MS Technology

MS Technology

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company_name = MS Technology, Inc.
company_type = Corporation
foundation = United States (1991)
location = Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
key_people = Roger Jacobs, President
Rick Falcone, VP of R&D
Wayne Strittmatter, VP of Sales

industry = Digital Imaging, Medical Imaging, Document Management
products = MST Raster SDK
MST Viewer
MST Web Viewer
MST Batch Converter
SVV Server
various plugins and APIs
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operating_income =
net_income =
num_employees = 104
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MS Technology, Inc is a privately held company founded in 1991 and headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and develops software for document management solutions, medical imaging solutions, and mobile solutions. MS Technology is the developer and publisher of the MST Viewer (a.k.a. ICM Viewer), MST Raster SDK, MST Batch Converter, and SureVistaVision, and SVV Server. MS Technology is also the developer of the proprietary rendering technology called EnvisionIT™. MS Technology’s technologies support over 100 file formats including JPEG, MODCA, AFP, JBIG2, DICOM, and JPEG2000.

MS Technology is a member of [ Open XML Community] , AIIM, RSNA, and [ North Carolina Technology Association] . [ [ About MS Technology] ]


* MST Viewer: Stand-alone document and image viewer that supports many different file formats including MODCA. Also it is incorporated into IBM's DB2 Content Manager 8.x, known as ICMviewer [ [ IBM Content Manager 8.3 Release Notes] ] . There are solutions for Windows, Java, .NET, UNIX, LINUX & MAC OS X. [ [ MST Viewer] ] MST Viewer can also be incorporated into a web browser with their thin-client. [ [ MST Web Viewer] ] [ [ AboutUs products] ]

* MST Batch Converter: An image and document conversion application that converts large batches of image or document files from one format to another. It is available in both as a Windows-based or as a Java-based application. It allows users to take files from multiple locations and convert them to either 1 or several different specified file types and then save them to either 1 or multiple locations. It is available in a Desktop and Server versions. [ [ MST Batch Converter] ]

* MST Raster Imaging SDK: Imaging toolkits / libraries that provides the tools needed to build a image and document viewer. The toolkits have features such as conversion, manipulation, image processing, annotation, saving, printing, and scanning. Available in Java, C++, and .NET [ [ MST Raster SDK] ] MST Raster SDK 4.0 released on July 14, 2008 with advanced new functions and features, including increased file format support, MPEG2 support, and new advanced image conversions. [ [ MST Raster SDK Press Release] ]

* SureVistaVision: Provides DICOM imaging technology with functions of viewing, rendering DICOM images, and annotating on any computer platform, including Windows and MAC OS X. SureVistaVision is PACS compliant, allowing it to be compatible with any PACS and expandable. [ [ SureVistaVision] ]

Supported File Formats

MS Technology support the following popular file formats [ [ File Formats] ] :













Group 3

Group 4







MO:DCA Uncompressed













TIFF Group 3/Group 4



TIFF Uncompressed






ee also

* Document Imaging
* Enterprise content management
* Comparison of image viewers

External links

* [ MS Technology]
* [ MST Viewer]
* [ MST Raster SDK]
* [ MST Batch Converter]
* [ SureVistaVision]
* [ Open XML Community]
* [ IBM DB2 Content Manager]
* [ MS Technology on]


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