Queen's School of Business

Queen's School of Business

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The Queen's School of Business is located in Queen's University, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Its first commerce program was established in 1919, making it one of the oldest business schools in Canada. [http://business.queensu.ca/about_us/school_history.php] The school of business became its own faculty in 1963 with its first dean, Lawrence Macpherson. The current dean at the Queen's School of Business is Dr. David Saunders, who also founded the MBA Japan Program in Tokyo when he was associate dean at the Faculty of Management of McGill University in MontrealFact|date=February 2007.

Today, the Queen's School of Business offers a variety of business programs, including:
* [http://business.queensu.ca/bcom/index.php Queen's Bachelor of Commerce]
* [http://www.queensmba.com Queen's Full-Time MBA] (previously Queen's MBA for Science and Technology)
* [http://www.execmba.com Queen's Executive MBA]
* [http://www.cqemba.com Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA] (joint program with Cornell University)
* [http://www.qamba.com Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates]
* [http://business.queensu.ca/grad_studies/MSc/index.php Queen's MSc in Management]
* [http://business.queensu.ca/grad_studies/PHD/index.php Queen's PhD in Management]
* [http://business.queensu.ca/grad_studies/mgm/index.php Queen's Master of Global Management]

The Queen's School of Business opened its first foreign campus in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at the DIFC on May 25, 2007. Classes started in October 2007. The campus will mainly host Queen's executive development programs. [http://business.queensu.ca/news/2007/05-25-07-Queens-School-of-Business-Opens-Dubai-Campus.php]

The Queen's School of Business is one of only two schools in North America with triple accreditation. It is fully accredited by the AACSB (United States), the Association of MBAs (United Kingdom), and the EFMD (EQUIS) (Europe).

Goodes Hall

Goodes Hall is the home of the Queen's School of Business. The building incorporates the former Victoria School, an 1892 schoolhouse designed by Kingston architect William Newlands. In 1992, the school became part of Queen's University, housing administrative offices for just over a decade. In 2003, the building was renovated and expanded to serve the needs of the School of Business, which had previously been housed in Dunning and Mackintosh-Corry halls. The new building was constructed to address the needs associated with growth in the School's undergraduate, professional and executive programs.

Located near the northwest corner of the main campus of Queen's University, Goodes Hall is fully equipped with pedagogical equipment; such as wireless internet throughout the building, public information system plasma screens, ethernet ports in every room, LCD projectors, and video-conferencing cameras that allow video conferencing between discussion groups held around the country or between classes in the various branches in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, London, Waterloo, Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, Kingston, Montréal and Halifax [http://business.queensu.ca/mba_programs/emba_nat/learning_technology.php] . Goodes Hall has "Break-out Rooms" which can hold 6-8 people for meetings, conferences or as a work-study room. There is a coffee shop, an IT support centre and a photocopying centre.



The Commerce program is renowned for their rigorous application process and strict selectivity. Along with marks, applicants submit a Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) which includes listing extracurricular experiences, volunteer work, and employment experience, and writing two essays. Once applicants have attained the grade cut-off for that year, the PSE becomes the sole determinant of acceptance. The PSE is reviewed by an admission committee consisting of faculty, Commerce Program administrators, and Queen's School of Business alumni. Each PSE receives two independent reviews and then the decisions are combined and offers are made solely based on the PSE [http://business.queensu.ca/bcom/faqs.php] . In 2006, 300 students were enrolled in this program out of a pool of about 4600 applicants. [http://business.queensu.ca/bcom/faqs.php]

Commerce students of the Queen's School of Business are also members of the [http://comsoc.queensu.ca/ Commerce Society] , a student-run body that operates within the faculty under the Queen's student government - the Alma Mater Society. The Commerce Society offers a wide range of activities and events where members can get involved, from formal activities such as conferences to social activities such as dances.

The typical class has a maximum of 80 students. [http://business.queensu.ca/mba/index.htm] .


