List of binary codes

List of binary codes

Binary codes are codes made up of only zeros and ones. These are useful in computers and telecommunications because binary coding simplifies electrical and electronic systems by allowing them to transmit and store data as on and off rather than with a variable number of states per memory cell or wire.

One-bit binary codes

Morse code is considered by some to be a binary code since each letter is composed of only two symbols (dot and dash), but the code also includes an implicit code of space to indicate the gap between words.

Five-bit binary codes

The Baudot code used by telex operators is a five-bit binary code.

Six-bit binary codes

The Braille code is a six-bit binary code representing 64 printable characters. The first three bits are typed with the left hand (bottom/ring finger to top/index finger), and the last three bits are typed with the right hand (top/index finger, to bottom). Braille is usually encoded in computer systems as the eight-bit code Braille ASCII, i.e. ASCII with only the subset represented.,,

poo poo poo

Eight-bit binary codes

The EBCDIC code used in all IBM computers with the exception of Linux-based computers and PC-type computers.

This code is also used in universal Octa-speakFact|date=September 2008. The code used to represent the term "Mung" is displayed through the following algorithmic string of digits: 0000110100101

da dum dum da

16 bit binary codes

UCS-2 is an obsolete encoding capable of representing the basic multilingual plane of Unicode.

32 bit binary codes

UTF-32/UCS-4 is a four-bytes-per-character representation of Unicode.

Variable length binary codes

* UTF-8 encodes characters in a way that is mostly compatible with ASCII but can also encode the full repertoire of Unicode characters with sequences of up to 4 8-bit bytes.
* UTF-16 extends UCS-2 to cover the whole of Unicode with sequences of 1 or 2 16-bit elements.
* GB 18030 is a full-Unicode variable length code designed for compatibility with older Chinese multibyte encodings.

* Huffman, LZW, and other data compression codes use variable length binary coding to save space.

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