List of Kamen Rider Den-O characters

List of Kamen Rider Den-O characters

This is a list of characters throughout the Japanese tokusatsu series "Kamen Rider Den-O". These characters play a major role within the series, often influencing key events.

Den-Liner passengers

Kamen Rider Den-O fights against the Imagin with the aid of his partners. Most of them reside within the train known as the Den-Liner, a train that traverses the sands of time.

Ryotaro Nogami

nihongo|Ryotaro Nogami|野上 良太郎|Nogami Ryōtarō is a very unlucky young man. When he first appears, he managed to lodge himself on his bike in a tall tree, due to his horrific streak of bad luck. But though jinxed, Ryotaro keeps looking on the bright side. He also keeps his name tag in his wallet so it can be returned to him when it is stolen. He is the one who discovers the Rider Pass, and after persuasion from Hana, decides to use it for the betterment of mankind as the eponymous Kamen Rider Den-O. He is commonly referred to as a Singularity Point, who can consciously overpower an Imagin who possesses him, as well as exist outside of time.


nihongo|Hana|ハナ|Hana is a Singularity Point and the first Den-Liner passenger Ryotaro met, convincing him to become a Kamen Rider while explaining the uses of the Rider Tickets and the Rider Pass. She said that she fights so that she can protect and preserve the flow of time from the Imagin, and she made a contract with the Den-Liner's Owner to do so. She originates from a future destroyed by Imagin chaos, still existing because of her status as a Singularity Point. With no timeline to call her home, Hana is filled with malice and spite towards the Imagin, making her capable of subduing the Tarōs when they get out of line, especially Momotaros with a simple punch to the head with force equal to a truck's. Ironically, Hana grew a soft spot for the Tarōs over the course of the series, briefly crying when Urataros, Kintaros, and Ryutaros disappear, though she refuses to admit it. Over time, the tracks that represent her future are being recreated, resulting with Hana turning into a child. Despite being in the body of a ten-year-old, under the alias of nihongo|Kohana|コハナ|Kohana, Hana is still able to subdue the Tarōs when their shenanigans aboard the Den-Liner get out of line. In the finale, she is revealed as the daughter of Airi and Sakurai (thus being the niece of Ryotaro), the true key to the Junction Point and Kai's downfall as her future connects to the present. However, as her place in time is yet to be restored, Hana lives on the Den-Liner to await for her time until she becomes a member of the Den-Liner Police, aiding Kazuya Suzuki by taking out Kuroki's men singlehanded.


nihongo|Naomi|ナオミ|Naomi is a part-time member of the Den-Liner crew and serves as the caretaker and maid on the train, taking care of daily maintenance. Despite her efforts, she usually serves poorly made coffee (she once put wasabi in the coffee as an experiment), though the Imagin seem to enjoy it. She is extremely hyper and does not get surprised easily, sticking to her belief of making only coffee. She is good friends with the Tarōs Imagin and is usually seen playing with Ryutaros. During the series finale, Naomi takes the Den-Liner into the past to retrieve Urataros, Kintaros, and Sieg for the final battle with Kai's army of Imagin.


The nihongo|Owner|オーナー|Ōnā of the Den-Liner is Hana's contractor, with a habit of speaking in complexes when it comes to the nature of time. He states that only those with a "Pass" are able to ride the Den-Liner and, with it, transcend time itself. Also, as the Den-Liner's owner, he cannot stand fighting in his train and any who would dare alter the flow of time. For either category, Owner possesses Passage Denial tickets, which are able to leave unwanted passengers stranded in the middle of time unless they have tickets. He has great knowledge of how time progresses and points out that sometimes the most minor of changes will not affect the future. He also happens to be a Singularity Point as he displays immunity against Ryutaros's ability to control people, even returning a similar tactic against Ryutaros himself. He is able to outrun the Den-Liner and held a Master Pass until Gaoh took it from him. Owner enjoys eating various dishes that have a flag placed in the middle of them. His aim is to eat his entire meal (usually rice or flan) without knocking the flags over so he can beat his rival, the nihongo|Station Master|駅長|Ekichō. Though the two look identical, with the Station Master wearing in white uniform and having effeminate mannerisms, Owner explains that the resemblance is just everyone else's imagination. The Station Master recently gave Owner a set of strangely designed golden spoons, the legendary God Spoon collection. He finally beats the Station Master in the final episode with the flag barely falling over. However, as revealed in Climax Deka, while training himself, Owner is robbed of the spare Den-O Pass he owns, setting up the Den-Liner Police with himself as Chief Inspector with a spare DenGasher that he uses to calm people down.

