List of Spectacular Spider-Man characters

List of Spectacular Spider-Man characters

The following is a list of characters that appear in "The Spectacular Spider-Man TV Series".

Main Characters

=Peter Parker/Spider-Man=

* Voice Actor: Josh Keaton

Bitten by a genetically altered spider while visiting Dr. Curt Connors' lab at Empire State University, Peter donned a spider themed costume to fight crime after allowing a burglar to escape, who later killed his Uncle Ben.

Peter was awarded an internship for Dr. Connors, a position which he held until being fired by Martha Connors for ditching the antidote plan to take pictures of the Lizard. However, his Lizard pictures caught the eye of J. Jonah Jameson who gave him a job as a Bugle freelancer to take more pictures of Spider-Man in action. He and Harry try out for the football team, but lets Harry join the football team. In the episode "Catalysts" he goes with Mary Jane to the Fall Formal. However, a few days later Peter sees Mary Jane going out with Flash Thompson as she says they were just friends.

Following John Jameson's return from space, the alien symbiote was taken to Dr. Connors' lab for study. The symbiote then got loose during a fight between Spider-Man and Black Cat, leading to Spider-Man stepping on and bonding with the symbiote. It causes him to be more aggressive towards his enemies and others, it also gives him a strong desire to keep the symbiote, despite what it is doing to him. After a brief talk with Flash Thompson, Peter is able to think clearly once more and decides to get rid of the symbiote, only to find out it is trying everything it can to bond with him. With the spirit of Uncle Ben to guide him through, Peter was able to triumph over the suit and dispose of it. He later returns it Dr. Connors lab and tries to destroy the suit forever by freezing it. Unfortunately, Eddie came in at the wrong time and misunderstood the situation causing his hatred for both Peter and Spider-Man to rise up more than ever, giving the symbiote more than enough energy to break free of the ice and bond with him.

After returning to his normal suit, Peter meets a new villain, Venom. Realizing it is the symbiote and from its words he realizes it is going after his loved ones. Upon hearing it call him "bro" he finds out that it is Eddie who has bonded with the symbiote. After it nearly attacked Aunt May and kidnapped Gwen, Peter decides enough is enough and fights Venom, only to realize he is no match for Venom, Peter tricked the symbiote off of Eddie by pretending to accept it back. Inside of his mind, the symbiote attempted to rejoin with him, only to be stopped by images of Peter's friends and family. Afterwards, Peter buries the symbiote in quick dry cement deeply hoping never to see it again. Also, by the end of the first season, Peter fully and happily accepts his destiny as Spider-Man, and begins to realize his true feelings for Gwen after she kissed him.

Gwen Stacy

* Voice Actor: Lacey Chabert

Gwen is one of Peter Parker's best friends and an intellectual equal, not to mention harboring a crush on him.

She is the daughter of Police Captain George Stacy and also gained an internship with Dr. Connors at Empire State. She was disappointed in Peter for ditching the cure effort for when Dr. Connors turned into the Lizard, but soon forgave him. In the episode "The Invisible Hand" Peter unintentionally lies to Gwen saying he is not going to the Fall Formal (school dance), but later finds himself courted by Mary Jane. At the formal, Gwen is silently hurt when seeing Peter and Mary Jane together, believing that he lied to her. She later becomes concerned for Harry's health when he starts abusing the performance enhancing formula Globulin Green. She admits her feelings for Peter to Mary Jane in "Intervention". In the following episode, "Nature vs. Nuture", Gwen follows Mary Jane's advice and begins showing a more active interest in him. During the Thanksgiving parade she is kidnapped by Venom, on the basis that he is going to harm the person Peter loves the most. This, coupled with Gwen later kissing Peter after their Thanksgiving dinner, causes Peter to realize her feelings for him and his possible subsequent feelings for her.

Harry Osborn

* Voice Actor: James Arnold Taylor

Harry is Peter's other best friend and son of ruthless industrialist Norman Osborn.

He constantly lives in his father's shadow and considers Peter a good friend despite being much richer than him. Harry drops Peter as a friend after failing to tutor him twice, leading to his failure on the calculus test. However, when Norman gives Harry a lecture on self-responsibility, Harry reconsiders his decision. He apologizes and forgives Peter, and together, they try out for the football team to teach Flash a lesson. Harry then becomes a member of the football team. As a result of this, he has become significantly more popular, even going to the fall formal with Kenny Kong's ex-girlfriend, Glory Grant.

