List of Arrested Development minor characters

List of Arrested Development minor characters

This is a list of the minor characters from the Fox television comedy series "Arrested Development". For the main characters, see List of Arrested Development characters.

Ann Veal

Ann Veal (full name Ann Paul Veal)cite episode
title = Sad Sack
episodelink = Sad Sack (Arrested Development episode)
series = Arrested Development
serieslink = Arrested Development (TV Series)
airdate = 2004-12-12
season = 2
number = 5
] is the on-again/off-again girlfriend of George Michael Bluth. Her first appearance was in the episode "Let 'Em Eat Cake", where she was played by Alessandra Toreson.cite episode
title = Let 'Em Eat Cake
episodelink = Let 'Em Eat Cake (Arrested Development episode)
series = Arrested Development
serieslink = Arrested Development (TV Series)
airdate = 2004-06-06
season = 1
number = 22
] In every subsequent appearance, she has been portrayed by Mae Whitman.cite video | title = Arrested Development Season 2 | medium = DVD | year2 = 2005] cite video | title = Arrested Development Season 3 | medium = DVD | year2 = 2006]

She comes from an extremely religious family, and her father (played by Alan Tudyk) is a pastor. cite episode | title = Meat the Veals | episodelink = Meat the Veals | series = Arrested Development | serieslink = Arrested Development (TV Series) | airdate = 2005-04-03 | season = 2 | number = 16] Ann's mother is often confused as being her sister. In "Meat the Veals", Ann's mother (played by Ione Skye) kisses Michael, which she believes to be making love to him. The kiss leads to a brawl between Michael and her husband at the end of the episode. cite episode | title = Meat the Veals | episodelink = Meat the Veals | series = Arrested Development | serieslink = Arrested Development (TV Series) | airdate = 2005-04-03 | season = 2 | number = 16]

None of the Bluths with the exception of George Michael can remember Ann’s name. In the Year Book she is listed as "Not Pictured" under her photograph. Michael refers to her variously (and always accidentally) as “Bland," “Egg,” "Annabel," "Yam," "Plant," "Plain," "Ann Hog," and "Her?". Once, he even abandons her in Mexico accidentally.cite episode
title = ¡Amigos!
episodelink = ¡Amigos!
series = Arrested Development
serieslink = Arrested Development (TV Series)
airdate = 2004-11-21
season = 2
number = 3
] Maeby takes pleasure in referring to Ann as “Bland”.cite episode
title = The One Where Michael Leaves
episodelink = The One Where Michael Leaves
series = Arrested Development
serieslink = Arrested Development (TV Series)
airdate = 2004-11-07
season = 2
number = 1
] George Michael tells Maeby that Ann is "not bland" when forced to defend his love interest.

Ann is attracted to George Michael’s Star Wars kid-like lightsaber demonstration,cite episode
title = The Immaculate Election
episodelink = The Immaculate Election
series = Arrested Development
serieslink = Arrested Development (TV Series)
airdate = 2005-03-20
season = 2
number = 14
] which led to their reconciliation after a breakup midway through the second season. George Michael wanted to get pre-engaged to Ann at the end of the second season, lost his resolve at the last moment, and was then asked by Ann to teach her his secular ways.

Ann's strict conservatism may serves as a foil for Maeby's commitment to rebellionFact|date=September 2008. Ann leads the protest at Maeby's premiere of the English remake of "Dangerous Cousins", originally a French movie about a sexual relationship between two cousins. cite episode | title = Righteous Brothers | episodelink = Righteous Brothers (Arrested Development episode) | series = Arrested Development | serieslink = Arrested Development (TV Series) | airdate = 2005-04-17 | season = 2 | number = 18]

Ann moved on from George Michael after coming in third place in an "Inner Beauty" pageant. cite episode | title = Notapusy | episodelink = Notapusy | series = Arrested Development | serieslink = Arrested Development (TV Series) | airdate = 2005-11-07 | season = 3 | number = 4] Gob, who admitted a penchant for third place pageant winners, later revealed that he was dating a Christian girl, which later turned out to be Ann.cite episode | title = Development Arrested
episodelink = Development Arrested | series = Arrested Development | serieslink = Arrested Development (TV Series) | airdate = 2006-02-10 | season = 3 | number = 13

Appears In:
* Played by "Alessandra Toreson" - "Let 'Em Eat Cake"cite video | title = Arrested Development Season 1 | medium = DVD | year2 = 2004]
* Played by "Mae Whitman" - "The One Where They Build a House", "¡Amigos!", "Good Grief", "Afternoon Delight", "Switch Hitter", "Burning Love", "Out on a Limb", "The Immaculate Election", "Meat the Veals", "Righteous Brothers", "Notapusy", "Development Arrested"

Barry Zuckerkorn

Barry Zuckerkorn is the phlegmatic attorney for the Bluth family. He is played by Henry Winkler.

Zuckerkorn represents George Sr., the family patriarch, who has been arrested and charged with defrauding investors. Zuckerkorn often appears languid and distracted in his handling of the case. He does not seem particularly adept in the courtroom and multiple references have been made to him being a bad lawyer.For years,he took credit for getting Michael out of his marriage before Michael reminded him that his wife died.Ironically,despite his incompotence,an Ad on a bench for his services reads "He's very good".

He is inevitably ill-prepared, which he usually blames on long meetings the night before. In fact, most of his nights are spent hanging out at rest stops, a behavior that is frequently mentioned and accompanied by a fast cut to an establishing shot of a dark, shady rest-stop facility.

His sexual leanings are ambiguous although it appears that he may prefer the company of male transvestite hookers and may be homosexual or a tranny chaser. Like Tobias Fünke, Barry makes many colorful references that seem to allude to his exclusive attraction to men. They aren't explicit enough, however, to be conclusive. He however often makes mildly negative references and comments about "the homosexuals" even though he admits them to be wrong. He has been with the Bluths for a long time and was kept only because Lucille considers him to be "part of the family." He is also, according to many, supposed to be "very good" (a descriptor he uses himself). His reputation is stronger with the elder Bluths than with the children.

