Vector game

Vector game

Vector game refers to any video game that uses a vector graphics display. This means, instead of drawing the image by pixels, the image is projected by an electron beam, drawing lines like a laser show.

Many early arcade games used such displays, as they were capable of displaying more detailed images than raster displays on the hardware available at that time. Many vector-based arcade games used full-color overlays to complement the otherwise monochrome vector images. Other uses of these overlays were very detailed drawings of the static gaming environment, while the moving objects were drawn by the vector beam.

Games of this type were produced mainly by Atari, Cinematronics, and Sega.

The Vectrex home console also used a vector display.

List of vector-based arcade and console games:

*Armor Attack
*Asteroids Deluxe
*Cosmic Chasm
*Earth Friend
*The Empire Strikes Back
*Lunar Lander
*Major Havoc
*Monkey Bubble
*Omega Race
*Rip Off
*Red Baron
*Sundance (arcade game)
*Solar Quest (arcade game)
*Space Duel
*Space Fury
*Space Wars
*Speed Freak (arcade game)
*Star Castle
*Star Hawk
*Star Trek
*Star Wars
*Tail Gunner
*War of the Worlds (arcade game)
*Warrior (arcade game)

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