List of Yin Yang Yo! Season 3 episodes

List of Yin Yang Yo! Season 3 episodes

These are episodes in Season 3 of the series, Yin Yang Yo!. The season haves 52 episodes. Season four will have 26 episodes.


Circus Yo

Yo is tired of being like a janitor to his apprentices so he joins the circus instead. Villain: Carl.

The Aura Team/Long Way DoJo

*The Aura Team: Yin, Yang, Yo, Coop and Carl form an aura team to destroy a new robot created by the Manotaur, which captures Edna, Coop's mother and Master Yo. Villain: Manotaur.
*Long Way DoJo: Yin and Yang go on a holidays. When they want to return dojo, they unlucky gets a bus, where last a party of bad guys. Villain: FrPed, Kraggler, Carl, Herman, GreedCo CEO, Yuck.

The Puffin

The Puffin sends a million of birds to kidnap Yin and Yang. It's up to Yo to defeat the puffin. Villain: The Puffin.

peechless/Donno DoJo

*Speechless: After watching a comedy film, Yang loses his voice. How will he do the speech and warn city of Fastidious attack? Villain: Fastidious.
*Donno DoJo: Chung Pow Kitties uses Amnesulet to take Yin and Yang's memories and locate a Magic Pencil Of Supermights, actually being in DoJo armory. Villain: Chung Pow Kitties.

Mime Your Own Business

When they insulted his interested, Carl put an evil spell on them to turn them into silent mimes for two days (using a might of Alexis CAS, we can hear it in "Sweet But Who Can Attack CAS?"). Villain: Carl.

ee No Evil/Foul Balled

*See No Evil: Yang is unable to see and now Saranoia is about to destroy him. Villain: Saranoia.
*Foul Balled: Yin joins a girls volleyball team that doesn't know the instincts of sharing. Will they win or go to Alaska? Villains: La Feminists.

Hear No Evil/Uf Gnuk

*Hear No Evil: A lop rabbit causes Yang deafness and muteness by making him laugh so much and hearing the horrible noise. Villain: Wise Hare.
*Uf Gnuk: Yuck opens a new martial arts dojo with a little help of Ultimoose. Villains: Yuck, Ultimoose.

Zombie A Go-Go/Speak No Evil

*Zombie A Go-Go: A bunch of zombies tooks over the party and it's up to Yin, Yang and Yo to stop this. Villains: Zombies.
*Speak No Evil: An evil spirit made Yin speak nothing but Japanese. Villain: Water Creature, Evil Spirit.

Critical Minds/The Crazy Loop

*Critical Minds: An evil muffin called Bakermuff uses Yo's mind and skills to transformate everyone into evil muffins. VIllain: Bakermuff.
*The Crazy Loop: Kraggler uses Chronologicum to make Yin ang Yang having neverending deja vu. Villain: Kraggler.

Time To Tie Yourself/When The Muffins Collide

*Time To Tie Yourself: Yo says Yang that he is almost an adult, so he must wear ties. In this time, Carl uses his Magic Slips Of Sex Shake to make Yin turns into Yang and Yang into Yin. Villain: Carl.
*When The Muffins Collide: Bakermuff opens a new bakery, that is actually a trap for Yin and Yang. Villain: Bakermuffin and his army of bread.

weet But Who Can Attack CAS?

*Sweet But Who Can Attack CAS?: Evil witch called CAS wants to make Master Yo fall in love with her, so she turns herself into sexy supermodel and come into Yin and Yang's dojo "for practice". Villain: Alexis CAS.

Get-Yin Power/Bad Hare Day

*Get-Yin Power: Yang is so sad cause his sister always teaches new mights, and she can tease him. He decides to become a self-taught, so he gives Yuck chance to destroy dojo. Will be Yin able to beat Yuck, before it's too late? Villain: Yuck.
*Bad Hare Day: Lina wants to go on a date with Yang. In this time, Herman try to steal the Book Of Evil. When he open it, an evil rescues and turns Yang evil. Villain: Herman.

