N.A.M.B. is an Italian rock band, formed in 2004 in Turin, Italy.

Origin Turin, Italy
Genres Rock
Years active 2004-present
Labels Mescal
Associated acts Superbudda
Website [1]
Davide Tomat
Luca Cognetti
Silvio Franco
Andrea Ghio



After many individual musical experiences and collaborations the band decided to prepare its debut album, produced entirely by Davide, G.u.p and Branco at Superbudda Studio in Turin. The album is mixed by Madaski at Dub De Demon Studio and mastered by George Marino at StearlinSound in New York City. The homonymous album was published by Mescal the 28 of January 2005. N.A.M.B. first three singles are: “Fermo”, “Un istante un limite” (with two bonus tracks: “End of Days” and David Bowie's “Telling Lies”), and “Black Hole Sun”, a review of Soundgarden's famous song. The video clip of the last one was realised by Lorenzo Vignolo and transmitted by the major Italian television channels.

N.A.M.B., with Madasky on keyboards, starts playing live on main Italian stages, supporting artists like Spoon (U.S.A.), Cikinki (Great Britain) and Afterhours (Italy).

Francesco C album, titled Ulteriormente, was produced by Davide with the collaboration of Madasky, then Davide mixes with G.u.p. The Art Of Zapping album “Volume 3”. The beginning of 2006 sees N.A.M.B. took part in the realization of a share Filippo Cipriano's "Still Life" movie soundtrack. N.A.M.B. appears also in several performance during Torino Winter Olympic Games 2006.

The Band participate at humanitarian plan Rezophonic of Mario Riso, with a remix of “Can You Hear Me”, realized with the following line up: Madaski (voice and mix), Branco (bass and piano), Davide (guitar and programmings), Olly (voice), Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil (voice), Marco Cocci from Malfunk (voice) and GL from Extrema (voice). In May the N.A.M.B realize for "Torino Capitale del Libro 2006" a video with Luca Pastore and writer Younis Tawfik playing “La Cura” of Franco Battiato.

June is the month of the fourth single “Snake Love”, first track accompanied by a Hitchcock oriented video filmed by Riccardo Struchil.

September 2006 it’s the month of third video, this time directed by the friend SoulJacker Film. “Solo un’idea” is the songs but, in this case, also in the English version titled “Crashing apart”.

In November 2006, work began on the second album, ‘BMAN’, an epic, multi-layered, tale of one robot and his quest for musical freedom. The album was mastered in April 2009 by Bunt Stafford Clark (Thom Yorke, Graham Coxon, Elbow, Placebo, Jesus and Mary Chain, Alison Moyet) and was released in October 2009 on the British label Monotreme Records (65daysofstatic, Barzin). Accompanying the album was a 100-page booklet of original drawings by Maq4ka illustrating the story of BMAN. BMAN is the ultimate sonic adventure, with a psychedelic flair and dynamics and industrial elements in addition to the multi-layered instrumental and effects tracks, some mixed in "bmono".

Davide Tomat also run Superbudda Studio in Turin, where he produced both N.A.M.B. albums and also produced albums by Medusa, Drink To Me and Niagara. N.A.M.B. have also done remixes for several other artists like Morgan and [[99 Posse]].

BMAN was also released in U.S. on 23 February 2010.

L.O.N., song from BMAN, was chosen as the soundtrack of the official trailer of the 13th Brooklyn International Film Festival.


  • Davide Tomat - Singer, guitarist, synth e programming
  • Gabriele Ottino - Guitarist, Backing Singer, synth e programming
  • Davide Comapgnoni - Drummer


Studio album

  • N.A.M.B. (2005)
  • BMAN (2009)


  • Fermo
  • Un istante un limite
  • Black Hole Sun
  • Can You Hear Me
  • Snake Love (2006)
  • Solo un'idea (2006)
  • Crashing apart (2006)
  • Radiorace (2009)


  • Black Hole Sun (2005)
  • Solo Un Idea (2006)
  • Snake Love (2006)
  • Crashing Apart (2006)
  • Radiorace (2009)

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