived are a Spider Mutant, Silkworm Mutant, Rhinoceros Mutant, Cactus Mutant, Longhorn Beetle Mutant, Coelacanth Mutant, Slug Moth Mutant, Mushroom Mutant, Red Salmon Mutant and Rat Mutant.
* (36, 43) - A stag beetle monster.
* (46-50) - A whale monster. The Whale Mutant that became an ally of Kamen Rider BLACK.
* (11,36) (50-51) - A stickleback monster.
* (CD Drama) - A scorpion monster.

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