World War III (disambiguation)

World War III (disambiguation)

World War III, World War Three or Third World War generally refers to a hypothetical future World War, usually fought with nuclear weapons. The term may also refer to:

*"World War 3 Illustrated", a political comics anthology.
*World War III (Left Behind), a rider in the "Left Behind" series of novels.
*"The Third World War: August 1985", and its sequel "", novels by Sir John Hackett.
*World War III (DC Comics), the title of two sagas published in superhero comic books by DC Comics.
* Red Storm Rising, a novel by Tom Clancy

*"The Third World War" (computer game), for the Sega Mega-CD console.
*, a computer game.

;Film and television
*World War III ("Star Trek"), a war as remembered in the fictional history of "Star Trek"'s universe.
*"World War III" (film), a German film by Robert Stone.
*WW3 (2001 film), a 2001 TV-movie starring Timothy Hutton and Vanessa L. Williams
*"World War III" (TV miniseries), directed by David Greene.
*"World War Three", an episode in the 2005 series of the United Kingdom science fiction television series "Doctor Who".
*WCW World War 3, an annual professional wrestling pay-per-view event.

*Third World War (band), an English proto-punk band formed in 1970.
*WWIII (band), an american heavy metal band formed in 1986 by Mandy Lion.
*"WWIII" (album), from the industrial band KMFDM.
*"World War Three", a song by the band D.O.A..
*"So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III)", a song by Tom Lehrer.
*"World War III", a song from the band Bad Religion's first EP.
*"World War III", a song on the Ruff Ryders label, featuring Snoop Dogg.
*"World War III", a song from the album "Heavy Metal Maniac", by the Canadian band Exciter.
*"World War III", a song from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
*"World War III", a song from Dos Gringos on their album "Live at the Sand Trap".

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