ProbleMaths/Knock To Remember

*ProbleMaths: Master Yo wants to teach Yin and Yang maths. In this time, an evil maths teacher attacks city with her LogaRobot, making everyone mathe-maniacs! Will Yin and Yang be able to accomplish mathematic tasks and stop her robot? Villain: Beatrice.
*Knock To Remember: The Lesson uses his metal hands to "make everyone remembering some knowledge". Yin and Yang must stop him. Villain: The Lesson.

ampling Tree Friends/Washing Up Trap

*Sampling Tree Friends: Yin and Yang make a new team of friends, "Happy Tree House Friends". Coop is very disappointed, cause he's not invited. Carl propose him to come to his new team, "Happy Carl Friends", who are actually a hypnotized army of Carl's (or Herman's) servants. Will Yin and Yang rescue Coop? Villain: Carl.
*Washing Up Tr
Fastidious uses his magic soap to make everyone smell fresh. Will Yang be able to destroy him, before he gets beautiful smell forever? Villain: Fastidious.

Draw It Again/Turkish Delights

*Draw It Again: Yin is writing a new book about Two-nicorns, where they all are missed. She don't know Mastermind uses his minds to make every Two-nicorns missing, like in Yin's book! Will a hare rescue her Two-nicorn friends? Villain: Mastermind.
*Turkish Delights: Alexis CAS wants to make Master Yo her lover, so she turns into a beautiful Turkish queen and gets Master Yo "Turkish delight of love". Will Yin and Yang be able to hold back Yo from married with Alexis? Villain: Alexis CAS.

Night of the Living Bread

*Night of the Living Bread: Using FrPed mind, Bakermuff turns alive army of bread and uses it to destroy the city. Yin and Yang must stop him, but they got their own problems. Coop becomes more evil, but now he totally ignores Yin. However Yang can't call Lina, cause she changes her phone number. Will be rabbits in good form to beat Bakermuff's ass (if he got it)? Villain: Bakermuff, FrPed.

Tra-Yangle/Sticky And Sweet

*Tra-Yangle: Beatrice wants to revenge on Yang (cause he beats her robot in "ProbleMaths") and she makes him nothing, but all in triangles. Will he find a way to come back to his old form? Villain: Beatrice.
*Sticky And Sweet: Yin falls in love with a new boy called Sucky. She don't know that he is evil and he only want to turns world into one big pink hard candy (also Yin and Yang). Villain: Sucky.

itcom World/Grey Today

*Sitcom World: Badfoot is making his own adventure sitcom named "Married With... Bunny". Program stars will be Yin and Yang (certainly without their consent). Villain: Badfoot.
*Grey Today: FrPed makes everything grey. When Yin lose her colors, she want to revenge on FrPed, but will be she able to knock him without Yang's help? Villain: FrPed.

hell Shock/So In DoJo Are We Five

*Shell Shock: Yin and yang are going to swim in a lake. Unlucky, Yang is captured by the Pondscum, who wants to get revenge on Yang! Villain: Pondscum.
*So In DoJo Are We Five: Wise wants to be a Woo Foo warrior, but Yin and Yang don't allow him to teach with them in dojo, so Wise and Yuck make them looks like Yin and Yang, and inversely! Will Yin and Yang get back their looks? Villains: Wise Hare, Yuck.

The Dark Razr-Action/Flying Activities

*The Dark Razr-Action: Ultimoose makes his new series of mobile phones, called Ulti-Razr. Yin wants to get a phone from Master Yo (Yang got his phone from Roger Jr.), but will be Ultimoose's mobiles good, or maybe evil? Villain: Ultimoose.
*Flying Activities: Master Yo wants to teach Yin and Yang flying. If they want to fly, they mustn't think about anything. Actually, The Puffin captures them and close them in the wind cage! Now, he can destroy they city, but Yin and Yang can't think about how do they hold back him, cause they will fall down from about 100 metres. Who will win this battle? Villain: The Puffin.

Wearding Out Rolmax/Male Fatale

*Wearding Out Rolmax: Carl wants to intercept Herman's room, cause he must have more air for his new machine that can destroy suns. Unfortunately, Herman and his ants don't want to leave their room, so Carl steel Yin her chocolate watch. Will Yin and Yang take back a watch? Villain: Carl.
*Male Fatale: Sucky uses magic love potion to hypnotize every girls in town and make them fall in love with he (cause his chorus falls in love in Ultimoose). When Sucky hypnotizes also Lina, Yang enter into action and wants to free Lina from Sucky's magic. Villain: Sucky.

