Maximum Integrated Data Acquisition System

Maximum Integrated Data Acquisition System
MIDAS logo
Example web page via mhttpd showing status of an experiment
Example web page via mhttpd showing status of an experiment
Developer(s) Paul Scherrer Institute, TRIUMF
Stable release 2.0.0 / November 2nd, 2007
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Data acquisition
License GPL
Website MIDAS home page

MIDAS is a DAQ package developed at the Paul Scherrer Institute and TRIUMF. It was designed for particle physics experiments using CAMAC and VMEbus hardware.


MIDAS (Maximum Integration Data Acquisition System) has been developed as a general purpose data acquisition system for small and medium scale experiments originally by Stefan Ritt in 1993, followed by Pierre-André Amaudruz in 1996. It is written in C and published under the GPL.

The experiment complexity ranges from test systems, where a single PC is connected to CAMAC via a PC-CAMAC interface, to experiments with several front-end computers and analysis nodes. The system currently runs under Linux, MS Windows, various versions of UNIX, VMS, VxWorks and MS-DOS and can be ported easily to virtually any operating system which supports TCP/IP sockets.

A speed optimized RPC layer is used for data exchange, with which sustained data rates of 980kB/s (10BaseT), 8.7 MB/s (100BaseT) and up to 98MB/s (1000BaseT). An integrated slow control system contains a fast online database and a history system. Drivers exist for CAMAC, VME, Fastbus, High Voltage Crates, GBIB and several PC plug-in DAQ boards. A framework is supplied which can be extended by user code for front-end readout on one side and data analysis on the other side. The online data can be presented by PAW as histograms and N-tuples as well as by ROOT. A dedicated HTTP server gives fast Web access for experiment control and to access the slow control system including a graphical representation of variable trends (history display).

Usage of MIDAS

MIDAS is currently used in the following experiments:

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