Ollaraya District

Ollaraya District
Ollaraya District
Distrito de Ollaraya
Ullaraya distritu
—  District  —
Country  Peru
Region Puno
Province Yunguyo
Founded December 7, 1984
Capital San Miguel de Ollaraya
 – Mayor Pastor Alvarez Nina
 – Total 23.67 km2 (9.1 sq mi)
Elevation 3,881 m (12,733 ft)
Population (2007 census)
 – Total 3,935
 – Density 166.2/km2 (430.6/sq mi)
Time zone PET (UTC-5)
UBIGEO 211305

Ollaraya District is one of seven districts of the province Yunguyo in Puno, Peru.[1]



Tinicachi District was created by Law No. 24019 (December 24, 1984), in second term of Fernando Belaúnde Terry.



  • 2011-2014: Pastor Alvarez Nina.
  • 2007-2010: Alexander Bryan Uchasara Mamani.



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