Latin American Britons

Latin American Britons

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"Bretões Latino-americanos"

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Latin American Britons are British people who were either born in Latin America or who have Latin American ancestors.

Significant migration from Latin America to the United Kingdom began in the 1970s, at a time of much political turmoil and civil unrest in Latin America. In recent times, Latin American culture has become more prominent in British life, mainly through the growing popularity of Salsa music, with clubs and bars all over the UK catering to this form of dance.


The size of the Latin American British population is highly debatable. According to the 2001 UK Census, 76,412 UK residents were born in South America and 8,827 in 'Other North America',cite web|url=|title=Born Abroad - Countries of birth|publisher=BBC News|accessdate=2008-04-12] which includes Central America (but also Greenland), [cite web|url=|title=Born Abroad - Other North America|publisher=BBC News|accessdate=2008-04-26] bringing the Latin American born population in 2001 to around 85,000. At the start of the millennium, there was likely to be at least double the above figure of Latin American descent. [Living in Latin London: How Latin American Migrants Survive in the city [] ] The numbers recorded in the 2001 census may have been underestimates of the true Latin American population. For example only 5,000 Colombians were recorded by the census, whilst it was thought that at least 90,000 Colombians were actually residing in the UK at the time. [cite news|url=|title=Colombia: In the crossfire|publisher=Migration Information Source|date=November 2005|accessdate=2008-04-27] In 1991, 10,000 Brazilians were living in the UK,Fact|date=April 2008 whereas recent estimates suggest that there may now be some 200,000cite web|url=|title=Crossing borders: Latin American exiles in London|author=Sofia Buchuck|publisher=untoldLondon|accessdate=2008-04-12] (with around 60,000 in London alone). [cite news|url=|title=Brazilian London|publisher=BBC London|date=2007-10-26|accessdate=2008-04-27] It is impossible to tell how people with Latin American ancestry are living in the UK, since the UK census does not collect ancestry data and there is no Latin American option in the ethnicity section of the census. There could be in excess of 1,000,000 Latin American Britons, although these statistics are described as "guesstimates" and rely largely on embassy estimates. It should be noted that there are also around 32,480 Hispanic American Britons.

Main groups

For the purposes of this article, "Latin America" comprises the Hispanic American countries and Brazil.


Notable Ecuadorian Britons

* Ulises de la Cruz, Footballer
* Lawrie Sanchez, Manager of Fulham F.C.
* Antonio Valencia, Footballer


Notable Mexican Britons

* Paloma Baeza, Actress
* Ernesto Cantu, Actor & voice artist
* Liliana Domínguez, model
* Iliana Fox, Actress
* Azela Robinson, Actress


A large number of Cubans have emigrated to the UK as an alternative to the US. The majority are refugees from the Castro regime in the 1960s and 1970s.Many have settled in London and have come together through the enjoyment of Salsa. The 2001 Census recorded 1,083 Cuban-born people. Cuban British population consists of Spanish and Jewish ethnicities.fact|date=June 2008

Notable Cuban Britons

* Sienna Guillory, Actress
* Dane Bowers, Singer
* Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, daughter of Madonna and Carlos Leon




Other groups

The rest of the Latin American Briton community is made of Central Americans and Paraguayans.

Other Notable Latin American Britons

* Carlos Lopez-Barillas, Guatemalan photographer
* Jade Jagger, Nicaraguan model
* Jeremias, Venezuelan singer-songwriter

Culture and influence

The early 1980s saw the Latin American (or "Ibero-American") and Spanish communities coming together, getting organised and setting up cultural and social organisations. Examples are the Latin American House (since 1980), the Latin American Writers Group (since 1983) and the Latin American Research and Studies Centre, founded in 1987. Recently, this centre has been revived under the name of Latin American Foundation UK.

Nowadays, the Latin experience, Latin style, Latin restaurants, culture, the Lifestyle, salsa music & dance, live gigs, salsa weekenders, salsa clubs & classes, have impacted on the British way of life. In Lambeth the Latin American community has grown massivley within the last five years or so with Spanish being one of the main languages spoken in the borough. There are various festivals celebrating Latin American culture, with the two biggest (in Europe not just the UK) being the Carnival de Cuba and the Carnaval Del Pueblo, both held in London every July and August respectively.

Population spread

According to a 2005 report by the Institute for Public Policy Research, based on data from the 2001 Census, the ten census tracts with the largest South American-born populations are all in London. Hyde Park had the highest number of South Americans, followed by Vauxhall North, Kensington, Chelsea, Vauxhall South, Regent's Park, Streatham North, Hammersmith, Streatham South and Hackney South. [cite web|url=|title=Born Abroad - South America|publisher=BBC News|accessdate=2008-04-12] Outside of London, the largest South American populations were to be found in Oxford, Cambridge, central Manchester, central Bristol, central Edinburgh and Milton Keynes.

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