List of past recurring and minor Emmerdale characters

List of past recurring and minor Emmerdale characters

This page contains information on past characters from the British soap opera "Emmerdale", that appeared on a "recurring and minor" basis. Some of these characters appeared on and off over the years whereas in the case of others, namely babies, would have been around for years but only appeared every now and again and rarely, if ever, actually spoke.


Jenny Albright

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Jenny Albright| portrayer=Kirsha Southward| years=2006-| born= | death=| occupation= Student
first=1 December 2006

Jenny Albright is the friend of Victoria Sugden and Kayleigh Gibbs, played by close friends of Kirsha's Isabel Hodgins and Lily Jane Stead.

Kayleigh, Victoria and Jenny went to a nightclub after a woman had given Victoria tickets to go there. They got all dressed up and told Victoria's dad Jack that they were going out. Although they didn't stay long as they spotted Victoria's brother Andy and a lot of other Emmerdale residents at the club. As they were leaving, Andy's lodger, Jo Stiles, saw them and told them about the dodgy people in the club but promised not to tell Jack that they had been there.


Nick Baine

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Nick Baine
portrayer=Sam Kane
spouse = Carrie Nicholls (2008-)
first = 10 January 2008
last = 5 February 2008

Nick Baine is the husband of Carrie Nicholls and stepfather of Scarlett Nicholls. He appeared from January to February 2008. Sam Kane, who played Nick Baine, is the real-life husband of Linda Lusardi, who played Carrie Nicholls.

Nick first appears in January 2008 to offer Carrie, his former partner, a job and new life in Canada. Having grown dissatisfied with life in the village, Carrrie is eager to go and start a new life. However, her daughter Scarlett does not want to leave, partly because of her relationship with Daz Eden.

Carrie turns down Nick's offer, but he can not stay away and their relationship soon resumes. On 5 February 2008, Nick and Carrie leave Emmerdale for Canada. They marry in August 2008 in Thailand, with Scarlett and Carrie's elder daughter Lexi present.

David Brown

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name= David Brown
years= 2006
death= 13 July 2006
occupation= Estate Agent

David Brown was an Estate Agent who was in the Kings River Showhome when it collapsed. He was located near Noreen Bell when the pensioner opened a cupboard door and turned on a light which created a spark and started a series of massive explosions before the house collapsed. He was set alight from the initial explosion. He was retrieved from the rubble but died soon after on site when paramedics failed to revive him. At first, Tom and his sons Carl and Matthew, having only been given a brief description of the age and general physique of the man who had died just feet away from them, thought it was Jimmy and collapsed, crying hysterically.

Bridget Burgess

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Bridget Burgess| portrayer=Eileen O'Brien| years=2006| born= | death=| spouse = Anthony Burgess
occupation= Teacher
spouse=Anthony Burgess (deceased)
first=10 December 2006

Bridget Burgess was the teacher of Belle Dingle and we first saw her when she sent a letter to Wishing Well Cottage wanting to see Belle's parents. However Belle intercepted the letter and persuaded her uncle Shadrach to pretend to be her dad. When Shadrach was at the meeting he discovered that Mrs. Burgess was a former flame of his, he recognised her from an old picture she had at her desk. Shadrach didn't waste anytime in trying to start things up but she had no interest. Mrs. Burgess soon discovered that Shadrach wasn't Belle's dad and she set up a meeting with Zak and Lisa. The Dingle's were upset that Belle was having behavioural problems. Zak and Lisa declared that Belle would start to behave but when she removed a security block on the computers Mrs. Burgess and the principal wanted to suspend her which led to an argument with Zak and he pulled Belle from school. Mrs. Burgess has made several appearances since than trying to persuade the stubborn Dingle patriarch to let Belle return but he wouldn't go back on his decision.

Cindy Burton

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Cindy Burton
portrayer=Tiffany Chapman
first = 5 February 2008
last = March 2008

Cindy Burton is an actress employed by Donald De Souza. She appeared from February to March 2008. Following Donald leaving hospital after having a brain haemorrhage, Cindy is hired to look after him while he recovers at home. However, Donald hires Cindy to annoy his wife Nicola, who he knows had had an affair with David Metcalfe, who himself flirts with Cindy, much to Nicola’s irritation.

After a few weeks, Nicola discovers that Cindy is an actress who Donald has hired to fool her. Nicola does not let Donald know that she knows Cindy is an actress, and then goes onto try and murder Donald, often having to get rid of Cindy to do so, but each attempt fails. This includes one attempt where Cindy takes the pills meant for Donald, in a set up where Cindy would have taken the blame. When Donald learns all of this, he makes Nicola leave his house. Cindy meanwhile leaves the village as she is now longer needed by Donald and she is keen to move on.