In the episode "Catalysts", it's shown that he has developed a hidden jealousy towards Peter, seen where Pete is showing off his date, Mary Jane to the popular clique. In this episode, he's also dumped by Glory at the dance who reunited with Kenny "King" Kong again. Curiously, this provokes him to take one of Oscorp's drugs from his locker, named "Globulin Green", out of anxiety in order to enhanced his natural abilities in football. However, it effected Harry's mind, with the Green Goblin persona emerging when Harry suffers a black out.

Though Spider-Man eventually learned the truth, he agrees not to arrest his friend when Norman pleaded on his behalf. Gwen tells Peter at school the next day that Harry is taking a leave of absence to get the help he needs.

Harry will return in Season Two.

Green Goblin

* Voice Actor: Steven Blum

The Green Goblin is a mysterious psychopath who flies around New York City on a glider dressed in a goblin costume.

The Goblin forces three of the Big Man's lackeys to help him in assassinating L. Thompson Lincoln and expose him as the Big Man of crime to the society, in hopes of taking the position away from him. Spider-Man captures the Goblin, but he escapes when Spider-Man is occupied with finding a bomb he planted earlier at Thompson's party. In "Reaction", The Goblin is directly responsible for the creation of Dr. Octopus, as he infiltrates OsCorp and interferes with a dangerous operation involving use of the mechanical arms.

In "The Uncertainty Principle", The Green Goblin is revealed to be Harry Osborn, who combined with the use of the Globulin formula, and loss of sanity, transformed into the madman. Eventually, he's caught changing by Spider-Man and Norman, both of which equally distraught. Harry then loses his sanity again, and slams Norman into the wall in fury. Harry then begins to blame him for stealing the formula, shouting that he now had "The son he always wanted."

With Norman convincing Spider-Man not to turn Harry in, they both agree to get him some help.

Green Goblin is stated to return in Season Two.

J. Jonah Jameson

* Voice Actor: Daran Norris

Jameson is the loudmouth, egotistical publisher of the Daily Bugle, New York's biggest newspaper.

He considers children like Peter to be nothing more than a nuisance and considers pictures of Spider-Man to be of the utmost importance. Jameson eventually chooses to hire Peter as a freelance photographer, despite his dislike of teenagers. In spite of his apparent selfish demeanor, he's willing to protect Peter's life, when Rhino demands his appearance in the Daily Bugle and he clearly saw Peter hiding in the closet he made an excuse that he wasn't there.

In "Uncertainty Principles", after being frustrated by people recognizing Spider-Man over his son John, Jameson begins a smear campaign against the former.

When he heard an old lady got a heart attack during Spider-Man's battle with the Sinister Six in "Group Therapy", he wanted to put it in the front pages thinking it would sell. But when he was told it was Peter's aunt, he changed his mind and tried to call Peter to let him the bad news but Peter didn't answer (believing Jameson is going to yell at him).

Aunt May

* Voice Actor: Deborah Strang

May is Peter's aunt and widow of Ben Parker.

She constantly worries about Peter's well-being (going so far as to establish a strict curfew) and works hard to pay the ever-growing stack of bills that keep coming. In two straight episodes, May has mentioned Mary Jane Watson, who eventually came on the show herself in "The Invisible Hand".

While Spider-Man fought the Sinister Six, Aunt May had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. She recovered and was able to spend Thanksgiving with Peter, Gwen, Captain Stacy and oddly enough her doctor.

Uncle Ben

* Voice Actor: Edward Asner

Peter's Uncle Ben raised him along with May when his parents died in a plane crash when they were young. Peter, while competing in a wresting competition, allowed a thief to escape as revenge against Sullivan Edwards for not paying him the prize money. The same thief later killed Uncle Ben while stealing his car. Ben's spirit returned to help Spider-Man fight off the symbiote in Peter's mind.

Mary Jane Watson

* Voice Actor: Vanessa Marshall

Mary Jane was first mentioned early on in the series by an enthusiastic Aunt May. However, as Aunt May believed her to have a "wonderful personality", Peter was naturally off-put. A running gag that had occurred had Peter (and one time Harry) shuddering everytime he heard Mary Jane's name.

Eventually, on the night of the Midtown fall formal, Peter (who had just been rejected by Betty), prepares himself for the utter worst. To his main surprise, he's stunned to find that Mary Jane is in fact, gorgeous. Peter, stricken with no words, and a dazed grin; Mary Jane pulls a sly smile and states the famous line: "Face, it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!" At the formal, Mary Jane manages to both surprise and impress the popular clique (Flash in particular). Her flirty behavior is also emphasized when dancing with a visibly interested Randy Robertson and Hobie Brown. She even wins prom queen even though no one knows her name yet being called "That red headed girl that came with Peter Parker". Despite Peter having to leave for The Bugle (while in reality, Spider-Man), Mary Jane graciously offers him a last dance as the formal closes. In the episode "Reaction", she goes to the carnival with Flash Thompson, but it's later shown that she never considered being in a true relationship with anybody. She later hooks up with Eddie Brock after attending a fundraiser together. After his reckless motorcycle driving and hearing his and Peter's history, she tells him to stop so she can get off. Before leaving she tells Eddie that despite his many flaws, Peter was twice the man he'd ever be.

