Alan Turner (Emmerdale)

Alan Turner (Emmerdale)

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name=Alan Turner
portrayer=Richard Thorp
born=18 March 1932
home=Betty's House
creator= Kevin Laffan
sons = Terence Turner
daughters = Steph Forsythe
spouse= Jill Turner (–1985)
Shirley Foster (1993–1994)
granddaughters = Tricia Dingle
first = 18 March 1982

Alan Jonathan Turner is a fictional character in the British soap opera "Emmerdale" played by Richard Thorp. First appearing in 1982, Turner is "Emmerdale"'s longest serving current character.

Originally portrayed as a money-hungry, ruthless businessman, he has mellowed throughout the years and is now a 'pillar of the community' type figure.


Alan Turner came to Emmerdale in 1982. His early years were dominated by his business dealings and work on the local council. He worked as an estate manager for "NY Estates", having a rival of sorts in Joe Sugden, who later got his job.

Alan had been married to Jill, with whom he had two children: Terence and Steph. He had been a terrible father to both of them in their youth, but Terence was always his golden boy while Steph was the bad egg.

Relationship with Shirley Foster

He enjoyed many romances along the way and even married Shirley Foster in 1994, but she was tragically killed only four months after they married. This caused him to go back to his alcoholic ways for a while. But when Alan became the landlord of the Woolpack, his position at the centre of the community was assured. He was delighted when his manager Bernice Blackstock’s mother Diane arrived to help out and they formed a close friendship.

Relationship with Diane Lambert

Alan was letting his wilder side shine through by then, having been quite pompous and arrogant in his younger years, and took Diane out for a ride on his Dalesman motorbike. But, although Diane was fond of Alan, she didn’t pursue a romance with him and ended up marrying his close pal Jack Sugden instead.

Arrival of Trica and Steph Stokes

But when his granddaughter Tricia Stokes and later his daughter Steph Stokes arrived in Emmerdale, Alan had a lot on his plate. Although she was ditzy and a bit of a game girl, Alan was devoted to Tricia and loved her company. He was also proud as punch when she married the local chef Marlon Dingle even let the couple live with him for a time.

Trica Stokes' Death

He was less happy to see Steph. His daughter was source of constant exasperation for Alan – just like her mother Jill had been. In return, Steph harboured a deep resentment for the man she blamed for ruining her childhood. So when Tricia, the main bond between them, was killed in the freak storm on New Year’s Eve 2003, Alan and Steph were forced to accept they were stuck with each other.

Relationship with Shelly Williams

Thankfully, Alan found an ally in Shelly Williams – Steph’s best friend – and the couple started dating. Having a rival for Alan’s attention didn't sit well with Steph and she was quick to pour scorn on the relationship. When she realised their love was for real and that Alan was planning to take Shelly to Spain to start a new life, Steph decided to plot to stop him.

By spreading rumours that Shelly was a golddigger around the village, Steph got her way – and her former best friend left Alan and Emmerdale.

teph Poisons Alan

Horrified to have lost his girlfriend, Alan had an angry confrontation with his daughter on the stairs at the B&B and tumbled down them. His injuries left Alan at Steph’s mercy and she soon gave Kathy Bates in Misery a rival for worst nurse ever.

When he realises that Steph was poisoning him, Alan managed to get word to his neighbours and she was stopped in her tracks. Not before she nearly killed them both by driving off a quarry edge! But the real misery began for Alan when evidence of Shelly being held in the B&B cellar emerged and it looked like Steph had topped her.

helly Returns

After agonizing months waiting for news, Alan finally accepted that Shelly was dead – only for her to turn up at her own memorial service. Although he was horrified that Shelly let Steph go to prison for suspected murder, he forgave her and they tried to rebuild their relationship. But Shelly couldn’t live with Steph around and Alan felt unable to disown his daughter.

helly's Departure

When Shelly left, Alan begged Steph to go after her and get her to come home. But on the ferry, unbeknownst to Alan, Shelly is accidentally pushed off by Steph and left to drown. Steph returned to the village and her relationship with Alan grew stronger. He allowed her to take over the running of the B&B again and Steph later fell in love with local doctor Adam Forsythe.

Terence's Secert

But the new romance brought back some painful memories for Steph who told Alan she was sexually abused as a child by her older brother Terence. Incensed, Alan dismisses her claims and resumed contact with his estranged son. He turned against Steph, Adam and Betty and moved in to Holdgate Farm with Terence.

Terence's Murderer

But soon after, Alan discovered that Terence did in fact, abuse Steph and he threw him out. Terence returned to torment Steph and she and Adam were involved a violent struggle which resulted in Terence’s death. Although Adam took her on holiday, and married her, the murder began to weigh on Steph's sanity. Alan was deeply distressed to see his daughter in such a bad way and was heartbroken when she was sectioned.

While Adam lied to Alan and pretended Steph’s confession was a lie because her cumbling sanity, the fearful father couldn't help but feel Steph was telling the truth. He began to listen but with Adam holding all the cards and Steph in a terrible state, Turner was left unsure if there was anything he can do to help her.

After Adam did a runner when Steph was released hospital, Terence's body was found under the rubble of Kings River Show House. With Adam gone, Steph was charged with her brother's murder.

Alan was desperate to get his daughter out of prison as he feared that she won't be able to cope.

teph Confesses

On November 10th, Steph confessed to Alan that she had a hand in Shelly's death and was later sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her brother. Following Steph's imprisonment and Terence's cremation, Alan wanted answers and went to confront Adam in prison on November 12th, but was shocked when he turned up and Adam's ex-wife Isla told him that Adam had hanged himself.

Later Events

Feeling low, Alan sought comfort in the arms of Betty and clumsily made a pass her. Alan was left feeling embarrassed and things were awkward in the house for a while.

In December 2006, Alan decided to visit Kathy Brookman in Australia and stayed with her over the Christmas period and reminisced about old times with Seth Armstrong, who had died the previous year. Alan returned to the village and lived with Betty and her beau Sandy Thomas, but in early 2008, he again left to visit Kathy in Australia. He returned in June 2008. In August 2008, he shared a kiss with Pearl Ladderbanks.

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