List of minor characters on My Name Is Earl

List of minor characters on My Name Is Earl

This is a list of minor characters that have appeared at least twice on the NBC sitcom "My Name Is Earl". Information on characters that have appeared only once can be found in the episode articles that they are featured in.


Played by Tracy Ashton — The one-legged girl from whom Earl stole a car after telling her he loved her. She works at Yummy's Donut Shop and has a fast one-armed, no-legged boyfriend named Jake (played by Cameron Clapp), whom she met while hopping after Earl's winning lottery ticket as it blew in the wind. She is still angry at Earl and had her boyfriend chase him away when he tried to apologize. Didi gets around by hopping (although she does possess a prosthetic leg, the only use it gets is when her dog humps it), whereas her boyfriend uses prosthetic limbs and is quite agile. She lives across the street from Donny Jones. She always calls Earl a "Son of a Bitch" when she sees hims, and chases after him. Surprisingly, she sang in the "Free Earl" video, although the video may be non canon. The exact cause of her losing a leg is unknown; however, in "Our Other Cops Is On", Didi states that "she already survived one explosion".

Dodge Hickey

Played by Louis T. Moyle — Joy's oldest son, born June 10, 2000. Joy was six months pregnant with Dodge when she and Earl got married the day after they met. In the pilot Earl tells us, "Joy didn't remember much about the boy's real father, except that he drove a Ford. So, we named him Dodge." It was thought that a friend of Earl, Frank, might be Dodge's real father in The Frank Factor. This was disproved when Frank's only vehicle was the El Camino that Earl would later use.

Earl Hickey, Jr.

Played by Trey Carlisle — Joy and Darnell's son, born April 3 2001. After introducing Dodge in the pilot, Earl explains, "A few years later we were having our first child from my own personal seed. Doctors had already told us he was going to come out a boy, so we went ahead and named him." But as the doctor holds up a newborn mixed-race baby, Earl gets a confused look on his face and finishes: "There he was — Earl Junior." He has a huge afro and is frequently seen playing rambunctiously with his half-brother, Dodge.

Carl Hickey

Played by Beau Bridges — Earl and Randy's father. He ran for mayor twice but lost both times after Earl was arrested. Carl lives beneath an airport flight path, which causes his entire house to vibrate several times a day and angers him very much. He is sorely disappointed in his sons but puts all the blame on Earl. However, he and Earl are mending their relationship (with the help of an old Mustang).

Kay Hickey

Played by Nancy Lenehan — Earl and Randy's mother. She is also disappointed in Earl but is more tolerant than Carl. She is happy Earl is trying to turn his life around. She spends a lot of time dealing with Carl's battered ego. Earl's friend Ralph attempted unsuccessfully to come on to her after learning Earl had slept with Ralph's mother.

Ralph Mariano

Played by Giovanni Ribisi, played as a child by Tanner Maguire — Former partner in crime of Earl's, who goes in and out of jail on an almost weekly basis. He and Earl have been friends since childhood, when Earl first taught Ralph how to steal. He isn't the smartest person in the world, doesn't quite get the whole karma thing. Following in Earl's footsteps, he attempts to go legit by getting a job at a lamp store, only to go back to stealing the same day because he didn't win the lottery. A dedicated criminal, he will do anything for $200. He has a sister who dances at Club Chubby. He also once started a short-lived rock band along with Earl and Randy. He has several tattoos, including a Yin Yang on his forearm (which was put there because he thought it was 'two tadpoles doin' it') and 'two cougars doin' it' on his ankle. He only has nine toes following an incident where he cut his pinky toe off to put in a hotdog, forcing a huge hotdog franchise pay a settlement, which was used to rebuild the local hotdog stand that he was once paid by them to burn down in the episode Stole P's HD Cart. After learning that Earl had once slept with his mother, Ralph makes him marry her to "make an honest woman" out of her in the episode Van Hickey. When Earl is sentenced to 2 years in Camden County Prison, Ralph is his cellmate, only to escape the next day by drilling a hole behind a Dolly Parton poster, make a dummy with a watermelon for the head, and leaving Earl behind. He explains in his letter that he would have let Earl come with him but he was hungry and ate the second watermelon. He is also mentioned in 'Bounty Hunter' as having a bounty for $1200 for larceny of a dog and resisting arrest. Last name might be a reference to Michael Mariano, a former writer for Greg Garcia's last sitcom Yes, Dear.

Kenny James

Played by Gregg Binkley, played as a child by Andy Pessoa — A former victim of Earl's bullying as a child, Kenny is one of the first items on his list that Earl attempts to fix (following cleaning up litter), by helping him restore his confidence. The two became friends when Earl helped Kenny come out with his homosexuality. As a result, Kenny helps Earl with completing his list whenever he can, usually to his comedic detriment. He has a job as an assistant manager of a copy shop, which he uses to his advantage, (printing fake birth certificates and résumés, for example). He drives a powder blue Le Car which he also uses to help out Earl. After his boyfriend dumped him, Kenny asked Earl to help him become more of a manly man, which unwittingly led to both of them having a gambling addiction, though Kenny is currently seeking treatment.

Donny Jones

Played by Silas Weir Mitchell — Earl's friend and fellow reformed criminal. Hot-headed Donny was wrongly convicted of attempted robbery (it was Earl wearing Donny's jersey) and served two years in prison. During his prison term, Donny began reading the Bible and subsequently found Jesus. Once Earl confessed to Donny about committing the crime, Donny had no choice but to forgive him. He has two tattoos: one of Jesus on his chest, from which he occasionally seeks advice; and one on his buttocks of Moses parting the Red Sea. Along with Earl, Randy, Joy, and Darnell, he took over a department store on January 1, 2000 after they believed that the rest of the human race had been wiped out by Y2K. (In fact, the store was simply closed for the holiday, and most of the town's inhabitants were attending a local parade). Earl says that Donny scares him because he has "crazy eyes", even though he is good now.

Willie the One-Eyed Mailman

Played by Bill Suplee, father of Ethan Suplee — A local mailman with a patch over one eye, Willie is friendly but somewhat lazy as he has been seen throwing mail on the floor of someone's home or simply throwing it in the garbage. His lack of depth perception has caused problems for him more than once when giving or reaching for items, such as when he was unable to pick up Earl's winning lottery ticket when it blew away in the wind. It was recently revealed he lost his eye in 2003 when he got hit with a shard of glass after Joy smashed Earl's Def Leppard picture with a bowling ball.

Electrolarynx Guy

Played by Jack Axelrod — An as-yet-unnamed old man who can only speak with the help of an electrolarynx, apparently because of a lifetime of smoking. He sold Randy a Quit Smoking cassette for $0.32 (Negotiated from $0.40.) He also posed as Randy's father when Randy went back to high school in Randy's Touchdown. According to a deleted scene commentary in the Season 1 episode O Karma, Where Art Thou?, Jack Axelrod does not use an electrolarynx in real life.

Frank Stump

Played by Michael Rapaport - Helped Earl and Randy by letting them live with him. He was formerly an employee at the Crab Shack until Darnell took his place. Was arrested when he crashed into a van driven by Secret Service members (Who were dropping off Darnell) on the way back from a casino robbery while holding Howie Mandel hostage. He is currently spending 20 years in prison. His trailer is currently occupied by Joy and Darnell, and his El Camino is currently being used by Earl.

Hank Lange

Played by Tim DeKay — An old friend of Earl's. Hank was on Earl's list after Earl once told an inappropriate joke at Hank's birthday party in front of his family. Hank was later arrested for trying to rob a liquor store with a crossbow, (eventually shooting himself in the arm with it) though Earl managed to cross him off the list by giving him a good day before he went away to prison. Earl ran into Hank again when Earl was mistakenly thrown in prison himself. He and Earl had made a deal if either had wound up in prison, they would break the other out. Earl hoped Hank would not remember this, but that was the first question he asked (but later said that he did not care if he did or not). Hank was later mentioned as having broken out of prison in the episode Bounty Hunter.

Officer Bob Smiley

Played by George Frangides — A short, easily excitable police officer. Officer Smiley has had a number of run-ins with Earl in various episodes with his nervousness leading to a number of misunderstandings. It is revealed that he had a wife who passed away, Earl said, "Sweet, no allimony!"

