McLeod's Daughters (season 5)

McLeod's Daughters (season 5)
McLeod's Daughters - The Fifth Season
Country of origin  Australia
No. of episodes 32
Original channel Nine Network
Original run February 2005 – October 2005
Home video release
DVD release date 2006
Season chronology
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McLeods Daughters - The Fourth Season
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McLeods Daughters - The Sixth Season

The fifth season of McLeod's Daughters aired from 9 February 2005 to 30 November 2005.


2005 main cast

Actor Character Episodes Number Of Episodes
Bridie Carter Tess Silverman McLeod-Ryan 5.01 - 5.17, 5.29 - 5.32 21
Simmone Jade Mackinnon Stevie Hall 5.01 - 5.32 32
Rachael Carpani Jodi Fountain McLeod 5.01 - 5.32 32
Aaron Jeffery Alex Ryan 5.01 - 5.32 32
Michala Banas Kate Manfredi 5.01 - 5.32 32
Myles Pollard Nick Ryan 5.01 - 5.16 16
Brett Tucker Dave Brewer 5.01 - 5.32 32
Sonia Todd Meg Fountain 5.26 - 5.28 3
Jonny Pasvolsky Rob Shelton 5.16 - 5.32 17

2005 recurring cast

Actor Character
Zoe Naylor Regan McLeod
Marshall Napier Harry Ryan
Inge Hornstra Sandra Kinsella
Doris Younane Moria Doyle
Luke Jacobz Patrick Brewer