Detective Chief Inspector Vikesh Dasari

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=DCI Vikesh Dasari
portrayer=Stephen Rahman-Hughes
occupation=Police Officer
first=26 December 2006

Detective Chief Inspector "DCI" Vikesh Dasari appeared alongside CID colleague DCI Grace Barraclough, as part of the storyline surrounding the death of Tom King.

DI Dasari was leading the Tom King Murder investigation, after his senior colleague DCI Barraclough was taken off the case for getting too involved, he was only a DI when he took the case and subsequently was promoted to the same rank as Barraclough.

In mid July, Dasari was promoted to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector (DCI), the same rank his former senior officer and colleague, Grace held prior to her death.

Reg Dawson

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Reg Dawson
portrayer=Niven Boyd
death= 7 June 1994
spouse = Viv Dawson (1978–1983)
sons = Scott Windsor
granddaughters = Jean Tate

Reg Dawson was the ex-husband of Viv Windsor and Scott's father who abandoned him and Viv early in Scott's life. Reg came to Emmerdale and started a siege on The post office which resulted in him killing one of his henchmen and Shirley Turner, who took a bullet intended for his ex-wife. Reg was subsequently shot dead by Police Marksmen.

In Reg's will, it was revealed left Viv several thousand pounds. The stipulation was if Viv left her current husband, Vic, she would receive the money. Viv declined and decided to stay with Vic.

Erze Dingle

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Ezra Dingle
portrayer=John Henshaw
spouse=Gwen Dingle
father=Jedediah Dingle (deceased)
mother=Peg Dingle
brothers=Zak Dingle, Albert Dingle, Caleb Dingle, Shadrach Dingle, Zebediah Dingle
grandfathers=Jonah Dingle (deceased)
nephews=Nathan Dingle, Ben Dingle (deceased), Butch Dingle (deceased), Sam Dingle, Cain Dingle, Marlon Dingle, Eli Dingle
nieces=Tina Dingle, Belle Dingle, Mandy Dingle, Chas Dingle, Delilah Dingle, Genesis Walker
uncles=Bert Dingle
cousins=Solomon Dingle
family=* Great Nephews: Aaron Livesy, Samson Dingle
* Great Niece: Debbie Dingle
* Great Great Niece: Sarah Dingle

Ezra Dingle was played by John Henshaw.

Faith Dingle

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Faith Dingle
portrayer=Gillian Jephcott
years=2002, 2004
spouse= Shadrach Dingle
sons= Cain Dingle
daughters= Chas Dingle
grandsons= Aaron Livesy
granddaughters=Debbie Dingle
family=*Great Granddaughter: Sarah Dingle

Faith Dingle was played by Gillian Jephcott.

Luke, Matthew, Mark, and Jon Dingle

:"Played by Dean McGonagle, Joshua Chamberlin, Joe Manuel and Lucy Webb respectively"Their first appearances were in 2004 for about a month, Luke being the eldest brother, twin brothers Matthew and Mark and Jon, being the boys' youngest sister, despite her name. The characters returned to the show in November 2006 to stay with their mother Lilith's cousin, Marlon and his wife Donna.

On 4 December 2006, it was revealed that Lilith had been remanded in police custody following her arrest for her involvement in an armed robbery. Marlon and Donna agreed with social services to take care of the children. After only a few days, Marlon called the social worker and explained he was finding it difficult caring for the children. An agreement was made with social services that the children would go and live with their Uncle Tony, a decision which left Donna and the children devastated.

Not long after the children had left Marlon and Donna, they had been informed by police that the children were missing. Shortly after being informed, they were found by Marlon's brother Eli living rough in woodland. Eli reunited them with Marlon, Donna and their Uncle Tony, but the children were reluctant to return home with Tony. Marlon was very reluctant to let them go home with their Uncle, as it was evident the children were very uncomfortable living with him. Acting on impulse, Marlon bundled the kids into the van and drove off unnoticed with Donna. Having stayed a night in a B&B, they realised their mistake and handed the children over to the police the next day. They were later informed the children would have to go into emergency foster care, which would mean they would be split up.

Shortly after Christmas, Marlon and Donna were informed by social services that it would be at least a month until they would next be able to see them, with the prospect of them taking the children back into their care being unlikely in the near future.

Donna and Marlon received a visit from the social worker, and were desperate to impress her with their preparedness. However, Val nearly ruined their plans by lighting up a cigarette in front of the kids. Donna screamed at her to put it out as Jon had been diagnosed with athsma. Donna and Marlon were thrilled when they received a positive reception from the social worker, as it seemed all their efforts had been worthwhile.