Airi Nogami

nihongo|Airi Nogami|野上 愛理|Nogami Airi is Ryotaro's elder sister and owner of the Milk Dipper that belonged to their parents. A motherly figure to her brother, she constantly tries to help Ryotaro in an attempt to find his lucky star. Originally, she was to be married to Yuto Sakurai on January 10, 2007, pregnant with their unborn child, the Junction Point. However, Kai's intent to kill them to destory the Junction Point forced Airi to allow Sakurai to erase himself and their child from normal time so they can evade Kai and his Imagin. This resulted with Airi losing all memory of her fiance Sakurai. Although she actually goes to the place she and Sakurai spent time together, Kibōgahara after being hypnotized by Miura on accident, she cannot remember much, particularly about the railway watch which was all that Sakurai left. When she encounters Fujishiro and is kidnapped, Airi begins to clearly remember Sakurai until Yuto uses his final Zeronos Card, wiping her memories of his future self as a result. However, Airi feels that something is missing with Ryotaro hoping it means she is regaining her memory. When Yuto later uses the red sided Zeronos Card, all of his memories with Airi are burned when he assumes Zero Form for the first time. But eventually, Airi is revealed to have known about Sakurai obtaining the Zero-Liner and the identity of the Junction Point, Hana. In the series finale, Airi regains her memories of Sakurai as they met one final time before he fades from existence, though she's confident they'll meet again in the near future. During Climax Deka, Airi meets Ryutaros face to face, giving him a treat which he bashfully took.

Milk Dipper regulars

The nihongo|Milk Dipper|ミルクディッパー|Miruku Dippā is a library/café run by Airi, doubling as a home for her and Ryotaro. However, most the customers are young males who have a love interest for Airi. But Airi shows no awareness of this, putting the gifts they leave behind in a lost and found spot in the café.

eigi Ozaki

nihongo|Seigi Ozaki|尾崎 正義|Ozaki Seigi is the journalist who is the chief editor of a short-lived magazine where Ryotaro worked. He is always looking for a new good story to restore his magazine,sometimes revealing Imagin attacks to Ryotaro this way. He is a regular customer at Milk Dipper and is trying to court Airi. Ozaki also has a habit of flirting with other women since 1st grade, despite the fact that he is trying to woo Airi. During Climax Deka, Ozaki learns the truth behind Ryotaro when Airi takes him and Miura into the Den-Liner.

Issē Miura

nihongo|Issē Miura|三浦 イッセー|Miura Issē is self-styled super counselor. He is a regular customer at Milk Dipper and is also trying to court Airi, but he is more introverted than Seigi when it comes to this. He believes that Ryotaro is possessed by evil spirits after witnessing the "confrontation" between Momotaros and Urataros. Unknowingly, his attempt to hypnotize Ryotaro in hopes of exorcising the evil spirits result in the activation of Ryutaros. As a result, Miura is the only one who is somewhat aware of the Tarōs' possessions, though no one believes himuntil Climax Deka, where Airi bring him to the Den-Liner to see Ryoutaro.

Yuto Sakurai

nihongo|Yuto Sakurai|桜井 侑斗|Sakurai Yūto is a man that revealed himself to Ryotaro and Hana following the defeat of the Wolf Imagin. He is the past version of Airi's fiance, but acts nothing like him. Revealing himself as a Kamen Rider, Yuto advises Ryotaro not to go looking for his future self as it would tamper with time, believing that protecting the flow of time is not the same as saving lives, and thus believes Ryotaro is unfit to be one. However, in time, Yuto began to warm up to Ryotaro and help in any way he can. His Rider Ticket, with the image of Zeronos' Altair Form on it, is emblazoned with the date May 27, 2007 (the air date of his premiere episode).

