Origin Zaanstreek, Netherlands
Genres Death metal
Years active 1989–1999, 2002–2005, 2008-
Labels Displeased Records
Associated acts Nembrionic
Toep Duin
Dennis Jak
Rein Schorel
Arjan van Exter
Past members
A Consolation is something of value, when one fails to get something of higher value they were seeking, such as a consolation prize.

Consolation is the name of a former Dutch death metal/grindcore band from the Zaanstreek[1] that formed in 1989. They released three full-length albums through Displeased Records and were called the Dutch "Gods of Grind";[2] at their peak, in the late 1990s, they were one of the highest rated metal bands in the Netherlands, according to Dutch metal magazine Aardschok.[3]

The band split up in 1999. They more or less re-started in 2002 as Cardinal, playing shows as late as 2005.[4] A real comeback under their old name came in late 2008, when they announced reunion shows at the end of 2008[5][6] and the beginning of 2009.[7]


  • Unnamed (demo, 1990)
  • Beautyfilth (Album, Displeased Records, 1993)
  • Hardcore Leeft (split with Nembrionic Hammerdeath and Osdorp Posse, 1994)
  • The Truth (EP, Displeased, 1994)
  • Brave Melvin from the Southern Point (Album, Displeased, 1995)
  • Stahlplaat (Album, Displeased, 1998)


  • Toep Duin - drums
  • Dennis Jak - guitar
  • Manoloxx - vocals (- 1996)
  • Rein Schorel - bass
  • Arjan van Exter - vocals (1998- )
  • Robert - guitar


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