List of Qassam rocket attacks, 2007

List of Qassam rocket attacks, 2007

; March 18, 2007:al-Quds Brigades Palestinians fire five Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip to Israel in three different barrages after a relative period of calm. One of the rockets landed in Ashkelon's southern industrial zone, near a strategic facility. The rest of the rockets landed south of Ashkelon and in open areas in the western Negev. There were no reports of injuries. [cite news|title=5 Qassam rockets hit south|url=,7340,L-3378012,00.html|publisher=Ynet|date=March 18, 2007] ; May 15, 2007:After more than 200 Quassam rocket attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz respond with airstrikes. ; May 16, 2007:The Israeli Air Force attack a building housing the Hamas headquarters of the "Executive Force" in Rafah, leaving four dead and dozens wounded. The airstrike came in the middle of heavy fighting between forces loyal to Fatah and to Hamas, part of the ongoing Palestinian factional violence. Thirty Qassam rockets are fired at the Western Negev, leaving two residents of Sderot injured. Ten others suffered from shock. [cite news|author=AFX News Limited|title=Israeli air strike against Hamas in Gaza UPDATE|url=|publisher=Forbes|date=2007-05-17|accessdate=2007-05-20 ] [cite news |author=Xinhua|title=Israeli air strike kills four Hamas members in Gaza|url=|publisher=China View|date=2007-05-16|accessdate=2007-05-20 ] [cite news |first=Shmulik|last=Hadad|title=Sderot: Woman wounded in latest Qassam barrage|url=,7340,L-3400976,00.html||date=2007-05-16|accessdate=2007-05-20 ] ; May 17, 2007:Two people die in Rafah after their vehicle was hit by a missile fired by the IAF. The two had reportedly been in the process of launching Qassam rockets. More vehicles were hit by the IAF, leaving a member of a Qassam launching cell critically injured. :A Hamas base of operations is destroyed by Israeli missile attacks, leaving one militant dead and wounding more than thirty people, including civilians. Two people in Sderot were slightly injured by one of the 10 rockets that landed on Israeli territory. [cite news|title=Gaza: 4 Palestinians killed in IDF strikes|url=,7340,L-3401267,00.html||date=2007-05-17|accessdate=2007-05-20 ] ;May 18, 2007:In a Quassam rocket attack on Sderot three people were injured. Twenty rockets were fired at a kibbutz in Sderot. [cite news|title=IAF airstrike kills five Hamas members|url=,7340,L-3401638,00.html|publisher=Ynetnews|date=2007-05-18|accessdate=2007-05-20] ;May 20, 2007:Ten rockets are fired from Gaza with four landing in southern Israel, but no injuries are reported, according to an Israeli spokesman. The IAF also launched an airstrike in Gaza City, killing eight people, including Hamas militiamen, and at least thirteen others were also wounded. Israel claims that five of those killed were militiamen, while Hamas claims that only two were. The airstrike was targeted at the house of Hamas politician, Khalil al-Haya, who was not home at the time. :A second Israeli air strike kills one civilian, and wounds three others, according to Palestinian medics. A spokeswoman for Israel claims that the strike was targeting militants loading ammunition onto a truck at a location that manufactures rockets. A third air strike targeted a plant that manufactured Quassam rockets for the Islamic Jihad group, which wounded two people according to medics.:Olmert said that he will attempt a diplomatic effort with the international community to attempt to resolve the conflict. However, he has also ordered an increase in airstrikes to destroy Hamas' infrastructure, in an attempt to halt the rocket attacks. [cite news |first=Jefferey|last=Heller|title=Israel kills 9; 8 in raid on Hamas official's home|url=|publisher=Reuters|date=2007-05-20|accessdate=2007-05-20 ] [cite news|author=Associated Press|title=Gaza: 8 killed in IDF air strike|url=,7340,L-3402572,00.html|date=2007-05-20|accessdate=2007-05-20
] ; May 21, 2007:Shir-El Feldman, 32, was killed and two others wounded in a Quassam rocket strike on Sderot. [cite news |title=Woman killed, two wounded in Qassam rocket strike on Sderot|url=|publisher=Haaretz |date=May 22, 2007] :Four members of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine are killed while driving in a car after an air strike by the IAF in the northernGaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya. They were part of a Quassam launching cell and had just launched some Qassam rockets into Israeli territory. An Israeli spokesman also said that Islamic Jihad members will be targeted because they participate in the Quassam firing. A workshop used in the manufacture of Qassam rockets was bombed, killing a manufacturer.:A first round of five rockets were fired towards Sderot, one striking the city, two landing south of Ashkelon, and two striking the western Negev. A Qassam rocket that struck Sderot killed an Israeli woman, the first fatality from a rocket attack in the country since November. Another man was moderately injured from the attack. The rocket struck a commercial center near a bakery in Sderot. Israeli civilians burned tires in the street after the attack, though the protest was interrupted by the Red Dawn rocket early-warning siren.:A second round of three rockets was later fired towards Israel, which landed near a kibbutz in the western Negev. A third series launched two more rockets towards Israel. No injuries were reported from these further attacks. [cite news|title=Woman killed in Sderot rocket attack|url=,7340,L-3403094,00.html|publisher=Ynet|date=May 22, 2007] [cite news|title=Airstrike targets Qassam cell|url=,7340,L-3402910,00.html|publisher=Ynet|date=May 21, 2007] [cite news|title=Israel pounds Gaza, Palestinian attack kills 1|url=|publisher=Reuters|date=May 21, 2007] ;May 22, 2007:Hamas militants say that they have fired several rockets towards Israel, a total of ten, according