List of A1 roads

List of A1 roads
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A list of roads designated A1, sorted by alphabetical order of country.

  • A01 highway (Afghanistan), a long beltway connecting Kabul, Kandahar, Herat and Mazar
  • A1 motorway (Albania), connecting Durrës and Kukës
  • A001 highway (Argentina), a beltway surrounding the city of Buenos Aires
  • A1 road (Australia) may refer to :
    • A1 highway (Queensland), connecting Brisbane and Cairns
    • A1 highway (South Australia), connecting Victoria via Mount Gambier, Adelaide and Port Augusta to Western Australia
    • A1 highway (Victoria), connecting New South Wales via Melbourne and Portland to South Australia
    • A1 highway (Western Australia), connecting South Australia via Norseman, Perth and Geraldton to the Northern Territory
  • A1 motorway (Austria), connecting Vienna and Salzburg
  • A1 motorway (Belgium), connecting Brussels, Antwerp and Breda
  • A1 highway (Bosnia and Herzegovina), carrying Corridor Vc
  • A1 highway (Botswana), connecting Ramokgwebana at the border with Zimbabwe with Ramatlabama at the border with South Africa
  • A1 motorway (Bulgaria), connecting Sofia and Burgas via Plovdiv
  • A1 road (Canada) may refer to a class of provincial roads in Manitoba, Canada : see for instance Manitoba Provincial Road 280
  • A1 motorway (Croatia), connecting Zagreb and Split and continuing to Dubrovnik
  • A1 motorway (Cyprus), connecting Nicosia and Limassol
  • A1 road (France) may refer to :
    • A1 motorway (France), connecting Paris and Lille
    • A1 motorway (Martinique), connecting Aimé Césaire International Airport in Le Lamentin and Fort-de-France
  • A1 motorway (Germany), connecting Oldenburg, Holstein and Saarbrücken
  • A1 highway (Greece), the principal north-south motorway, connecting Athens with Thessaloniki and the northern border
  • A1 road (Isle of Man), connecting Douglas and Peel
  • A1 motorway (Italy), connecting Milan and Naples
  • A1 road (Jamaica), connecting Kingston and Lucea
  • A1 road (Kenya), connecting Tanzania and the Sudanese border
  • A1 road (Latvia), connecting Riga and Ainaži
  • A1 highway (Lithuania), connecting Vilnius and Klaipėda
  • A1 motorway (Luxembourg), connecting Luxembourg City and the German A64
  • A1 road (Malaysia) may refer to :
    • A1 road (Perak), connecting Chemor and Ipoh
    • A1 road (Sabah), connecting Kota Kinabalu and Kudat
  • A1 motorway (Morocco), connecting Rabat and Tanger
  • A1 motorway (Netherlands), connecting Amsterdam and Oldenzaal at the German border
  • A1 highway (Nigeria), connecting Lagos to Niger in the north
  • A1 road (People's Republic of China) may refer to :
    • A1 expressway (Shanghai), the former name of the S1 expressway, also known as Yingbin Avenue
  • A1 highway (Poland), a planned road that will span Poland from north to south
  • A1 motorway (Portugal), connecting Lisbon and Porto
  • A1 motorway (Romania), connecting Bucharest and Piteşti
  • A1 motorway (Serbia), connecting Belgrade and Niš [1]
  • A1 motorway (Slovenia), connecting Šentilj at the Austrian border and Koper via Maribor and Ljubljana
  • A1 road (Spain) may refer to :
    • A-1 motorway (Spain), connecting Madrid and Irún at the French border
    • A1 motorway (Aragon), connecting Villafranca de Ebro and El Burgo de Ebro
    • A1 motorway (Extremadura), connecting Navalmoral de la Mata and Alcántara at the border with Portugal
  • A 1 highway (Sri Lanka), connecting Colombo and Kandy
  • A1 motorway (Switzerland), connecting St Margrethen and Geneva
  • A1 motorway (Tunisia), connecting Tunis and Sfax
  • A1 road (United Kingdom) may refer to :
  • A1 road (United States of America) may refer to :
    • A-1 interstate (Alaska), connecting the Glenn Highway and the Canadian border
    • A1 road (California), in Lassen County connecting Route 36 near Susanville and Route 139 near Eagle Lake
    • A-1 corridor (Georgia), connecting State Route 400 and Dahlonega
  • A1 road (Zimbabwe), connecting Masvingo and Beitbridge

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  1. ^ even if motorway in Serbian is said "Autoput", the A1 name doesn't appear to be in use. Instead "Highway 1" or E75 is used see Google maps

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