She transfers to Midtown High School after being accepted into the theater magnet. She later has a talk with Gwen concerning her feelings for Peter. Though Gwen initially denies having any romantic interest toward him, Mary Jane coaxes Gwen to admit her feelings toward him and warns her to let him know to avoid future regret.

=Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus=

* Voice Actor: Peter MacNicol

Dr. Octavius is a research scientist working under Norman Osborn at OsCorp. He is very timid and willing to apologize for every little thing, a direct contrast to his boss, Norman.

He is one of OsCorp's most intelligent scientists and the creator of a four armed harness that makes him able to do dangerous experiments, playing a part in the creation of Sandman and Rhino.

Eventually, as the result of a devastating accident, orchestrated by the Green Goblin, and becomes the vengeful Dr. Octopus. With his arms permanently fused to his back, he then seeks to destroy all of those who have wronged him, but Spider-Man eventually defeated the menace at a Coney Island carnival.

In the following days, Doc Ock sent letters to Electro, who was going through therapy at Ravencroft. He convinced Electro to break him and the other members of the Sinister Six out of Ryker's Island to fight Spider-Man. Doc Ock showed an interest in Spider-Man symbiote costume during the final battle at Central Park. Spider-Man's symbiote costume started to take control of Spider-Man and if it weren't for the intervention of Captain George Stacy, Doctor Octopus wouldn't have survived the battle.

=Norman Osborn=

* Voice Actor: Alan Rachins

Norman is Harry's strict yet well-meaning father and dirty-dealing CEO of OsCorp. Norman never apologizes, even when he is wrong and goes to any length to make the most money, including stealing Adrian Toomes' flight technology.

Norman secretly made a deal with Hammerhead and Big Man to create a number of supervillains so Spider-Man would be too distracted to stop their operations. Norman suggests pausing their experiments for a while until people stop asking questions, but Hammerhead refuses to let him, threatening to reveal his involvement using Dr. Octavius as a witness.

After the Green Goblin surfaced, Hammerhead accused Norman of having something to do with it, though he assured the mobster otherwise. Spider-Man also suspected this, only for him and Norman to shocked to see Harry behind the mask. Norman pleaded with Spider-Man not to turn Harry in and Spider-Man agreed as long as the Green Goblin never returns.

Norman will return in Season Two.

=L. Thompson Lincoln/Tombstone=

* Voice Actor: Keith David (Survival of the Fittest), Kevin Michael Richardson (All other episodes)

L. Thompson Lincoln is believed by Spider-Man to be the true identity of the "Big Man," though he says he's gone by many names, his favorite being Tombstone.

When Spider-Man discovered his secret criminal identity, Thompson offered him money to look the other way in the future, but Spider-Man refused. In return, Lincoln sends the police in to make Spider-Man look like the villain.

Later Spider-Man ended up saving him from an attack by the Green Goblin at a banquet he attended (they take the fight outside and Spidey hits the Goblin, saying "THIS is for making me protect Tombstone!"). When they got rid of the time-bomb the Green Goblin had planted, the crime boss commented to the Web-Slinger that he offered money for what Spider-Man just did for free. The Green Goblin later kidnaps Hammerhead in another attempt to kill Tombstone, which fails thanks to Spider-Man and Tombstone's intervention.

Some time later the symbiote took a temporary control and returned to Tombstone to accept his job offer. When released from the symbiote's control Spider-Man broke the deal. Tombstone begrudgingly accepted Eddie Brock/Venom's job offer a moment later.

Among all of the villains that have fought Spider-Man only Tombstone was able to beat Spider-Man with little effort (though this may be because Spider-Man under-estimated him at first).

Eddie Brock/Venom

* Voice Actor: Benjamin Diskin

Eddie Brock's appearance in this show is a young man greatly interested in science. He first appears as Peter's childhood friend in the show, but overtime, developed an animosity toward Peter. Eddie is slightly older than Peter and is a freshman at Empire State University, working with Dr. Curt Connors. Eddie and Peter's friendship is strained when Peter ditches the antidote plan for Dr. Connors to secretly assist as Spider-Man, but Eddie later forgives him, saying he just needs some time. He later escorts Gwen to the Fall Formal, and is visibly ticked off when Peter shows up at the dance with Mary Jane, believing he lied to Gwen about not going to the formal. He becomes infuriated with Peter's decisions, and it damages their friendship beyond repair. Accusing Peter of not bothering to call the police as Spider-Man was stealing the symbiote (not knowing it had secretly bonded to Spider-Man), his personality began to shift. To get even, Eddie tries using a selfish scheme against Peter by having Mary Jane ride with him on his motorcycle, telling her about his parents' death, and Peter's act of taking pictures that hurt Curt Connors. When it is clear Eddie has become arrogant and irrational, Mary Jane gets off and angrily tells Eddie, "Peter may not be perfect, but despite his faults, he's twice the man you'll ever be!" which leads to her walking off while Eddie glares at her.

He visited Aunt May in the hospital when she had a heart attack, but ridiculed Peter for not being there for her. He was fired from his job at Empire State University because, without the symbiote to study, the Connors' funding was dropped and they could no longer pay Eddie. Blaming Peter because he "didn't call the police", he sneaked up on Peter outside the hospital, only to have the angry Parker slam him against the wall, growling 'We're [Peter and the Symbiote] tired of your whining...'. After Peter discarded the symbiote and tried to kill it, it bonded with Eddie who had seen Spider-Man's attempt to kill it. The symbiote's bonding with Eddie while he sought revenge on Peter constructed a very hazardous result: Venom. When the symbiote bonded with Eddie it transplanted all its knowledge into Eddie's vengeful mind, including Peter's secret identity. Venom first attacks Peter at his home. After defeating him, he decides to make him suffer by attacking his loved ones, starting with an attempt on Aunt May, and then kidnapping Gwen and hanging her from a Thanksgiving Parade baloon. While attacking, Eddie finally stated they were not brothers despite their mutual losses, and lashed out at Peter for having family to go to when his parents died, whereas Eddie had no one. Spider-Man tricks the Symbiote into leaving Eddie by pretending he wanted to rejoin with it, leaving Eddie alone and passed out from the strain. After successfully deflecting the Symbiote's attempt to regain control, Spider-Man captures it and dumps it in some wet cement at a local construction site. It's later revealed in an interview, that Eddie disappeared after Peter returned to the roof. Season 2 will focus on Peter's search for Eddie. [ [ IGN: The Spectacular Spider-Man's Past and Future ] ]

He is based partly on the Ultimate version of Venom, retaining his childhood friendship with Peter and interest in science, and even his ability to morph his body into a tentacle style, possibly inspired from how Venom appears in "" while baring the mainstream version's more muscular build, and alien nature. Also, this Venom can grow a mouth on his lower stomach.



=Eugene "Flash" Thompson=

* Voice Actor: Joshua LeBar

Flash is Peter Parker's high school nemesis and all-around bully.

He's not very bright, but takes pleasure in pushing "Puny Parker" around especially since Eddie Brock graduated the year prior. In the episode "Catalysts" he was shocked when he saw Peter with Mary Jane. When Peter left, he danced with her and they became prom king and queen. He also invites her to the school football game, hinting that he either has an attraction to her, or is trying to steal her way from Peter. Mary and Flash later ended up going to the Coney Island carnival together, a move that costs his relationship with Liz. Apparently, he idolizes Spider-Man and tried to help him in his battle with Doctor Octopus. As per his deal with Peter, Flash dressed up as a cheerleader for Halloween with the rest of the team doing the same. He tried hitting on Mary Jane, but she ended up rejecting his forward advances, stating that she was a "free agent" and planned to remain one.

Flash was ridiculed by his classmates for believing that Spider-Man was still a hero when the Chameleon was framing him. When he heard Peter's Aunt May had a heart attack, he was angry at Peter for aggressively shunning away the other classmates' concerns. He was in the hospital to tell Peter he wasn't very concerned about him, but he was acting like a jerk to everyone who wanted to help him (even to Gwen). This act convinced Peter that the Symbiote was controlling him, leading to its removal. Peter later thanked Flash for the talking to, for which Flash grudgingly accepted. Flash also helped Spider-Man save Gwen at the Thanksgiving Day parade after getting some help from the rest of the football team.

=Dr. Curt Connors/Lizard=

* Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

Dr. Curt Connors is a respected scientist, interested in genetics.

Dr. Connors runs the biology lab at Empire State University with his wife Martha and employees Eddie Brock as a lab assistant and Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy as interns until Peter was fired. Having lost his right arm in the first Gulf War, Connors had been experimenting with Lizard DNA to regrow his arm. When one vial was hit by Electro's lightning bolt, it charged the DNA and slowly turned Connors into the Lizard after injecting himself with it. He eventually was cured by Spider-Man but it left him depressed about his irresponsibility from his research.

The alien symbiote was brought to Dr. Connors' lab for study, refueling his interest in science. The Chameleon disguised himself as Connors in an attempt to steal the symbiote, but a fight between Black Cat and Spider-Man led to Spidey getting the symbiote before him.

Liz Allan

* Voice Actor: Alanna Ubach

Liz was Flash Thompson's high-class cheerleader girlfriend. She's Hispanic (Puerto Rican) in this version

Originally viewing Peter as a nerd, she was forced by Mr. Warren into being tutored by Peter. She showed no interest at first and would rather fail until Peter bailed to chase down Electro. Liz had a change of heart and agreed to more tutoring as Dr. Connor's lab where Electro attacked. The following day at school, Liz brushed Peter off as usual, but only after Flash catches her talking to him. She showed slight regret after brushing him off and later wished him luck at football tryouts. In the episode "Catalysts", she was shocked when she saw Peter with Mary Jane and smiles (perhaps happy for Peter). However, she was shown mad when Mary Jane won as prom queen. Eventually, after Flash takes Mary Jane to a carnival at Coney Island, she decides to take Peter as a date. Despite her reputation potentially being in danger, we see another side to Liz's personality, as she seemed to harbor romantic feelings towards Peter. Later that night, for an unknown reason, and in tears, she had broken up with Flash. This might have either been because he took Mary Jane to the carnival or her feelings for Peter. This has yet to be revealed. She was concerned about Peter when his Aunt May had a heart attack. She currently seems to have a crush on him as shown in "Nature vs. Nurture".

=Randolph "Randy" Robertson=

* Voice Actor: Phil LaMarr

Rand is on the Midtown High School football team with Flash, but shown to be much nicer and more neutral than his teammate. He is dating Sally Avril and is the son of Joe "Robbie" Robertson. He is not pleased with his girlfriend's snobby behavior, especially when he was watching John Jameson's critical landing while Sally wasn't concerned. Although he does not try to protect Peter from being bullied by his fellow players, he does not get involved in it either. When Peter attempted to ask out Sally, Rand seem unconcerned and said simply 'its cool.' He was concerned about Peter when his Aunt May had a heart attack. He accepted Peter's apology for his aggressive attitude (influenced by the Symbiote).

=Kenny "King Kong" Harlan=

* Voice Actor: Andrew Kishino

Kenny is on the Midtown High School football team and sidekick to Flash Thompson as the school bully. He dated Glory Grant until she broke up with him as he was acting too childish even after he humiliated Harry Osborn. He and Glory got back together at the fall formal, humiliating Harry, after Kenny apologized to her for his behavior. Surprisingly, he was visibly concerned about Peter when his Aunt May had a heart attack. It appears that like his Ultimate Spider-Man counterpart, Kenny has the potential to be a decent guy when he is not around Flash.

=Hobie Brown=

* Voice Actor: None (yet)

Hobie is a friend of Flash Thompson's. Flash helped Hobie gain a position on the football team by throwing him easy passes, but Harry Osborn beat him for the position and Hobie became the back-up. He was visibly concerned about Peter when his Aunt May had a heart attack.

Glory Grant

* Voice Actor: Cree Summer

Unlike most of the other popular kids at the Midtown, Glory is one of the few who seems less arrogant about her status and behaves more friendly towards the unpopular kids such as Peter and Harry.

Glory is Kenny Kong's on-and-off-again girlfriend. She broke up with him (again) for being too childish and now shows interest towards Harry Osborn, even going as far as going to the fall formal with him. Kong and Glory got back together at the fall formal after he apologizes for his behavior, humiliating Harry. She was worried about Harry after he disappeared from the formal. Later, she was angry when Kong dressed as a cheerleader for Halloween, thinking he was making fun of her, presumably restarting their on-and-off cycle again. She was visibly concerned about Peter when his Aunt May had a heart attack.

=Sally Avril=

* Voice Actor: Grey DeLisle

Sally is Randy Robertson's snobby cheerleader girlfriend and one-time crush of Peter Parker.

She considers Peter a grade-A nerd, and refuses to have anything to do with him. She was shocked when she saw Peter with Mary Jane Watson, and can't believe that someone like Mary Jane would go out with a nerd like Peter. Her relationship with Randy took a sour turn when he left her to dance with Mary Jane. She was also angry when Mary Jane won as formal queen. In "Reaction", she blamed Peter for Flash and Liz's breaking up at the Coney Island carnival, despite the fact that Peter had little to nothing to do with them breaking up. She was among those ridiculing Flash for believing Spider-Man was framed. However, as stated by Flash in "Intervention", Sally was concerned about Peter when his Aunt May had a heart attack.

Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

* Voice Actor: Phil LaMarr

Robbie is the Editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle and father to Randy Robertson.