The Goodfailes/Wake And Bake

*The Goodfailes: Yo is about to go on a holiday to the Winter Fresh Island. Yin and Yang invite to dojo Jobeaux, but when the new team of evil guys called Goodfailes wants to destroy the dojo's armory and steel its every weapons! Will be they able to stop Goodfailes? Villain: The Goodfailes (Mastermind, Chung Pow Kitties, Kraggler, Herman and Wise Hare team).
*Wake And Bake: The new cookin' TV show by Bakermuff called "Wake And Bake" is a big success, but when Yin and Yang discover that it hypnotizes everyone (except Yo) to cook and make Bakermuff his army of bread, they must blight his plans! Villain: Bakermuff.

Get'a Loose/One Lie Deserves Another

*Get'a Loose: La Feminists turns themselves into a model group, so when Yin starts in a DoJo Miss Contest (her concurents are Alexis CAS, Saranoia and Coop's mom), they may haven't got problem with capturing her. Villain: La Feminists.
*One Lie Deserves Another: Zarnot uses Yin and Yang's lies to make his own toy army. Villain: Zarnot.

Them Boys/Spirit Situations

*Them Boys: Yang, Dave and Coop are stranded in a dark alley between the city. A bunch of bad guys are kidnapping Yang and Dave and it's up for Coop to warn Yin. Villain: Syug Dab (especially Kcaj).
*Spirit Situation: The spirit is sucking all of Yang and Yin's Woo Foo energy. Villain: Evil Spirit.

Livin La Vida Lina/Mirrors, Mirrors

*Livin La Vida Lina: Wise Hare and Beatrice are putting a sasquatch spirit inside Lina. Villains: Wise Hare, Beatrice, Saspirit.
*Mirrors, Mirrors: The Puffin, Bakermuff, Mirrors, Wise hare, Kcaj and Carl are teaming up to be an evil team. Villains: The Puffin, Bakermuff, Mirrors, Wise hare, Kcaj, Carl.

Like A Villain/Woo Foo Sausages Problem

*Like A Villain: When Yin and Yang wants to discover FrPed and Fastisious's new plans, they starts to act like a villains and convince them that they are evil. Villain: FrPed, Fastidious.
*Woo Foo Sausages Problem: Yo puts a new weapon in armory: Woo Foo Sausages! They can make somebody dependent, squeeze and scare everyone saying how do they arise. When Chung Pow Kitties steel them, Yin and Yang must get back Woo Foo Sausages. Villain: Chung Pow Kitties.

Here Comes The Pain Again/CyberDave Attack!

*Here Comes The Pain Again: When Yin and Yang are knocked by Kcaj the seventh time, they want to go to the great B&K Sudoku DoJo for rest. In the dojo, they discover that they are totally addicted to sudoku! When the Yang goes in the night to dojo master's study, he discover that Beatrice and Kcaj are making their own evil team of hipnotyzed by Sudoku. Villain: Beatrice and Kcaj.
*CyberDave Attack!: Dave is worried because no one respect him, so he makes himself Suit Of Super Dave, which makes him a strong, intelligent tree. There is only one problem: suit possesses Dave and make him more and more evil! Villain: Dave (or his Super Suit).

Mime World/League of Villains

*Mime World: Carl makes a clown/mime amusement park so he can make Alexis CAS turn people into 100% mimes for Yo's love. Villain: Carl, Alexis CAS.
*League of Villains: Carl, Smoke, Mirrors, The Puffin, Kcaj, Fastidious, Chung Pow Kitties, Kraggler, Evil Spirit and Alexis CAS are stealing all of the Woo Foo Armory. Villains: Carl, Smoke, Mirrors, The Puffin, Kcaj, Fastidious, Chung Pow Kitties, Kraggler, Evil Spirit, Alexis CAS

The Wise Night Master

*The Wise Night Master: Wise Hare challenges Yang in a fight. Then suddenly, after he blast him, Yang disappears. He goes to the Night Master's castle and meets Grizzleflavin. He gave Grizzleflavin a video seeing that he zapped Yang and Wise became a Night Master. Then, he falls in love with Beatrice and she became the Night Mistress. Villain: Wise Hare, Beatrice.


