List of battles since 2001

List of battles since 2001

List of battles: before 601 - 601-1400 - 1401-1800 - 1801-1900 - 1901-2000 - 2001-current

21st century


** Battle of Mazar-e-Sharif November 9 - United States and Northern Alliance forces defeat Taliban forces in the city as part of the U.S. Invasion of Afghanistan.
** Battle of Herat (November 12)
** Battle of Tora Bora (12-17 December) - United States and Northern Alliance forces besiege Al-Qaida forces. Presumably, Osama bin Laden was present, but escaped.


** Battle of Shah-e-Kot March 1 - March 18 The largest land battle between US forces and Taliban militia ends in an unsuccessful US attempt to dislodge the Taliban from their mountain strongholds
** Operation Defensive Shield April 3- May 10 - Israeli operation, aimed to halt Palestinian attacks, which results in extensive damage to Palestinian infrastructure and widespread destruction of property.
** Battle of Jenin (3-11 April) - Israel attacks the city of Jenin.


** Battle of Nasiriyah (23-29 March) - American armored and mechanized units force a crossing over the Euphrates River, despite stiff resistance from the Iraqis.
** Battle of Najaf (26 March - 3 April) - The American 327th Infantry Regiment defeats the Iraqis and takes the city, allowing them to protect vital supply lines for Coalition forces.
** Battle of Samawah (March) - A fierce battle in which American forces, facing 1,500 Iraqi regulars, manage to take a vital bridge over the Euphrates River allowing them to continue to advance towards Baghdad.
** Battle of Karbala (March) - The American 3rd Infantry Division fights Iraq's elite Republican Guard, resulting in 200 Iraqi casualties.
** Battle of Baghdad (3-12 April) - American forces capture the Iraqi capital from Saddam Hussein's forces, causing the downfall of his government.
** Battle of Basra (6 April) British forces manage to secure the city after a month of some of the fiercest fighting since the outbreak of the war.
** Battle of Debecka Pass (April 6) - The Americans capture a major crossroad near the village of Debecka in Iraq.
** Annual Dry Season Offensive by the Burma Army against the KNU and the Shan State Army.


**Battle of Wana (16-23 March), part of the Waziristan War, Pakistani army takes over Taliban positions.
** First Battle of Fallujah, also called Operation Vigilant Resolve, (April 4 - May 1) - United States forces attempt to retake Fallujah from the control of Iraqi insurgency, resulting a ceasefire and American withdrawal.
** Battle of Najaf (August) - Fighting breaks out in a cemetery near the Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf between United States forces and the Mahdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr.
** Operation Days of Penitence (September 30- October 15) - Israeli offensive launched into the northern Gaza Strip, resulting in 5 Israeli and 104-133 Palestinian casualties. Israel claims victory after stating its goal of preventing Palestinian Militants from firing Qassam rockets into Israeli settlements in Gaza and at the town of Sderot.
** Second Battle of Fallujah, also known as Operation Phantom Fury and Operation "al-Fajr", (November) - United States forces recapture rebel-held Fallujah in the largest post-invasion clash so far in the war.


** Battle of Al Qaim (May) - military offensive conducted by the United States Marine Corps, against insurgent positions in Iraq's northwestern Anbar province , ended to Insurgent strategic victory , Called Operation Matador by U.S.
** Battle of Nalchik (October 13) - Muslim terrorists take on Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria in Russia. They are defeated by Russian security forces.
** Second Battle of Adre (December) - Rally for Democracy and Liberty attack the government garrison at Adre, Chad. The garrison has been forewarned, and slaughters their attackers, taking few casualties.


