Citytv Bogotá

Citytv Bogotá
Citytv Bogotá
Citytv logo.svg
Branding Citytv
Channels Analog: NTSC-M channel 21 (UHF)
Affiliations Citytv
Owner Casa Editorial El Tiempo

Citytv Bogotá is a local television station in Colombia's capital city. It is owned by the Casa Editorial El Tiempo (CEET), which publishes the main national Colombian daily newspaper El Tiempo, as well as other magazines such as Portafolio, Cambio, Motor, and Carrusel. CEET licensed the Canadian television system's Citytv brand. It started broadcasting on March 19, 1999 on UHF channel 21 in Bogotá.

Some programs from the original Canadian station (like MuchMusic and Electric Circus, whose Colombian versions are Mucha Música and Circo eléctrico) are versioned for local audience, while others, like FashionTelevision or SexTV are dubbed versions. It also follows the philosophy of the original Citytv: at its news shows (as Citynoticias and the morning wide show Arriba Bogotá) anchors read the news standing up from various parts of the studio / newsroom.

Citytv Bogota contributes with its own material to the video sharing website which also serves as Citytv Bogota only website.

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