Donna and Marlon then turned up for their final meeting with social services and were glowing with pride as Mrs Jenkins said they'd a very positive report. However, just as it was all going swimmingly, Marlon let slip that the back room of the pub had been damaged by fire. The social worker looked into it before breaking the bad news, being that they wouldn't be able to foster the kids until they had more suitable accommodation sorted.

On 5 July 2007 the children moved in with Marlon and Donna, who had purchased Tall Trees Cottage several weeks previously.

A week later, The children were reunited with Lilith when she was released after the case collapsed due to the disappearance of a prosecution witness.

On 13 July, Lilith and the children left for Ireland, leaving Donna and Marlon devastated.


* Mother: Lilith Dingle
* Aunt: Delilah Dingle
* Great uncles: Zak Dingle, Shadrach Dingle, Albert Dingle, Caleb Dingle, Ezra Dingle. Zebediah Dingle
* First cousins once removed: Nathan Dingle, Ben Dingle (deceased), Butch Dingle (deceased), Cain Dingle, Sam Dingle, Tina Dingle, Belle Dingle, Marlon Dingle, Eli Dingle, Mandy Dingle, Chas Dingle, Genesis Walker
* Second cousins: Debbie Dingle, Aaron Livesy, Samson Dingle
* Second cousin once removed: Sarah Dingle

Bonnie Drinkwater

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Bonnie Drinkwater
portrayer=Sue Jenkins
first = 25 August 2008
last = 29 August 2008

Bonnie Drinkwater is a holiday friend of Val Pollard. She appeared in August 2008.

She arrived in Emmerdale, having met Val in Cancún, Mexico, and her stories of her and Val's drunken holiday antics soon annoy Val but interest Val's husband Eric, who Bonnie starts to flirt with. Val then spends more and more time with Bonnie to keep her away from Eric. After a few days, Bonnie tells Val that during the holiday, Val slept with a much younger man called Derek, a name she has tatooed on her back, although Val does not remember this. Val then feels blackmailed because if she tells Bonnie to leave the village, she fears she will tell Eric of her affair. Later that day, she gets drunk with Doug Potts, whose wife had just said she wanted a divorce, and she tells him to start living his life, causing him to buy a very expensive car the following day.

Val's son, Paul Lambert, orders Bonnie to ring her daughter so she can leave, but later discovers that she rung the Talking Clock. Bonnie then confesses that she has no daughter, and is a spinster who lives in a one-bedroom flat in Barnsley, and Val is her only friend. She had also made up Val sleeping with Derek. Seeing her as a pathetic, clinger-on, Paul tells her to leave the village. Shortly after she drives away in Doug's car, and then spends the night with him at the Vicarage. The following day he tries to get rid of her, but is only successful when Ashley Thomas tells her that if she is to stay at the Vicarage it will have to be in separate rooms and with no alcohol.

It was later revealed Doug had contracted crabs from Bonnie.

Penny Drury

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Penny Drury
portrayer=Amelia Sefton
occupation=Student| family=

Penelope "Penny" Drury, played by Amelia Sefton, is a former class mate of Daz Eden and when Daz's boss and friend Debbie Dingle saw that Daz fancied Penny she tried to push Daz to talk to her but he couldn't work up the nerve. Debbie decided not to stop there and invited Penny to Daz's birthday where only the two of them where there. It didn't take long for the young teenagers to be on the sofa and kissing but they were interrupted by an argument between Jack Sugden and Billy Hopwood who both wanted to be looking after Daz. Daz intervened but when he said that they were ruining his birthday and his chance to get his leg over, Penny left.

Daz and Penny didn't see each other for a few months until Penny's doctor father brought his car to the garage. Penny forgave Daz and the two started seeing each other. A few months later she left out a glass of vodka that Samson Dingle drank. She showed no remorse and then called Sam Dingle a retarded spaz and a bad father. This angered Daz and he dumped her.


Isla Forsythe

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Isla Forsythe| portrayer=Sarah Griffiths| years=2005, 2006| born= | death=| spouse =Adam Forsythe (?-2005)
first= May 2005
last = 12 November 2006

Isla Forsythe was the ex-wife of Adam Forsythe, she mader her final appearance to inform Adam's father-in-law, Alan Turner that Adam had committed suicide while in prison.