Despite his parents' dependence on Barry, Michael Bluth fired him on the first episode of the third season, which ended his law career, as the Bluths were his only clients. Since then, he has been acting as a transvestite prostitute, and Lindsay seeing her husband Tobias retaining Barry's "services" has prompted her to seek a divorce. Zuckerkorn was replaced as the Bluths' attorney by Bob Loblaw.

"Appears In:" "In God We Trust", "Beef Consommé", "Altar Egos", "Justice Is Blind", "Not Without My Daughter", "Let 'Em Eat Cake", "The One Where Michael Leaves", "Good Grief", "Sad Sack", "Queen for a Day", "Out on a Limb", "Hand to God", "Motherboy XXX", "Righteous Brothers", "The Cabin Show"

Bob Loblaw

Bob Loblaw is the new family attorney, replacing Barry Zuckerkorn. He is portrayed by Scott Baio.

Bob Loblaw first appeared in the third episode of Season 3, claiming this wasn't the first time he's been brought in to replace Barry, and that he could do anything Barry could do, but skew younger, alluding to Baio's experience replacing Henry Winkler (Zuckerkorn) on the 1970s sitcom "Happy Days".He is a no-nonsense attorney who is always in the company of his stenographer secretary who records all of his meetings.

He advertises his services with the slogan "You don't need double talk; you need Bob Loblaw". As is evidenced by this, his name is meant to sound like "blah-blah-blah". Underneath his commercial advertisement is the phrase "Bob Loblaw No Habla Espanol".

Adding to the tongue twister-like aspect of the character's name, the third season episode "S.O.B.s" includes a newspaper headline that reads "Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb" and later in the season the "Bob Loblaw Law Blog".

He has a daughter named Hope.

"Appears In:" "Forget-Me-Now", "Notapusy", "Mr. F", "Making a Stand"

Carl Weathers

Actor Carl Weathers portrays himself as a thrifty, mooching Hollywood movie star whom Tobias hires to teach him his craft.

Tobias meets Carl Weathers on an air porter destined for LAX. Tobias once traveled to San Francisco to attend Carl Weathers' stage-fighting workshop. The actor failed to show because, as he informed Tobias, he was bumped from the flight. However, he discovered that they pay $300 to people that are inconvenienced in this manner. Carl Weathers called this "a crazy loophole in the system that the wrong guy discovered." Ever since then, Carl Weathers has been getting himself deliberately bumped from flights and subsequently cashing in.

Carl Weathers does not enjoy paying very much for anything. He is obsessed with thrift and "getting a stew on" out of leftover pieces of food. In addition, he acquires all of his cars from police auctions. He takes Tobias on as a client and is thereby introduced to the Bluth experience. Lucille Bluth uses Carl Weathers to get back at her youngest son, Byron "Buster" Bluth">Buster, who has become involved romantically with her chief rival, Lucille Austero. She simply introduces Carl Weathers to Lucille A. and suggests that they should have dinner together with Buster. Buster, however, reminds his mother that he has class that day. Lucille suggests that Carl Weathers and Lucille II would just have to dine alone, in that case. When Buster finally decides to move in with Lucille II, he discovers her and Carl Weathers "getting a stew on" and is greatly disturbed.

Later, Weathers meets with Tobias at Burger King, and explains he is directing an episode of Scandalmakers and needs Tobias to sign over the rights for the story of his family. The whole scene satirizes product placement (Burger King is a major sponsor of both the real "Arrested Development" and fictitious "Scandalmakers"), with Weathers joyfully remarking that refills are totally free.

"Appears In:" "Public Relations", "Marta Complex", "Motherboy XXX"

Dr. Fishman

A recurring Doctor which has a tendency to be too literal. He is portrayed by Ian Roberts.Also known as The Literal Doctor and Dr. Wordsmith.

"Appears In:" "Let 'Em Eat Cake", "The One Where Michael Leaves", "Hand to God", "Sword of Destiny"

Franklin Delano Bluth

Franklin Delano Bluth is George Oscar "G.O.B." Bluth II">G.O.B.'s black puppet.

The character is first introduced in the Season 2 episode "Meat the Veals", in a flashback to a Bluth family gathering years before. In an effort to hip-up his act, G.O.B. briefly introduced the puppet in a poorly executed ventriloquist act (G.O.B.'s mouth moves every time Franklin speaks). Franklin is a fiery-tempered, adulterous, obscenity-spewing, street-wise puppet.

G.O.B. discarded Franklin up in the attic, most likely due to the severe beating G.O.B. received in a night club in Torrance after performing a show with Franklin. During "Meat the Veals", G.O.B. digs up his old friend and uses Franklin in a kidnapping plot with George Sr. G.O.B. soaks Franklin's lips with ether, so that a kiss will incapacitate his mother, and any witnesses. Franklin is again soaked in ether two episodes later in "Righteous Brothers" in order to incapacitate George Sr.

Then G.O.B. records a music CD with Franklin called "Franklin Comes Alive," a spoof of "Frampton Comes Alive" by Peter Frampton. G.O.B. hoped that the CD would "break down racial barriers and maybe be a crossover hit." The song tracks include "It Ain't Easy Bein' White, It Ain't Easy Bein' Brown," and G.O.B.'s cover of Bryan Adams' song "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" which G.O.B. performed especially for Michael. Unfortunately Franklin's musical career is cut short during "Righteous Brothers" when a laundry accident results in Franklin getting bleached. Franklin says, in what is now a stiff, slightly British accent, "You've ruined the act, G.O.B.," and as G.O.B. later tells Michael, Franklin has become "all puckered and white."

Franklin returns in some season 3 episodes, most prominently in "Fakin' It", after he is re-dyed and rested; as a publicity stunt, G.O.B. manages to get Franklin on the witness list for George Sr.'s trial. (A deleted scene reveals that G.O.B. legally adopted Franklin as his son to achieve this.) G.O.B. also finds a way to give Franklin a voice without moving his lips by using voice promos from a magazine advertising for "Mock Trial with J. Reinhold". At the end of the episode, Franklin's dramatic testimonial on the witness stand effectively ends the prosecution's case against the Bluths. Franklin also appears in the next episode "Family Ties" as "Frank", a pimp whom Nellie works for.