Past Man

The nihongo|"Past Man"|過去の男|Kako no Otoko is a mysterious figure that appears in times in the past when Imagin, who are out to get him. He has a pocket watch that has the phrase "The past should give us hope" on the back etched on it. He wears a trenchcoat and many caps. When Ryotaro bumps into the "Past Man" at one point, he saw that he was the Yuto Sakurai he knew: Airi's fiance who mysteriously disappeared and is believed to be dead. Ryotaro remembers him as a kind figure who was into astronomy and loved Airi's coffee, and as such, almost considered him family. As he is Yuto's future self, Sakurai has access to the Zeronos arsenal. Eventually, the memory of Sakurai is completely erased from mostly everyone within Ryotaro's time. This happens because Sakurai provided Deneb with the first set of Zeronos Cards Yuto uses at the cost of his future self's existence, with the final Zeronos card presented to Yuto in the final battle completely erasing him from time. Though Airi is confident that her love will return to her in time.


nihongo|Gaoh|牙王|Gaō is the leader of a band of thieves who steal time-traveling trains. He is also a renegade Kamen Rider called nihongo|Kamen Rider Gaoh|仮面ライダー牙王(ガオウ)|Kamen Raidā Gaō. He steals the Den-Liner to obtain the Gaoh-Liner in order to erase all time.


nihongo|Kai|カイ|Kai is a Singularity Point who is the mastermind behind the Imagin attacks, psychically giving them the orders to destroy the key to the Junction Point to ensure the Imagin's future, believing it to be Sakurai at first. Just as Zeronos sacrifices memories of himself to transform, Kai can use memories of himself to sustain the Imagin. As a result, he is suffering from memory loss that would worsen in time before he suffers the same fate as the Imagin themselves. Arriving on January 10, 2007, Kai almost succeeded in killing Sakurai, but something reversed the damage he caused. Believing Den-O may have played a part in it, he gives Ryutaros a ticket to the Den-Liner with the deal to kill Ryotaro, but Ryutaros's refusal to carry out the task forces Kai to reveal himself, tricking Ryutaros into sabotaging the Zero-Liner in order to get rid of the Den-Liner and render the Den-O Belt useless without the Rider Pass. This plan, along with later who to convince Ryotaro not to meddle in his affairs, fails. While both Den-O and Zeronos fought the Armadillo Imagin in the past, Kai is puzzled as to why Yuto protected Ryotaro from its attacks instead of his future self. By probing Ryotaro, Kai realizes that Yuto Sakurai is not the true target of the Imagin, but Airi Nogami. Running on desperation, he summons an army of Imagin to hold off Den-O and Zeronos while he personally attempts to kill her. During the climax, he finally learns that the key is actually Hana (Kohana), the future Singularity Point. Ultimately, Kai fades to sand as the remainder of his memories disappears with the Death Imagin's defeat, taking all surviving Imagin with him, save for the Tarōs Imagin, Sieg, Deneb, and a few isolated cases.

He possesses a black page-a-day calendar book to choose the dates the Imagin should find ideal hosts with ideal memories to fly towards. By choosing a date on the black calendar book, Kai can act as a portal for the Imagin to go through, being able to open himself the way an Imagin would open a host once a contract is completed. Just like a host to an Imagin, the Imagin passes through Kai at the date it travels to, though the Kai at the past date, who is destoryed as the Imagin arrives at the past, worsening Kai's condition. He can also open people as well, looking into their memories at a glance for ideal moments in time for his Imagin to invade. His catchphrase after stating how he feels about something, nihongo|"I have the face for it, don't I?"|俺、そういう顔してるだろ?|Ore, sōiu kao shiteru daro?, refers to his emotion regardless of having only an emotionless or angry expression and having a childish personality.


nihongo|Imagin|イマジン|Imajin are the creatures that arrive from the future to conquer the past for Kai. Some are evil and assist Kai in changing time, while few have justice within them and refuse to aid Kai, lending their power to the Kamen Riders in order to fight. Imagin listed here are ones that serve major purposes in the story, being more than a monster of the week.


nihongo|Momotaros|モモタロス|Momotarosu is the hot-headed Imagin that first possesses Ryotaro without knowing that he is a Singularity Point. He decides that it is more fun to fight other Imagin rather than grant a wish such that he can destroy history to his liking. He is also the subject of most of Hana's abuse, getting easily knocked out by one of her punches. He also demands that he is treated better than the other Imagin as he contracted Ryotaro first. As Den-O, he happily fights other Imagin using his swordsmanship as Sword Form, leads the other Taros in Climax Form, and his power is tapped in the DenKamen Sword's MomoSword mode.