*Z-Team: The Z-Team wants Yin and Yang to join them to defeat Biker X. Villain: Biker X
*CyberFriends: Smoke and Mirrors go digital so they can control all of the computers in the world and now Yin and Yang must stop them. Villains: Smoke and Mirrors, Forever Friends

amurai Tack/Cats Catastrophe

*Samurai Tack: Yin is stuck with a Japanese samurai who wants her to team up with him to defeat a villain. Villain: Serko (Evil Spirit)
*Cats Catastrophe: Chung Pow Kitties, Kcaj, Beatrice, Wise Hare and Alexis CAS are creating a universe that makes Yang and Yin unable to get out. Villain: Chung Pow Kitties, Kcaj, Beatrice, Wise Hare, Alexis CAS

Yin Yang Sucky/Ice Rink Hijinx

*Yin Yang Sucky: When Sucky comes to the town, he says that he wants to be a Woo Foo Warrior, and he gives his weapons (except Coffee Coffeine Cream of Doom) to armory, so Master Yo makes him Woo Foo Warrior for one week. Yin and Yang discover that his real weapons are in his possession, so he can use real Coffee Coffeine Cream of Doom to receive Yo's energy and become the Master Sucky! Villain: Sucky.
*Ice Rink Hijinx: Yin and Yang learn skating in new Ice Rink. They don't know that Ice Rink is a Biker X's trap. Villain: Biker X.

Vampires that Came from Next Door/A Yo Cartoon

*Vampires that Came from Next Door: Vampires are sucking all of the Woo Foo Warrior's Woo Foo energy. Villain: Gummy, Skinner, Gorge (leader)
*A Yo Cartoon: Yo has 1:00 to find a legendary Woo Foo Armory. Villain: None

Courageous Christmas

*Courageous Christmas: Yin, Yang and the villains are trying to stop a soda villain named Sam Pop from turning christmas into soda-mas. Villain: Sam Pop

Kcaj Frost/Kraggler Clear

*Kcaj Frost: Kcaj turned himself into a snow leopard and uses his evil snow powers to turn Yin and Yang into rabbit-sicles. Saranoia also helped him due of him having a crush on her. Villain: Kcaj, Saranoia
*Kraggler Clear: Kraggler uses a stone that makes Kraggler young and invincible.

Destination Unknown/Common Therapy

*Destination Unknown: Master Yo wants Yin and Yang to find their destinations (he say that Woo Foo Warriors are not only warriors, he was a singer). They totally ignore him. Will Yo induce rabbits to find their life destinations showing them his cousin and villain, Bruce, who turns himself a monster having no destination? Villain: Bruce.
*Common Therapy: Carl and Herman goes to a common therapy, because they must collaborate to destroy Woo Foo. In the same time, Yin and Yang also goes on a common therapy, because they can't collaborate with them. Villain: Carl and Herman.

Trade My Mermaid/Taroo's Payback

*Trade My Mermaid: Alexis CAS turns herself into a mermaid and start acts with Yin like friends (Yin don't suspect her), cause she wants to hypnotize Master Yo with her mermaid song! Villain: Alexis CAS.
*Taroo's Payback: Roger Jr. has got a one villain, but really villain. It's Taroo, who said him as Lucas Smith. His newest plan is to shake his face with Roger's face. Villain: Taroo (as Lucas Smith).

Treelax, Take It Easy/The Smoked Mirror

*Treelax, Take It Easy: Herman uses Dave and his tree-control mights to drive away Master Yo's fur tufts, so he can finally enter the dojo and destroy his old villain. Villain: Herman.
*The Smoked Mirror: Smoke and Mirrors makes a trap in a mirror, taking Yin and Yang into the world, where Smoke, Mirrors and their Forever Friends are pass as superheroes, but Yin and Yang are villains. Villain: Smoke and Mirrors.

The Four Wise Villains/Smokes

*The Four Wise Villains: Night Master: Wise Hare and Eradicus (with Ella Mental, Indestructobowl, Rubber Chucky and Mel Licular) are going to destroy Yin and Yang. Villains: Wise Hare, Eradicus, Ella Mental, Indestructobowl, Rubber Chucky, Mel Licular.
*Smokes: To be announced. Villain: Smoke and Kcaj.