Patricia Foster

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Patricia Foster
portrayer=Vicki Michelle
creator=Kathleen Beedles
sons =Jonny Foster
first= 31 August 2007
last= 3 March 2008

Patricia Foster, played by Vicki Michelle, is the mother of local farrier, Jonny Foster and arrived to present a cheque to her son for £5,000 to invest in his future with partner Paul Lambert

Patricia returned on 3 March 2008 to attend Jonny's commitment ceremony to Paul.


Owen Hartbourne

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Owen Hartbourne
portrayer=Oliver Lee
years=2006, 2007
home=Hong Kong
father=Frank Bernard Hartbourne
grandmothers=Pearl Ladderbanks

Owen Hartbourne, played by Oliver Lee, is Pearl's grandson who lives in Hong Kong.He came back in 2007 to help his nan deal with the death of Len.

Andrea Hayworth

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Andrea Hayworth
portrayer=Cathy Tyson
sons= Ryan (son)
first= 25 June 2007
last= 17 August 2007

Andrea Hayworth, played by Cathy Tyson, lived next door to Duke Woods, the father of village resident Terry. She was first seen when Terry went to his fathers house to see how he was doing as he heard he was in hospital. Andrea told Terry that Duke was in prison as he punched one of the local hooligans, which according to her was well justified. Andrea went with Terry to the prison to pick up Duke and she played mediatory between the estranged father and son. She also had a hand in persuading Duke to go and stay with Terry for a while.

Carly Hope

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name= Carly Hope
portrayer= Rebecca Ryan
years= 2006
father = Bob Hope
mother = Barbara Hope
brothers = Josh Hope
halfbrothers = Jamie Hope
Heath Hope
halfsisters = Dawn Woods
Roxy Lockhart
Cathy Hope
nephews = TJ Woods|
uncles = Eddie Hopelast = 16 February 2006

Carly Hope is the daughter of Bob Hope, from his second marriage Carly arrived in Emmerdale for the wedding of her dad with her brother, Josh and mum, Barbara.

During her visit to the village, Carly enjoyed a brief attraction to Daz Eden and they kept in touch via text message for a short while.

Carly only arrived at first because Viv pretended Bob was going blind, in an attempt to reunite him with his children, but after the truth came out they decided to stay. Shortly after the wedding Carly, Josh and Barbara left but on good terms with Bob.

Eddie Hope

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Eddie Hope
portrayer=Nigel Betts
years=2003, 2007
brothers = Bob Hope
spouse = Moira Hope
nephews = Jamie Hope
Josh Hope
Heath Hope
nieces = Dawn Woods
Carly Hope
Roxy Lockhart
Cathy Hope
great nephews = TJ Woods

Edward "Eddie" Maurice Hope is the brother of Bob Hope and he last appeared in the village for about a month in late 2003. He tried to get it together with Lisa Dingle, with Lisa tempted at first because she had not seen Zak for months, but in the end she remained loyal to her estranged husband.

Eddie returned to the dales on 19th February 2007 as the new sales manager for "Naughty Nylons" and offered his brother a job as a salesman, much to annoyance of Bob's wife Viv.

Josh Hope

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name= Josh Hope
portrayer= Mark Silcock
years= 2006
father = Bob Hope
mother = Barbara Hope
sisters = Carly Hope
halfbrothers = Jamie Hope
Heath Hope
halfsisters = Dawn Woods
Roxy Lockhart
Cathy Hope
nephews = TJ Woods
uncles = Eddie Hope
last = 16 February 2006

Josh Hope is the son of Bob Hope, from his second marriage Josh arrived in Emmerdale for the wedding of his dad with his sister, Carly, and mum, Barbara. He only arrived at first because Viv pretended Bob was going blind, in an attempt to reunite him with his children, but after the truth came out they decided to stay. Shortly after the wedding Carly, Josh and Barbara left but on good terms with Bob.

Mark Hughes

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Mark Hughes
portrayer=Craig McKay
death=30 December 1993
(Plane crash)
father = David Hughes
mother = Kate Sugden
sisters = Rachel Hughes
nephews = Joseph Tate

Mark Hughes, played by Craig McKay, died in the 1993 plane crash that devastated the village.

His stepfather Joe Sugden wanted him to return a vacuum cleaner that evening which had been borrowed from Lynn Whiteley and this resulted in Mark being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a large section of the Eastern European airliner came down on Whiteley's farm.