to various groups. A total of seven rockets landed in western Negev, but caused no injuries. The IAF also fired missiles in an airstrike at a munitions base, and secondary explosions were reported after the strike. The airstrike wounded seven people in the attack on Jabaliya, Gaza City, according to local residents and hospital officials.cite news|url=|title=Israel strikes in Gaza after militants rebuff Abbas|publisher=Reuters|date=May 23, 2007] [cite news|url=|title=Israel hits Gaza with more strikes, seven wounded|publisher=Reuters|date=May 22, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3403475,00.html|title=7 Palestinians wounded in IAF strikes|publisher= YNet |date=May 23, 2007] ; May 23, 2007:Militants fired eight rockets at southern Israel, but no injuries were reported. One rocket that was fired, landed in an open area of Sderot. No injuries or damage were reported from the rocket landing. Later, two rockets hit the Sderot area, one of them inside the city. One women suffered from shock after the attack. Two more rockets landed south of Ashkelon, one of which killed a horse in Kibbutz Nir Am.:The IAF conducted an airstrike on the Gaza Strip, in which they destroyed two buildings. The Israeli army said that the buildings were being used to store and manufacture weapons, however, Palestinians denied these allegations. Hospital officials said that seven Palestinians were wounded in the attack. Two IDF solders were wounded by gunfire in the northern Gaza Strip and were evacuated to the Barzilay Medical Center in Ashkelon. The gunfire may have came from militants, but the IDF is looking into the possibility of friendly-fire.:In an uncommon move, Israeli troops entered into a small village in the southern Gaza Strip. Israeli army officials said that after the raid, seven Palestinians were held for questioning. Samer Qdaih, one of those held, claimed that the troops threatened to crush their area if rocket fire continues. All of the detainees were later released.Fact|date=May 2007:President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas had called for Hamas and other militias to halt rocket attacks against Israel. But a Hamas official, Sami Abu Zuhri, said that due to Israel's airstrikes on Gaza, that any ceasefire attempt by Abbas would be "worthless." Hamas said they would only consider a ceasefire if Israel stops their military operations in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3403677,00.html|title=Rocket fire on western Negev resumes|publisher= YNet |date=May 23, 2007] :A total of nine Quassam rocket were fired from Gaza, by Palestinians, towards the Israeli western Negev. Two of the rockets landed near kibbutzim in the area of Eshkol Regional Council, and the rest landed near Sderot and the area of Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council. After one of the rockets landed, a fire broke out close to one of the kibbutzim. Some of these rockets landed in Israel without warning, due to a malfunction in the Red Dawn system that notifies of incoming rocket fire.;May 24, 2007:In the northern Gaza Strip, a mortar was fired towards Israel. The mortar round landed near the Erez Crossing. No injuries were reported, but the structure was somewhat damaged.:Palestinian President Abbas, after meeting with a European Union envoy, described rocket attacks against Israel as "pointless and needless". However, Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri responded saying that "Rockets will be fired as long as the Zionist (Israeli) aggression against our (Palestinian) people continues." [cite news|url= |title=Israel seizes Hamas leaders, violence goes on |publisher= Reuters |date= May 24, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3404214,00.html |title=9 Qassams hit Negev region Thursday evening |publisher=Ynet |date= May 24, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3404098,00.html |title=Israeli strike hits Hamas post in Gaza |publisher=Ynet |date=May 24, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3404265,00.html |title=Israel assault on Hamas to continue - PM aides |publisher=Ynet |date=May 25, 2007] ; May 25, 2007:Seven Quassam rockets were fired towards Israel's western Negev from the Gaza Strip. The first five Qassams landed in open areas close to the southern town of Sderot and south of Ashkelon. No casualties were reported from these, though a wheat field near Sderot caught fire due to a Qassam landing. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3404319,00.html|title= 5 rockets fired at western Negev|publisher= Ynet|date= May 25, 2007] Two rockets were later fired towards the Israeli town of Sderot. One of them landed near a house inside the town. This Qassam lightly wounded four people from shrapnel, and ten other nearby residents suffered from shock. The other rocket landed in Sderot's industrial area, damaging some equipment in a facility. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3404444,00.html |title=4 injured by Qassam in Sderot |publisher= Ynet|date= ,May 25, 2007] :An Israeli missile landed near the residence of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas. An IDF spokeswoman said though that "Haniyeh's home definitely was not the target [of the airstrike] ." The IDF said that the airstrike was on a structure used by Hamas, located in the Shati refugee camp. Local residents said that an IAF airstrike hit a van in Gaza City, killing two Hamas militants and wounding five. The IAF also conducted an air strike on a Hamas position in the central Gaza Strip, south of Gaza City, lightly wounding three, and destroying the base. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3404476,00.html |title= Gaza: 2 killed in IDF airstrike|publisher= Ynet|date= May 25, 2007] [cite news|url=|title= Gaza militants signal softer terms, Israel hits again|publisher= Reuters|date= May 25, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3404444,00.html|title= 4 injured by Qassam in Sderot|publisher= Ynet|date= May 25, 2007] ; May 26, 2007:Hamas militants considered the lenient ceasefire terms offered by Fatah, specifically Palestinian President Abbas. They said they would be willing to accept a ceasefire alone, instead of their previous demand of the end of Israeli military operations in the West Bank. Fatah said that Hamas is giving Israel until May 27 to respond to a ceasefire agreement, though Hamas said they are not completely committed to their offer. A Fatah spokesman, Abdel-Hakim Awad, said that "The next 48 hours will be decisive for determining which way the factions are going, and it will depend on Israel and whether it wants to stop its aggression.":Five Quassam rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, though no people were injured.:Five airstrikes early in the day wounded three people, all bystanders near the targets; at least two were in Gaza City and one in the southern Gaza Strip, all Hamas positions. The IAF launched missile attacks on a Hamas Executive Force and its armed militia housing in Gaza City. At least five Executive Force members were killed and 30 other people were wounded, according to medics .cite news|url=|title=Israel pounds Gaza and seizes Palestinian minister|publisher=Daily Times|date= May 27, 2007] The explosion also damaged a kindergarten area next-door, though no people were wounded. A security facility near Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh's home was also attacked in an airstrike. Another round of airstrikes in Gaza targeted buildings used by Hamas, wounding eight bystanders.:The Palestinian Minister of State, Wasfi Kabha of Hamas, was arrested in an Israeli raid on his village close to the West Bank city of Jenin. An aide to the Palestinian President Abbas, Saeb Erekat, said that "We have urged the U.S. and the EU to intervene to release the ministers and lawmakers [...] This step does not help to achieve calm (attempts at a ceasefire).":A spokesman for the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed militia of Hamas warned that if Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh or any other senior Hamas official was harmed by Israel that there would be a "earth-shattering" response. This response included a threat that Israel will never see Gilad Shalit, the IDF soldier whose abduction sparked the 2006 Israel-Gaza conflict, and that "Suicide bombings in Israel are just a matter of time and proper condition…we can fire rockets even beyond Ashkelon, and we will resume the suicide bombing and kidnappings." [cite news|url=,7340,L-3404654,00.html |title=‘Israel can forget about Shalit if Hamas leaders targeted,’ spokesman says |publisher= Ynet|date= May 26, 2007] ; May 27, 2007:Two Quassam rockets landed in Sderot, Israel. Oshri Oz, 36, killed when a Quassam rocket struck near his car and fatally wounded him. [cite news |title=A man of courage |url=| publisher = JPost|date = May 28, 2007] The Qassam hit the street, it caused shrapnel to hit Oshri Oz's car, and he crashed into a wall. He got out of the car, but died of his wounds at Barzilay Medical Center in Ashkelon. One other man was wounded and other residents suffered from shock. Another Quassam rocket later hit Sderot injuring one Israeli civilian.:The IAF launched airstrikes on posts belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. One strike targeted a Hamas charity building in Beit Hanoun and the other a Hamas executive force position in Jabalya, according to Hamas officials and other witnesses. A third airstrike was reported in the city of Beit Lahiya. No casualties were reported from the strikes. [cite news|url= |title=Israeli killed in Palestinian rocket attack|publisher= Reuters|date= May 27, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3404813,00.html |title=Man killed in rocket attack on Sderot |publisher= Ynet|date= May 27, 2007] ; May 28, 2007:Seven rockets struck Sderot in southern Israel, but no injuries are reported. A senior Hamas militant was arrested in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank. [cite news|url= |title=Hamas rockets fall, Israel considers escalation |publisher= Ynet|date= May 28, 2007] ; May 29, 2007:Seventeen Qassams hit the Negev, three landed in Sderot. The Popular Resistance Committees and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for the attacks. [cite news |title=17 Qassam rockets strike Negev; IDF suspends air strikes in Gaza |url=|publisher=Haaretz |date=May 29, 2007] ; May 30, 2007:Six Quassam rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip hit western Negev. One rocket hit a power line and an apartment building in Sderot. Some residents experienced and were treated for shock after the attack. The Qassam also caused a temporary blackout in some parts of the city, because of the hit on the power line. Another apartment building was hit, causing six people to experience shock, though no people were inside at the time. The latter had a claim of responsibility by the militia of the Popular Resistance Committees. [cite news |url=,7340,L-3406809,00.html |title=Qassam hits Sderot building |publisher= Ynet|date= May 31, 2007] :The IAF made an air strike targeting a "group of armed terrorists", near the Jabalya refugee camp, an IDF spokeswoman said. Two members of the Hamas militia were killed, several bystanders were wounded, and a house was damaged; May 31, 2007:The IAF made two air strikes on a rocket launching site and on militants in the Gaza Strip, injuring two Palestinians. Militants in the Gaza Strip fired three Qassam rockets into Israel, but caused no injuries. [cite news|url= |title=Israel, militants exchange limited fire in Gaza |publisher= Reuters|date= 31 May, 2007] ; June 1, 2007:Four Quassam rockets were fired towards Israel from the Gaza Strip. Two of the rockets landed near a Negev kibbutz, causing some damage to a garage. Another rocket hit a kibbutz south of Ashkelon and caused serious damage to a warehouse. The fourth rocket landed in the Gaza Strip. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3407487,00.html |title=IDF kills senior Islamic Jihad member in Gaza |publisher= Ynet|date= June 1, 2007] [cite news|url= |title=Israeli troops kill two young Gazans: Palestinians |publisher= Reuters|date= June 1, 2007] ;June 2, 2007:The IDF also arrested four people in the Gaza Strip, stating they fired rockets into Israel. They were later released. [cite news|url= |title=Israeli force kills W.Bank shopkeeper: Palestinians |publisher= Ynet|date= June 2, 2007] ;June 3, 2007:Four IDF soldiers were injured, one moderately and three lightly, near the Erez crossing in the northern Gaza Strip. They were hurt after 3 mortar rounds hit their location. Hamas claimed responsibility. The injured soldiers, and six who suffered shock, were evacuated to Barzilay Medical Center in Ashkelon. Two other mortar shells landed in other areas of the Gaza Strip. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3407911,00.html |title=4 injured in mortar attack on Erez crossing |publisher= Ynet|date= June, 2007] ;June 5, 2007:The IDF pulled out of the Gaza Strip, after an offensive two kilometers inside the Israel-Gaza border. Several Palestinians were detained by the IDF and were transferred to Israel for questioning. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3408816,00.html |title=IDF pulls out of Gaza, pledges further operations |publisher= Ynet|date= June 5, 2007] :Two Qassam rockets were fired towards Israel from the Gaza Strip. One landed near Sderot and one landed inside the Gaza Strip, neither caused injuries. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3409107,00.html |title=Qassam lands near Sderot |publisher= Ynet|date= June 5, 2007] ;June 6, 2007:Hamas fired eight mortar shells at the Erez Crossing, damaging the site, and causing a fire on the Gaza side of the border. Two Israeli trauma centers were opened in southern Israel near Gaza. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3409416,00.html |title=8 mortar shells land near Erez crossing, no injuries |publisher= Ynet|date= June 6, 2007] ;June 12, 2007:Hamas gained control over northern Gaza after fighting with Fatah Preventive Security Service forces in the city of Beit Hanoun. Four Palestinians were killed and 15 wounded. Hamas also took control of the central refugee camps, Bureij, Nuseirat and Maghazi with virtually no fighting with Fatah. [cite news|url=| title=How Hamas took over the Gaza Strip |publisher=BBC |date=] ] ;June 13, 2007:Hamas destroys Fatah Preventive Security Forces' headquarters in Khan Yunis, killing five Palestinians.;June 14, 2007:Hamas forces seize and loot Abbas' presidential compound and Fatah 'Preventive Security Forces' headquarters in Gaza City. Other major security and intelligence compounds are also captured, finalizing Hamas' control over Gaza City. To the south, Rafah falls into Hamas control with minimal casualties. After controlling the majority of the Gaza Strip's cities and refugee camps, Hamas takes control over the main north-south road as well as the coastal road and southern border with Egypt.; June 18, 2007:A Qassam rocket fired from Gaza struck a factory, containing hazardous materials, in Sderot. The attack resulted in a leak of gaseous caustic soda and prompted the response of police, fire-fighting forces, and teams specialized in dealing with hazardous materials who sealed the leak and removed the poisonous materials. [cite news |title=Qassam lands in factory with hazardous materials |url=,7340,L-3414686,00.html |publisher= YNet |date=June 18, 2007] ; June 20, 2007:Nine Qassam rockets struck the western Negev injuring three with shrapnel and causing shock in at least seven reported cases. In Sderot, rockets damaged two homes and a synagogue. Two of the rockets struck nearKibbutz Nir Am injuring no one but causing a power outage in the area by damaging a high-tension wire. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for four of the rockets. [cite news |title=3 lightly hurt from Kassam attack |url= |publisher=JPost |date=June 20, 2007] ;July 5, 2007:3 mortars shells and 2 Qassam rockets were fired into Israel, causing no damage and injures. Hamas and Islamic Jihad both claimed responsibility.; July 7, 2007:In an IDF operation in Gaza, 7 Qassam rocket launchers are noticed. All were destroyed by the IDF. Some were detonated with a timer; July 8, 2007:Five Qassam rockets struck the Western Negev with three striking near Sapir College. The attack did not result in any reported casualties and caused damage to a building undergoing construction. The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, claimed responsibility for the attack. [cite news |title=Five rockets fired into western Negev |url= |publisher=JPost |date=July 8, 2007] ; July 8, 2007:5 Qassam rockets are fired into Israel. 4 landed in open area's, but one landed near a college in Sderot. Nobody was injured. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.; July 9, 2007:3 Qassams are fired into Israel, causing damage but no injuries. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility;July 10, 2007:11 mortar shells are fired into Israeli territory in 3 separate barrages. 2 buildings contained damage, but there were no casualties. One mortar shell landed near the Kerem Shalom Crossing. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3423679,00.html |title=11 mortar shells fired at Israel |publisher= Ynet|date= July 10, 2007] ;July 12, 2007:Despite the presence of Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip, Islamic Jihad managed to fire a Qassam rocket to Sderot. Nobody was injured. [cite news|url= |title=IDF soldier killed in Gaza; IDF kills armed Palestinian in West Bank |publisher= Haaretz|date= July 12, 2007] [cite news|url= |title=Israeli troops kill armed Palestinian man in West Bank |publisher= International Herald Tribune|date= July 12, 2007] ; July 19, 2007:Four Qassam rockets struck southern Israel, damaging several buildings and causing five people to suffer from shock - one of whom required hospitalization. [cite news |title=Kassam hits Sderot; one hospitalized |url= |publisher=JPost |date=July 19, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3427496,00.html |title=Sderot home hit by Qassam rocket |publisher= Ynet|date= July 19, 2007] ;July 22, 2007:Israeli aircraft killed 2 members of the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The airstrike was a retaliation for the Qassams fired on Saturday evening, which landed in the Negev, causing some damage. Islamic Jihad confirmed two of its militants were killed in the attack while launching rockets, carried out by a chopper. [cite news|url= |title=IDF Gaza strike wounds 2 Palestinians |publisher= Jerusalem Post|date= July 22, 2007] ;July 26,2007:More than 10 mortar shells and Qassam rockets are fired at Israel this week, causing some damage and three injured. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3430156,00.html |title=Hamas gunman killed by IDF near Sufa crossing |publisher= Ynet|date= July 26, 2007] ;August 1,2007:4 Quassam rockets fired into Israel, causing some damage.;August 4, 2007:3 Quassam rockets are fired at Sderot, injuring 3 people. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3433215,00.html |title=IDF kills Islamic Jihad commander in Nablus |publisher= Ynet|date= August 3, 2007] ;August 6, 2007:A rocket launched from northern Gaza landed in a kindergarten schoolyard in Sderot, moments after the completion of a Monday afternoon meeting between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad, took credit for the attack, which caused damaged to nearby buildings, including two other kindergartens and a public elementary school. The Red Color system was activated. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3434446,00.html |title=Qassam lands in Sderot kindergarten |publisher= Ynet|date= August 6, 2007] ;August 17, 2007:In a rocket barrage, 3 Qassams and 13 mortar shells are fired into Israel by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. No casualties or damage was reported. [cite news|url= |title=IDF troops kill Palestinian, detain 2 near Gaza Strip border fence |publisher= Ynet|date= 18 August, 2007] ; August 20, 2007:6 Palestinians, all members of the armed wing of Hamas are killed when their vehicle was blown up by an Israeli missile. The Palestinians were driving back after they had fired some Qassams and mortar shells into Israeli territory. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3439900,00.html |title=Hamas men killed in Gaza airstrike |publisher=Ynet|date= August 20, 2007] ; August 21, 2007:2 Qassam rockets are fired into Israel, one hitting a kindergarten, injuring and shocking some people.; August 22, 2007:A Qassam rocket landed in Sderot late in the evening, causing no reported damage or casualties. [cite news| title=Kassam rocket lands near Sderot; none hurt| url=| publisher=JPost| date=August 22, 2007] ; August 23, 2007:Eight Quassam rockets hit in the Negev. Two landing in Sderot caused minor injuries, anxiety, and damage to a house. [cite news| title=Qassams hit Sderot causing mild injuries| url=,7340,L-3441313,00.html| publisher= YNet | date=August 23, 2007] [] ;August 27, 2007:A Quassam rocket is fired into Israeli territory. The launcher was destroyed minutes later by an Israeli missile. ;August 28, 2007:A Sderot resident is moderately injured by shrapnel from a Quassam rocket which fell on his house in his bedroom. The rest of the family was hiding in the bomb shelter after the Color Red system was activated. the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack. 7 other Qassams are fired today, causing only some damage and two people shocked. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3442823,00.html |title=Sderot: Man injured in Qassam attack |publisher= Ynet|date= August 28, 2007] ;August 29, 2007:4 Quassam rockets are fired into Israel. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3443544,00.html |title=3 children killed in IDF attack in Gaza - report |publisher=Ynet|date= August 29, 2007] ;August 30, 2007:Three Quassam rockets fired by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip struck open areas in the western Negev. There was no damage or injuries in either of the attacks. [cite news|url= |title=IDF seriously wounds Fatah militant in Nablus; three rockets hit Negev |publisher= Haaretz|date= September 1, 2007] ; September 3, 2007:Seven Quassam rockets hit in the Negev. One landed in the courtyard of a Sderot day-care center, damaging a building and causing shock to twelve people, including some infants. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. [cite news| title=Sderot parents declare unlimited strike following morning's barrage| url=| publisher=JPost| date=September 3, 2007] ; September 10, 2007:2 Quassam rockets are fired at the Zikim Army Base in Israel near the Gazan Border from Beit Hanun. One of them lands safely in the Negev, but the other lands near unfortified barracks (Zikim military base) at the base where Israeli recruits were sleeping. This resulted in at least 66 wounded, with at least 10 moderately to seriously 69 soldiers were wounded by the rocket, 60+ of them had only lightly-to moderately shrapnel wounds, but 4 of them were injured seriously. One of the 4 had to have his leg amputated and another one is still in critical condition. Both Islamic Jihad and PRC claimed responsibility. Despite Hamas lack of direct responsibility, they called the act a "Victory from God" [cite news|url=,7340,L-3448282,00.html |title=67 wounded in Qassam attack |publisher=Ynet|date= September 11, 2007] [cite news|url= |title=Olmert 'won't play into Hamas hands' |publisher= Jerusalem