Sloth (disambiguation)

Sloth (disambiguation)

Sloth may refer to:
*The Sloth, a South American mammal
*The Ground sloth, several extinct species related to the above mammal.
*Sloth (deadly sin), one of the seven deadly sins, meaning spiritual apathy
*Sloth (band)
*Sloth, a deformed man in the 1985 movie, "The Goonies"
*Sloth, a character in the anime and manga series Fullmetal Alchemist
*"Sloth", a graphic novel by Love and Rockets co-creator, Gilbert Hernandez
*"Sloth", a song by Fairport Convention from their album "Full House" (1970)
*"The Sloth", a song by Phish from their album "The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday" (1987)
* 'Sloths!' is the name of an SNL Digital Short
*The term "sloth" is also used for other slow-moving animals.
**The Sloth Bear of Southeast Asia
**Several species of lorises, lemurs and galagos
**The Koala has been called the "Australian sloth".
*Jørn Sloth is a Danish chess grandmaster.

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