Mr. Turtle

Darnell Turner's pet box turtle, was first seen in the episode O Karma, Where Art Thou?. He was briefly evicted from the trailer in Made a Lady Think I Was God by Joy's landlord (Randy offered to take care of him), but by the end of the episode, was welcomed back. Darnell once tried to stick his finger into his shell, but commented that "He [Mr. Turtle] didn't like it."


Played by Abdoulaye N'Gom — An African immigrant from Earl's English language class. Like other class members, he proudly greets Earl with his first English phrase: "My. Name. Is. Earl." In addition to Earl's class, he picked up much of his English from watching American television. He is known to repeatedly say, "Seacrest. Out." He has a compulsion to steal pens, and is apparently dating or married to an Asian woman. Interestingly, in the episode with Earl's birthday, Nescobar crosses an item off the list as a birthday gift for Earl, even though he has only known the "good Earl" (See The Birthday Party) Although by the episode "Our Cops is on" he may have known the 'bad' Earl. In the same episode, when Earl asks him how the English lessons are coming, Nescobar replies "I speak better than you, bitch!". At Joy's trial, it is revealed that he can speak and translate Mandarin (Abdoulaye N'Gom actually is fluent in 6 languages including Mandarin according to the My Name is Earl Season 1 DVD).

Tim Stack

Played by himself — A "hometown celebrity" of Camden County who has appeared in a number of TV shows. He is portrayed as an alcoholic throughout the series. In "Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine", he was the host of the Balboa & Sons' mother-daughter pageant (In a deleted scene, he "took" Catalina out to dinner, only to give the bill to her, down a pill of Viagra and offer to go back to her place). In "Y2K", he was seen at the New Year's Day parade on January 1, 2000. He also appeared in the episode "Our "Cops" Is On", in which he was pulled over for drunk driving, but the cop let him off since he had a role on "Punky Brewster". Upon being pulled over, he cited his "celebrity" status and his [ 63 credits on IMDb] (which is precise—although at the time the "COPS" episode was supposed to take place, it was not) as a reason to not get a ticket. Another flashback showed him as a willing potential "sugar daddy" for a very pregnant Joy, but she was grossed out when he dressed up as a baby for their tryst.

Natalie Duckworth

Played by Beth Riesgraf, wife of Jason Lee — Natalie was Earl's one-time girlfriend; her first appearance was in "Faked His Own Death". Natalie was unable to take a hint that Earl was not into her so and thus faked his own death. He later told her that her clingy personality was the real reason he faked his death. In turn, Natalie faked her own death to make Earl feel bad, and in doing so, she gained a large amount of confidence. She also appeared in "Our "Cops" Is On"; after Joy and Earl stole a police car, Joy called Natalie a slut with a megaphone and told her to get "on [the car in front of Joy] and spread [her] legs."

Officer Stuart Daniels

Played by Mike O'Malley — Stuart came from a family of police officers, his mother and four sisters all being on the job. Unfortunately, Stuart was a horribly incompetent officer, his most humiliating incident being when he lost his badge. He was one of the officers featured on "COPS" in "Our "Cops" Is On", where he was shown breaking up a fight between the Electrolarynx Man and Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop, confronting Donny Jones about his public nudity, and remaining blissfully unaware of Kenny James's attempts to come on to him. In contrast to his police work, Stuart was an excellent bowler, bowling a perfect game every time. He later decided bowling was his true calling and quit the police force to pursue it full-time.It is revealed in Our Other Cops is On that he's Catholic.He falls in love with his long-time gay admirer, Kenny, as of [Name of episode on 5/15/2008] .


Played by J. Lamont Pope — Jasper runs a fencing operation out of a self storage unit, selling merchandise stolen from the local mall at a discount rate. He was not able to help Earl fence silver stolen from the local library after his "silver guy" got arrested for melting down a menorah. He says the authorities said it was a hate crime, but he just hated being poor. Jasper also has a Russian mail-order bride named Tatiana (played by Jessica Cauffiel) who apparently lives in the storage unit and does not like kissing him.

Patty, the daytime hooker

Played by Dale Dickey - Patty is Camden County's local prostitute. She is in poor shape and can only do service during the day. She has exchanged sexual favors for fast food and is frequently arrested as a result.

In the pilot episode, Earl and Randy paid Patty to have sex with Kenny, unbeknownst that Kenny was gay. It was also implied in this episode that Earl had once given Patty as a birthday present to Randy.

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