The Question Is What Is The Requestion/The May Hem

*The Question Is What Is The Requestion: Yin buys a gold fish that can make her three wishes come true. This time, after becoming a medusa, Pondscum wants to make him again look like a goldfish, so he kidnaps the magic goldfish (who as we discover later is Pondscum's sister) and make his army of Blixens indestructable, and he can steal a Magic Offensive Camera from Taroo's treasury. Villain: Pondscum and Taroo.
*The May Hem: Yin and Yang are playing Foo-ball at the hem of the biggest precipice in the world! But when the ball fall down into the precipice, they go behind it, and awakes in the cave of monsters thinking that Yin and Yang are their king and queen! When Yuck discovers it, he wants to kill Yin and Yang and become a new king of the monsters. Villain: Yuck.

Virus Variation/Destiny Shock

*Virus Variation: Yo tells Yin and Yang that Woo Foo warriors haves their own laptops, with their own Woo Foo secret files! But Yin and Yang haves only laptops bought by Master Yo on The Cockroach Marketplace. But Yin and Yang don't know that Carl downloads the evil trojan into their laptops. This E.T. DIHOSH trojan is going to possess Yin and Yang and use their abilities and power to destroy the suns, but will E.T. DIHOSH be always under Carl's control? Villain: EvilTrojanDownloadingIntoHeadsOfStupidHares (E.T. DIHOSH) and Carl to a lesser extent.
*Destiny Shock: Bruce enter the dojo in disguise, and he wants Yin and Yang to sign an agreement, so they are qualified to show everyone the strong points of being losers with no destination! But will Yo speak to reason with Yin and Yang before they become lazy forever? Villain: Bruce.

Date My Girlfriend/Woo Foo Wise

*Date My Girlfriend: Yin is disappointed when Two-nicorns don't meet her, so it looks like they forget her. Yang is laughing at her, so desperated and impossible sad Yin goes on a date with Coop. But when Terry Otter meets them, he is angry and Coop also. Both of guys wants to have Yin only for oneself so evil Coop kidnaps her to Night Master's cave. Will Yang be able to save Yin? Villain: Coop and Terry Otter.
*Woo Foo Wise: It's a big day for Woo Foo Warriors, cause it's Woo Foo Day! And Wise Hare, who is no longer a Night Master, wants to fulfil his old dream and become a real Woo Foo Warrior. He builds his own Woo Foo Dojo and he learns technics that can destroy the "old Woo Foo". Will Yin, Yang and Yo win a Woo Foo battle with new Woo Foo Wise' recruits? Villain: Wise Hare.

now Must Go On/Superlative Saranoia

*Snow Must Go On: Yin and Yang wants to have their own bodyguard, so Master Yo gives him to his students! But there is a problem, he's really thorny and calling him "Idiot Yeti" makes him mad! But will Yin and Yang hold tongue behind teeth? Villain: Thorny (and Carl, Mastermind and Puffin with Hot Chick to a lesser extent).
*Superlative Saranoia: Saranoia is good now, so she start to make friends with Yin. But will she gives some of her old habits to Yin, making her really evil sexist witch! Will Yang and Saranoia stop Yin, or Saranoia starts to acting evil again? Villains: Yin and Saranoia.

Noise Is Where Moped Goes/Antispeech Disguise

*Noise Is Where Moped Goes: A guy called Moped, who is an antagonist of Chung Pow Kitties, arrives into the city and uses his Super-Noise power to become the king of the Biggest Hardtechno Contest. But when Yin and Yang tells him his music sucks, he starts acting mad and uses Super-Noise to turn everybody into techno zombies! Will Yin and Yang kick his ass, or they need a help from Chung Pow Kitties? Villain: Moped.
*Antispeech Disguise: Beatrice really wants to use her new invention to make Woo Foo warriors being on her mercy. She needs a disguise, so she disguises into her cousin Natasha, who has problems with speech, spelling no "R". But how will she destroy her antagonists without calling the word "Activiration" with starts a machine called Doomsday Set-Square, or "Doomsday Set-Squaue" like Natasha must call it? Villain: Beatrice as Natasha.

