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Gilbert "Gil" Grissom, Ph.D. is a fictional character portrayed by William Petersen on the American TV crime drama "".

Grissom is a forensic entomologist and the night-shift supervisor of the Clark County, Nevada CSI (forensics) team, investigating crimes in and around the city of Las Vegas. He plays an important role in the show and could be considered the protagonist.

"" producer and writer Carol Mendelsohn considers Grissom the center of the show [ [ Chicago Tribune "Solving the mystery of the 'CSI' finale shocker"] par.19 approx. Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] and in the seven years the show has been running he has appeared in every episode, except in "Hollywood Brass", from , "Gum Drops", from , and two others from : "Sweet Jane and "Redrum". In early season 6 he became romantically involved with subordinate CSI Sara Sidle.

He is ranked at number 82 on Bravo's Greatest Television Characters of All Time along with Catherine Willows. []

Character creation

Gil Grissom is loosely based on real life Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department criminalist Daniel Holstein, today a show consultant. [ ["UbiSoft Creates CSI PC Game"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ]

While being interviewed for UK TV channel Five US, series creator Anthony E. Zuiker mentioned that the character was originally intended to be named Gil "Scheinbaum", but after Petersen was cast, Zuiker decided he was 'insufficiently Jewish' for the name and along with Petersen decided to rename the character for astronaut Gus Grissom, whom Petersen is a great admirer of, and Gil because of one of the actor's hobbies, fishing. [ ["Petersen Explains How Gil Grissom Got His Name"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ]


In 2000, the head of drama development at CBS saw potential in the pilot script of "CSI", so she passed it on to actor William Petersen, who had a pay or play contract with the network. Petersen has said that many TV shows were offered to him over the years, but he “didn’t want to get locked down". "CSI" appealed to him, due to the complexity of the role of Grissom, a character from whom he would be able to learn a lot, an interesting role that would not become boring over the years. [ [ Television Heaven-"CSI"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] [ [ Chicago Tribune-"Bound for home"] para.135 approx. Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ]

Gil Grissom was not the first scientist portrayed by William Petersen. In the 1986 film "Manhunter" Petersen portrayed a forensic scientist named Will Graham who has the ability to empathize with psychopaths, such as Hannibal Lecter. Coincidentally, Graham pursues serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, played in Petersen's film by Tom Noonan. