Topic outline of Macau

Topic outline of Macau

Macau (also Macao), officially known as the Macau Special Administrative Region, is one of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China, the other being Hong Kong. Macau lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta, bordering Guangdong province in the north and facing the South China Sea in the east and south.Macao Yearbook 2007, 475.] The territory has thriving industries such as textiles, electronics and toys, and a notable tourist industry that boasts a wide range of hotels, resorts, stadiums, restaurants and casinos.Chan, 12-13.]

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* Pronunciation:
* International rankings of Macau

Geography of Macau

: "Main article: Geography of Macau"

* Macau is a:
** City
** City-state
** Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
** Peninsula and two islands (one of which is both an artificial island and an airport)
* Location:
** Northern Hemisphere
*** Eurasia
**** Asia
***** East Asia
* Population of Macau: 520,400 people (2007 estimate) - 167th most populous country
* Area of Macau: unit sqkm|29.2|0|lk=on (about 1/6 the size of Washington DC) - not ranked
* Climate of Macau: subtropical
* Macau Standard Time

Geographic features of Macau

* Bridges of Macau
** Ponte de Amizade
** Ponte de Sai Van
** Ponte Governador Nobre de Carvalho
* Cotai
* Coloane
* Macau International Airport - artificial island (reclaimed land)
* Macau Peninsula
* Taipa
* World Heritage sites: none

Administrative divisions of Macau

: "Main article: Municipalities of Macau"

* Municipality of Macau ( with Macau Peninsula)
** Our Lady of Fatima Parish
** St. Anthony Parish
** St. Lazarus Parish
** Cathedral Parish
** St. Lawrence Parish
* Municipality of the Islands
** Our Lady of Carmel Parish, coterminous with the island of Taipa
** St. Francis Xavier's Parish, coterminous with the island of Coloane

(Cotai, the reclaimed land between the islands of Taipa and Coloane, had not been assigned to any of the parishes as of 2005).

Demography of Macau

: "Main article: Demographics of Macau"

Population: 503,000 (2006 Qtr2 est.)
* Males: 245,600 (2006 Qtr2 est.)
* Females: 257,400 (2006 Qtr2 est.)

Government and politics of Macau

: "Main article: Government of Macau and Politics of Macau"

* Form of government: as a Special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, Macau is a city-state and a multi-party limited democracy
** One country, two systems
*** PRC controls the foreign affairs and defense of Macau
*** Macau has its own 3-branch government, partly elected, partly appointed
**** Empowered by Macau Basic Law until 2049
* Capital of Macau: Not applicable. As a semi-autonomous city-state, Macau doesn't have a capital, it is its own capital.

* Elections in Macau
** (specific elections)
* Mainland and Macau Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement
* Political parties in Macau
* Political scandals of Macau
* Taxation in Macau

Branches of the government of Macau

Executive branch of the government of Macau

* Head of state: President of China, Hu Jintao
* Head of government: Chief Executive of Macau, Edmund Ho.
* Cabinet: Executive Council of Macau
** Ho Veng On - Secretary General
** Secretariat for Administration and Justice - Florinda da Rosa Silva Chan
** Secretariat for Economy and Finance - Francis Tam Pak Yuen
** Secretariat for Security - Cheong Kuoc Vá
** Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture - Fernando Chui Sai On
** Secretariat for Transport and Public Works - Lau Si Io

Other departments of the government of Macau

* Commission Against Corruption - Cheong U
* Commission of Audit - Fátima Choi

Legislative branch of the government of Macau

* Legislative Assembly of Macau

* Parliament of Macau (bicameral)
** Upper house: Senate of Macau
** Lower house: House of Commons of Macau

Judicial branch of the government of Macau

* Supreme Court of Macau

Foreign relations of Macau

* United States-Macau relations

International organization membership

Macau is a member of:

Law and order in Macau

: "Main article: Legal system of Macau"

* Macau Basic Law
* Capital punishment in Macau
* Constitution of Macau
* Crime in Macau
* Human rights in Macau
** LGBT rights in Macau
** Freedom of religion in Macau
* Law enforcement in Macau

Military of Macau

: "Main article: Military of Macau"

* Macau does not have a military of its own, and is a protectorate of the PRC
* Defense: responsibility of the PLA of the PRC
** People's Liberation Army Macau Garrison

Local government in Macau

History of Macau

: "Main article: History of Macau and

* Municipal Council of Macau
* Municipalities of Macau
* Military of Macau under Portuguese rule
* Transfer of the sovereignty of Macau

Culture of Macau

: "Main article: Culture of Macau"

* Cuisine of Macau
* Events and festivals in Macau
* Gambling in Macau
* Languages of Macau
* Media of Macau
* Museum of Macau
* National symbols of Macau
** Emblem of Macau
** Flag of Macau
** National anthem of Macau
* Public holidays in Macau
* Religion in Macau

The Arts in Macau

* Art in Macau
* Cinema of Macau
* Literature of Macau
* Music of Macau
* Television in Macau
* Theatre in Macau

Sports in Macau

: "Main article: Sport in Macau"

* Macau Grand Prix
* Macau national football team (soccer)
* Macau national rugby union team

Economy of Macau

: "Main article: Economy of Macau"

* Economic rank (by nominal GDP):

* Agriculture in Macau: None (it's a city)
* Banking in Macau
** National Bank of Macau
* Communications in Macau
* Companies in Macau
* Currency of Macau: Macanese pataca
* Economic history of Macau
* Energy policy of Macau
* Mining in Macau: None (it's a city)
* Oil industry in Macau
* Tourism in Macau
* Transport in Macau

* Macau Stock Exchange

Education in Macau

: "Main article: Education in Macau"

* University of Macau

Infrastructure of Macau

* Buildings
** Oldest buildings and structures in Macau
** Tallest buildings in Macau
* Communications in Macau
** Internet in Macau
* Energy in Macau
* Health care in Macau
* Transportation in Macau
** Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier, Macau
** Airports in Macau
*** Macau International Airport
** Macau Light Transit System
* Water supply and sanitation in Macau

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