nihongo|Urataros|ウラタロス|Uratarosu is the smooth-talking Imagin that possesses Ryotaro knowing very well that he is a Singularity Point, which allows him to have more freedom than granting the wish of anyone else. He tends to flirt with women more than fight, as well as lie to further his goal. Despite his efforts, he has yet to woo Hana. He sarcastically calls Momotaros his nihongo|sempai|先輩|senpai. As Den-O, he uses his fishing skills as Rod Form, has primary control of the right arm in Climax Form, and his power is tapped in the DenKamen Sword's UraRod mode.


nihongo|Kintaros|キンタロス|Kintaros is the physically strongest of the Imagin that are linked to Ryotaro and speaks Kansai-ben. He originally possessed a man named Masaru Honjō, but joins Ryotaro when Den-O is unable to defeat the Rhino Imagin. He is mostly found sleeping on the Den-Liner, but will possess Ryotaro whenever he hears someone say anything resembling nihongo|"cry"|泣けるで|nakeru de. As Den-O, he lives up to his namesake and fights with an axe as Ax Form, has primary control of the left arm in Climax Form, and his power is tapped in the DenKamen Sword's KinAx mode


nihongo|Ryutaros|リュウタロス|Ryūtarosu had laid dormant in Ryotaro until being awakened by Issē Miura's super counseling. He possesses Ryotaro so that he could be the conductor of the Den-Liner, seeking to destroy Ryotaro to achieve his goal as part of his deal with Kai. However, Ryutaros refuses to carry out the deed due to his feelings for Airi. He also has both a love for break dancing and animals, possessing Kai's ability to control people by snapping his fingers. As Den-O, he uses questionable marksmanship as Gun Form, has primary control of the legs in Climax Form, and his power is tapped in the DenKamen Sword's RyuGun mode.


nihongo|Deneb|デネブ|Denebu is the only Imagin contracted to Kamen Rider Zeronos. He acts as a butler to Yuto Sakurai while on the Zero-Liner and is constantly the subject of his master's abuse. He is named after the star Deneb in the constellation Cygnus the Swan. He is able to transform Kamen Rider Zeronos into Vega Form as well as assume the form of the Denebick Buster for Zeronos Zero Form.


nihongo|Sieg|ジーク|Jīku is a swan-based Imagin that first opens a contract with a newborn human infant. He is brought onto the Den-Liner by Ryutaros because of his love for animals. He soon possesses Ryotaro and tries to return the infant he had possessed while the baby is still in his pregnant mother. He soon begins to deteriorate because the baby does not have enough memory for him to continue to exist, but it is then revealed that he had actually opened a contract with the child's mother Shiori Takayama to keep her son Yūsuke safe. He leaves the Den-Liner and lives in the year 1997, the date of Shiori's fondest memory, her wedding day. But Sieg offers his aid to Ryotaro during the movie. In both his short times, he is able to allow for Den-O to assume Wing Form. [cite web|url=|title=A scan from a retailer's catalog featuring Sieg|accessdate=2007-05-24] [cite web|url=|title=丸善商店 予約05/27〆【バンダイ】仮面ライダー電王 ライダーイマジンシリーズ05 ジークイマジン 商品説明|accessdate=2007-05-24] [cite web|url=|title=A scan detailing Wing Form and Gaoh|accessdate=2007-06-28]

Imagin contractors

In order for Imagin to alter the past, they must find a desperate individual in the year 2007 and open a contract with them to grant them a single wish.


nihongo|Tetsuo|哲男(テツオ)|Tetsuo is the leader of a small gang of teenagers that Ryotaro first meets. After he and his gang had beaten Ryotaro up, he had lost a jingle-bell key holder that his mother gave him on the night she passed away. The Bat Imagin opens a contract with him to return the key holder, after which the Imagin travels back to December 24, 2004, the night of Tetsuo's mother's death. In the end, Ryotaro brings Tetsuo on to the Den-Liner and took him to see his mother one last time.