Franklin is a portrayal of the 1950s-1980s stereotype of blacks. As part of the political satire, Franklin also wears a "George Bush doesn't care about black puppets" t-shirt in "Fakin' It", a reference to Kanye West's "George Bush doesn't care about black people" remark. No matter who is controlling him, Franklin often curses and uses racial slurs to describe others in the Bluth Family.

The name Franklin Delano Bluth borrows from the 32nd President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but the reason for this is that in the 1970s "Sesame Street" introduced what some claimed to be an "insultingly stereotypical African-American" puppet named Roosevelt Franklin (though the puppet's actual intended ethnicity was ambiguous and its 'skin' was purple); the character was eventually dropped from the show's line-up. Franklin could also be another tribute to the Peanuts cartoons, as this show also featured an African American character named Franklin. It is also probable Franklin is inspired at least in some way by Chuck's dummy Bob on the television show "Soap" shown on ABC from 1977 to 1981.

"Appears In:" "Meat the Veals", "Spring Breakout", "Righteous Brothers", "Forget-Me-Now", "Prison Break-In", "Fakin' It", "Family Ties"

Gene Parmesan

Gene Parmesan is a private detective hired by Lucille Bluth to find George Sr in the second season episode, "¡Amigos!". He is played by Martin Mull. Parmesan always reports to Lucille by approaching her in a disguise and then dramatically revealing himself. Lucille invariably screams in delight.He is said in the narration to be "far from the Best".

The episode "Out on a Limb" has Michael talking to Gene on his cellphone, having hired him to investigate Maggie.

"Appears In:" "¡Amigos!"

Hel-loh "Annyong" Bluth

Hel-loh Bluth is the accidentally adopted Korean son of Lucille and George Sr. He is portrayed by Justin Lee.

"Hel-loh" is, according to himself, the Korean word for "One day," a name given to him by his grandfather, whose idea for a frozen banana cart was stolen by George Sr. and used as inspiration for the banana stand that launched the Bluth empire; his grandfather vowed to one day get even for his stolen banana stand and ensuing deportation. Lucille adopted him midway through the first season. Apparently knowing no English, the youth always greeted his adoptive family by saying "," the Korean word for "hello." When they repeated the word, so did he. This caused Lucille to assume that her new son's name was "Annyong." As the show progressed, Annyong became an articulate member of the household who often found himself in disagreement with his new brother, Buster. He also developed a crush on Maeby in the Season One finale after she kissed him to make George Michael jealous. He was apparently sent to the Milford Academy by Lucille, who was attempting to teach him a lesson (but about what she later forgot). Annyong later was found out to be hiding in the walls of Lucille's penthouse apartment. In the third season finale it was revealed that Hel-loh (who finally reveals his name after his usual greeting of "Annyong", prompting ironic confusion among the Bluths) orchestrated the second SEC raid on the family as revenge for himself and his grandfather.

Of course, "Hel-loh" does not actually mean "one day" in the Korean language.

"Appears In:" "Shock And Aww", "Staff Infection", "Justice Is Blind", "Missing Kitty", "Best Man for the GOB", "Not Without My Daughter", "Let 'Em Eat Cake", "The One Where Michael Leaves", "¡Amigos!", "Mr. F", "Development Arrested"


Ice is both a bounty hunter and a professional caterer played by Malik Yoba.

Ice is initially employed by G.O.B. to follow Michael, although a recurring joke is that G.O.B. views Ice as his friend. (Michael later pays Ice to spend the weekend with G.O.B.)Ice commits a series of blunders and is easily persuaded by money. He first follows Michael to Mexico while under the employment of G.O.B., and then is hired by Michael to find George Sr. Ice is given a blueprint with a picture of George Sr. on it, but is confused and tackles Tobias because he is wearing blue paint, and thus resembles the blue tint of the picture. Ice then returns to tracking Michael until Michael finally pays him to spend time with G.O.B. and resume the search for George Sr. In the following episode, Ice ascertains that George Sr. was killed by a prison guard in Mexico.Throughout these events, Ice consistently ignores or is oblivious to Lindsay’s attempts to attract him. At one point, Lindsay pretends to be talking to George Sr. on the phone so that Ice will follow her to get to George Sr., but this plan proves futile.When Ice notifies the family of George Sr.’s plight, he displays his party-planning talents by catering the event, and leaves a business card with them to help jumpstart his alternate career of party-planning, referred to as his “first love.”

"Appears In:" "¡Amigos!", "Good Grief"

J. Walter Weatherman

J. Walter Weatherman is a one-armed man used by George Bluth to frighten his children into good behavior. J. Walter Weatherman is portrayed by Steve Ryan.

Weatherman, a former employee of George Sr.'s who lost his arm in a Bluth Company construction accident, is recruited by George Sr. to fake accidents and appear to have lost his arm as a result of the Bluth children's misbehavior. The lesson ends with J. Walter turning to the children and saying "and that's why you don't..." do whatever action George Sr. is trying to stop, such as not leaving notes and yelling. When Michael asks his father for him to teach George Michael a lesson, his father tells him that he "killed him when he left the door open with the air conditioner on." (a reference to an unseen 'lesson') Though this is shown to be untrue when George Sr. hires him back to (ironically) teach Michael a lesson about teaching his son lessons. Buster later uses the same trick on both Michael and George Sr. as well as G.O.B., using his fake hand, to teach them a lesson about not using amputees to teach lessons.

"Appears In:" "Pier Pressure", "Motherboy XXX", "Making a Stand"

John Beard

John Beard is the news anchor for the fictional Fox 6 news station, which often covers the Bluth family's problems on the news, and in one case ("Missing Kitty") almost became "part of the story". His announcements of news stories always end with "what that means for your weekend," regardless of whether the story would actually affect the general public's weekend. John Beard was a real life news anchor (for Fox 11 in Los Angeles), who played himself on the show.