His nicer deposition is a much needed balance against J. Jonah Jameson's perpetual outrage. He was reluctant to give Ned Lee the Green Goblin story, not wanting the public to assume that he and Spider-Man were partners-in-crime.

=Ned Lee=

* Voice Actor: Andrew Kishino

Ned is a reporter for the Daily Bugle and one of Peter Parker's coworkers.

After watching Spider-Man in action, he suggests an investigation into finding his true identity. Jameson says his real identity doesn't sell newspapers, but Robbie urges him to go with the investigation, anyway. Despite Robbie's misgivings, Ned was given the Green Goblin story as well.

Betty Brant

* Voice Actor: Grey DeLisle

Betty is J. Jonah Jameson's personal secretary. She is calm and collected, even during Jameson's constant outrages.

Peter asked Betty to his school dance, but she politely turned him down as she was too old for him. Peter refused to stop asking and Betty told him she would consider it, but was talked out of it by Aunt May as she had already invited Mary Jane Watson to go with Peter.

=Aaron Warren=

* Voice Actor: Brian George

Aaron Warren is Midtown's biology teacher.

He considers Peter and Gwen to be his brightest students and recommended them for the internship positions with Dr. Connors at Empire State University. He also suggested that Liz be tutored by Peter after she received a D- on a test.

Dr. Bromwell

* Voice Actor: Dorian Harewood

Dr. Bromwell is a doctor at the New York City Emergency Hospital. He created the insulation suit that Max Dillon was forced to wear after being transformed into Electro after an accident. Bromwell later treated May after her heart attack and stayed with the Parker family for Thanksgiving dinner after giving May a ride home from the hospital.

Martha Connors

* Voice Actor: Kath Soucie

Martha is Dr. Curt Connors wife and fellow scientist.

She is immediately angered after finding out that her husband had been tampering with lizard DNA to regrow his arm, but dismissed it after the experiment worked. When the mutation continued to the point where Dr. Connors turned into the Lizard, Martha led the team that created the antidote based on Curt's research. After the incident, Martha fires Peter for abandoning the cure effort to take pictures of the Lizard. She also mentioned that she can't trust Peter especially when Eddie Brock denied a hook-up for Peter Parker when it came to the symbiote discovery.

Martha later revealed that since the symbiote was stolen, the lab was denied a grant and she was forced to fire Eddie.

Billy Connors

* Voice Actor: Mark Burkholder

Billy is the son of Curt and Martha Conners.

=Jean De Wolff=

* Voice Actor: Irene Bedard

Jean is police officer for the New York City Police Department partnered with Stan Carter. She does not consider Spider-Man as much help as most of the criminals he captures wind up being released.

=Stan Carter=

* Voice Actor: Thomas F. Wilson

Stan is a New York City police officer partnered with Jean DeWolff. He has a short temper, evident when he yelled at Max Dillon after he refused to return to the hospital. He has shown an appreciation of Spider-Man's vigilantism, even quarantining the area where Spider-Man and Sandman were fighting.

=John Jameson=

* Voice Actor: Daran Norris

An Air Force colonel, astronaut, and son of J. Jonah Jameson.

John Jameson visited his father the week before his launch date. His father takes him to a benefit party for one of L. Thompson Lincoln's charities, but John laments that he would rather go to a restaurant. Just as they are about to leave, the Green Goblin crashes the party and hold the guests hostage. John attacks one of the Goblin's henchmen, but is hit by the Goblin's laser. He later helps Spider-Man find a pumpkin bomb Goblin hid in the chandelier and warns his father not to report his heroism as it would lead to an investigation that could get him pulled from the space mission.

He successfully leaves for space the following week. The night before Halloween, a stray meteor hit the space shuttle, damaging the heat shield. Despite the difficulty, John managed to safely land the shuttle, bringing a strange alien symbiote with him.

Captain George Stacy

* Voice Actor: Clancy Brown

A police captian and father of Gwen Stacy, he has always believed Spider-Man to be a hero.

When the Chameleon tried to frame Spider-Man by commiting crimes while disguised as the webswinger in "Persona", Stacy defended him, pointing out that the robber Spider-Man was taller than the real Spider-Man. Stacy warned Spider-Man that as long as he wore a mask, people would wonder. In "Group Therapy," Stacy was caught in a disbelief when he saw Spider-Man nearly beaten Doctor Octopus to death under the influence of the alien symbiote. He later joins the Parkers with Gwen for Thanksgiving, thankful that his daughter was saved by Spider-Man.

Mayor Waters

* Voice Actor: B.J. Ward

Waters is mayor of New York City with hopes of reelection.