Yū Yamagoshi

nihongo|Yū Yamagoshi|山越 佑|Yamagoshi Yū is a musician down on his luck who meets Ryotaro when he is possessed by Momotaros and beats up several Yakuza that are trying to get money back from him. He opens a contract with the Chameleon Imagin to get an amount of money "to die for." The Imagin travels back to March 15, 2006, the day that Yamagoshi lost a record contract deal because he saved a small girl. Although, Hana is able to take over taking care of the little girl so Yamagoshi can make it to his audition on time, he is still unsuccessful to get a record deal; however, despite that he continues to dream as he now chooses to become a street musician and earn money honestly.

Daiki Saitō

nihongo|Daiki Saitō|斉藤 大輝|Saitō Daiki is a young boy who is hospitalized at the same time as Ryotaro following a car accident. He opens a contract with the Crust Imagin such that he would be able to play on his soccer team, again, which leads to all of his teammates hospitalized because of attacks by the Crust Imagin. The Imagin then travels back to October 15, 2006, the day that Daiki missed a winning penalty shot for his soccer team. Despite the shot being interrupted by the Crust Imajin, Daiki still remains benched but had no ill will for it.

Yumi Saitō

nihongo|Yumi Saitō|斉藤 優美|Saitō Yumi is a young woman who is wooed by Ryotaro while possessed by Urataros. She inadvertently opens a contract with the Crow Imagin to forget about her ex-fiance nihongo|Tomoya Ōbayashi|大林 友也|Ōbayashi Tomoya, which leads to the Imagin eliminating anything that plays Four Seasons Concerto No. 1: Spring, the final item of which is Yumi's music-playing locket that she is using to remember Tomoya. The Imagin travels back to July 24, 2006, the day of Yumi and Tomoya's wedding. In the end, Yumi and Tomoya reconcile with the help of Ryotaro and Airi.

hinji Kikuchi

nihongo|Shinji Kikuchi|菊池 信司|Kikuchi Shinji is a karateka who wants to become the best karate master. He opens a contract with the Rhino Imagin, who fought all of his former opponents to fulfill his wish to be the best. But in truth, Kikuchi wishes to finally settle things with Honjo. The Imagin then travels back to May 21, 2006, the day of the karate tournament where Kikuchi won by default. He now trains with Honjo, so they can settle their match one day.

Masaru Honjō

nihongo|Masaru Honjō|本条 勝|Honjō Masaru is a karateka who has been hospitalized since his last match, forced to retire. He opens a contract with Kintaros to become a better karateka so he and Kikuchi can settle things. This contract involves Kintaros taking control of Honjō's body and leading him to several karate dojo's throughout the city and battling the individuals inside such as the Okamoto karate dojo. Kintaros then travels back to May 21, 2006, when Honjō had a heart attack so Kintaros would save him and Kikuchi from the Rhino Imagin. He now trains with Kikuchi so that one day their match would be settled.

Kensaku Kobayashi

nihongo|Kensaku Kobayashi|小林 謙作|Kobayashi Kensaku is the father of child model nihongo|Kasumi Kobayashi|小林 カスミ|Kobayashi Kasumi. He opens a contract the Ivy Imagin to make it so he would have more time with daughter, which leads to it attacking her. It then travels back to November 8, 2006, the day that Kensaku kicked his daughter out of the house so she would be able to go further in her career. Due to Kintaros' attempt to change the past, the result negated Kensaku's contract and thus he and his daughter reconcile.

hūji Toyama

nihongo|Shūji Toyama|戸山 秀二|Toyama Shūji is the groundskeeper of Yoyogi Park where he takes care of the stray animals. He opens a contract with the Owl Imagin and asks for the park to become a better place for the animals, which causes the Imagin to attack all those who try to enter the park, and blockade it off. It then travels back to February 20, 1997, the day that a puppy named Koro died and a young boy named nihongo|Rēji|レージ|Rēji who Toyama had befriended stopped returning to the park out of guilt. In the end, thanks to Ryutaros, the puppy survived its operation.

Kōsaku Higuchi

nihongo|Kōsaku Higuchi|火口 耕作|Higuchi Kōsaku is the president of a construction company who made a drunken contract with the Whale Imagin to get rid of his drinking problem. This leads the Imagin to attack all those that knew he had a drinking problem. It then travels back to March 31, 2004, the day that Higuchi drunkenly threw away his company's savings.

