Latin American Canadian

Latin American Canadian

Infobox ethnic group
group = Latin American Canadian
poptime =304,245
2006 censuscite web |url= |title=Ethnocultural Portrait of Canada Highlight Tables, 2006 Census |accessdate=2008-05-10 |publisher=Statistics Canada]
0.97% of Canadian population
popplace = Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver
langs = Spanish, Portuguese, French, English
rels = Roman Catholic, Nonreligious

Latin Canadian, and Hispanic Canadian are terms describing a Canadian of Latin American descent or birth. Latin American is the term used by Statistics Canada. The other terms, though conveniently short, may be subject to controversy on whether not only people of Latin American descent, but also Canadians of Spanish descent and even French Canadians and other "Latin" Canadians (such as Italian Canadians) are also included.

The majority of Latino Canadians are recent immigrants arriving in the late 20th century, most of whom came from Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and smaller numbers from Cuba, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, and elsewhere, with all or nearly all the Latin American countries represented. The largest Latin American Canadian communities are in the Census metropolitan areas of
Toronto (with 99,290), Montreal (with 75,400), and Vancouver (with 22,695).

Reasons for immigrating include Canada's better economic opportunities and politics in their native countries, such as Chileans who wanted to escape from Augusto Pinochet's rule, or Salvadorans fleeing the civil war in their country. A small proportion came from the Caribbean islands, such as the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the latter of which is an U.S. territory and whose citizens are U.S. citizens by law.

The largest Latino Canadian communities are in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and are rapidly growing in size in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. A sizable Puerto Rican presence is noted in Toronto, but demographers debate if they are more numerous than other Latino groups in Canada. Fact|date=April 2008 Many Canadians of American family origin (especially from the state of Texas) in Alberta includes those of Mexican-Texan descent came as oil field workers in the 1960s. Fact|date=April 2008 Venezuelans in the 2000s are increasingly involved in the Canadian oil industry. Fact|date=April 2008

The majority of Latino Canadians are bilingual or multilingual, speaking Spanish (or Portuguese if they are from Brazil) and either English or French, sometimes both but more often the former.

List of notable Latin American Canadians


*Eva Avila - Pop singer, and 2006 "Canadian Idol" winner.
*Keshia Chanté - R&B singer.
*José Miguel Contreras - Rock singer and lead vocalist of By Divine Right.
*Beto Cuevas - Rock singer and former lead vocalist of La Ley.
*Marc Garcia - Punk rock musician.
*Ona Grauer - TV and film actress, born in Mexico.
*Alberto Guerrero - Music composer and pianist.
*DJ Kemo - Producer and DJ for hip-hop group Rascalz.
*Oscar Lopez - Flamenco musician.
*Klea Scott - TV and film actress.


*Marcos Arriaga - Photographer and film-maker.
*Bruce Chun - Cinematographer, born in Mexico.
*Raul Rincon - Photographer and director who works in the fields of fashion, advertising and fine art photography. Born in Colombia.


*Sergio Marchi - Former MP (of Argentinan Canadian descent).
*Osvaldo Nunez - Former MP (of Chilean Canadian descent).
*Pablo Rodriguez - MP for Honore-Mercier. Born in Argentina.
*Vic Toews - MP for Provencher. Born in Paraguay
*Joseph Facal - former minister in Quebec

cience and Technology

*Manuel Buchwald - Geneticist and academic, born in Peru.
*Rafael Lozano-Hemmer - Electronic artist, born in Mexico.


*Oscar Albuquerque - Former professional soccer player.
*Davis Sanchez - Professional football player, CFL and NFL.
*O. J. Santiago - Professional football player, NFL.
*Raffi Torres - Professional hockey player, NHL.

ee also

*Mexican Canadian
*Venezuelan Canadian


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