The Wise Backwards Spirit/Pirate Parrots

*The Wise Backwards Spirit: After drinking toxic waste, Kcaj, Wise Hare and Serko became The Wise Backwards Spirit. Villains: Wise Hare, Kcaj, Serko (The Wise Backwards Spirit)
*Pirate Parrots: Pirate parrots are taking over the dojo. Villains: Pirate Parrots!, Old Sqwackers (Yang's evil parrot).


Mirrors found one of Yang's childhood books which has to do with Yang beating villains. Mirrors takes Smoke's sword and his exploding rose. He puts the rose in the book and hit the rose with Smoke's sword causing the book to come to life. Yang meets the five villains and uses his five heros to stop them. Villains: Wise Hare (The Mad Monk), Mirrors (T.R.E.X), Alexis (Turkish Queen), Carl (Cockroach Warlock), Kcaj (Backwardsnocerious).

Tarooknockers/Second Life

*Tarooknockers: Taroo, desperated to kill Roger Jr., must turn Yin and Yang into a trap, so he gives them a coupon to the Jerkerious house holidays. But Jerkerious house is full of monsters, especially a Cranberry Madder haunted picture and Tarooknockers! Will be Yin and Yang able to extricate out of this situation? Villain: Taroo and monsters from the Jerkerious house.
*Second Life: Yin and Yang goes into a new online game, called Second Life, where they have their own representants, Yin-2 and Yang-2! And E.T. DIHOSH, who wants to posess Yin and Yang in order to destroy the world, preys on their addiction and finally makes them giving their souls to Second Life, and they are in his might! What will happen to computerized Yin and Yang? Villain: E.T. DIHOSH.

Gotta Catch'em All!

To be announced. Villains: Smoke and Mirrors.

hy Guy/Witchy Wife

*Shy Guy: To be announced.
*Witchy Wife: To be announced.

Killer Music/Mozterella vs. Yin-Yang

*Killer Music: Yin, Yang, Molverene and Coop are starting a cool band. The villains decided that they should create a song and add a little mix: "make a backwards secret language that can hypnotize people". When the message was aired, people started banning the dojo, Yin, Yang and Yo from this town. Villains: Kcaj, Wise Hare, Biker X and Ultimoose.
*Mozterella vs. Yin-Yang: A cheese villain is making a Godzilla-like pizza so he can turn the world into a big pizza. Villains: Sam E. String, Mozterella


Circus Yo

*A new opening theme shows, left to right: The Puffin, Carl, Fastidious, Bakermuff, Alexis CAS as Turkish queen, Beatrice, Wise Hare in Night Master's clothes, Sucky, Kcaj, Serko, The Goodfailes's robot and Bruce.

The Aura Team

*This is the first time we see Carl and Coop's aura. Coop's aura is a yellow phoenix while Carl's aura is an orange moth.

The Puffin

*The Puffin is a parody of Penguin.
*This is the first time The Puffin had a power.

Mime Your Own Business

*Saranoia (as Miranda), Smoke, Mirrors and Kraggler all made a guest appearance in Yin's club as good guys.
*The title is similar to Mind Your Own Business.

Foul Balled

*The coach of La Feminists is Le Chef who only appears in Wayside School.

Uf Gnuk

*A character that came to Yuck and Ultimooses dojo is similar to Garu which is another Jetix character.

peak No Evil

*A clip is seen that her language is being translated to English.

The Crazy Loop

*Episode is a parody of Totally Spies's episode "Deja Cruise".

When The Muffins Collide

*In this episode Saranoia is showed in psychiatric hospital as a juggler.

Critical Minds

*It's a first episode with a Baker Muff, who may become a new Night Master.

ampling Tree Friends

*A team called "Happy Tree House Friends" is an allusion to a TV show Happy Tree Friends.

ticky And Sweet

*Sucky is a parody of one of Fundation Serce Szkole students called Saki. His chorus is a parody of girls from class 6 in Fundation.

The Dark Razr-Action

*Ultimoose's mobile phones are allusion to Motorola's phone series, Razr.
*The clown in Ultimoose's shop looks like Rodney from Squirrel Boy.

hell Shock

*In a underwater chamber, when Pondscum is talking to Yang through video screen, Yang says a rhyme "What will you do to me? Impel me to cut my kidney and find a key?". It's an allusion to gore Saw (film).