Yuka Sawada

nihongo|Yuka Sawada|沢田 由香|Sawada Yuka is one of Ryotaro's high school friends who left to study abroad in England. She made a contract with the Wolf Imagin to relive her high school days, after which it went to April 7, 2004, the day of her and Ryotaro's high school entrance ceremony. Though she originally knew of Yuto, that knowledge from her memory is eventually erased.

Kōhei Amano

nihongo|Kōhei Amano|天野 晃平|Amano Kōhei is a man who made a contract with the Jelly Imagin in hopes of digging up a time capsule, which is buried by his late girlfriend nihongo|Haruka|遥香|Haruka, and thus holds her final memento depicting Amano's boxing days. However, his wish backfires as the Jelly Imagin ends up forcing him to do the digging of a random time capsule, almost killing him in the process. In the end, he is given the box's contents by Ryotaro and Hana: His old boxing gloves and a photo.


nihongo|Tanaka|田中|Tanaka is young man who collapses out of exhaustion selling candies and other goods for the upcoming Tanabata Festival. While Deneb took his place, Tanaka forms a contract with the Tortoice Imagin in a dream-like state. Though it thought making Tanaka's boss suffer is the wish, the Tortoice is not able to travel back in time due to the fact that Tanaka did not remember the contract in the first place. Although it is Tanaka's wish to make his boss suffer, he later reveals that it is not his current boss in which he is relating to. In the end, Tanaka is given praise for his success in selling out the candy booth (which is handled by Deneb, Hana, and the others) despite both he and his boss being injured.

Akio Masuda

nihongo|Akio Masuda|増田 明男|Masuda Akio is a young man who kidnaps the newborn baby of Shiori Takayama, because he bears a grudge on the Takayama family for firing him five years prior. But when he discovers the baby is missing, Masuda forges a contract with the Scorpion Imagin, telling it to bring him Shiori so that he can hold her for ransom instead. In the end, Masuda is arrested.

hiori Takayama

nihongo|Shiori Takayama|鷹山 栞|Takayama Shiori is the daughter of a wealthy family who inadvertently made a contract with Sieg, the Swan Imagin, to make sure that her baby would be born safely. However, shortly after she gave birth to a son, nihongo|Yusuke|祐介|Yūsuke, he is kidnapped by Akio Masuda, and Sieg emerges and, with no clear memory, believes he had opened the contract with the baby instead of the mother. Sieg sees Shiori as his nihongo|mother|母|haha and Yūsuke as his nihongo|brother|兄弟|kyōdai.

Masashi Aoki

nihongo|Masashi Aoki|青木 雅史|Aoki Masashi is a young man who has a sick younger sister named nihongo|Mayu|真由|Mayu. He opens a contract with the Spider Imagin as his sister wishes to see a starry night. However, it turns out that Mayu really wishes to see shooting stars with her brother.

hōichi Ike

nihongo|Shōichi Ike|池 祥一|Ike Shōichi is a bumbling jewel thief who resides in a chicken-ridden building. He is confronted by the Molech Imagin so he would open a contract with the Bloodsucker Imagin to serve as distraction as part of Gaoh's plan. However, when the Bloodsucker decides to the retrieve the jewels, Ike reveals that he secretly took the jewels behind Katō's back and sold them off after he went to jail.

Hiroshi Katō

nihongo|Hiroshi Katō|加藤 浩|Katō Hiroshi is Shōichi Ike's partner in crime. In the year 2000, he and Ike successfully stole 100,000 yen worth of jewels from the Nakano jewel store, and hid the stash in a building that would later become the Milk Dipper, before being arrested by the police. Seven years later, he attempts to regain the stash before being forced into a contract with the Molech Imagin, possessing him to attack Hope Jewelers and steal a necklace to complete the contract and go back in time as part of Gaoh's plan. In spite of Ryotaro's interference, the Molech Imagin succeeded in getting Katō's necklace thanks to M-Ryotaro's folly.


nihongo|Machida|町田|Machida opens a contract with the Wasp Imagin in order to have it hide the evidence of a manslaughter that he committed in 2005 in the location that became a haunted attraction visited by Ryotaro, Hana, and Deneb. In the end, Machida is found out and arrested, but is glad to see that his "victim" survived and set up the attraction so he can be brought to justice.

