India (disambiguation)

India (disambiguation)

India (from Greek "Ἰνδία", "region of the Indus river") may refer to:

In politics:
* Contemporary Republic of India (post-1947)

In geography and culture:
*the entire Indian subcontinent, including peninsular India (see also Greater India)
*the region east of the Indus river and south of the Himalaya (OED), see "Hindustan"

In history:
*The History of South Asia (see History of India)
*The territories in the vicinity of the Indus river east of Arachosia and west of the deserts of Thar in Pakistan. This usage is especially important in ancient (Greco-Persian) historical references to India.
* Ancient or Epic India, see Kingdoms of Ancient India, Iron Age India; see also Bharatavarsha and Aryavarta.
* Medieval India (also known as Hindustan)
* British Raj, officially known as the Indian Empire, which came to an end in August 1947 resulting in the formation of the Union of India and the Dominion of Pakistan.

Otherwise (without direct relation to the Indian subcontinent):
* India (given name), the personal name.
* Indies, when referred to as "East India" by European colonists.
* The letter "I" in the NATO phonetic alphabet and the Federal Aviation Administration aviation phonetic letters
* India class submarine
* La India, a salsa singer from Puerto Rico
* India (cat) is a cat belonging to U.S. President George W. Bush
* India (porn star) is an African American porn star
* A character in "Gone with the Wind"
* An India tag - an item of stationary
* "India", a track by John Coltrane featured on the album "Impressions"

ee also

* Indian
* India.Arie
* Etymology of India
* Undivided India
* Bharata
* Bharatavarsha
* Aryavarta

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