Theory (disambiguation)

Theory (disambiguation)

Theory may refer to:

* Theory, a logical explanation for a given set of facts
* Theory (mathematics) a branch of mathematics which covers a single subject (e.g. Number theory)
* Theory (mathematical logic), the set of statements (conclusions) that can be generated from a set of axiomatic statements (beliefs) and a set of inference rules (logic)
* theory (brand), a fashion brand
* Theory choice, a problem in the philosophy of science, involving how scientists should choose between competing theories
* Theory and fact, the conceptual difference between theories and facts in science, the basis of the interpretation of Evolution as theory and fact
* Literary theory
* Music theory, the study of the underlying structure of music.

* Theory and Event, an electronic academic journal devoted to contemporary questions in political theory
* Theory and Practice of Muslim State in India, a book by historian K.S. Lal

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