"Appears In:" "Pilot", "Extended Pilot", "Top Banana", "Key Decisions", "Public Relations", "Missing Kitty", "Let 'Em Eat Cake", "The One Where Michael Leaves", "The One Where They Build a House", "Sad Sack", "Burning Love", "Sword of Destiny", "The Cabin Show", "For British Eyes Only", "Mr. F", "S.O.B.s"

Judge Reinhold

Judge Reinhold plays himself in the Season 3 episode "Fakin' It". Judge is making a pilot/mock trial for his show where he plays a Judge, even though "Judge Reinhold is neither a real judge, nor has he received acting's highest honor". He got the idea after he found out that TV Judge "Judge Judy" made $25 million last year. Judge Reinhold keeps changing his mind during the episode of what the name of his TV show should be, despite the production company already buying 250,000 talking magazine ads. Eventually deciding to call the show "Mock Trial with J. Reinhold" and also has a band named "William Hung & his Hung Jury" with William Hung the former American Idol contestant as lead singer and keyboardist.

"Appears In:" "Fakin' It"

Kitty Sanchez

Kitty Sanchez is George Bluth Sr.'s fiercely loyal and independent assistant. Kitty is portrayed by Judy Greer.

Kitty maintained a long term affair with George Sr. and a fevered yet brief liaison with G.O.B., despite the fact he is disgusted by her. After George Sr. was imprisoned, Kitty stayed on to work for Michael.

Despite her intense loyalty to George Sr., she did not demonstrate the same toward Michael. He tried to fire her, but Kitty and Michael's father both insisted he didn't have that power. Michael attempted to rehire Kitty, but her obstinacy forced him to immediately fire her again. Kitty subsequently vanished with potentially damaging information, considering her sexual history with her boss. In actuality, she did not disappear, but was working with the police in an effort to gain control of the Bluth company. After arranging a meeting with Michael, she inadvertently admitted that she had proof that George Sr. had built homes overseas without paying taxes. Michael downplayed the importance of the revelation and Kitty dropped out of sight.

Kitty re-emerged in "Let 'Em Eat Cake" to rescue George Sr. from the hospital. They escaped to Mexico together but were separated again when he was pronounced dead. Kitty caught up with him in "Spring Breakout" and blackmailed him into staying with her. Michael and G.O.B. managed to rescue their father while Lucille had a showdown with her rival. The Bluth matriarch put her years of alcohol abuse to good use by besting Kitty in a drinking contest. Seemingly defeated, the hung over mistress returned to her hotel room to discover the Bluths had inadvertently left behind the ransom she'd been asking for: 250cc’s of "George Sr." in a cooler.

Kitty returned later, claiming she had reformed, gotten into AA, and even has a famous sponsor. She won't say who it is, but she drops some pretty obvious hints of it being an ex-"Night Court" star; ("It's not Bull. It's not Harry Anderson. And he's white."), a reference to actor John Larroquette as show creator Mitchell Hurwitz was once a writer for "The John Larroquette Show", and Larroquette himself is a recovering alcoholic. At the end of Season 2 she and Tobias, the state of his marriage still up in the air, had jetted off to Reno, Nevada so he could pursue a plum spot in the Blue Man Group. As we learn in Season 3, the part has already been taken by George Bluth who then proceeds to steal Kitty from his son-in-law as well. A final reference to Kitty is made when Tobias masquerades as her in an effort to win back Lindsay's affection.

The one constant in meetings between Michael and Kitty is that she reveals her breasts to him, usually with the comment, "Take a good look, 'cuz it's the last time you're gonna see these" or "say goodbye to these, Michael."

"Appears In:" "Charity Drive", "Visiting Ours", "Missing Kitty", "Not Without My Daughter", "Let 'Em Eat Cake", "The One Where They Build a House", "¡Amigos!","Spring Breakout", "Righteous Brothers", "The Cabin Show"

Larry Mittleman

Larry Mittleman, played by Bob Einstein (Super Dave Osborne), is a professional surrogate, hired by George Sr. to act as his eyes and ears so that he can continue influencing the family's dealings while under house arrest. "The Surrogate", as Larry is called, is always on the job, wearing a suit and tie at all times, with a baseball cap displaying the word "Surrogate". The cap carries a small camera and microphone, which transmit audio and video feeds in real-time to George Sr's computer and/or television. George Sr. has a voice feed back to the surrogate, so that he can tell Larry what to do, what to say on his behalf, where to go, etc.

Larry is a consummate professional, never allowing his own persona to come through except on rare occasion, such as when he sometimes inserts self-promoting comments ("He's worth every penny") among George Sr.'s actual words. Larry does occasionally misinterpret George Sr.'s instructions, usually with amusing consequences.

Larry appeared at the beginning of season three, and stayed on for several episodes before being fired remotely in front of a mirror by George Sr. after a very poor judgement call regarding what was meant to have been a sotto voce comment, or perhaps unspoken altogether. He reappeared in "S.O.B.s" as a surrogate for a business associate of George Sr.

"Appears In:" "Forget-Me-Now", "Notapusy", "Mr. F", "The Ocean Walker", "S.O.B.s"

Lucille Austero

Lucille Austero, often referred to as "Lucille Two", is the friend, neighbor, and social rival of Lucille Bluth. She is portrayed by Liza Minnelli.

Lucille Austero lives across the hall from Lucille and Buster Bluth in the Balboa Towers. In Season 1, she and Buster ended up dating after an incident at a country club auction when Buster bid on the wrong Lucille. Their relationship was looked down upon by the other Bluths. Her chronic case of vertigo often caused some difficulty for the klutzy Buster.

In Season 2, she became the majority share holder of the Bluth company after the family members sold their shares. To ensure the company's safety, G.O.B. romances Lucille, who in turn names G.O.B the president of the Bluth Company in place of Michael. Although continuously stating that he is disgusted by her, it is seen in various clips that he is in fact infatuated with Lucille 2. Buster at the time was dating Starla, the Bluth Company receptionist. After learning his older brother was dating his ex-girlfriend, Buster left Starla to pursue Lucille. Eventually, Lucille was disgusted with them and left both of them for Stan Sitwell, who runs Sitwell Housing, a rival company of the Bluth Company.

