Theory of everything (disambiguation)

Theory of everything (disambiguation)

Theory of everything (TOE) is an hypothetical physical theory that would explain all known physical phenomena.

Theory of everything may refer to:
* Theory of everything (book), a book by Ken Wilber dealing with his "Integral theory"
* Theory of everything (philosophy), an hypothetical all-encompassing philosophical explanation of nature or reality.
* An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything, a proposed physical theory of everything.
* The Theory of Everything, an unauthorized Physics book by Stephen Hawking.
* The Theory of Everything (CSI), an episode of TV series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
* The Theory of Everything (film), a 2000 TV film

Theory of everything may also refer to:

* Theories for Everything, an history of science book published by National Geographic Society.
* Grand unification theory, a set of very similar physical models for the merge of physical forces at high energies.
* Unified field theory, a model for physical theories of everything describing the unified forces in terms of physical fields.
* Quantum gravity, the field of theoretical physics where theories of everything are researched.
* String theory, a proposed physical theory of everything.

See also

* Everything
* Absolute (philosophy)
* Holism
* The All

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