**Battle of N'Djamena (April 13) - The Chadian rebel group United Front for Democratic Change attacks the capital city of Chad. The rebels are forced to retreat by the Military of Chad. Chad breaks off relations with Sudan as a result.
**Second Battle of Mogadishu (May 7) - (June 5) - Militia loyal to the Islamic court union defeats the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism and takes control of the Somali capital Mogadishu.
**Operation Mountain Thrust (May 15- July 31) - The largest offensive against the Taliban since 2001 is launched by American, British, Canadian, and Afghan forces.
**Operation Together Forward (June 14-October 24) - The Coalition is unsuccessful in succuring Baghdad and reduce violence.
**Operation Summer Rains (began June 28) - Israel enters the Gaza Strip searching for soldier Gilad Shalit, who was abducted in a raid.
**Zar'it-Shtula incident (July 12) - A cross-border Hezbollah raid captures two Israeli soldiers. Israeli troops enters Lebanon in an unsuccessful attempt to get them back. This ignites the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict.
**Battle of Bint Jbail (July 24- August 11) - Israel retreats after attempting to take the town of Bint Jbail in Lebanon, regarding it as a "Hezbollah stronghold".
**Battle of Ayta ash-Shab (July 31-August 11) Israel engages in a firefight with Hezbollas in the Lebanese town of Ayta ash-Shab.
** Operation Sharp and Smooth (August 1- August 2) An Israeli airborne operation captures five Lebenese civilians and kills what it claims to be Hezbolla members.
** 2006 Tyre raid (August 4) Israel raids Tyre to attack Hezbollah members based there.
**2006 Litani offensive (August 11- August 14) Israel launches the final offensive in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict to clear Southern Lebanon of as many Hezbolla militants as possible before the ceasefire takes effect. The battle and war end with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701.
** Operation Medusa (September 2- September 17) NATO troops attacks the Taliban insurgency.
**Operation Mountain Fury (Began September 16) Coalition forces launch a follow up to Operation Medusa in an attempt to clear eastern Afghanistan of the Taliban.
**Battle of Baidoa (December 20-December 26) ICU militia battle the Somali Transitional Federal Government around the last Government stronghold of Baidoa in Somalia. Ethiopian and TFG troops successfully defended and counterattacked against the ICU taking the ICU base cities of Dinsoor and Bur Hakaba.
**Battle of Bandiradley (December 23-December 25) Ethiopian/Puntland offensive in Bandiradley, Somalia pushes the Islamic Courts out of the city and opens up a northern front in the Somali Civil War.
**Battle of Beledweyne (December 24-December 25) Ethiopian offensive towards the city of Jowhar overruns the Islamic Courts stronghold of Beledweyne during the Somali Civil War.
**Battle of Jowhar (December 27) Ethiopian/TFG armoured offensive hits the ICU stronghold of Jowhar, forcing the Islamists to pull back, and bringing the Ethiopians/Government troops within 90 km of Mogadishu. The battle also effectively flanked and threatened to cut off ICU forces still in the Bay region.
**Ethiopia captures Mogadishu (December 28).


**Battle of Ras Kamboni (January 5 - January 12) - Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and Ethiopian forces launch an attack against the town, which is being used as a training camp for Islamic terrorists. The United States also participates by launching airstrikes from an AC-130 gunship against suspected Al-Qaeda members operating within the ranks of the Islamic Courts Union. The town falls to the Ethiopians and TFG after about a week of fighting.
**Battle of Najaf (2007) in Iraq.
**Operation Law and Order in Iraq. US troops battle Iraqi insurgents to restore law and order in Baghdad.
**Battle of Mogadishu (2007) in Somalia. (March 21 - April 26)
**Operation Achilles in Afghanistan in May 2007
**Battle of Gaza (2007) in June 2007 - Hamas defeats Fatah, and takes over the Gaza Strip.
**Battle of Chora in Afghanistan in June 2007 - NATO captures Chora District in Oruzgan Province, from the Taliban.
**Battle of Musa Qala in Afghanistan - NATO captures Musa Qala District in Helmand Province, from the Taliban.
**Battle of Thoppigala in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Army captures Toppigala Jungle in Estern Province, from the LTTE.


**Battle of the Forward Defence Lines-
**Battle of N'Djamena - Forces loyal to the President of Chad defeat a rebellion.
**2008 Mardakert skirmishes - Skirmishes between the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan
**Battle of Basra - Iraqi Army attempt to clear the city of Basra from Mahdi Army militiamen is successful and the Maliki government forces them to cease activities.
**2008 attack on Omdurman and Khartoum - The Darfuri rebel group Justice and Equality Movement attack the Sudanese cities of Omdurman and Khartoum.
** 2008 Djiboutian-Eritrean border conflict - Minor skirmishes between Djibouti and Eritrea.
**Battle of Arghandab - NATO led forces launch an offensive to clear the Taliban out of Arghandab district and from nearby Kandahar.
**Battle of Wanat -
**Battle of Tskhinvali - Georgians attack the South Ossetian city of Tskhinvali.
**Battle of the Kodori Gorge-

List of battles: before 601 - 601-1400 - 1401-1800 - 1801-1900 - 1901-2000 - 2001-current

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