"Appears In:" "Key Decisions", "Charity Drive", "My Mother, The Car", "In God We Trust", "Storming the Castle", "Pier Pressure", "Marta Complex", "Queen for a Day", "Burning Love", "Ready, Aim, Marry Me"


Lupe is Lucille Bluth's Hispanic housekeeper, played by BW Gonzalez. Lucille is frequently abusive towards her. Lupe, and at one time the rest of her family, have been tricked into working for other members of the Bluth family (specifically Lindsay) on a number of occasions. In the second season, Lucille fires Lupe when she catches her in bed with Buster, comforting him about the loss of his hand. Lupe is replaced by a robotic vacuum cleaner (specifically a Roomba), which is also caught in bed with Buster.

Lupe returns as the family housekeeper without explanation in Season Three, and appears very briefly as one of the women posing as Lucille and Lindsay in rehab.

Lupe is the sister of Luz (played by Lillian Hurst), Lucille's original maid who was fired for supposedly taking a day off to take her daughter to the hospital.

In the Season 3 episode "For British Eyes Only" when Tobias reveals he had 4000 hair plugs inserted in his head, Lupe refers to Tobias as "Mr Gay".

"Appears In:" "Charity Drive", "In God We Trust", "Public Relations", "Marta Complex", "Staff Infection", "Missing Kitty", "Best Man for the GOB", "¡Amigos!", "The Immaculate Election", "For British Eyes Only", "Exit Strategy"

Maggie Lizer

Played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Maggie Lizer is considered to be the most feared prosecuting attorney in all of Orange County.

Michael Bluth first meets Maggie in a bar where most of the lawyers hang out after work. When she introduces herself, she says her name is Maggie Lizer, as in Maggie Lies-her ass off. After she mistakes him for an attorney, he says his name is Chareth Cutestory and that he practices maritime law, a reference to a role as the Lawyer that Michael held in a school musical, "The Trial of Captain Hook". Maggie and Michael end back at her place after drinking at the bar. He spends the night and wakes up rather perplexed as how to proceed. Once he realizes she is blind, he decides to continue seeing her out of guilt.

Maggie turns out to be prosecuting the government's case against the Bluth family, and in fact knew who Michael was but could not reveal this to him. So, she gave him what she described as "a summary of everything the government has against the Bluths so far." In actuality, it was a mere wish list, and she was, in her own words, "manipulating [him] ." Michael continued to see her despite the conflict of interest, until he learned that she was not in fact blind, but had used this as a manipulation technique to pass her law school exams and gain the empathy of judges and jurors.

As a result of the deception, Maggie was taken off the case.

Maggie returned for two episodes in season 2, eight and a half months pregnant--eight and a half months after her relationship with Michael. She later admitted the child wasn't Michael's, having volunteered to be a surrogate for two homosexual police officers - though this also turned out to be a deception, as she "outsourced" the pregnancy to a client who was suing a restaurant for making her fat. Realizing that the two of them couldn't be in a relationship as they craved complications in their lives, and decided to part for good with no more lies or sex, which ended in one last "never again" fling before they parted for good. Ironically, a throwaway gag at the end of the episode revealed Maggie became pregnant as a result.

"Appears In:" "Altar Egos", "Justice Is Blind", "Out on a Limb", "Hand to God"

Marta Estrella

Marta Estrella is the Colombian soap opera star that G.O.B. dates in season one. In her first two appearances, Marta was played by Leonor Varela. She was played by Patricia Velasquez for all following episodes. She has two sons: Amable (played by Oliver Patrick Sandino) and Cortesio (played by Casey Sandino). Marta is attractive, moral, and holds family to be very important. Although Marta was dating G.O.B., she and Michael Bluth soon develop feelings for each other. Marta eventually chooses Michael over G.O.B., but she ends up leaving both of them after she catches them fighting. Following the running theme of finding humour in non-English languages, "estrella" translates to English as "star" (a possible reference to Marta's profession as a Latin daytime soap opera actress), and "amable" and "cortesio" may be puns on the words "amiable" and "courteous". In addition, Michael overhears Marta using the word "hermano" in conversation and believes that she plans to leave both him and G.O.B. for a third man named Hermano, not realizing that "hermano" is the Spanish word for "brother," and that she is referring to Michael, G.O.B.'s brother. Marta intended to dump G.O.B. for Michael, but lost interest in him after seeing him fight with G.O.B., accusing him of moral hypocrisy.

"Appears In:"
*"Leonor Varela" - "Bringing Up Buster", "Key Decisions"
*"Patricia Velasquez" - "In God We Trust", "My Mother, The Car", "Storming the Castle", "Marta Complex", "Beef Consommé"

Mort Meyers

Mort Meyers is a studio executive that works with Maeby. He is played by Jeff Garlin. Although he does have a wife, Mort often hits on Maeby, believing that she is older than she really is.

"Appears In:" "Switch Hitter", "Queen for a Day", "Sword of Destiny", "Spring Breakout", "Righteous Brothers", "Mr. F", "Making a Stand", "Development Arrested"

Mr. Bananagrabber

Mr. Bananagrabber is a Hamburglar-inspired character invented by G.O.B..

Mr. Bananagrabber was conceived by G.O.B. after his brother, Michael Bluth, told him that he could not have a free Bluth Banana. Dejected, G.O.B. decides to get a candy apple at one of the other shops on the boardwalk. When G.O.B. bites into the candy apple, it breaks his tooth and G.O.B. develops a whistle anytime he says a word with an "s" in it (a key characteristic of Bananagrabber). G.O.B. and Michael then meet again, and Michael says G.O.B. can have a free Bluth Banana and in exchange, G.O.B. gives Michael the animation rights to Mr. Bananagrabber.

Michael Bluth discussing the Mr. Bananagrabber character: "I guess it would just be a guy who, you know, grabs bananas and runs. Or a banana that grabs things. I don't know. Why would a banana grab another banana? I mean those are the kind of questions I don't want to answer."

Mr. Bananagrabber's first appearance was in "Charity Drive". At the end of the episode, we see the first incarnation of Mr. Bananagrabber as an animated character. The short animation clip scene was designed and animated by Evan Spiridellis, one half of the animation duo JibJab.Mr. Bananagrabber also appears briefly in the episodes "Whistler's Mother", "The Immaculate Election" and "Spring Breakout". Although images do not exist, a Mrs. and Baby-Bananagrabber are mentioned by G.O.B.