She was a victim of the Chameleon disguised as Spider-Man robbery and believed, like most, that Spider-Man has truly turned to crime. The Chameleon failed to steal anything from the gala on the ship, but Black Cat managed to steal Waters' tiger necklace.

In "The Invisible Hand", she was seen in several photos with Tombstone, implying they once had a serious relationship.

Dr. Ashley Kafka

* Voice Actor: Elisa Gabrielli

Dr. Kafka is a psychiatrist at Ravencroft. She administered Electro's therapy lessons and gave him a clean bill of health and allowed his to return to society, unaware he deceived her.

Frederick Foswell

* Voice Actor: James Arnold Taylor

Frederick's works at the "Daily Bugle", J. Jonah Jameson mentions Foswell. This series version of Foswell even appears briefly in "Market Forces", with blonde hair, a mustache, and a green business suit. Later "The Invisible Hand", shows Foswell working as a Bugle employee. At the office, he is asked about the Big Man by Peter Parker. The only other related name Parker learned was "Lincoln," and Foswell cites rumors that "L. Thompson Lincoln" was the Big Man, though Foswell admits that his investigation has led him to believe that Lincoln is not the Big Man.

=Felicia Hardy/Black Cat=

* Voice Actor: Tricia Helfer

The Black Cat is a thief with an interest in Spider-Man.

After being foiled in an attempt to steal the alien symbiote due to Spider-Man's arrival, she and the webslinger team up to take down the Chameleon, who was impersonating Spider-Man and framing him for crimes. Although Black Cat truly helped Spider-Man in capturing Chameleon and his cohorts, she escaped capture and stole Mayor Waters' tiger necklace as a souvenir. Black Cat kisses Spider-Man at the end of the episode.

Black Cat will return in Season Two.

Crusher Hogan

* Voice Actor: Jim Cummings

Crusher Hogan was the wrestler that Peter Parker as Spider-Man faced as seen in a flashback accessed by the symbiote suit. Spider-Man easily beat him in a wrestling match.


=Adrian Toomes/Vulture=

* Voice Actor: Robert Englund

Adrian Toomes is an elderly scientist tricked by Norman Osborn to reveal his plans for flying technology, not knowing that Osborn was planning on stealing his invention. He first blamed an employee of OsCorp called Otto Octavius-a photo in Octavius' apartment shows that he and Toomes were old friends. After Osborn showed no remorse for his actions, Toomes donned his own flying suit and dubbed himself Vulture in order to force Norman to apologize until Spider-Man stopped him.

Vulture still held his grudge against Osborn when he joined the Sinister Six to fight Spider-Man. His flight pack was reinforced with steel, but was still defeated by Spider-Man after he knocked him unconsious by damaging the helmet he wears.


* Voice Actor: John DiMaggio

Hammerhead is Tombstone's second in command.

He organized the Enforcers on his orders. Through Hammerhead, Big Man made a deal with Norman Osborn to continue making supervillains so Spider-Man would be too distracted to stop the Big Man's operations.

When some time later the Green Goblin emerged, Hammerhead accused Norman for it. He was later taken hostage by the Goblin, who wanted to lure the Big Man into a trap and assassinate him. Eventually that plan failed, thanks to the combined efforts of Tombstone and Spider-Man and both Lincoln and Hammerhead managed to escape unscratched.

Hammerhead also helped from the outside with the escape of the Sinister Six from Ryker's Island and took Ox and Fancy Dan with him while the others went to fight Spider-Man.


Tombstone hired the Enforcers to take care of Spider-Man.


* Voice Actor: Jeff Bennett

Montana is the Southern leader of the Enforcers and is a trained mercenary.

After the failure of Fancy Dan and Ox, Montana chased Spider-Man down with the helicopter until Spider-Man blew out the rear rudder with Vulture's wing. Montana managed to escape capture while Spider-Man was busy with Vulture.

He then stole technology that allowed him to become the Shocker under Hammerhead's orders. As the Shocker, he was able to defeat Spider-Man with ease. After realizing he didn't kill Spider-Man he fought him again at a condemned theater. Spider-Man was able to defeat him by bringing the whole building down on top of him. He was shown webbed up with his costume on the ground as the police arrived.

Montana as Shocker joined the Sinister Six to finish his mission, but was once again defeated after Spider-Man gradually removed his gauntlets and knocked him unconsious with the symbiote's power.

Fancy Dan

* Voice Actor: Phil LaMarr

Fancy Dan is the martial artist of the Enforcers and is shown to be able to dodge Spider-Man's web with ease and can take him in hand-to-hand combat. Spider-Man managed to get the upper hand and tie him up with webbing.

