Milk Me

Milk Me
Milk Me
Studio album by The Beatnuts
Released August 30, 2004 (UK)
August 31, 2004 (US)
Recorded 2003-2004
Genre Hip hop
Label Penalty
HRH Management
The Beatnuts chronology
The Originators
Milk Me
Singles from Milk Me
  1. "Hot"
    Released: July 29, 2004
  2. "Find Us"
    Released: August 17, 2004
  3. "It's Nothing"
    Released: December 7, 2004
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1] 3/5 stars[2] 7.5/10 stars[3]

Milk Me is a 2004 album by hip hop duo The Beatnuts. It is the one and only Beatnuts album released by Penalty Recordings. It was critically received as a solid effort,[4] but barely scraped the Billboard 200. In addition, none of its three singles were able to chart. The album's title was inspired by a phrase uttered by a man in "some porno".[5]

Milk Me continues The Beatnuts' tradition of self-producing their albums. However, Milk Me contains more live instruments—as opposed to sampling--than prior Beatnuts efforts. In addition, the album features guest appearances by Akon, Rahzel and AG.


Track listing

# Title Featuring (s) Time
1 "Intro" 0:38
2 "Hot" Greg Nice, Eric Krasno (guitar) & Neal Evans (keyboards) 3:24
3 "Buggin" Prince Whipper Whip, Eric Krasno (guitar), Neal Evans (keyboards), Ryan Zoidis (saxophone) & Rashawn Ross (trumpet) 4:03
4 "It's Nothing" AG, Gab Goblin & Neal Evans (keyboards) 3:34
5 "Rock N Roll Interlude" 0:25
6 "Find Us (In the Back of the Club)" Akon, Eric Krasno (guitar) & Neal Evans (keyboards) 3:14
7 "U Nomsayin" Freeway 2:49
8 "We Don't Give a Funk" 2:41
9 "Confused Rappers" Rahzel, Roc Raida (scratches) & Eric Krasno (keyboards) 4:04
10 "All Night" Chris Chandler, Eileen Cruz & Eric Krasno (keyboards/guitar) 3:29
11 "Madness" G-Wise & Eric Krasno (keyboards/guitar/bass) 3:20
12 "We Getting Paper" Colion, Triple Seis & Eric Krasno (guitar/bass) 4:10
13 "Marching Band Interlude" 0:43
14 "Uh Huh" Gab Goblin & Tony Touch 3:34
15 "Down" Milano & Eric Krasno (guitar) 3:57
16 "Take Your Pants Off Interlude" 0:19
17 "Freak Off" Chris Chandler, G-Wise, Eric Krasno (guitar) & Neal Evans (keyboards) 3:07
18 "Milk Me Interlude" 4:37

Chart positions


Chart (2004) Peak
U.S. Billboard 200 196
U.S. Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums 42


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