Them Boys

*Title parody of Them Bones.
*The bad guys speak in backwards but in the leader's second appearance, he speaks English.

Livin' La Vida Lina

*Title parody of Livin' La Vida Loca.

Here Comes The Pain Again

*B&K Sudoku DoJo means "Beatrice&Kcaj Sudoku DoJo".

The Wise Night Master

*It reveals that Wise Hare will be the next Night Master, not Bakermuff.


*The Z-Team is a parody of the X-Men.
*Biker X is a parody of Racer X from the Speed Racer series.

amurai Tack

*Parody of Samurai Jack.
*He is not a tack but a boy with a mouth full of tacks, like Tack the Cobbler from The Thief and the Cobbler.

Cats Catastrophe

*Parody of Cat's Cradle, even the universe that Yin and Yang are in is Cat's Cradle.
*The characters want to destroy Yin & Yang for a reason:
**Alexis CAS: So she can marry Yo.
**Beatrice: So she can destroy the world.
**Wise Hare: So he can destroy Woo Foo unless they let him become a Woo Foo Warrior.
**Kcaj: So Yang won't destroy his other amazing pets.
**Chung Pow Kitties: So they could steal all of the weapons in the Woo Foo Armory.

Vampires that Came from Next Door

*A Silent Cartoon and A Yo Cartoon are 10 second length.
*Silent Cartoon is the only cartoon without dialogue. Similar to a Dexter's Laboratory.

Courageous Christmas

*The villains are Wise Hare, Alexis CAS, Beatrice, Sucky, Mirrors, Chung Pow Kitties, Saranoia, Smoke, Kcaj and Carl that are being Santas and Misses Clauses.

Kcaj Frost

*Parody of Jack Frost.
*Saranoia looks like her snow form like in "Scarf it Up!".
*Kcaj's snow design is a leopard.

Date My Girlfriend

*Parody of Date My Mom.
*A new opening shows, left to right: Alexis CAS, Beatrice as Natasha, Wise Hare, Carl, Saranoia, Serko, Kcaj, Taroo and two unknown villains.

The Question Is What Is The Requestion

*Taroo was shown for the first time in his magician garment.


*The title is a parody of Ferngully.
*TREK is a parody of Hex from the movie Ferngully.
*Dips is parody of Pips from the movie Ferngully.


*Episode is a parody of Stephen King books: The Shining, Tommyknockers, Salem's Lot, Bag Of Bones, Rose Madder and The Pet Sematary.

econd Life

*Representants from Woo Foo Second Life are parody of residents from the Second Life.
*From this episode, an evil trojan wants to be called Evil Trojan Using Stupid Hares To Fulfil His Own Dark Destinations (E.T. USHTFHDD), but his official name is always Evil Trojan Downloading Into Heads Of Stupid Hares.


Critical Minds

*Yang: Speaking muffins? What the hell is it?
*Bakermuff: It's a hell that you're going to, you bakervore rabbit! Today not you will eat muffins, muffins will eat you! Heeheheheh! (he's got hoarsness) This laugh is too high for my throat.

weet But Who Can Attack CAS?

*Alexis: Do anyone want to greet a sexy supermodel?
*Yin: Where?
*Alexis: (gets totally angry) Here! I am a sexy supermodel.
*Yang: Oh, it's very hard to see.

Wearding Out Rolmax

*Herman: Do I always must use violence in the presence of you?
*Carl: (using his telepatic mind) Ants, maybe a sweet chocolate, uhm?
*Charles: Sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Them Boys

*Kcaj: Syob me teg S'tel(means Let's Get Em Boys)

Virus Variation

*Carl: ...and I would call you... um... how can I call you?
*Herman: Idea Of The Stupid Cockroach?
*Carl: What the hell? IOTSC? The stupid name for the trojan. Your thoughts, trojan?
*E.T. DIHOSH: I know you're a jerk, Carl, but I won't tell it to you. It isn't a good name for me.
*Carl: You're the trojan that will possess those stupid Woo Foo Warriors to destroy the suns! So maybe...
*E.T. DIHOSH: What about Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Evil Trojan Downloading Into Heads Of Soooooooooooo Stupid Hares?
*Carl: Definitely without those Sooooooooooooooooooos. It's unmanly.
*Herman: Like you, my stupid bro!

