Horrible Science

Horrible Science

"Horrible Science" is a spin-off series of books of Horrible Histories written by Nick Arnold (with the exception of "Evolve or Die", which is written by Phil Gates), illustrated by Tony de Saulles and published in the UK and India by Scholastic. They are designed to get children interested in science by concentrating on the trivial, unusual, gory, or unpleasant.


The ones in bold are not new books, only being redecorated in a brand new design. About 7 of the books in this series have already gone through this process.
*"Horrible Science Beastly Body Experiments - Feb"
*Horrible Science Blood Bones and Body Bits - Feb
*Horrible Science Chemical Chaos - Feb
*Horrible Science Deadly Diseases - Feb
*Horrible Science Disgusting Digestion - Feb
*Horrible Science Nasty Nature - Feb
*Horrible Science Ugly Bugs - Feb
*"Horrible Science Ugly Bugs Jigsaw Book - April"
*Horrible Science Bulging Brains - April
*Horrible Science Fatal Forces - April
*Horrible Science Evolve or Die - June
*Horrible Science Shocking Electricity - June
*Horrible Science Horrible Science of Everything - June
*"Horrible Science Blood Bones and Body Bits Shuffle Puzzle Book - June"

Titles in the series

* "Angry Animals" (A quest to find the fiercest animal)
* "Annual 2008"
* "The Awfully Big Quiz Book" (Questions about Science)
* "Blood, Bones and Body Bits" (About the human body)
* "Body Owner's Handbook" (How to look after the human body)
* "Bulging Brains" (About the brain)
* "Chemical Chaos" (1997) (About chemicals and alchemy)
* "Dangerous Dinosaurs Jigsaw Book" (September 2006) (Jigsaw Book about Dinosaurs)
* "Deadly Diseases" (2000) (Diseases throughout history)
* "Disgusting Digestion" (1998) (About digestion)
* "Evil Inventions" (2007) (About inventions through the ages)
* "Evolve or Die" (Prehistoric creatures, Fossils, introduction to evolution, The Evolution of the World and Darwin and Mendel)
* "Explosive Experiments" (Science Experiments)
* "Fatal Forces" (1997) (Forces and motion)
* "The Fearsome Fight for Flight" (The History of Flight)
* "Frightening Light" (Light)
* "Killer Energy" (2001) (Energy and thermodynamics)
* "Measly Medicine" (Medicine)
* "Microscopic Monsters" (2001) (The very small - Bacteria, germs and viruses)
* "Nasty Nature" (1997) (The animal kingdom depicted in nature and those who study it)
* "Painful Poison" (2004) (Poison)
* "Really Rotten Experiments" (November 2003) (Science Experiments)
* "The Seriously Squishy Science Book"
* "Shocking Electricity" (2000) (Electricity, both artificial and in nature)
* "Smelly Science" - (Science)
* "Sounds Dreadful" (1998) (Sound)
* "Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens" (Space and Aliens)
* "The Stunning Science of Everything" (Science)
* "Suffering Scientists" (Scientists)
* "The Terrible Truth about Time" (2002) (Time)
* "Ugly Bugs" (1996) (Insects and Bugs)
* "Vicious Veg" (1998) (Plants)

Two/Three/Ten in One

There are also the 'Two in One' versions:

* "Ugly Bugs and Nasty Nature"
* "Blood, Bones and Body Bits and Chemical Chaos"
* "Frightening Light and Sounds Dreadful"
* "Bulging Brains and Disgusting Digestion"
* "Microscopic Monsters and Deadly Diseases"
* "Killer Energy and Shocking Electricity"
* "Fatal Forces and The Fight for Flight"

There have even been 'Three in One' books, comprising

* "Ugly Bugs, Nasty Nature and Vicious Veg"
* "Blood, Bones and Body Bits, Disgusting Digestion, and Bulging Brains".

There is also a set containing ten books, comprising
* "The Fearsome Fight for Flight, Painful Poison, Space Stars and Slimy Aliens, Frightening Light, Deadly Diseases, Chemical Chaos, Killer Energy, Microscopic Monsters, Blood Bones and Body Bits" and "Disgusting Digestion".

Teacher's Resources

There are some Horrible Science books made especially for teachers to teach science to students. Here is a list of them:

*"Horrible Science Teachers' Resources: Forces"
*"Horrible Science Teachers' Resources: The Human Body"
*"Horrible Science Teachers' Resources: Electricity"
*"Horrible Science Teachers' Resources: Mini-Beasts"

ticker and Activity Books

There are also some "Horrible Science Activity and Sticker" books:

*"Disgusting Digestion Sticker-Activity Book"
*"Ugly Bugs Sticker-Activity Book"

It may be noted that these books have be re-named, along with their new design, by dropping the "Sticker" aspect and leaving "Activity".

Horrible Science: The Kit! and The Jigsaw

Amongst the rest of the series, Horrible Science released some 'kit' packs to accompany the series, though most lack a book counterpart. These include: [http://www.amazon.co.uk/s?url=search-alias%3Dtoys&field-keywords=Horrible+Science]

*Blood, Bones & Body Bits: The Kit!
*Bulging Brains: The Kit!
*Crazy Cars: The Kit!
*Deadly Dinosaurs: The Kit!
*Disgusting Digestion: The Kit!
*Eerie Eyeball: The Kit!
*Explosive Experiments: The Kit!
*Heaving Heart: The Kit!
*Mysterious Magnets: The Kit!
*Savage Spiders: The Kit!
*Scary Sight: The Kit!
*Shocking Rocket: The Kit!
*Sick Stomach: The Kit!
*Slimy Slugs: The Kit!
*Snotty Slime Clock: The Kit!
*Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens: The Kit!
*Spooky Stars: The Kit!
*Super Snot: The Kit!
*Violent Volcano: The Kit!
*Weird Worms: The Kit!