Fancy Dan escaped from Ryker's Island with the Sinister Six, but was picked up by Hammerhead and did not participate in the battles against Spider-Man.


* Voice Actor: Clancy Brown

Ox is the brute force of the Enforcers, being able to break Spider-Man's web with ease. Ox jumped off the building to tackle Spider-Man in midair until Spider-Man stood on the wall, forcing Ox to let go. Spider-Man tied him up against the wall, knowing he would not break it as he would fall.

Like Fancy Dan, Ox escaped from Ryker's Island with the Sinister Six, but left with Hammerhead and did not fight Spider-Man with the others.

Flint Marko/Sandman

* Voice Actor: John DiMaggio

At first Flint Marko is a petty crook, seen working alongside Alex O'Hirn under the Big Man. He had been captured by Spider-Man twice before the start of the series.

Marko continued to work for Big Man as a hired hand until being selected as the first of many guinea pig-supervillains created under the deal between Big Man and Norman Osborn. He originally was to be bonded with a silicon armor, but instead he bonded with the sand particles on the floor, turning his body into a shapeshifting weapon. Now calling himself the Sandman, he creates chaos where ever he goes. After attempting a few robberies, he faces Spider-Man in a construction site and, ultimately, Marko was defeated as Spider-Man used a tank of wet, quick-drying cement to freeze him, stopping him in his tracks.

Sandman escaped Ryker's Island with the other members of the Sinister Six, but was defeated with the rest of the team at Central Park when Spider-Man used one Shocker's gauntlets to vibrate him continuosly, destabilizing his body and turning him into a pile of sand.

=Alex O'Hirn/Rhino=

* Voice Actor: Clancy Brown

At first Alex O'Hirn is a petty crook, seen working with Flint Marko under orders of the Big Man. He is captured by Spider-Man with ease times and times again, which increases his annoyance and dislike for the webswinger.

He later becomes one of OsCorp's guinea pig-supervillains and is bonded with a thick titanium resin armor, transforming him into a giant being who bears strong characteristics to a Rhinoceros, calling himself the Rhino. After a fierce battle, Spider-Man defeated Rhino by overheating him using the sewer's steam pipes. Thereafter, the webswinger asks him who the Big Man really is and learns that he is actually none other but the respected businessman L. Thompson Lincoln.

Rhino escaped Ryker's Island and fought Spider-Man as a member of the Sinister Six, but was defeated when he was accidentally hit by Shocker and Electro at the same time.

=Max Dillon/Electro=

* Voice Actor: Crispin Freeman

Max Dillon was a young 18 year old electrician and a friend of Dr. Curt Connors until he suffered an accident.

Accidentally dropping his power drill on a faulty wire - sending a electrical shock through his body - he was thrown back against a tank of electric eels Dr. Connors was experimenting with. His body began to generate more electricity to the point that a protective suit was made to protect everyone around him. Max quickly became paranoid due to his isolation and after being provoked by Spider-Man, thinking he was a common crook, Max snapped and held Dr. Connors hostage until he made a cure. Spider-Man held him off until Dr. Connors escaped. His only hope for a cure gone, Max accepted his transformation into "Electro" and swore revenge on Spider-Man. He was defeated by Spider-Man after he was kicked into a swimming pool by him, knocking him out.

Electro was taken to Ravencroft to be placed under the supervision of Dr. Ashley Kafka for his rehabilitation. He was given a clean bill of health and was released, but Electro had made a deal with Doc Ock to break him and the other Sinister Six members out of Ryker's Island to defeat Spider-Man in hopes of Doc Ock giving him a cure. Electro was defeated when Spider-Man threw the unconscious Rhino on top of him.

=The Chameleon=

* Voice Actor: Steven Blum

An international spy-for-hire and master of disguise, the Chameleon and his partners Quentin Beck and Phineas Mason were hired by a mysterious person to steal the alien symbiote from Dr. Connors' lab.

After failing that mission, Chameleon began to frame Spider-Man for crimes until the combined forces of Spider-Man and Black Cat defeated them. Beck and Mason were arrested, but Chameleon disguised himself as the policeman Stan Carter and escaped.

=Quentin Beck/Mysterio=

* Voice Actor: Xander Berkeley

Beck is one of the Chameleon's partners in crime. He is described by the Chameleon as being a master of special effects and illusions. He is arrested along with Phineas Mason at the end of the episodes while Chameleon escapes.

Beck will become Mysterio in the first episode of season two.

=Phineas Mason/Tinkerer=

* Voice Actor: Thom Adcox

Along with Quentin Beck, Mason is one of the Chameleon's partners in crime. He is a master of technology. Mason and Beck were arrested while the Chameleon escaped.

At some point in the second season, he'll become the Tinkerer.


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