New Villains

*Alexis CAS: Alexis CAS is an evil witch. She had thirteen husband, and finish them. She falls in love with Master Yo (she thinks that he's rich cause he is a Woo Foo master), but Yo don't love her. CAS can turns herself into some figures (like Turkish queen or supermodel). Yin and Yang always beats her saying her that she's ugly. We also know that Alexis is a lot evil, so she can go into Night Master's fortress. CAS means Commanding Antagonistic Supervillain.
*Beatrice: Beatrice is a maths teacher. She was fired when she uses violence in presence of her students. She is also a mathe-maniac. Her character was a lil' bit based on John Forbes Nash. She builds the LogaRobot, which was destroying the city. It will be beaten only if someone solve the mathematic task. Yang solves it, and the result was 1. Beatrice is from Iceland.
*Bakermuff: Bakermuff is an evil muffin. He wants to be the new Night Master, but his bread army always is beaten by Woo Foo. He has always voice changes. Sometimes it's low like a Louis Armstrong's voice, and sometimes high. Bakermuff sings like a Mika. He is so evil, but can't come into Night Master's fortress. He also worked in TV, where he dorect the "Wake And Bake" show.
*Wise Hare: Wise Hare is a lop rabbit. He wants to be a Woo Foo warrior, but he hasn't got any migths. When Master Yo make him aware of it, he got now only one plan: to destroy Woo Foo. He is a friend of Badfoot and Yuck.
*Sucky: Sucky is a pink colored wolf-like creature. He also wears pink clothes. He is some kind of drag queen. He's a candy-maniac. Yin falls in love with he, but he turn out to be evil. Sucky has got pink-weared chorus, which loves him and always read him love poems. Every girls in town falls in love with he, also Saranoia. He's got some powerful weapons, like Pinkizing Mousse, or Hardcanding Hard Candy. Yang says that Sucky sucks and it's why he had this name.
*Serko: A Japanese spirit that made Yin speak Japanese in "Speak No Evil" and starts sucking all of Yin and Yang's Woo Foo Energy in "Spirit Situation". He apparently became a mute since he never speaks after he turned Yin into a Japanese speaking rabbit. Yo reveals that Serko used to be a Japanese warrior who wants to turn the world into a wacky place until a young child uses a stone that makes his flesh melt in the Underworld. When he made his second appearance, Yang questioned him does he ever talk and Serko just answered with his head.
*Kcaj: The leader of the Syug Dab Club of Evil. His main clothes is a yellow suit, a Superman shirt, underwear and cape, white gloves and roller skates (which he almosts never removes in the show). When he was a little kid, he used to have a puppygriff named Fluffy who had won many awards and was the best puppygriff to appear in Puppygriff Shows and still lived. Yang then vaporizes it and he starts kidnapping Yang and Dave. His club is Bad Guys in backwards and his name is Jack in backwards. He speaks backwards in "Them Boys" but speaks English in "Mirrors, Mirrors". His voice in frontwards is the same one in Them Boys if you translate his dialogue. Kcaj made his third appearance in "Here Come's the Pain Again" being with Beatrice with a dojo.
*Z-Team: A fictional superhero team. Molverene is a combination of a wolverine and a mole, parody of Wolverine. Lazzor is a person who was born with the heat ray vision for eyes which cannot be controlled until he wears his orange sunglasses, parody of Cyclops. FlashFighter is a person who is a combination species of a human, cat, bear, rabbit and monkey, parody of Night Crawler. Hail-Stone is a woman who can create static stones, parody of Storm. The Z-Team is a parody of X-Men.
*Biker X: An evil biker with green skin, a gap in his teeth, horrible hair and has a red X scar in his cheek. He wears an X in his helmet, jacket and shoes. He s an evil biker trying to defeat the Z-Team. He is a parody of Racer X from the Speed Racer series and one of the Kamen Riders.
*Bruce: An evil tiger, who is a villain of Master Yo. He haven't got any destination, and he turns into a monster and attacks the city. Yin and Yang defeated him. They found their destinations: Yang wants to marry Lina, and Yin wants Coop to uncouple him from her.
*Taroo: To be announced.
*EvilTrojanDownloadingIntoHeadsOfStupidHares (E.T. DIHOSH): To be announced.

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