Slipstream (disambiguation)

Slipstream (disambiguation)

Slipstream may refer to:

cience & computers

* Slipstream, in physics, a pocket of reduced pressure following behind an object moving through a fluid medium
* Slipstream (computing), in computer software, a slang term that means merging patches or updates into the original installation sources of a program
* Slipstream (computer science), in computer architecture, a technique for improving both processor performance and fault tolerance. The technique exploits a shortened program running concurrently and ahead of the execution of the full program
* SlipStream Data, a spin-off company from the University of Waterloo dealing with internet acceleration and data compression
* Slipstream (Amiga demo scene), an Amiga demogroup from the 1990s
* "Slipstream 5000", a futuristic racing game, released for PC in 1995
* "Slipstream (video game)", a Formula One Arcade game released by Capcom in 1995
* Slipstream (game), an online game from the website [ Candystand]


* Slipstream (genre), a literary genre that pushes the boundary between traditional fiction and either science fiction and/or fantasy
* Slipstream (science fiction), a science fiction term for a fictional method of faster-than-light travel
* Slipstream (magazine), a literary press and magazine founded in 1980
* Slipstream (comics), a character in the Marvel Universe
* Slipstream (typography), the trademarked name of a font family


* Slipstream (video), is a video by Jethro Tull
* "Slipstream", the ninth track on Jethro Tull's Aqualung
* "Slipstream", the lead track on Allan Clarke's "Legendary Heroes" (1979)
* Slipstream (band), a UK indie band
* "Queen of the Slipstream" , title of song from "Poetic Champions Compose" by Van Morrison
* "Starlings of the Slipstream", title of song from "Brighten the Corners" by Pavement
* Slipstream (album), a 1981 compilation album
* "Slipstream", a track on the album Light & Shade by Mike Oldfield.


* Slipstream (2007 film), a 2007 film written and directed by Anthony Hopkins
* Slipstream (2005 film), a 2005 science-fiction film starring Sean Astin and Vinnie Jones
* Slipstream (1989 film), a 1989 science fiction film directed by Steven Lisberger and starring Bob Peck, Mark Hamill and Bill Paxton
* Slipstream (1973 film), an award-winning Canadian film directed by David Acomba
* Slipstream (1967 film), a 1967 Steven Spielberg movie that went unfinished


* Team Slipstream, a UCI professional cycling team
* Slip-Stream, a character from the G.I. Joe universe
* In the TV show "Andromeda," Slipstream is a method of space travel along the lines of a wormhole.

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