Season # Series # Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
1 107 "No Man's Land" Richard Jasek Chris McCourt 9 February 2005
Sally and Harrison now living at Wilgul threatens Tess's marriage, she escapes on an overnight muster only to be faced with a life or death situation. 
2 108 "Little White Lies" Richard Jasek Rick Held 16 February 2005
As Nick's web of lies about Sally and the baby come undone, Tess makes her feelings clear leaving him no choice but to leave Drover's Run and his wife behind. 
3 109 "Rules Of Disengagement" Steve Jodrell Kym Goldsworthy 23 February 2005
Meg heads home early from the city in hope she can be some comfort to Tess during her time out with Nick. But Meg has little success trying to get Tess to open up her feelings. 
4 110 "Once Were Heroes" Chris Martin-Jones Denise Morgan 2 March 2005
The passionate, stubborn side of Dave is exposed when he stumbles across an injured horse and believes he has found a descendent of the first settlement horses, a Waler. 
5 111 "Return Of The Black Queen" Steve Jodrell Sarah Smith 9 March 2005
Harry is thrilled when he hears Sandra is back in town. Kate tries to convince Stevie to reinstate Jodi and Nick learns what it's like to be a single father, looking after Harrison, juggling bottles, nappies, & work. 
6 112 "Do You Read Me ...?" Arnie Custo script by Meg Mappin, story by Alexa Wyatt 16 March 2005
Incapacitated by an injured foot, a bored Stevie becomes addicted to the two-way radio with interesting results. Kate gets a surprising job offer, while Nick & Tess are still dealing with the relationship problems between them. 
7 113 "Taking Care Of Business" Chris Martin-Jones script by Sally Webb, story by Sarah Smith 6 April 2005
The women of Drover's Run are no longer a team - Kate is working for Sandra, Jodi is working for herself and Tess and Stevie are barely getting by. 
8 114 "Old Flames" Arnie Custo script by Hadass Segal, story by Sarah Smith 13 April 2005
Looking forward to a high-school reunion, Kate is in for a shock when her first love turns up. For Tess and Nick, the arrival of Sally to take Harrison home brings mixed feelings. 
9 115 "Body Blows" Ray Qunit script by Kym Goldsworthy, story by Alexa Wyatt 20 April 2005
After a brush with death and a shocking revelation of his health, Harry reconsiders his plans for Killarney - forcing Nick & Tess to carefully consider their own future 
10 116 "Sins Of The Father" Ray Quint script by Chris McCourt, story by Alexa Wyatt 27 April 2005
Stevie & Alex work together to trap a cattle thief with inside knowledge and Tess's life is turned upside down when Nick learns he has a deadly heart condition. 
11 117 "Boy Made Good" Chris Martin-Jones script by Denise Morgan, story by Dave Warner 4 May 2005
Stevie's past catches up with her when her daughters father, Will Hamilton, arrives unexpectedly in Gungellan. But is Will really who he says he is? 
12 118 "The Pearl" Chris Martin-Jones script by Guila Sandler, story by Dave Warner 11 May 2005
The women of Drover's are nearly torn apart as Jodi saves Luke from himself. Jodi doggedly defends Luke's integrity to Stevie and Alex, both of whom are concerened about the poor decisions these young lovers are making. 
13 119 "The Prodigal Daughter" Richard Jasek Elizabeth Coleman 18 May 2005
Tess is excited about the prospect of meeting her cousin Regan, but is disappointed by Nick's reaction when she raises the subject of starting their own family. 
14 120 "Love And Obsession" Richard Jasek Blake Ayshford 25 May 2005/ 20 June 2005
While Dave and Regan's flirtation steps up a level, Tess is finding the challenge of trying to befriend her new found cousin difficult. Regan seems uninterested in Drover's or their family's history... leading Kate to be suspicious of her intentions. 
15 121 "One Long Day" Kevin Carlin Dave Warner 27 July 2005
Stevie faces the most harrowing day of her life when Charlotte goes missing on Drover's Run. When Nick is offered a job in Argentina, Tess is torn between her husband and her property. 
16 122 "Down To Earth" Kevin Carlin Fin Edquist 3 August 2005
Tess and Nick get ready to depart for Argentina but some evil family plans could delay the trip. Stevie uncovers Regan's secret to dig up Drovers and tells Tess, who decides not to go to Argentina with Nick, who leaves. Meanwhile Kate meets a man named Oli and the new guy, Rob arrives. Back at Drovers, Regan is kicked out and goes to live with Dave while the girls get ready to fight for Drovers. 
17 123 "Heart Of Gold" Chris Martin-Jones Chris Phillips & Chris McCourt 10 August 2005
It's McLeod Versus McLeod as Tess fights to stop Regan's mining claim on Drover's Run. 
18 124 "Taking Flight" Chris Martin-Jones Sally Webb 17 August 2005
With Tess and Nick gone, Stevie is determined to prove herself as manager of Drover's Run. Dave and Kate form an unlikely team in the local Twitchathon. 
19 125 "Make Believe" Richard Jasek Michaeley O'Brien 24 August 2005
Kate has fibbed to her Grandmother about her job and "Fiancee" Dave. Now Grandmother is coming to visit! 
20 126 "Heaven And Earth" Richard Jasek Rick Held 31 August 2005
As a raging storm approches, Stevie battles to save a life. 
21 127 "Moonstruck"
Alex is overcome by toxic fumes while cleaning an old water tank while Jodi advises Meg on how to fix her relationship with Terry. 
22 128 "If You Build It" Arnie Custo Guila Sandler 7 September 2005
Bad blood threatens to erupt between Stevie and Sandra, when seeking water, some of Drovers cattle push through the fence onto Killarney. Jodi uses some tangential logic to wonder whether Rob "bats for the other side." 
23 129 "Out Of Time" Chris Martin-Jones Kym Goldsworthy 21 September 2005
Stevie's excitement of spending some time with her daughter is turned on its head when Michelle, Stevie's sister, joins Rose for the trip. 
24 130 "Betwixt And Between" Chris Martin-Jones Denise Morgan 28 September 2005
Heartbroken at the realisation that Rose will never learn the truth, Stevie throws herself into work on the new embryo transplant programme. But secrets of the past may not stay buried forever. 
25 131 "Truth Or Dare" Steve Jodrell Chris McCourt 12 October 2005
Dave's brother drops in (literally) for a visit and ensnares Kate's heart. Meanwhile, Stevie and Alex hunt a predator that is stalking animals of Drover's Run and Killarney. 
26 132 "The King And I" Steve Jodrell Margaret Wilson 19 October 2005
Jodi's World is turned topsy-turvy when she receives a bithday gift from the deceased, Jack McLeod. Meanwhile Dave begins training a new veterinary student. 
27 133 "Intentions" Arnie Custo Lily Taylor 26 October 2005
Dave is threatened with a sexual harassment lawsuit from his former vet student. Meanwhile, after confronting Meg about Jack's gift to her Jodi realises her whole life has been a lie. 
28 134 "Stranger Than Fiction" Arnie Custo Alexa Wyatt 2 November 2005
Jodi learns that her mother's novel is based on real life as it details the mystery surrounding her birth. Meanwhile Harry clashes with Alex over a deal. 
29 135 "Twelve And A Half Hours Behind" Chris Martin-Joens Dave Warner 9 November 2005
Tess returns home to Drover's with news that she's pregnant but her joy is soon turned to grief when Nick's plane crashes and he is presumed dead. Meanwhile, Jodi attempts to verify she is Jack McLeod's Daughter. 
30 136 "Anniversary" Chris Martin-Jones Dave Warner 16 November 2005
Tess and Harry clash over Nick's wrongful death lawsuit, where Harry is suing Nick's Argentinian Lawyers. 
31 137 "Body And Soul" Steve Jodrell Fin Edquist 16 November 2005
Alex goes on a journey to grieve over Nick, while Harry believes keeping his Grandson close to him is the most important thing in the world right now, Tess receives a letter Nick wrote before he died. 
32 138 "New Beginnings" Steve Jodrell Kym Goldsworthy & Sarah Duffy 23 November 2005
Stevie realises she's in love with Alex, but can't bring herself to tell him. Meanwhile, Jodi gets the results of her DNA test and Tess has a strange recurring dream about Nick. 


Episode Viewers in Millions Rank for Week
5-01 1.423 11
5-02 1.456 9
5-03 1.418 8
5-04 1.485 12
5-05 1.358 16
5-06 1.367 13
5-07 1.415 13
5-08 1.337 19
5-09 1.331 19
5-10 - 5-32 N/A N/A

DVD release

The Complete Fifth Season
Set Details Special Features
  • 32 Episodes
  • 7-Disc Set
  • 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Subtitles:
  • English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)
  • Rating: PG
  • Biographies
Release Dates
 Australia United States North America
April 2006 5 February 2008

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