Alexandria (disambiguation)

Alexandria (disambiguation)

Alexandria may refer to.

Alexandrias founded or renamed by Alexander the Great

* Alexandria, Egypt
* Iskandariya, Iraq
* Alexandria Asiana, Iran
* Alexandria in Ariana, Afghanistan
* Alexandria Bucephalous, Pakistan, on the Jhelum
* Alexandria of the Caucasus, Afghanistan
* Alexandria on the Oxus, Afghanistan
* Alexandria of the Arachosians, Afghanistan now called Kandahar (a contraction of Iskandahar)
* Alexandria on the Indus, Pakistan
* Alexandria Eschate, "the Farthest", Tajikistan
* Alinda (Caria), Alexandria on the Latmos, previously and afterward called Alinda in Caria, present-day Turkey
* Cebrene, formerly Alexandria
* Alexandria Troas, Turkey
* Merv, Turkmenistan, some time also called Antiochia in Margiana

Other places named Alexandria


* Alexandria, Northern Territory
* Alexandria, New South Wales
* Alexandra, Victoria


* Alexandria, British Columbia
* Alexandria, Ontario

United States

* Alexandria, Alabama
* Alexandria, Indiana
* Alexandria, Kentucky
* Alexandria, Louisiana
* Alexandria, Missouri
* Alexandria, Minnesota
* Alexandria, Nebraska
* Alexandria, New Hampshire
* Alexandria, New York
* Alexandria Bay, New York
* Alexandria, Ohio
* Alexandria, Pennsylvania
* Alexandria, South Dakota
* Alexandria, Tennessee
* Alexandria, Virginia
* Alexandria County, formerly in the District of Columbia and later in Virginia
* Alexandria Township, Kansas
* Alexandria Township, Minnesota
* Alexandria Township, New Jersey
* Alexandria Township, North Dakota
* West Alexandria, Ohio

Other countries

* Alexandria, Greece, Imathia prefecture
* Alexandria, Romania
* Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland
* Alexandria, Eastern Cape, South Africa
* Aleksandropol, Armenia
* Alessandria del Carretto, Italy
* Alexandrium, ancient site in Palestine

Fictional places named Alexandria

* Alexandria in Final Fantasy IX, a city in the fictional world of the role playing game Final Fantasy IX made by Squaresoft
* Alexandria, Mississippi, the setting of Donna Tartt's "The Little Friend"

Places with similar names

* Alessandria, Italy
* Iskenderun, formerly Alexandretta, Turkey
* Alexandroupoli, Greece
* Aleksandriya, Bulgaria
* Alexander Nevsky Lavra (Aleksandro-Nevskaya), a monastery in Russia
* Oleksandriia, Ukraine

Alexandria class cruiser

* Alexandria class heavy cruiser, in the anime "Gundam" series

Other uses

*Alexandria (linguistic agent), dictionaries and translators for webpages
*Alexandria (film), a 2005 Indonesian film
*Alexandria (software), a book collection manager for GNOME
*The Alexandria Quartet a tetralogy by Lawrence Durrell.
*The Alexandria trilogy, three films by Youssef Chahine: "Alexandria... Why?", "An Egyptian Story" and "Alexandria Again and Forever"

ee also

*Alessandria (disambiguation)

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