Post|date= September, 2007] :In retaliation, Israeli choppers flew over the Strip, firing missiles at militant bases, wounding 4 Islamic Jihad members. [cite news| title=Gaza rockets wound Israeli soldiers | url=| publisher=Al Jazeera English| date=September 11, 2007] . The attack harmed both male and female soldiers. Al-Quds Brigades and Islamic Jihad both claimed responsibility for the attacks. [cite news| title=At least 66 wounded in Kassam attack on Zikim military base| url=| publisher=JPost| date=September 11, 2007] [cite news| title=67 wounded in Qassam attack| url=,7340,L-3448282,00.html| publisher= YNet | date=September 11, 2007] ;September 18, 2007:4 Qassams rained down on Israeli Gaza border communities today. Nobody claimed responsibility. [cite news|url= |title=IDF kills two in W. Bank; six Qassams hit Negev |publisher=Haaretz|date= September 18, 2007] ;September 19, 2007:Israel declared the Gaza Strip as an enemy entity, declaring that it would reduce its fuel and power supplies to the Hamas-run territory in response to continued rocket fire from Palestinian militants. The announcement coincides with a visit from United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. [cite news |url= |title=Israel declares Gaza "enemy entity" as Rice visits |publisher=Reuters|date = September 19, 2007] ;September 26, 2007:Hours after militants launched more than 12 rockets and 20 mortar shells at Sderot, missiles hit a jeep as it crossed a crowded intersection in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City, killing at least 5 members of the Army of Islam. The army said the jeep was carrying rockets ready for firing.:Palestinian security officials seized two homemade rockets, a possible sign that the attack techniques of Gaza militants are spreading. The projectiles, not yet fitted with explosives, were discovered in Bethlehem and handed over to the Israeli army.cite web|url = |title = AP News – Online Breaking News & Headlines from Associated Press - |accessdate = 2008-06-29] .;September 27, 2007:A Quassam launching cell was spotted in the area while Hamas militants were preparing to fire another Qassam rocket. Soldiers opened fire and killed one of them, the rest was able to flee. Military sources said they would keep the pressure on the launching cells the coming days. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3454121,00.html |title=IDF confirms killing Qassam cell member in Gaza |publisher=Ynet|date= August 27, 2007] ;October 7, 2007:In a rocket barrage fired by Palestinian militants, 8 mortar shells, 3 Quassam rockets and 1 Katyusha rocket landed inside Israeli territory. One studio was completely burned down by a mortar shell in Kerem Shalom. The Katushya rocket landed 400 meters from Netivot, 11 km away from the Gaza Strip. It was the first rocket to hit the Netivot area. Last week 10 Qassam rockets and 20 mortar shells hit the Negev. Nobody was injured in the attacks. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3456994,00.html |title=Police say Katyusha hit Negev |publisher=Ynet|date= October 7, 2007] ; October 13, 2007:Israeli aircraft fired at a group of militants busy launching Quassam rockets near Beit Hanoun. The explosion killed one militant and injured 3 more. All the militants belonged to Hamas. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3459386,00.html |title=Hamas man killed in IDF airstrike in Gaza |publisher=Ynet|date= October 13, 2007] ; October 22, 2007:More than 15 Quassam rockets are fired into Israel on October 21 and 22, according to the IDF.cite news|url= |title=IAF kills senior militant in air strike in Gaza Strip |publisher=Haaretz |date= October 23, 2007] ; October 23, 2007:A PRC commander of Quassam launching cells is killed by an IAF airstrike in the Strip. He was known as Mubarak al Hassanat and was an official in the Hamas-led government in the Gaza Strip. He was the main target of the airstrike, because of the large role of the PRC in the launching of mortars and Qassams on Israel. [cite news|url= |title=Barak set to approve list of sanctions against Gaza |publisher=Jerusalem Post|date= October 24, 2007] :Following the death of al Hassanat, 11 Quassam rockets and 8 mortar shells hit the Negev. At least five struck Sderot, with one hitting an apartment building. The Salah al-Din Brigades claimed responsibility. [cite news| title=Heavy rocket barrage follows targeted killing| url=,7340,L-3463280,00.html| publisher= YNet | date=October 23, 2007] ;October 24, 2007:After a rocket barrage on the Western Negev, with 5 Quassam rockets and several mortar shells, IAF planes circled above the Gaza Strip, looking for launching cells. One of the planes found a launching cell and fired a missile at the 5 militants. 2 were killed and 3 injured. All were members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. None of the rockets inflicted injuries, although a house was burnt down and two people suffered from shock in Sderot. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3463751,00.html |title=IDF kills 2 Palestinians following rocket barrage |publisher=Ynet|date= October 24, 2007] ;October 25, 2007:10 Quassam rockets are launched causing no injuries nor damage. [cite news|url= |title=IDF kills Jihad operative placing bomb |publisher=Jerusalem Post|date= October 25, 2007] [cite news | url=,7340,L-3463881,00.html |title=IDF kills 2 Hamas terrorists in south Gaza |publisher= YNET |date= October 25, 2007] :Gaza terrorists have been using Google Earth to guide their targeting.cite news | url = |title= Google Earth used to target Israel |publisher= The Guardian|date= October 25, 2007] ;October 26, 2007:7 Quassam rockets are fired into Israel. One woman in Sderot suffers from shock. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3464430,00.html |title=5 rockets hit south; no injuries reported |publisher=Ynet|date= October 26, 2007] ;October 30, 2007:After a barrage of mortar shells, the IAF shelled a police building of Hamas in the Abasan village. 