Full-time MBA

The Queen's Full-time MBA program (previously Queen's MBA for Science and Technology) was ranked as the number one full-time MBA program in Canada and number one outside of the U.S. by Business Week in 2006. [http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/06/full_time.htm] Environics ranked the Queen's Full-time MBA program number one in Canada in 2006 in their Report on Executive Education in Canada. [http://business.queensu.ca/execdev/docs/Environics_Report.pdf]

The Full-time MBA program has a duration of 12 months and is taken at the Queen's University Campus in Kingston Ontario. Students are required to have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university, minimum two years work experience and a GMAT score of 600 or better to be considered for application. During the MBA program, students are encourage to choose from four elective streams; "Consultant & Project Management", "Marketing", "Financial Analysis", and "Innovation & Entrepreneurship". The program is based on the Team model of learning, dividing students up into teams of five or six in order to mirror a working environment. During the program each student is given access to a "personal coach", a "career coach", a "team facilitator", a "personal trainer" and an "academic advisor" to help them make the most of their experiences.

Students are given the opportunity to go on international exchanges to other business schools across the world. Students can earn a Certified Management Accountant designation and a Project Management Professional designation while earning their MBA. Queen's is also one of the only universities to offer joint MBA and LL.B degrees in a three and a half year combined program in partnership with the Queen's Faculty of Law.

The average age going into the Full-time MBA program is 31 years, with most of students bringing six years of work experience with them. 20% of the students are women, and over 48% of the students are International. Students in the Queen's MBA program come from all over the world; traveling from Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, India, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom and the United States to participate in the Queen's MBA program. [http://business.queensu.ca/mba_programs/mba/docs/Queens_MBA_web.pdf]

Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates

The Queen's Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates is a unique 12 month program that is targeted towards those who have already obtained an undergraduate degree in business, so rather than relearning concepts students can obtain an MBA in a minimal amount of time while continuing to work. Students are required to have an undergraduate degree in business with a minimum B average, two years work experience, outstanding letters of reference and a minimum GMAT score of 550 or [http://business.queensu.ca/mba_programs/emba_nat/qmat.php QMAT] equivalent. Some candidates may require additional testing of their knowledge of management fundamentals and/or English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores.

Half of the class time is spent on the Queen's campus in a traditional classroom environment, while the other half are sessions held all day Saturday and Monday morning of every week in the form of multi-point video conferencing to boardroom learning teams across Canada. Everything that is offered in the Full-Time MBA program is also offered in the Accelerated program, however because of the nation wide video conferencing, this programs gives the students the ability to stay at home during the duration of the program. This gives the students the ability to join or sit in on the different boardroom teams if they are required to move or travel to different parts of the county. Teams have been historically located in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. [http://business.queensu.ca/mba_programs/amba/docs/AMBA_Brochure_May_2007_web.pdf] Students are required to study on the Queen's campus during the first two weeks of January for the opening session and the second week of October for the fall session.

Executive MBA

The Queen's Executive MBA program is offered in two streams, the "National Program" and the "Ottawa Program". Both of these programs have been ranked as the best program in Canada for Executive MBAs by BusinessWeek [http://business.queensu.ca/news/2006/10-13-2006-BusinessWeek.php] and Environics [http://business.queensu.ca/execdev/docs/Environics_Report.pdf] . Both programs are 15 months in length and the admission decision is dependent on the applicants management experience, references, previous academic experience, [http://business.queensu.ca/mba_programs/emba_nat/qmat.php QMAT] (or GMAT) scores and a personal interview. There is no application fee as the process is purely competitive. The average Queen's Executive MBA student has an age of 35 years, but may be up to 50 years old, and boasts a minimum of 13 years working experience. [http://business.queensu.ca/mba_programs/emba_ott/docs/OEMBA_Brochure_2006_web.pdf]

Like all Queen's MBA programs, students are divided up into teams of six or seven to mirror the workplace environment during their studies and are given access to a "personal coach", a "career coach", a "team facilitator", a "personal trainer" and an "academic advisor" to help them through the program. Students may choose between three elective streams of "Finance", "Strategic Marketing", or "Global Business" and study them during a weeklong concentrated session at the Queen's University Campus in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Ottawa program

The Executive MBA Ottawa program holds the majority of its classes in a classroom located in downtown Ottawa at 350 Albert St. The learning facility was built for the purposes of Queen's Executive MBA and includes a tiered classroom with wireless internet access, team breakout and meeting rooms, physical fitness facility and leading edge multimedia presentation systems. Students are given 24/7 access to these facility via the use of swipe cards. Regular class sessions are held all day Friday and Saturday morning every other week.

