Tiller (disambiguation)

Tiller (disambiguation)

A tiller is:

*a tiller, a lever to provide the leverage for the helmsman to turn the rudder
*a steering device present on some very early cars before the steering wheel became the only car steering utility
*a rotary tiller, which is a garden implement used for turning soil (or the person who operates such a device). The purposes of this activity is to aerate, control weeds, and conserve moisture in the ground. See Tillage.
*for the plant body part, see tiller (botany).
*A tiller is the stock of a crossbow.
*A tiller is the device a bowyer (maker of bows) uses to see if the bending of the bow limbs is equal.
*A tiller is a small steering wheel in the cockpit of an aircraft used to steer the nose wheel. Used on ground when the aircraft does not have enough speed for use of the rudder
* Tiller is the name of the suburb 8 km South of Trondheim, Norway


* David Tiller
* George Tiller
* Joe Tiller
* Stephen Tiller
* Terence Tiller
* Tony Tiller
* William A. Tiller

* Tiller Girls

ee also

* Tilley

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