The Jigsaw collection includes:
*Angry Animals: The Jigsaw
*Beastly Body Bits: The Jigsaw
*Loony Lab: The Jigsaw
*Smashing Solar System: The Jigsaw
*Ugly Bugs: The Jigsaw


There is also a magazine collection to this series. They are as follows:

# Beastly Body Bits - (Human Body Bits)
# Chemical Chaos - (Chemicals)
# The Smashing Solar System - (The Solar System)
# Disgusting Digestion - (Digestive System)
# Shocking Electricity - (Electricity)
# Hidden Horrors In The Home - (Bacteria and Germs)
# Bulging Brains - (Brains)
# Savage Spiders & Slippery Slimeballs - (Spiders and Slugs)
# Rotten Reactions - (Chemical Reactions)
# Beastly Bloody Body Bits - (Human Body Bits)
# Awful Earth - (The Earth, its Atmosphere and the disintigrating Ozone Layer)
# Mad as Matter - (Matter and Antimatter)
# Painful Poisons - (Poisons)
# Bones 'n' Groans - (Bones)
# Insect Invaders - (Insects)
# Super Sleuth - (Mysteries, Spies and Solving Codes)
# Nasty Nature - (Nature)
# Fearsome Fuels - (Fossil Fuels)
# Deadly Diseases - (Diseases)
# Gruesome Gravity - (Gravity)
# Mean Machines - (Machines)
# Universe & Worse.... - (The Universe)
# Vicious Veg - (Plants)
# Body Owner's Manual - (Body Parts)
# Lethal Lightning - (Lightning and Thunder)
# Mean Mammals - (Mammals)
# Mighty Magnetism - (Magnetism)
# Awesome Ants & Sleazy Bees - (Ants ans Bees)
# Fatal Forces - (Forces)
# Crazy Cures & Revolting Recipes - (Cures)
# Barmy Birds - (Birds)
# Blast Off! - (Rockets)
# Evil Evolution - (Evolution)
# Horrible Heat - (Heat)
# Freaky Fish - (Fish)
# Startling Senses - (The 5 Senses: Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch and Hearing)
# Sounds Dreadful - (Sound)
# Sinister Swamps - Swamps)
# Ghastly Genes - (Genes)
# Microscopic Monsters - (Bacteria, Germs and Viruses)
# Mad Medicine - (Medicine)
# Foul Frogs & Slimy Toads - (Frogs and Toads)
# Terrible Time - (Time)
# Frightening Light - (Light)
# Dangerous Dinosaurs - (Dinosaurs)
# More Painful Poisons - (Poisons)
# Fearsome Flight - (Flight)
# Foul Food - (Food)
# Staying Alive - (Survival)
# Fearsome Flying Machines - (Flying Machines)
# Revolting Reptiles - (Reptiles)
# Dead Freezing - ( [http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cold |Cold] (absence of heat))
# Noisy Nature - (The animal kingdom)
# Growing Up Grossly - (Growth)
# Foul Fungi - (Fungi)
# More Dangerous Dinosaurs - (Dinosaurs)
# Blinding Light - (Light)
# Gruesome Germs - (Germs)
# Slimy Sea Monsters - (Sea Creatures)
# It's About Time - (Time)
# Perilous Planes - (Planes)
# Big And Bad Beasts - (Dangerous Animals)
# Shady Spies - (Spies)
# Musical Mayhem - (Sounds and Music)
# Prehistoric Pests - (Prehistoric Life)
# Baffling Brainboxes - (Emotions|Senses)
# Mind Boggling Matters - (Material)
# Pesky Plants - (Plants)
# Wicked Weather - (Weather)
# Underwater Uglies - (Aquatic Animals)
# Mean Body Machine - (The Human Body, Health, Record Breakers)
# Rowdy Robots (Robots)
# Gruesome Guzzling (Eating and digestion)
# Nuclear Nasties (Nuclear power)
# Mind Magic (Science of magic)
# Hairy Humans (Evolution of humans)
# Freaky Future (Futurology)
# Horrid Healthcare (health; medicine)
# Awful Inventions (inventions, technology)
# How to be a Suffering Scientist.There have also been three 'special' magazines in the series.

They are:

S1. DIY Shocking Science- (Experiments)

S2. Spooky Science- (Hallowe'en and Monsters)

S3. Alien Science- (Aliens)

Not unlike Horrible Histories, the Horrible Science magazines have proved so popular that they have decided to add another 20 issues to the collection, starting from issue 60, "It's About Time".

ee also

*Nick Arnold
*Tony de Saulles
*Horrible Histories

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* [http://www.nickarnold-website.com/ Nick Arnold's Home Page] .
* [http://www.horrible-science.co.uk/ The Official Horrible Science Homepage]
* [http://www.horrible-science.com/ The Horrible Science Magazine Website] .
* [http://www.horriblebooks.com/ Horrible Books and Magazines USA] .

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