Turner can refer to:
*One who uses a lathe for turning
*A kitchen utensil closely related to a spatula


Turner is a common English surname meaning "one who works with a lathe". [http://surnames.behindthename.com/php/search.php?type=n&terms=turner] . People who have the surname Turner include:

*J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851), English Romantic landscape painter

Common first name combinations

*Various people named Alex Turner
*Various people named Andrew Turner
*Various people named Brad Turner
*Various people named Brian Turner
*Various people named Charles Turner
*Various people named Dan Turner
*Various people named Daniel Turner
*Various people named David Turner
*Various people named Fred Turner, or Frederick Turner
*Various people named George Turner
*Various people named Henry Turner
*Various people named Jack Turner
*Various people named James Turner (disambiguation)
*Various people named Jim Turner
*Various people named Joel Turner
*Various people named John Turner (disambiguation)
*Various people named Lynn Turner
*Various people named Mark Turner
*Various people named Matt Turner
*Various people named Michael Turner, or Mike Turner
*Various people named Richard Turner
*Various people named Ron Turner
*Various people named Steve Turner
*Various people named Thomas Turner
*Various people named William Turner (disambiguation), or Will or Bill Turner

Notable individuals

*Adair Turner, Baron Turner of Ecchinswell (1955–), British businessman and academic
*Bake Turner, American football player who played wide receiver
*Ben Turner (1988-), English footballer
*Benjamin S. Turner (1825-1894), American slave turned politician
*Bonnie and Terry Turner, husband and wife sitcom writing team
*Bree Turner (1977-), American actress
*Bulldog Turner (1919-1998), American football player
*C. Turner Joy (1895–1956), U.S. Navy Admiral in World War II and the Korean War
*Chris Turner (author), Canadian writer
*Chris Turner (footballer born 1951), former English football (soccer) manager and player
*Chris Turner (footballer born 1958), English football (soccer) manager
*Chris Turner (footballer born 1987), Northern Irish professional footballer
*Chris Turner (footballer born 1990), English footballer currently with Accrington Stanley
*Clarence W. Turner (1866-1939), American politician
*Clorinda Matto de Turner (1853-1909), Peruvian writer
*Dawson Turner (1775-1858), English banker and botanist
*Dennis Turner, Baron Bilston (1942-), British Member of Parliament
*Des Turner, British politician
*Dwayne Turner, British comic book artist
*Edward Turner, British motorcycle and engine designer of Triumph Motorcycles
*Edward Turner, Renowned Latin Scholar from Philadelphia
*Eric Turner (1968-2000), American football player
*Erik Turner (1964-), guitarist for the American band Warrant
*Ernest Sackville Turner (1909-2006), English journalist and author
*Florence Turner (1885–1946), American actress
*Frank Turner (1981-), British musician
*Frederick Jackson Turner (1861–1932), American historian
*Garth Turner (1949–), Canadian business journalist, broadcaster and politician
*Geills Turner (1937-), wife of John Turner, the former Prime Minister of Canada
*Glenn Turner (1947-), New Zealand cricket player
*Grant Turner (1958-), New Zealand soccer player
*Guinevere Turner (1968–), American actress and writer
*Hal Turner, internet radio talk show host
*Ike Turner (1931–2007), American musician
*J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851), English painter
*Jane Turner (1967–), Australian actress and comedienne
*Janine Turner (1962–), American actress
*Jay Turner (1914 - 1960), American football running back
*Jean Turner (1939–), Independent Member of the Scottish Parliament
*Joe Turner (1907-90), American jazz pianist
*Big Joe Turner (1911–85), American blues singer
*Jonathan Baldwin Turner (1805-1899), abolitionist and educational leader
*Kathleen Turner (1954–), American actress
*Keena Turner (1958-), American football player
*Kevin B. Turner (1966-), noted Wal-Mart and Microsoft executive
*Lana Turner (1921–95), American actress
*Lesley Turner Bowrey (1942–), Australian tennis player
*Lynn Turner (1968-), The anti-freeze murderer
*Nat Turner (1800–31), leader of a slave rebellion
*Neil Turner (1945–), British Labour Member of Parliament
*Norv Turner (1952-), current head coach of the San Diego Chargers football team (NFL)
*Othar Turner (1907–2003), American fife player and blues musician
*Pamela Rogers Turner (1977–), American teacher convicted in 2005 as a sex offender
*Pat Turner (1961–), Canadian rower
*Randy Turner (1949?-2005), American artist and singer for the band Big Boys
*Richmond K. Turner (1885–1961), American naval officer in World War II
*Robert Turner, American professional poker player
*Roger Turner, American figure skater
*Roger Turner (garden designer), British garden designer and writer
*Roy J. Turner (1894-1973), American politician
*Sherri Turner (1956-), American LPGA golfer
*Shirley Turner, American politician
*Stansfield Turner (1923–), former director of the United States CIA
*Stuart Turner, British pump designer
*Sukhi Turner (1952-), New Zealand politician, born in India
*Ted Turner (1938–), American media mogul
*Tina Turner (1939–), American singer
*Victor Turner (1920–83), Scottish anthropologist
*Walter J. Turner (1884–1947), Australian poet
*Zachary Turner (2002-2003), baby drowned by his mother in Canadian murder/suicide

Fictional characters

*Alan Turner (Emmerdale), played by Richard Thorp on "Emmerdale"
*Cole Turner, character in "Charmed" played by Julian McMahon
*Darnell Turner, character played by Eddie Steeples in "My Name is Earl"
*Owen Turner, character in "EastEnders"
*Terence Turner, son of Alan Turner in "Emmerdale", played by Stephen Marchant and then Nick Brimble
*Timmy Turner, character on the Nickelodeon animated TV series "The Fairly OddParents"
**Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Timmy's parents


Turner is the name of several places:;Australia:
*Turner, Australian Capital Territory

*Turner Fenton Secondary School, a high school in Ontario

;United Kingdom
*Turner Museum of Glass in Sheffield, England, named after Professor William Ernest Stephen Turner (1881-1963)

;United States
*Turner, Indiana
*Turner, Kansas
*Turner, Maine
*Turner, Michigan
*Turner, Oregon
*Turner Air Force Base, outside Albany, Georgia
*Turner County, Georgia
*Turner County, South Dakota
*Turners, Missouri
*Turners Falls, Massachusetts


*Associated with Ted Turner:
**Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
***Turner South, a division of TBS with programming targeted toward viewers in the southern U.S.
**Turner Entertainment, a media company founded by Ted Turner
*Turner (car company), a British specialist sports car manufacturer
*Turner Construction, a New York City-based construction company
*Turner (constructor), former racing car constructor
*Turner Suspension Bicycles, an American bicycle frame manufacturer

Other uses

*Turners, German Americans organized in athletic and political gymnastic unions
**In German, a male gymnast is referred to as "ein Turner"; a female is "eine Turnerin"
*"The Turner Diaries", a novel by William Luther Pierce
*Turner Prize, a British prize in art
*Turner syndrome, a type of chromosomal abnormalities
*USS "Turner", the one of several American naval ships

ee also

*Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Canadian rock group
*Francis Turner Palgrave (1824–97), British critic and poet

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