Test and Test-and-set

Test and Test-and-set

In computer science, the test-and-set CPU instruction is used to implement
mutual exclusion in multiprocessor environments. Although a correct lock can be implemented with test-and-set, it can lead to memory contention in busy lock (caused by bus locking and cache invalidation when test-and-set operation needs to access memory atomically).

To lower the overhead a more elaborate locking protocol test and test-and-setis used. The main idea is "not" to spin in test-and-set but increase the likelihood of successful test-and-set by using following entry protocol to the lock:

"boolean" locked := false "// shared lock variable" procedure EnterCritical() { do { while (locked = true) skip "// spin until lock "seems" free } while TestAndSet(locked) "// actual atomic locking" }

Exit protocol is: procedure ExitCritical() { locked := false }

The entry protocol uses normal memory reads to spin, waiting for the lock to become free. Test-and-set is only used to try to get the lock when normal memory read says it's free. Thus the expensive atomic memory operations happens less often than in simple spin around test-and-set.

If the programming language used supports short-circuit evaluation, the entry protocol could be implemented as:

procedure EnterCritical() { while ( locked = true or TestAndSet(locked) = true ) skip "// spin until locked" }


Although this optimization is useful in system programming it should be avoided in high level concurrent programming. One example of bad usage of this idiom is double-checked locking, which is listed as an anti-pattern.

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* Gregory R. Andrews, "Foundations of Multithreaded, Parallel, and Distributed Programming", pp. 100-101. Addison-Wesley, 2000. ISBN 0-201-35752-6.

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