Like G.O.B., Mr. Bananagrabber rides around on a Segway human transporter, which is referred to as "G.O.B.'s scooter" on the show.

Mrs. Featherbottom

Mrs. Featherbottom (full name Phylidia Featherbottom) is an alter-ego of Tobias Fünke.

Tobias, having moved out due to his marital problems with Lindsay, returns to the model home (poorly) disguised as a British nanny to spend time with his daughter and prove to his wife that he has what it takes to become an actor. The disguise fools no one, but the Bluths play along with the charade because Mrs. Featherbottom is an excellent cleaner, working for free.

The character of Mrs. Featherbottom is "the exact plot of "Mrs. Doubtfire", and additionally parodies Mary Poppins. She comes from Blackstool (a place that does not exist in the United Kingdom) and has previously worked for "the Roger Moore's". Mrs. Featherbottom's British character combines with Tobias’ penchant for homosexual innuendo (e.g., "Would you like a banger in the mouth?").

Mrs. Featherbottom is seen working for Lucille at her home at the end of "The Immaculate Election". At the beginning of "Sword of Destiny", Tobias' "desire to be discovered as himself was becoming bothersome", and he was pretending to be Mrs. Featherbottom while unshaven and without makeup. However, Lindsay is still reluctant to expose him, because Mrs Featherbottom "is the only one who can hand wash my delicates." In "Meat the Veals", Tobias injures his ankle by "attempting an entrance that he hoped would enchant his daughter", jumping from the first-story staircase to the ground floor with an umbrella in his hand, collapsing and destroying the coffee table. Mrs. Featherbottom loses her wig and is finally exposed at the conclusion of "Meat the Veals".

"Appears In:" "The Immaculate Election", "Sword of Destiny", "Meat the Veals"


Nellie is tracked down by Michael, after he finds clues which convince him that his parents have been keeping a secret from him - namely that he has an older sister. From the moment they encounter each other, they grow a bond based on misunderstanding, due to continuous ambiguity in their conversation. Michael believes that Nellie is a consultant specializing in human resources, when in fact she's a call girl. Eventually Michael and Nellie do feel a sort of chemistry between each other, which they materialize as a kiss. Nellie is played by Justine Bateman, Jason Bateman's sister in real life. Also the title of the episode alludes to Justine's role in the 1980s sitcom "Family Ties", of which she was a main cast member during its entire run.

"Appears In:" "Family Ties"

Nurse Adelaide

Nurse Adelaide falls in love with Buster Bluth for his "limp form", while he is pretending to be in a coma in Season 3. She has an Australian accent and has fallen in love with other male coma and paralised patients in the past. Adelaide is played by actress Bronwen Masters and appears in the earlier Season 3 episode "Notapusy" where she and Tony Hale are shown in a scene from the 1941 fake British wartime film "A Thoroughly Polite Dustup". The film is a way to explain to the audience the use of the sweet and gentle word "Pussy", and how it supposedly differs in context to the American usage (the word is not in fact used in this way in Britain). The word "Fag" is also used in the film short, which means "cigarette" in the UK. This film is also later parodied in the episode "Exit Strategy" with both actors playing the main characters, Nurse Adelaide and Buster Bluth.

"Appears In:" "Notapusy" (as 1941 wartime Nurse), "Fakin' It", "Family Ties", "Exit Strategy"

Oscar Bluth

Oscar Bluth is George Sr.'s identical twin. He is also portrayed by Jeffrey Tambor.

Oscar can be distinguished from George by his flowing hair, due to lack of stress in his life. He is a frequent user of marijuana. He served as a "croc spotter" on a swift boat in the Vietnam War (yelling out "Croc!" whenever he saw a crocodile), and once wrote a song for David Cassidy, "All You Need Are Smiles", that made Joan Baez call him "the shallowest man in the world." After numerous hints, in Season 2 it is revealed that he is Buster's father.

Oscar resides most often in a trailer outside Camp Pendleton. He owns a couple hundred acres of lemon groves and sells lemonade to the troops when their maneuvers pass by. He sold the land to Michael, who was unaware that the government had an easement on it so they could drive their tanks through it. Lucille took advantage of Oscar's feelings for her and convinced him to buy the land back.

According to Michael, Oscar has lived on handouts all his life. According to his brother, he has never had to work for a living, leading to his full head of shoulder-length hair that Lucille finds irresistible. Oscar's persistence with Lucille - whom he met when she was working a USO tour - led to a rekindling of their once torrid romance. This has disturbed Lucille's youngest biological son, Buster, who discovered the adulterous pair "in flagrante delicto" multiple times.

After George Sr. escaped confinement, Oscar was arrested because police assumed he was George. The police also impounded Oscar's trailer and left him even more indigent than usual. Lucille, who at the point was resisting the fire Oscar possessed for her, allowed him to come and live with her and Buster. Buster had decided that his mother was right. He did need a male role model. Oscar's presence allowed Buster to develop the many talents he'd discovered with Lucille. He lovingly brushed Oscar's hair, a ritual once reserved for Lucille alone. In return, Buster was treated to several uncomfortable silences upon witnessing Oscar's penchant for living loose and literally, "letting it all hang out."

Oscar's shameless exhibitionism was a product of the proximity he shared with his dream woman. Once confined to a single residence, the illicit pair revived the past, leaving Buster with no role model and no safety net.

In the second season finale, to clear up his legal difficulties and punish his brother for cuckolding him, George Sr. shaves Oscar's head and turns him in. The stress of being imprisoned and mistaken for George Sr. has caused Oscar's hair to not grow back. This, paired with the fact that his fingerprints were burned off (by the family Cornballer), prevents him from establishing his true identity.

To try to convince the world of his true identity, Oscar set up, a blog of sorts that details his life in prison while continually asserting that he is, in fact, Oscar. A real-life version of the site was maintained by Fox Broadcasting until mid-2006 .