Joe Jacobs

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Joe Jacobs
portrayer=John Woodvine
creator = Kathleen Beedles
first = 20 February 2008
last = 20 May 2008
occupation= Retired Naval captain

Joe Jacobs was an old friend of Sandy Thomas' who quickly got on the wrong side of him when he flirted with Sandy's lady friend Betty Eagleton. A few months later, Joe reappeared when Betty and Pearl Ladderbanks were trying speed dating at the Woolpack. Pearl was smitten with Joe, but the mood was spoiled when he put his hand on her knee. Soon after this, Pearl and Joe became close again, but Pearl mistakenly believed Joe was only interested in her because he'd found out she had two tickets for a cruise. He assured her this wasn't true. Pearl chose Lily Butterfield to receive the other ticket, but Joe thought Lily was being so selfish in her demands that he dropped a suitcase on her foot. Pearl then chose Joe to go with her, after he told her how much he'd grown to care about her. When Pearl returned, she was reluctant to talk about Joe, but finally told her friends he'd been kicked off the cruise for rude behaviour.

Ivan Jones

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name = Ivan Jones
portrayer = Daniel Brocklebank
years = 2005-2006
born =
death =
home = Costa Rica
first = 5 May 2005
last = 2 August 2006|

Ivan Jones , portrayed by Daniel Brocklebank, worked as a binman and is bisexual. Ivan came to "Emmerdale" in 2005 after breaking up with his wife. She had caught him in bed with a man and told the whole community he was gay. Ivan left after suffering homophobic abuse, and decided not to reveal his sexuality to the villagers of "Emmerdale". He started working as a binman for the King family, with Jarvis Skelton as a mentor of sorts. He had a fling with Toni Daggert but he was really in love with Paul Lambert. Ivan told Paul he was bisexual but said he didn't want it to become common knowledge. Ivan and Paul started a relationship, but Paul couldn't handle the secrecy. When Paul dressed up for his drag queen act in the Woolpack, he told everyone that he had found a partner who was ashamed of him. During a break, Paul and Ivan went to speak to each other in the toilets, but Paul had left his microphone on and the whole pub discovered Ivan's sexuality. Ivan was furious with Paul but has now forgiven him.

Ivan is lodging with Nicola Blackstock and Simon Meredith, who up until recently were engaged. Nicola fancies Ivan and is trying to steal him off Paul, despite the fact that Nicola is Paul's sister. When Ivan knocked her back, Nicola turned nasty and led everyone to believe they were having a steamy affair. With everyone believing the worst of him, Ivan found out who his true friends were and dejectedly realised no one would stand up for him. Although he was disappointed by Paul, he still loved him and after a few weeks tried to forge a reconciliation.

But Paul had had enough. Convinced their relationship only made them both miserable, Paul rejected Ivan and the brokenhearted binman went away to stay with friends while he recovered.

When he returned he started working as a haulage manager for Matthew and Sadie King's new business – putting him in the middle of their war between them and King & Sons, his former employers. Getting frustrated with his new job as a haulage manager, Ivan, along with best mate Simon, quit. On the 2 August, they left "Emmerdale" for a new life in Costa Rica.


Avril Kent

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Avril Kent| portrayer=Melanie Hill| years=2005| born= | death=| first= August 2005
last = September 2005

Avril Kent was a temporary love interest for Bob Hope, while he was divorced from Viv Windsor. Avril was similar to Viv in many ways, and she and Bob were happy for a while but it was plain to see there was still a spark between Bob and Viv.

Thomas and Anya King

Played by Ceryen Dean and Jack Ferguson (British Actor)

Thomas and Anya are the son and daughter of Carl King, making their first appearance in 2004. It isn't often they visit their father, with their latest appearance being 6 June 2007.


*Father: Carl King
*Mother: Colleen King
*Grandfather: Tom King (deceased)
*Grandmother: Mary King (deceased)
*Uncles: Jimmy King, Matthew King, Max King (deceased)
*Aunts: Georgina King, Scarlett Nicholls
*Great great aunt: Phyllis King


Aaron Livesy

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Aaron Livesy
portrayer=Danny Webb
years=2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
death=| occupation= Student
mother=Chastity Dingle
father = Gordon Livesy
grandparents = Shadrach Dingle
Faith Dingle
uncles = Cain Dingle
aunts = Genesis Walker
cousins = Debbie Dingle
1st cousin = Sarah Dingle
last= February 2006

Aaron Livesy is the son of Chastity Dingle and Gordon Livesy, and made his first appearance in the dales in 2003. Chas left Aaron and his dad when Aaron was very young and Aaron admitted that he always thought his mum had left because of something that he had done. He lives with Gordon in Hotten and visits Chas occasionally. He gets on well with his granddad Shadrach Dingle but he is not very fond of his mum.

