GPA (disambiguation)

GPA (disambiguation)

GPA may refer to:

* The Ford GPA 'Seep', an amphibious version of the World War II Ford GPW Jeep.
*Gaelic Players Association, the body that represents players of Gaelic sports
*Global Punisher Army, a Punisher fan-based message board
*Gay Police Association, a UK body
*General Practice Australia, a private, independent medical accreditation society
*Gigapascal (GPa), a unit of pressure
*Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land Based Activities, a programme within UNEP
*Government Procurement Agreement
*Grade point average, an educational term most commonly used in Canada and the US
*A grandfather (internet slang)
*Gravida/para/abortus, in medicine to indicate pregnancies/live births/abortions
*Greyhound Pets of America
*Gross Production Average, a baseball statistic
*Group psychological abuse, a psychological phenomenon and a related numeric scale and test battery that aims to quantify and measure it
*Guinness Peat Aviation
*Geographic Phase-in Area, a US EPA zone designated for reduced fuel sulfur emissions
*Gpa (software), a graphical user interface for the GnuPG
*Golden Party Armor, Queen's University Engineering Jackets

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