Operation Scheduled Departure

Operation Scheduled Departure

Operation Scheduled Departure was a 2008 project of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to organize the voluntary deportations of 457,000 eligible illegal immigrants[1] from five U.S. cities. The goal was to benefit the government with a "quick, cheap" reduction in the fugitive count, and to save money by not having to keep immigrants in detention centers.[2]


The operation was first announced on a Univision Sunday news program[3] and formally began on August 5 and ended on August 22.[4] The five targeted cities were Charlotte, North Carolina, Chicago, Illinois, Santa Ana, California (Los Angeles area),[4] Phoenix, Arizona, and San Diego, California.[2] Illegal immigrants who ignored a deportation order ("fugitives") and didn't have a criminal record could walk into an ICE office and agree to be deported.[1] They would be given 90 days to make arrangements for their U.S. born children.[5] Of the 457,000 fugitives eligible for the program, 8 volunteered to be deported.[5]


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