On one of his visits to Chas in 2004 he was slapped by her after she caught him talking about her behind her back. Louise Appleton saw this and told Gordan and he came to pick Aaron Up. He also told Chas that there was no way that Aaron was ever coming back. On his most recent appearance he was dropped off by his step mother Sandra and called her 'mum' in front of Chas to upset her.

On the day that Aaron was meant to be going home his dad turned up and said that his school had phoned and said that one of the kids had come down with German measles meaning Aaron had to stay with Chas for a while longer as his step mum Sandra was pregnant and German Measels can be dangerous for pregnant women.

Victoria Sugden and Kayleigh Gibbs told him that Chas's cousin Del had slept with Carl King when Chas was in the army and that Chas didn't know. He told his mum and then went back to live with his dad and stepmum.

Roxy Lockhart

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name= Roxy Lockhart
portrayer= Chloe Procter
years= 2006, 2007
mother = Vonda Lockhart
father = Bob Hope
halfbrothers = Jamie Hope
Josh Hope
Heath Hope
halfsisters =Dawn Woods
Carly Hope
Cathy Hope
uncles - Eddie Hope
nephews = TJ Woods

Roxy Lockhart is the daughter of Bob Hope. Bob didn't know about Roxy until near the time of his second wedding to Viv Windsor, as he had married her mother when they were drunk on a cruise and when the cruise was over they got divorced. Roxy's mother, Vonda, is a show dancer in Las Vegas. Roxy was discovered when Bob was remarrying Viv Windsor and she wanted to have all of his kids there.

Vonda and Roxy only stayed for the wedding and neither were seen again for over a year. Vonda was employed to do a tour in the North of England and decided that Bob and Roxy needed to spend some time together whilst she was working.

Roxy told Bob's stepdaughter Donna Windsor-Dingle that she had done a lot of beauty pageants back home in America.

However Bob was spending too much time with his new born twins Cathy and Heath that he didn't give Roxy any food to eat. When he eventually did give her something to eat, she began choking. Kelly Windsor and Bob tried to help her but couldn't. Kelly's fiance Jimmy King performed the Heimlich Manoeuvre on Roxy and saved her.

Vonda arrived after this and accused Bob of being a neglectful father. The next day Vonda and Roxy left, before they left, Bob gave Roxy a bracelet that had belonged to his dead daughter Dawn Woods.

Roxy returned to Emmerdale for Cathy and Heath's Christening. Bob asked her to be Cathy's godmother, but Roxy was annoyed to find out she was not the only godmother. When things became too much for Bob, he fled the church. Later Roxy told Donna that Bob was a loser. Vonda and Roxy then Left.

Vonda Lockhart

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name= Vonda Lockhart
portrayer= Lorelei King
years= 2006, 2007
occupation= Show dancer
spouse = Bob Hope (?-?)
daughters= Roxie Lockhart

Vonda Lockhart was Bob Hope's third wife, but the fourth woman he married. They met and got married when they were drunk on a cruise and when the cruise was over they got divorced and unknown to Bob, Vonda fell pregnant with his fifth child, Roxy. Vonda is a show dancer in Las Vegas. Vonda and Roxy arrived in the Dales to see Bob remarry Viv Windsor and only stayed for the wedding with neither been seen for over a year until Vonda had a tour in northern England and decided that Bob and Roxy needed to spend time together while she was working.


Jessica McAllister

Infobox Emmerdale character 2
name=Jessica McAllister
portrayer=Camilla Power
born= 6 April 1978
occupation=Fashion Student
father= Bernard McAllister
mother= Angharad McAllister
brothers= Luke McAllister (deceased)
first= 26 August 1993
last= 31 August 1995

Jessica McAllister is a fictional character in Emmerdale between 1993 and 1995. She join with her family im mid 1993 and later started dating Biff Fowler.

Colin McFarlane

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Colin McFarlane
portrayer=Michael Melia
death=1 August 2007
spouse=Brenda McFarlane (?-2007)
first=31 July 2007
last=1 August 2007

Colin McFarlane was a businessman who was first seen having a drink in a posh hotel by Lexi Nicholls and Chas Dingle. The two woman found themselves bored and decided to have a bet, the first person to bed Colin would have there room paid for by the loser.

It didn't take Lexi to get embarrassingly drunk from the champagne and turn Colin right off her. Chas was more alert and quickly made her move on Colin and had him in to bed.

The next morning Chas tried to wake Colin up but discovered that he had died. She called Lexi and the two decided to make a run for it, not before Lexi took Colin's wallet, unbeknown to Chas. It didn’t take long for the police to track down Chas and start their questioning. She was released but was livid that Lexi had stolen Colin’s wallet, making her look bad in front of the police.