National program

The Executive MBA National program holds its classes in major cities across Canada through the use of multi-point video conferencing tools. Students are given a national perspective and network to apply to their studies, and have the ability to attend different boardroom teams if they are required to travel or move locations. Teams are located in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. [http://business.queensu.ca/mba_programs/amba/docs/AMBA_Brochure_May_2007_web.pdf] Approximately 60% of their class time is held in these boardroom environments, while the other 40% is spent over three sessions at the Queen's University Campus in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The first on-campus session is two weeks long and focuses on strategic leadership and team building, the second is one week long and focused on creativity and innovation, with the third and final being one week long and spent studying the student's elective stream.

Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA

The Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA program is the only one of its kind Fact|date=August 2007, it offers a 17 month MBA program that gives students the opportunity to earn an MBA from Queen's University and Cornell University that may be completed while continuing to work. Student applications are considered on the basis of their management experience, references, previous academic experience, [http://business.queensu.ca/mba_programs/emba_nat/qmat.php QMAT] or GMAT score and, for some applicants, a personal interview. All applicants must quality for a U.S. Study Visa.

Weekend class sessions comprise 60% of the total class time delivered through multi-point video conferencing in major cities across North America. This allows for students to travel or relocate during their 17 month degree and not miss any sessions, it also gives the classroom an international perspective as the teams come from across the continent. The other 40% of the total class time is divided into a two week long "Opening Session" in June that is held at both the Queen's and Cornell campus, a twelve day "Business Venturing Session" at either campus in late January and a ten day "Global Business Session" that is held at the [http://ibmlearningcenter.dolce.com/ IBM Executive Learning Center] outside of New York City. Students are given access to a "personal coach", a "career coach", a "team facilitator", a "personal trainer" and an "academic advisor" to help them through the program.

During their degree program, students are assigned two major projects. The first "New Venture Project" expects the student to creates a new, stand-alone business case with the aid of a project advisor. This gives the students the opportunity to use the knowledge gained in the program to identify market opportunities, investigate business potential, and consider financial options to create a comprehensive business plan. A minimum of five days in the program is alloted for the "Global Business Project", which is the second major project. This will take you and your team anywhere outside of Canada and the United States. While some guidelines are provided, the team may choose any location or project they believe is best suited to their talents. The program covers each students transportation, accommodations and other travel expenses during this project.

Master of Global Management

The Queen's Master of Global Management is a unique 12 month program that focuses on international business curriculum and cross-cultural experience. The program is structured in three stages; The first is located at the Queen's University campus in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and covers 4.5 credits of study in a selected field such as INternational Marketing, International Finance, International Negations, Leadership Across Cultures (part 1), Key Issues in International Business, Comparative Financial Institutions and Global Economy in order to develop a proposal for their master project. The second stage is at an international business school parter where the student will take an equivalent of 4 credits while beginning the research and data collection for their group masters project. In the final stage, students return the Queen's to complete their group masters project and their studies with a Capstone Global Strategy course and Leadership Across Cultures (part 2).

Applicants must have a minimum average of B+ in their four year undergraduate degree, written a GMAT or GRE and an English comprehension test if the applicants native language is not English and their undergraduate university studies were taken in a language other than English.

Master of Science in Management

The Queen's Master of Science in Management (MSc) is a 12 month program that is divided up into three full terms of study, starting with the fall term in September and ending with the summer term. Research is focused upon one of seven fields of study: "accounting", "finance", "management information systems", "marketing", "organizational behavior", "management science" and "managerial economics". The MSc program allows for an advanced level of conceptual foundations in your chosen field which would aid highly focused research.

Applicants must have a minimum average of B+ in their four year undergraduate degree in a discipline that is related to their field of interest (e.g. an honours BA in Economics would be suitable for an MSc in Finance), have written a GMAT or GRE and a TOEFL if English is not their native language. The role of the MSc program is to prepare students for higher level study in a doctoral program of their choice.

