Applications of artificial intelligence

Applications of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been used in a wide range of fields including medical diagnosis, stock trading, robot control, law, scientific discovery and toys. However, many AI applications are not perceived as AI: "A lot of cutting edge AI has filtered into general applications, often without being called AI because once something becomes useful enough and common enough it's not labeled AI anymore." [ [ AI set to exceed human brain power] (July 26, 2006)] "Many thousands of AI applications are deeply embedded in the infrastructure of every industry." In the late 90s and early 21st century, AI technology became widely used as elements of larger systems, [Harvnb|NRC|1999 under "Artificial Intelligence in the 90s", and Harvnb|Kurzweil|2005|p=264] but the field is rarely credited for these successes.

Computer science

AI researchers have created many tools to solve the most difficult problems in computer science. Many of their inventions have been adopted by mainstream computer science and are no longer considered a part of AI. (See AI effect). According to Harvtxt|Russell|Norvig|2003|p=15, all of the following were originally developed in AI laboratories:
* Time sharing
* Interactive interpreters
* Graphical user interfaces and the computer mouse
* Rapid development environments
* The linked list data type
* Automatic storage management
* Symbolic programming
* Functional programming
* Dynamic programming
* Object-oriented programming


Banks use artificial intelligence systems to organize operations, invest in stocks, and manage properties. In August 2001, robots beat humans in a simulated financial trading competition.

Financial institutions have long used artificial neural network systems to detect charges or claims outside of the norm, flagging these for human investigation.


A medical clinic can use artificial intelligence systems to organize bed schedules, make a staff rotation, and provide medical information.

They may also be used for medical diagnosis,

Artificial neural networks are used for medical diagnosis (such as in Concept Processing technology in EMR software), functioning as machine differential diagnosis.

Heavy industry

Robots have become common in many industries. They are often given jobs that are considered dangerous to humans. Robots have proven effective in jobs that are very repetitive which may lead to mistakes or accidents due to a lapse in concentration and other jobs which humans may find degrading. General Motors uses around 16,000 robots for tasks such as painting, welding, and assembly. Japan is the leader in using and producing robots in the world. In 1995, 700,000 robots were in use worldwide; over 500,000 of which were from Japan.

For more information, see surveycite web|url=|title=AI Surveying: Artificial Intelligence In Business|first=Tomas Eric|last=Nordlander|publisher=(MS Thesis), De Montfort University|date=2001|accessdate=2007-11-04] about artificial intelligence in business.


Fuzzy logic controllers have been developed for automatic gearboxes in automobiles (the 2006 Audi TT, VW Toureg [ [ Touareg Short Lead Press Introduction] , Volkswagon of America] and VW Caravell feature the DSP transmission which utilizes Fuzzy logic, a number of Škoda variants (Škoda Fabia) also currently include a Fuzzy Logic based controller).


Many telecommunications companies make use of
heuristic search in the management of their workforces, for example BT Group has deployed heuristic search [ Success Stories] .] in a scheduling application that provides the work schedules of 20000 engineers.

Toys and games

The 1990s saw some of the first attempts to mass-produce domestically aimed types of basic Artificial Intelligence for education, or leisure. This prospered greatly with the Digital Revolution, and helped introduce people, especially children, to a life of dealing with various types of AI, specifically in the form of Tamagotchis and Giga Pets, the Internet (example: basic search engine interfaces are one simple form), and the first widely released robot, Furby. A mere year later an improved type of domestic robot was released in the form of Aibo, a robotic dog with intelligent features and autonomy.


The Air Operations Division [] , AOD, uses for the rule based expert systems. The AOD has use for artificial intelligence for surrogate operators for combat and training simulators, mission management aids, support systems for tactical decision making, and post processing of the simulator data into symbolic summaries.

The use of artificial intelligence in simulators is proving to be very useful for the AOD. Airplane simulators are using artificial intelligence in order to process the data taken from simulated flights. Other than simulated flying, there is also simulated aircraft warfare. The computers are able to come up with the best success scenarios in these situations. The computers can also create strategies based on the placement, size, speed, and strength of the forces and counter forces. Pilots may be given assistance in the air curing combat by computers. The artificial intelligent programs can sort the information and provide the pilot with the best possible maneuvers, not to mention getting rid of certain maneuvers that would be impossible for a sentient being to perform. Multiple aircraft are needed to get good approximations for some calculations so computer simulated pilots are used to gather data. These computer simulated pilots are also used to train future air traffic controllers.

The system used by the AOD in order to measure performance was the Interactive Fault Diagnosis and Isolation System, or IFDIS. It is a rule based expert system put together by collecting information from TF-30 documents and the expert advice from mechanics that work on the TF-30. This system was designed to be used to for the development of the TF-30 for the RAAF F-111C. The performance system was also used to replace specialized workers. The system allowed the regular workers to communicate with the system and avoid mistakes, miscalculations, or having to speak to one of the specialized workers.

The AOD also uses artificial intelligence in speech recognition software. The air traffic controllers are giving directions to the artificial pilots and the AOD wants to the pilots to respond to the ATC’s with simple responses. The programs that incorporate the speech software must be trained, which means they use neural networks. The program used, the Verbex 7000, is still a very early program that has plenty of room for improvement. The improvements are imperative because ATCs use very specific dialog and the software needs to be able to communicate correctly and promptly every time.

The Artificial Intelligence supported Design of Aircraft [] , or AIDA, is used to help designers in the process of creating conceptual designs of aircraft. This program allows the designers to focus more on the design itself and less on the design process. The software also allows the user to focus less on the software tools. The AIDA uses rule based systems to compute its data. This is a diagram of the arrangement of the AIDA modules. Although simple, the program is proving effective.

In 2003, NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center, and many other companies, created software that could enable a damaged aircraft to continue flight until a safe landing zone can be reached. The Intelligent Flight Control System was tested on an F-15 [] , which was heavily modified by NASA. The software compensates for all the damaged components by relying on the undamaged components. The neural network used in the software proved to be effective and marked a triumph for artificial intelligence.

The Integrated Vehicle Health Management system, also used by NASA, on board an aircraft must process and interpret data taken from the various sensors on the aircraft. The system needs to be able to determine the structural integrity of the aircraft. The system also needs to implement protocols in case of any damage taken the vehicle.


Neural networks are also being widely deployed in homeland security, speech and text recognition, data mining, and e-mail spam filtering.

List of applications

; Typical problems to which AI methods are applied:

* Pattern recognition
** Optical character recognition
** Handwriting recognition
** Speech recognition
** Face recognition
* Artificial Creativity

* Computer vision, Virtual reality and Image processing
* Diagnosis (artificial intelligence)
* Game theory and Strategic planning
* Game artificial intelligence and Computer game bot
* Natural language processing, Translation and Chatterbots
* Nonlinear control and Robotics

; Other fields in which AI methods are implemented:

* Artificial life
* Automated reasoning
* Automation
* Biologically-inspired computing
* Concept mining
* Data mining
* Knowledge representation
* Semantic Web
* E-mail spam filtering

* Robotics
** Behavior-based robotics
** Cognitive
** Cybernetics
** Developmental robotics
** Epigenetic robotics
** Evolutionary robotics
* Hybrid intelligent system
* Intelligent agent
* Intelligent control
* Litigation

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