Dan McHerron

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Dan McHerron
portrayer=Patrick Molyneux

Daniel "Dan" John McHerron was a Footballer in the lower English league. He was also engaged to Sharon Lambert, the daughter of Woolpack landlady, Val Lambert. OnValentines Day at Skipdale Hall Val went to meet Sharon, only after seeing in a magazine that she was marrying a footballer. After Val got very drunk with Dan, Sharon walked in and demanded security. A massive argument erupted and it was revealed that Val had slept with Sharon's first boyfriend, he was 17 and Sharon was 15. After Val was thrown out John McNally persuaded Val to go for drinks and the next morning the entire thing was on the "Hotten Courier". When Paul, Diane and Eric discovered what had happened between Val and Sharon they were disgusted with her.

Dan was later seen nearly three months later in the Woolpack. He cancelled a date with Sharon the night before as he said he had a press conference. Just before he showed up in the pub Rodney Blackstock was looking at the "Hotten Courier" and saw a picture of Dan and two other women. Before he had time to say anything Sharon arrived and was all hugs and kisses for Dan. Rodney later showed Val the picture but the landlady wasn't too concerned. She left it for Sharon to find out.

Errol Michaels

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Errol Michaels
portrayer=Antony Booth
first= 8 May 2007
last= 20 May 2007

Errol Michaels was a homeless man who was first seen in a park where Bob Hope was selling ice cream. It didn't take long before the clever tramp realised that Bob wasn't where he was supposed to be. Bob eventually revealed to Errol that he ran away because of everything that was going on at home.

Errol wouldn't leave Bob alone and tried to persuade him to return home or else he would regret it, like he did. Errol told Bob that he left 18 years ago, but never planned to stay away that long until he eventually ran out of tomorrow's.

Errol would also seem to appear out of nowhere and as time went on it started to look like Bob was the only one who could see him. One example of this was when Bob's son Jamie and his friend Jasmine Thomas went looking for Bob at a park and Errol walked up behind Jamie and blew on his neck. When Jamie turned around Errol was gone but Jamie could see his Ice Cream van, but Bob drove over before he could talk to him.

On 20 May 2007, Bob's wife Viv was celebrating her 50th birthday with Jamie in a park. It seemed that Errol knew this as he persuaded Bob to go to the park to sell ice cream. When Viv saw Bob she ran off. Errol told Bob to go after her and when they caught up Errol listened on but once again seemed to appear out of nowhere. After Viv rejected Bob and returned to "Emmerdale", Bob and Errol followed. Errol gave Bob some advice and told him that he'd walk home. After they said their goodbyes Bob walked away but turned around and Errol was gone.


Marian Rosetti

Marian Rosetti(nee Wilks) was first played by Gail Harrison from 1972 to 1976, then by Debbie Blythe for two stints in 1987 and 1988.

Jean Strickland

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Jean Strickland
portrayer=Alex Hall
years=1997, 2001
born=| death=10 September 2001
(Run over)

Jean Strickland was the Headmistress of the nearby school, and she appeared in two episodes of Emmerdale before she died after a hit and run. The occupants of the car were local village teenagers who attended her school. The driver, Marc Reynolds, was later sentenced to two years in youth custody for causing death by dangerous driving.

Caroline Swann

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Caroline Swann
portrayer=Sarah Moyle
spouse = Ben Swann
father =Douglas Potts
mother = Hilary Potts
sisters = Laurel Thomas
sons = Edward Swann| daughters = Beatrice Swann
nephews = Daniel Thomas
first=25 May 2007
last=2 December 2007

Caroline Swann (née Potts) is the elder sister of Laurel Thomas, the wife of Emmerdale's vicar Ashley Thomas. She arrived on 25 May 2007 as soon as her mother Hilary had woken up from a coma caused by a car crash .

She was seen again on 2 December when her parents returned home after staying in "Emmerdale" with Laurel. Caroline revealed that her husband, Ben, was made redundant and they lost the house and with nowhere else to go moved into Douglas and Hilary's house without invite.

Douglas and Hilary decided to move back to the village until Caroline found a new home.


James Tate

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=James Tate
years=1996- 1999
born=24 September 1996
family= Tate family
father = Frank Tate
mother = Kim Tate
halfbrothers = Chris Tate
Liam Hammond
halfsisters = Zoe Tate
nephews = Joseph Tate, Noah Tate
nieces = Jean Tate

James Francis Tate was a fictional character on the ITV soap opera "Emmerdale". The son of Frank Tate and his second wife, Kim, James's paternity was initially in doubt as Kim had been having an affair with one of her employees, Dave Glover.

