Aquamarine (color)

Aquamarine (color)
About these coordinates

— Color coordinates —

Hex triplet #7FFFD4
RGBB (r, g, b) (127, 255, 212)
HSV (h, s, v) (160°, 50%, 100[1]%)
Source X11[2]
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

Aquamarine is a color that is a pale bright tint of spring green toned toward cyan. It is named after the mineral aquamarine, a gemstone mainly found in granite rocks. The first recorded use of aquamarine as a color name in English was in 1598.[3]


Medium aquamarine

Medium Aquamarine
About these coordinates

— Color coordinates —

Hex triplet #66CDAA
RGBB (r, g, b) (102, 205, 170)
HSV (h, s, v) (154°, 54%, 87[4]%)
Source X11[2]
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

Displayed at right is the color medium aquamarine.

Aquamarine in human culture

Interior design


  • The color medium aquamarine is often used for smocks worn by hospital nurses because it is perceived as being calm and restful for the patients.

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