4 Hamas militants died in the attack.:After 4 Qassams are fired into Israel, IDF soldiers entered the Gaza Strip and targeted a launching cell, but missed them. The missile slammed into a residence, injuring 6 Palestinian civilians.;October 31, 2007:8 mortar shells are fired into Israel, some of them are fired from a school yard. The IAF had them in sight, but could not fire, an IDF statement reported. [cite news|url= |title=IDF troops kill Islamic Jihad militant in central Gaza gunbattle |publisher=Haaretz|date= October 31, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3466387,00.html |title=Video: Terrorists firing mortars from schoolyard |publisher=Ynet|date= October 31, 2007] ;November 1, 2007:In an unprecedented rocket barrage, 8 mortar shells and 13 Quassam rockets are fired at the Western Negev within an hour. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3466495,00.html |title=IDF kills 4 terrorists in Gaza |publisher=Ynet|date= November 1, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3466519,00.html |title=Heavy rocket barrage hits Sderot |publisher=Ynet|date= November 1, 2007] ;November 4, 2007:3 Qassams are fired into Israel causing a blackout, Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.:Shortly after the firing, Israeli choppers and planes flew over the strip, targeting a launching and fired several missiles at the cell. 3 Palestinians were killed in the attack, and several others wounded. Palestinian doctors said all civilians, while Islamic Jihad said one of its members was killed and another clinically dead.:In a second strike, minutes later, IAF fired missiles at another launching squad, according to the IDF. 2 Palestinians died. [cite news|url= |title=Kassam salvo causes Sderot blackout |publisher=Jerusalem Post|date= November 5, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3467297,00.html |title=5 Palestinians killed in IDF strikes |publisher=Ynet|date= November 4, 2007] ;November 15, 2007:2 Quassam launchers, 2 members of the Fatah affiliated Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade are killed by an IAF attack while launching Qassams. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3471850,00.html |title=Palestinians: IAF attack in Gaza kills 2 |publisher=Ynet|date= November 15, 2007] ;November 21, 2007:A rocket barrage of 5 Quassam rockets and 18 mortar shells hit the Western Negev, including several kibbutzim, Sderot and Ashekelon. A woman in Ashkelon was treated for shock. [cite news|url= |title=IDF kills four Gaza terrorist infiltrators |publisher=Jerusalem Post|date= November 20, 2007] [cite news|url= |title=Mourners at terror victim's funeral block entrance to Palestinian village |publisher=Haaretz|date= November 20, 2007] ;November 26, 2007:A Hamas operative is killed as he and his cell were launching Qassams at Sderot. 3 Qassams landed inside Israeli territory, causing an IAF attack at the launchers, killing 1 and injuring 4 more. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3475791,00.html |title=IDF kills 3 operatives in Gaza |publisher=Ynet|date= November 26, 2007] ;November 27, 2007:IAF helicopters and planes bombed a Hamas post in Southern Gaza, after the militant group had fired at least 10 mortar shells into Israeli territory. A Hamas militant, who was inside the building when the planes attacked was killed in the blasts. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3476520,00.html |title=Air Force strikes Hamas position in south Gaza |publisher=Ynet|date= November 27, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3476782,00.html |title=Palestinians: 1 dead in IAF strike in Gaza |publisher=Ynet|date= November 28, 2007] ;December 2, 2007:A mortar barrage hits a kibbutz, causing some damage.;December 3, 2007:3 more Hamas fighters are killed while trying to launch mortars near Beit Lahiya. They were killed by Armored Corps soldiers.:4 IDF soldiers are hurt as a mortar shell explodes near their base, in Nahal Oz.;December 5, 2007:3 Hamas militants are overnight killed while launching mortars at Sderot. One of the mortars hit a residential building, causing a woman in shock and a lot of damage. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3479114,00.html |title=Gaza: 3 killed in IAF strike |publisher=Ynet|date= December 5, 2007] ;December 11, 2007:In a large operation inside the Gaza Strip, the biggest since the Hamas take-over in June 6, 2007. Eight Palestinians are killed and more than 60 detained. More than 30 tanks and bulldozers entered the Southern Gaza Strip, backed by helicopters and airplanes. 3 militants of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad are killed by an Israeli tankshell, while missiles killed 2 other gunman, it was not immediately clear to what faction they belonged. 4 Israeli soldiers were injured by Palestinian gunman, who fired several RPG missiles at the Israeli soldiers. [cite news|url= |title=Defense officials: 'Limited Gaza ops having effect' |publisher=Jerusalem Post|date= December 11, 2007] ;December 12, 2007:The day after the operation, about 20 Qassams were lobbed into Israel, causing three lightly injured Israeli civilians. 15 people were treated for shock.;December 13, 2007:2 more Qassams are fired into Israel, they moderately injured a woman in Sderot. :Hours after the strike, Israel retalliated with an airstrike in the Gaza Strip, causing three deaths. IDF and Palestinian medics both confirmed all the deaths were militants. Palestinian Islamic Jihad confirmed they lost three of their men, but medics said the three belonged to the small Fatah offshoot which fired 2 Qassam rockets into Israel hours earlier. Later it became clear, that a top commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Sami Tafesh was killed, together with 2 members of the launching rocket squad of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. [cite news|url= |title=IAF strike kills three Palestinians detected launching Qassam |publisher=Haaretz|date= December 14, 2007] ;December 16, 2007:Shrapnel from a rocket lightly to moderately wounds a 2-year-old boy. His mother is treated for shock. The rocket scored a direct hit on a house in Kibbutz Zikim. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3483243,00.html |title=Qassam wounds infant in kibbutz Zikim |publisher=Ynet|date= December 16, 2007] ;December 18, 2007:3 Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants were killed in two separate airstrikes. A high ranking commander, two other PIJ militants were driving in a vehicle, loaded with Qassam and mortars. All men inside the car died. In the first attack, the target was top commander, and the chief for firing Quassam rockets in the Strip, Majed al Harazin. According to a spokesman of the PIJ, Harazin was the chief of the PIJ Qassam squads and hadn't traveled for years because he feared an assassination. He was wanted for nine years. The spokesman said his death would be revenged with suicide attacks and more rockets.:The second airstrike was aimed at a cell of PIJ militants who were trying to fire Quassam rockets into Israeli territory, to retaliate the death of their comrades. Two people died, and a second was seriously wounded. Later it became clear that one of the death was a top Qassam fabricater and commander, known as Karim Dahdouh.:Despite the air attacks, militants of all groups were able to fire at least 15 Qassam rockets and mortars, causing only some damage.:In order to halt the rocket firing, IDF forces entered the strip looking for launching cells, but met fierce restistance from gunman in Jabalya. In the camp, 4 militants of the PIJ were killed in a fierce battle.:Another highly ranked commander from the PIJ was killed in the West Bank, Katabya. Tarik Abu al Ra-ali was killed when IDF soldiers noticed him. He was wanted for over 5 years.:In an airstrike at a Hamas post in Southern Gaza, 2 Hamas militants are killed. [cite news|url=,7340,L-3483879,00.html |title=IDF strike in Gaza leaves 10 Jihad operatives dead |publisher=Ynet|date= December 18, 2007] [cite news|url= |title=13 Palestinians killed in two days of air strikes |publisher=Jerusalem Post|date= December 17, 2007] ;December 20, 2007:5 Quassam rockets struck Israel at open areas near Sderot and Ashkelon. One of the rockets landed in a schoolyard in Sderot, where 12 pupils had to be treated for shock. The Red Color alert was alarmed and children ran to shelter to protect them from shrapnel. :After the barrage, Israeli forces entered the Central Gaza Strip in search for rocket launchers, killing 6 Palestinians. Palestinian gunmen launched mortar shells at troops and fired at Israeli aircraft with machine guns as Israeli snipers took up positions on the roofs of homes in the area. 3 militants were from Islamic Jihad, 2 from Hamas, and 1 from the Popular Resistance Committees. 20 Palestinians are wounded, as well as a cameraman from Reuters. A Palestinian anti-tank rocket severely injures an Israeli soldier. At least three other soldiers are lightly wounded. [cite news|url= |title=Soldier seriously wounded in Gaza |publisher=Jerusalem Post|date= December 20, 2007] [cite news|url= |title=IDF soldier seriously hurt, seven militants killed in Gaza raid |publisher=Ynet|date= December 20, 2007] [cite news|url= |title=Six militants killed in Israeli incursion into central Gaza |publisher=Deutsche Presse-Agentur|date= December 20, 2007] [cite news|url= |title=Gaza Missiles and Israeli Operations Continue |publisher=The New York Times|date= December 21, 2007] [cite news|url=,7340,L-3484767,00.html |title=Qassam lands near Sderot schoolyard |publisher=Ynet|date= December 20, 2007] [cite news|url= |title=Israel offensive kills seven Gaza militants |publisher=AFP|date= December 20, 2007] ;December 27, 2007:At around 1:00 pm, Israeli forces entered the Southern Gaza Strip, looking for Quassam launchers and infrastructure. This action was noticed by several Hamas and Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine militants, who rushed to the scene, but were sensed by Israeli drones. 3 of them were killed in a pretty fierce battle, in which several anti tank missiles and anti aircraft missiles were fired at Israeli forces, and Palestinian militants were shelled by Israeli artillery. 4 Palestinian militants were wounded. All the dead belonged to the armed wing of Hamas.:IAF planes fired a missile at a car fully loaded with rifles, rockets and other weaponry. At the moment of the strike, three persons were in the car, only one was killed. Two others were also hurt. The persons and weapons belonged to the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, meant to be used to fire rockets at Israel and hurting Israeli soldiers, the group said. Later another PIJ succumbed to his wounds. [cite news|url= |title=IDF kills 8 militants in Gaza, including Jihad commander |publisher=Haaretz|date= December 28, 2007] :Another topranked commander from the PIJ is killed in a missile strike. Muhammad Abu Abdullah was killed while driving in his car with other PIJ militants. He was the PIJ leader of Central Gaza and was killed, together with 2 of his comrades. Several other Palestinians were wounded in the attack. [cite news|url= |title=Islamic Jihad technical expert killed in IAF strike |publisher=Jerusalem Post|date= December 29, 2007] ;December 31, 2007:A barrage of 14 mortar bombs and one Qassam rocket landed in open areas in the northern and southern Negev. No damage or injuries were sustained.cite news|url=|title=Terror in Gaza |publisher=Haaretz |date=January 9, 2007] cite web
url= |title=Terror in Gaza: Eleven months since the Hamas takeover |publisher= Israel Mininstry of Foreign Affairs |date=December 31, 2007

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