My Name Is Mud

My Name Is Mud
"My Name Is Mud"
Single by Primus
from the album Pork Soda
Released 1993
Genre Alternative rock, funk metal, experimental rock, alternative metal
Length 4:47
Label Interscope
Writer(s) Claypool/LaLonde/Alexander
Producer Primus
Primus singles chronology
"Making Plans for Nigel"
"My Name Is Mud"

"My Name Is Mud" is a song by alternative rock/metal band Primus and is the first single from the 1993 album Pork Soda. The lyrics are written from the point of view of a blue-collar man, Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie, who has murdered his friend after an argument. The song samples the line "Where are you goin' city boy?" from the film Deliverance.

The track's title refers to a common derogatory phrase that implies its recipient is "a stupid, twaddling fellow".[1]

When the track was played by the band at Woodstock '94, members of the crowd threw mud at them. The band stopped playing and Les Claypool proceeded to make fun of the crowd, before playing the rest of the song.

In 2010, Primus released a new version of the track sung entirely in Spanish under the title "Me Llamo Mud".


Track listing

  1. "Pork Chop's Little Ditty" - 0:21
  2. "My Name Is Mud" - 4:47


Music video

In 1993, the band released a music video for "My Name Is Mud", directed by Mark Kohr. The video features Claypool playing the character of Abercrombie speaking directly to the camera, intercut with footage of the band performing outdoors, silhouetted by sunset, and scenes of Bob Cock visiting a health spa, at which he takes a mud bath and sits in a crowded sauna before accepting and drinking a glass of Pork Soda, referencing the album of the same name. The video received heavy airplay on MTV and was given a positive review by Beavis and Butt-head, who have since identified this song with the band.

Me Llamo Mud

"Me Llamo Mud"
Single by Primus
Released November 30, 2010
Format MP3, MP4
Length 4:49
Label Prawn Song

On November 30, 2010, Primus released a download-only single titled "Me Llamo Mud". This is a new recording of "My Name Is Mud" with Claypool singing the lyrics entirely in Spanish, including the line "Where are you goin' city boy?" as "¿Donde va del chico de la ciudad?". This version was recorded live in the band's rehearsal space in a similar fashion to their recent June 2010 Rehearsal EP. The song was translated by Jay Lane's Latina wife, which he explained during a Chilean radio interview.


  • Les Claypool - vocals, bass
  • Larry LaLonde - guitar
  • Jay Lane - drums


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