Tooru Terasaki

nihongo|Tooru Terasaki|寺崎 トオル|Terasaki Tōru got into a fight with his wife five years ago when he quit his job to go into the fireworks business. The incident results with the two becoming divorced, the ex-wife gaining custody of their son nihongo|Ryu|龍|Ryū. But in spite of that, Tooru continues his intended career move so he can show his wife and son the fireworks display he is setting up for the end of summer celebration in present time. He ends up opening a contract with the Bluebird Imagin in order to find his wife and show her fireworks, going back to the day Tooru and his wife parted ways. In the end, Tooru is reunited with his wife and Ryu.

Yuya Fujishiro

nihongo|Yuya Fujishiro|藤代 裕也|Fujishiro Yūya is originally another of Airi's would-be suitors when the Milk Dipper first opened, only to withdraw when she fell in love with the older Yuto Sakurai, whom he depised ever since. From the next two years, Fujishiro became the successful owner of a mortgage company, using his funding to force Airi to marry him by setting her up with debt for 10 million. However, Airi refuses and Fujishiro out of frustration and refusal to let her leave, jogs her memory of Sakurai until Yuto arrives, though Fujishiro mistook him as the brother of his Sakurai. However, he unknowingly opens a contract with the Anthopper Imagin, who use him to get Den-O while granting his wish to have Airi. However, once Yuto uses his last Zeronos Card, the memory of the Yuto Sakurai that Fujishiro had is completely erased as a result.

Piano Man

The nihongo|Piano Man|ピアノの男|Piano no Otoko is a mysterious figure who opens a contract with the Kraken Imagin for a piano. However, the contract is not entirely completed as the presence of nihongo|Yuki Okumura|奥村 祐希|Okumura Yūki is needed. It is revealed that the Piano Man was a master pianist who retired thirteen years prior and met Okumura, who was a fan of his work and learned from him to be a pro. But on the night he was to have his big break, Okumura was struck by a car and ended up in a coma. Though everything and everyone destroyed by the Imagin in Gigandeath form are restored, the Piano Man is nowhere to be found, being unable to return to his own time because no one from his time remembers him except Okumura. However, instead of being erased from existence as Ryotaro had feared, the Piano Man instead ends up as a passenger on the Den-Liner until one day Okumura wakes up so the Piano Man can be able to return to his own time.


nihongo|Yamaguchi|山口|Yamaguchi is a man who unknowingly opens a contract with the Ax-Hand Mole Imagin. He sought to beat the head of the Okamoto karate dojo, who defeats him in a karaoke event on November 26, 2006. The Mole Imagin, however, interpreted his desire for revenge as a physical method.

hōko Hazuki

nihongo|Shōko Hazuki|葉月 翔子|Hazuki Shōko falls in love with Yuto after she is helped while he is possessed by Deneb when he is attempting to get Yuto back together with Airi. She is forced into a contract with the Oct Imagin on Kai's order prior to the event, with her desire to be with Yuto being her wish. While in the hospital, being cured of a hard disease, she learns from seeking a butterfly's cocoon that living today for tommorow is the most important thing to do. But in the end, Shōko loses all memories of her time with Yuto, with Deneb feeling guilty for making her suffer in spite of his good intentions.


nihongo|Ōzaki|大崎|Ōzaki is victimized by the Shirakaku mob into paying them for protection. When he makes a contract with the Armadillo Imagin, Ōzaki wants to cut his ties with the Shirakaku. However, the Imagin took the term "cut" literally and it takes the time portal opening to complete the contract.

"I'm Born!" characters

The following characters are those who appear in the "Kamen Rider Den-O" movie "".


nihongo|Senhime|千姫 is a Japanese historical figure, the daughter of shogun Tokugawa Hidetada.

anada Yukimura

nihongo|Sanada Yukimura|真田 幸村 is a Japanese historical figure, a samurai and son of the Sengoku period daimyo Sanada Masayuki. Yukimura helps Gaoh by unearthing the Gaoh-Liner. He also sends his Sanada Ten Braves to fight the Tarōs.


nihongo|Kotaro|小太郎|Kotarō is Ryotaro's younger self at age 10 that joins the Den-Liner group in fighting Kamen Rider Gaoh and his Imagin underlings. [cite web|url=|title=A scan that details Gaoh and the Den-O movie|accessdate=2007-05-31]


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