Indus (disambiguation)

Indus (disambiguation)

Indus may refer to:
*Indus River in Pakistan
**Indus Valley Civilization, an ancient civilization that grew in Pakistan
**Indus script, an ancient script used in India and Pakistan.
**Battle of Indus, Mingburnu of Persia fought Genghis Khan.
*Indus (constellation) is a southern constellation.
* Ng Tung River in Hong Kong, also known as River Indus
*Indus programming language, a concurrent programming language
*INtelligent Data Understanding System (INDUS), in computer science, a research project of the University of Iowa computer science department
*IndUS Aviation, Dallas, Texas-based manufacturer of the Thorp T-211 Light Sport Aircraft
*Indus TV, a TV channed based in Pakistan.
*Indus Media Group, Media group based in Pakistan.

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