Elefant (band)

Elefant (band)
Origin New York City, United States
Genres Post-punk revival
Indie rock
Years active 2000–2010
Labels Currently unsigned. Formerly Kemado/Hollywood.
Diego Garcia (Lead Vocals, Keyboard)
Kevin McAdams (Drums)
Mod (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitars)
Jeff Berrall (Bass Guitar, Triangle, Organ)

Elefant was an indie band from New York City, led by Diego Garcia.



Born in Detroit to Argentine parents in the late 1970s, Diego Garcia immersed himself in the sounds of Iggy Pop and MC5 at an early age. Music carried him throughout his tenure until his cardiologist father moved the family back to Tampa, FL when Garcia was a young teenager, and by age 14 he got himself an acoustic guitar and started writing songs. As Garcia approached college life at Brown University in 1996, music was still calling him despite his course load in economics. During his junior year, Garcia realized he wanted a career in music instead. He left for New York City upon his 2000 graduation and began to look for musicians, eventually playing with the band Circus for a brief time. A year later, Garcia formed Elefant with bassist Jeff Berrall, guitarist Mod, and drummer Kevin McAdams.[1]

The band broke up in June 2010, as announced on their MySpace page. No reason was given for the breakup. Diego Garcia has since embarked on a solo career and released his debut single "You Were Never There".[2]


Their debut EP Gallery Girl was released February 4, 2003. Their full-length debut, Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, was initially released April 8, 2003 by Kemado Records and re-released in October 2004 on Hollywood Records following the success of the single, "Misfit". Their second album, The Black Magic Show, was released April 18, 2006.

Their song "Uh Oh Hello" was featured in the FIFA 07 game. The song "Why" was played on a season finale of Scrubs. "Ester" was used in the second episode of the second season of The O.C..



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