In the third season, Oscar manages to get out of prison when George Sr. is placed under house arrest and leaves town. He returns occasionally, but these visits are usually ended when George Sr. knocks him out and switches places so he can escape again. In the series finale, George invited Oscar to the Bluth Company function to unwittingly take his place, a fact Oscar learned as soon as Lucille referred to him as George ("Oh God Oscar! When are you going to learn there's no such thing as free shrimp!")

"Appears In:" "Whistler's Mother", "Not Without My Daughter", "The One Where Michael Leaves", "The One Where They Build a House", "¡Amigos!", "Good Grief", "Sad Sack", "Afternoon Delight", "Switch Hitter", "Queen for a Day", "Burning Love", "Out on a Limb", "Hand to God", "Sword of Destiny", "Meat the Veals", "Spring Breakout", "Righteous Brothers", "The Cabin Show", "Prison Break-In", "Development Arrested"

Rita Leeds

Rita Leeds is a English woman to whom Michael Bluth was attracted to and was briefly engaged. She is portrayed by Charlize Theron.

Rita first appeared in the second episode of Season 3, "For British Eyes Only."

There are a number of somewhat subtle indications that she may be a "stupid person" throughout episodes 2 and 3 of Season 3; however, Michael does not seem to have noticed. Some of these indications might be the fact she goes to pre-school and also carries around various stuffed animal shaped backpacks, including a duck and a seal. In "Forget-Me-Now" Rita is drugged by GOB and left on a bus bench. The bench had an advert for Wee Britain, and the letters covered up by Rita's body leaves the clue that she has a "Wee Brain".

Rita wears a bracelet that says "MR F", and unintentionally implies to Michael that Mr. F is her uncle Trevor, who Michael believes is stalking him. Meanwhile, the Bluth Company also notifies him of a suspected mole, apparently going by the name of "Mr. F." After some confusion, Michael eventually accuses Tobias Fünke of being Mr. F. Later on, it is revealed that MR F is an abbreviation for "mentally-retarded female," and that Tobias actually was a mole — though he himself thought it was an audition.

In "Mr. F", Rita was confirmed to be mentally handicapped. She also was given a proposal of marriage by Michael Bluth.

In "The Ocean Walker", Michael, upon discovering Leeds' mental handicap, ends his relationship with her. In the same episode, Trevor tells Rita, "It’s not your fault your parents were cousins, but here we are. I’ve been charged with taking care of you, and I’m bloody well gonna do it."

It is later revealed that Rita finds a job at a competing movie-studio from Maeby's, producing a project called "The Ocean Walker" (she thinks that people can walk to England, and walked across a pool not knowing that Gob had rigged the pool with clear platforms for one of his illusions), although the film's development status is arrested.

"Appears In:" "For British Eyes Only", "Forget-Me-Now", "Notapusy", "Mr. F", "The Ocean Walker"

tan Sitwell

Stan Sitwell is a real estate tycoon who runs the company Sitwell Enterprises, which competes with the Bluth Company. He is played by Ed Begley, Jr.

He has a disease that prevents him from growing hair on his body, alopecia universalis. Lucille incorrectly refers to him as an alpaca. His daughter, Sally Sitwell (played by Christine Taylor) was once a love interest of Michael's. Stan Sitwell begins dating Lucille Austero. His outlandish wigs and fake facial hair is a bit of an inside joke, since in real life Ed Begley Jr. is known for his mane of thick blonde hair. Because of his condition he can't actually drive the Corvette that Michael Bluth gave him in return of making a bid on his daughter Sally Sitwell at the Country Club auction because it is a convertible, which causes him to lose his wig and fake eyebrows. When Stan Sitwell fires G.O.B. Bluth from his company, G.O.B. gets revenge on Sitwell by stealing his fake dressy eyebrows.He runs his Business in a very straight forward,professional manner in contrast to the lying and manipulation of the Bluths.He is also a generous Philanthropist and contributes to numerous charities.

"Appears In:" "Switch Hitter", "Queen for a Day", "Burning Love", "Ready, Aim, Marry Me", "Development Arrested"


Starla is the Bluth company secretary that G.O.B. hires as his "business model" in season two after seeing her at a boat show. She is played by Mo Collins. Starla often proves to be quite incompetent as a secretary, and she claims to have once had an affair with musician Quincy Jones, a claim backed up with the display of several of his gold records along the walls of Starla's house. On trying to gain entrance to his grounds, however, she is supposedly attacked by guard dogs, and is subsequently treated for rabies. Near the end of Season 2, Buster and Starla have a brief relationship, which abruptly ends when Buster misses his old flame.

"Appears In:" "The One Where They Build a House", "¡Amigos!", "Switch Hitter", "Queen for a Day", "Ready, Aim, Marry Me", "Sword of Destiny"

teve Holt

Steve Holt is a senior (taking the year for the third time, as evidenced by his appearance in three yearbooks) and football star at the high school George Michael and Maeby attend, who often shouts his name, "Steve Holt!", while pumping his fists in the air. He is portrayed by Justin Grant Wade.

Described as a "moron jock" by George Michael and "basically a young G.O.B." by Michael, Steve Holt has portrayed Beatrice in the school's play production of "Much Ado About Nothing", gone on dates with Lindsay (until Maeby deceivingly convinced him that Lindsay was a transsexual), and was student body president for four years (he declined a fifth term in order to concentrate on finding his real father). His campaign posters often read "Volt for Steve Holt". The crowd at his re-election rally can be heard chanting "Four more years."

In the Season 2 episode "The Immaculate Election", it was revealed that Steve Holt is the illegitimate son of G.O.B. and Eve Holt, the product of one of G.O.B.'s many one-night stands in high school. Before realizing that she was supposedly a blood-relation, Steve had a brief relationship with his cousin, Maeby, which resulted in his being given a roofie to avoid any kind of intimacy. Since learning of his parentage, he has bonded with both his father, and "Uncle Mike". He has worked as a gift-basket delivery-boy, a Bluth Banana Stand employee, and cameraman for his father's magic act.

"Appears In:" "Bringing Up Buster", "Shock And Aww", "Sad Sack", "Burning Love", "The Immaculate Election", "The Cabin Show", "For British Eyes Only", "Forget-Me-Now", "Notapusy", "Making a Stand"

Tony Wonder

Tony Wonder is a professional magician who commonly works at the Gothic Castle and is known for baking himself into a loaf of bread and emerging. He is played by Ben Stiller.