Dave died saving James from a fire, before a paternity test established Frank as James's father, though Kim expressed doubts, believing that Frank's money meant he could have paid to arrange the result he wanted.

James's half-brother Chris tried to make Kim give him custody of James before Kim went on the run in January 1999, but Kim escaped with James by helicopter.

Jean Tate

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name= Jean Tate
portrayer=Megan Pearson
years=2003 - 2005
born=24 January 2003
home=New Zealand
father = Scott Windsor
mother: Zoe Tate
grandfathers = Reg Dawson
Frank Tate
grandmothers = Viv Hope
Jean Tate
uncles = Liam Hammond
Chris Tate
James Tate
Heath Hope
aunts = Donna Windsor-Dingle
Cathy Hope| cousins = Joseph Tate
Noah Tate

Jean Tate is the daughter of Zoe Tate and Scott Windsor, conceived during a one-night-stand while Zoe was suffering from schitzophrenia. She is named after Zoe's late mother. Jean's father was unknown until Scott came forward when Jean was in hospital following an accident where she fell off a table. Zoe eventually allowed Scott access to Jean, but then planned to leave for New Zealand taking Jean with her. Scott then took Zoe, Jean and her cousin Joseph hostage at gunpoint. Scott's mother Viv talked him round and Zoe, Joseph and Jean left together.

Joseph Tate

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name= Joseph Tate
portrayer=Oliver Young
years=1995- 2005
born=8 June 1995
home=New Zealand
family= Tate family
father =Chris Tate
mother =Rachel Hughes
halfbrothers = Noah Tate
grandfathers = Frank Tate
David Hughes
grandmothers = Jean Tate
Kate Sugden
uncles = Liam Hammond
James Tate
Mark Hughes
aunts = Zoe Tate
cousins = Jean Tate

Joseph Mark Tate was conceived by Chris Tate and Rachel Hughes in late 1994. He was born prematurely in June 1995. He is named after Rachel's late stepfather Joe Sugden and brother Mark Hughes. Chris and Rachel married six months after Joseph was born but divorced two years later. After Rachel was murdered by Graham Clark, Joseph went to live with Chris. When Chris married Charity Dingle, Joseph chose to go to boarding school. Chris then died leaving his sister Zoe with full custody.

In 2005, Joseph emigrated to New Zealand with his aunt Zoe and cousin Jean. He has a half-brother Noah, who is being brought up by his mother Charity.

Noah Tate

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name= Noah Tate
portrayer=Alfie Mortimer
years=2004- 2005
born= 1 March 2004
family= Tate family
Dingle family
father= Chris Tate
mother= Charity Tate
halfbrothers= Joseph Tate
halfsister= Debbie Dingle
grandfathers = Frank Tate
Obadiah Dingle
grandmothers = Jean Tate Sr.
great grandfather = Jedediah Dingle
great grandmothers = Peg Dingle
uncles = Liam Hammond
James Tate| nieces = Sarah Dingle
first = 1 March 2004
last = 2 March 2005

Noah Tate (previously Christopher Francis Tate Jr.) was born in prison after his mother Charity was jailed for the murder of her husband Chris, who had in fact committed suicide. Noah's paternity was in doubt as Charity had slept with both her cousin Cain and her cousin Marlon, but tests confirmed that Chris was the father. Charity then sold Noah to his aunt Zoe Tate, who named him Christopher after his father. In exchange Zoe gave evidence that Chris had set Charity up for his murder and Charity was freed. However, the courts refused to allow Zoe to adopt Christopher because of her past mental illness. Charity then took the baby back and changed his name back to Noah. Charity left with Noah in 2005.

Daniel Thomas

Infobox Emmerdale character 2

name=Daniel Thomas
portrayer =Rachel Moonie
born= 26 August 2007
death= 21 February 2008
father = Greg Doland
mother = Melanie Doland
halfbrothers = Jake Doland
first = 26 August 2007
last = "Heartbreak": 21 February 2008

Daniel Thomas, born on 26 August 2007 was, apparently the newborn son of Laurel and Ashley Thomas. He was christened in December 2007 his godfather being Shadrach Dingle who to everyones surprise seemed to care very much for the child even giving him presents and promising to teach him things when he was older.

On the 21 February 2008 Daniel died in his sleep, due to cot death leaving the village of Emmerdale devastated. The saga did not end, it was later revealed that when the Thomas' and Doland's baby was born, Daniel was, in fact not the Thomas' biological son. Daniel was swapped at birth with Arthur, the baby Melanie and Greg Doland believed to be theirs at the same time.

Daniel has been visited by both sets of parents.

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