Ukrainian Football Amateur Association

Ukrainian Football Amateur Association

The Amateur Football Association of Ukraine (AAFU) was established March 2, 1998. Under the agreement between FFU and the Association, it is authorized to organize the All-Ukrainian Championship and Cup tournaments amongst amateur football teams. Current president of the AAFU is Fedir Shpyh.

The Championship

The competitions has taken place since 1998. A participation is restricted to the regional (Oblast) champions and/or the most regarded team by the respective regional association. Teams that place first and second place are granted the rights to apply for a professional status. Recently that restriction was extended and the professional license may be granted on the volunteering basis, under certain circumstances. The champion also is granted the right to participate in the UEFA Regions Cup. The participated teams also compete concurrently in the championships of their respective oblast.

Amateur Cup

The Cup is organized between the Cup holders of the regional tournaments. Every play-off round consists of two legs including the final. The winner of the tournament is qualified for the Ukrainian Cup.

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