G.O.B. idolizes Wonder, but he believes that he came up with the idea for being baked into food first (he had the idea of being boiled into a bisque ten months earlier). Tony Wonder has a "W" for a goatee, and seems to specialize in illusions featuring food. He is also producing a DVD, which he dubbed "Use Your Allusion II" after discovering his preferred title, "Use Your Illusion", was unavailable due to copyright issues. He also becomes quite taken by Buster's act during the "Sword of Destiny" illusion where Buster acted as the magician with G.O.B. as the assistant (on account of G.O.B.'s banishment from the Magician's Alliance).

G.O.B. reveals in Season 3 that Tony Wonder lost a testicle to a live dove in his pants.

"Appears In:" "Good Grief" (photo only), "Sword of Destiny", "S.O.B.s"

Trisha Thoon

Trisha Thoon is the field reporter for Fox 6 news throughout season one. She is played by Stacey Grenrock-Woods and often covers stories pertaining to the Bluth family.

"Appears In:" "Pilot", "Key Decisions", "Public Relations", "Let 'Em Eat Cake", "Extended Pilot"

Uncle Trevor

Uncle Trevor is an English man and the uncle of Rita Leeds. He is portrayed by Dave Thomas. He helped raise Rita, whose parents were cousins, which he implied might be a cause for her retardation.

Uncle Trevor first appeared in the second episode of Season 3, "For British Eyes Only", in which he is first seen swerving his Austin-Healey into the Bluth's staircar, threatening Michael with regard to his prior interaction with Rita. Michael misinterprets the threat, thinking it has to do with the search for information regarding his father, and that Trevor has been stalking him, also suspecting he might be the elusive Mr. F.

He is last seen in "The Ocean Walker", the sixth episode of Season 3. In this episode, after learning of Rita's intention to attend a "sleepover" with Michael, he visits the Bluth residence and informs them of Rita's "millions" and her ownership of Wee Britain. He later leaves for England with Rita at the end of the episode.

He also appears to be a fan of cricket, having apparently collected cricket magazines and even being in possession of a cricket bat, which was also seen in the cover of his secret magazine, "Bumpaddle".

"Appears In:" "For British Eyes Only", "Forget-Me-Now", "Notapusy", "Mr. F", "The Ocean Walker"

Wayne Jarvis

Wayne Jarvis is a lawyer who can describe himself in one word: "professional". Jarvis is played by John Michael Higgins. Michael tries to hire Wayne to replace Barry Zuckerkorn but Wayne refuses once Michael and Lindsay try to use him to get back at their mother. Later Wayne becomes the prosecutor of the Bluth Company; when confronted with an accusation of a conflict of interest he replies, "PATRIOT Act, read it". Wayne Jarvis is "almost always" serious, a fact that caused him to once be called "the worst audience participant Cirque du Soleil ever had."

"Appears In:" "In God We Trust", "Sad Sack", "Righteous Brothers", "Fakin' It", "Exit Strategy"

White Power Bill

White Power Bill was a massive, bald, racist inmate with George Bluth Sr. at the Orange County Prison. White Power Bill was portrayed by David Reynolds. White Power Bill is based upon an acquaintance of Mitchell Hurwitz, Harold Blum.

White Power Bill was incensed when confronted with George's jailhouse conversion to Judaism. He was particularly upset at George's gesture of giving Little Justice, an inmate of the prison, a kippah for protection and giving him the new name, "David Ben-Avram". He responds by hitting Little Justice with a pipe, knocking off his kippa. George, diplomatically, stated that "...both of our religions have a lot to offer. There’s the Jewish notion of heaven, and that it can be obtained here on earth, and there is your belief in the cleansing power of the pipe."

When G.O.B. incarcerated himself in Orange County Prison (to break out as his greatest trick) he performed an "illusion" on Bill and pulled a quarter out of Bill's ear, thus giving him his new nickname: "Dirty Ears" Bill. Bill became furious and later stabbed G.O.B. (right after he was finally able to have a game of catch with his father in a prison yard), yelling "White Power," which got the necessary response of, "..."I'm" white..." from G.O.B.

Upon meeting Tobias, Bill referred to him as a "little kike." Tobias, oblivious ("It's been quite a while since anyone called me a tyke!"), was at the prison researching the role of "Frightened Inmate #2" in a prison drama. He led Bill in a counseling session that culminated in Bill's suicide after Tobias suggested that Bill's inner rage stemmed from a hatred of himself ("You hate White Power Bill"); Bill jumped from the cell-block landing and died. His last words were "I hate White Power Bill..."

"Appears In:" "Key Decisions", "Staff Infection", "Missing Kitty"

Wife of G.O.B.

The Wife of G.O.B. (her name is never revealed, although we know it is not Krindy or Saul Zaentsman who is actually her divorce attorney; the fact that G.O.B. does not know her name is a running joke) is a certified seal salesperson who married G.O.B. as part of an evening of escalating dares (meant to be a one night stand). She is portrayed by Amy Poehler, who in real life is married to Will Arnett, who plays G.O.B. Poehler's real name is used in a scene where G.O.B. talks about the fact that he doesn't know her name: "For example, if her name is Amy, I'll call her Blamey." She traffics in trained seals (selling sick ones to Third World countries) and convinces G.O.B. to wear bright, colorful sweaters. Possibly the only fan of "Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution", she saw their show in the late '90s and was comforted by the fact that they sang about every side effect she was going through. When she realizes she is in love with Tobias, she ends her marriage to G.O.B. and leaves to join the United States Army. She frequently takes photos while smoking and pointing at crotches, a clear parody of Lynndie England, a central figure in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. She is last seen in season one in the third last episode and isn't seen again until the 13th episode of season two in her last appearance. She comes back to break up with G.O.B. and to reclaim the seals that she 'gave' to G.O.B. but is told that he doesn't have them because he set them free. One of the freed seals bites off Buster's hand.

"Appears In:" "Altar Egos", "Justice Is Blind", "Best Man for the GOB", "Whistler's Mother", "Motherboy XXX"

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