Doctoral program

The Queen's School of Business PhD program is rooted in the idea that there are substantial benefits in selecting both a major and a minor for developing analytic and research skills. Students select one major area of study from five; "accounting", "finance", "management information systems", "marketing", "organizational behavior", "management science" and "managerial economics", and a minor from within or outside of the school of business. The first two years of the Doctoral program consist of traditional courses and a research workshop with faculty to help develop research skills, and the last two years are dedicated to the development of the students thesis and dissertation. The philosophy is that the major goal of a doctoral program should be to develop the next generation of scholars and researchers so the program is geared towards developing a healthy breadth of knowledge to better aid each student's thesis.

Applicants typically have an A average in their Master's degree and are in the 85th percentile for their GMAT scores. They are expected to provide outstanding letters of recommendation, a well-developed statement of purpose and a TOEFL score of 600 if English is not their native language.


* 2008 — "Business Week" ranked Queen's MBA first outside the U.S. Second Time (First in Canada)
* 2006 — "Business Week" ranked Queen's MBA first outside the U.S. (First in Canada)
* 2004 — "Environics Report" on Executive Education ranked Queen's Executive MBA first in Canada
* 2003 — "Forbes" "Best Business Schools 2003" ranked Queen's School of Business 1st outside the U.S.

Notable alumni

* Gordon Nixon, President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada
* Jerry del Missier, President, Barclays Capital
* Pam Arway, CEO, American Express Australia
* Brenda Vince, President, RBC Asset Management Inc
* Donald Sobey, Chairman, Empire Corporation (Sobeys Inc.)
* Chris Clark, CEO, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Canada
* Cathy Williams, CFO, Shell Canada
* Jeffery Carney, President, Fidelity Personal Investment
* John See, President, TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage
* John Watson, Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer, EnCana Corporation
* Peng-Sang Cau, President, Transformix Engineering
* R. Kerry Clark, CEO, Cardinal Health (former Vice Chairman of Procter & Gamble)
* Kris Dolinki, CEO, Zoom Airlines
* Ian Friendly, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Retail, General Mills, Inc.
* Melvin Goodes, Former CEO and Chairman, Warner-Lambert Company
* Paul Hand, V.P. & Director, RBC Dominion Securities, Equity Trading
* Alvin Hew, President and Managing Director, L'Oréal Taiwan Co. Ltd
* Gannon Jones, Vice President of Marketing at Pepsico
* Michael Kehoe, CEO, CIBAVision
* Michael MacMillan, Chairman, Alliance-Atlantis
* Emma Marus, Principal, J N Burnett Secondary School, Former CEO, Canadian Economics Thinktank
* Walt Macnee, President, Mastercard (Americas)
* Bryan Pearson, President, Air Miles
* Jane Peverett, President and CEO, British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC)
* David Sculthorpe, President, Cadbury Adams
* Colin Taylor, Partner and Managing Director, DLJ Merchant Banking Partners, a Credit Suisse subsidiary
* Penny Somerville, Executive VP and Senior Market Risk Officer, BMO Financial Group
* Don Thurston, President, Selkirk Portfolio Management
* Tony Whitworth, Former President and CEO, Navios Martime Holdings Inc.
* Tim Wilson, Head of Visa Canada [ [http://www.globeinvestor.com/servlet/AppNoticeArticleHTMLTemplate?tf=GlobeInvestor/AppNotices/DisplayNotice.html&cf=GlobeInvestor/AppNotices/config-neutral.cfg&slug=Wilson&date=20080515 Globeinvestor.com: Appointment Notice - Visa Canada: Tim Wilson, Head ] ]


External links

* [http://business.queensu.ca/ Queen's School of Business Website]
** [http://www.queensmba.com Queen's Full-time MBA Website]
** [http://www.execmba.com Queen's Executive MBA Website]
** [http://www.cqemba.com Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA Website]
** [http://www.qamba.com Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates Website]
** [http://business.queensu.ca/grad_studies Queen's School of Business Graduate Studies Website]
* [http://www.queensu.ca/ Queen's University Website]
* [http://commerce.queensu.ca/ Queen's Commerce Online Portal]
* [http://comsoc.queensu.ca/ Queen's Commerce Society]
* [http://comsoc.queensu.ca/qlead Queen's Leadership, Excellence and Development Conference (QLEAD)]
* [http://www.qbet.ca Queen's Conference on the Business Environment Today (Q'BET)]

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