Digital Preservation Coalition

Digital Preservation Coalition
Digital Preservation Coalition
Abbreviation DPC
Formation 2001
Legal status Non-profit organisation
Purpose/focus Arms-length administration of the UK digital archives
Location University of York
Region served UK
Membership UK digital libraries
Main organ DPC Board
Affiliations JISC
Website DPC

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is a UK-based non-profit limited company which seeks to secure the preservation of digital resources in the UK and internationally to secure the global digital memory and knowledge base.



Founded in 2001, the DPC acts a consortium of those organisations interested in the preservation of digital information. Participation in the coalition is open to all sectors including commercial, cultural heritage, educational, governmental, and research bodies. The organisation was established to stop digital historical information disappearing into an electronic black hole.


Since 2004, the DPC has sponsored an international Digital Preservation Award, which is presented as part of the Conservation Awards.

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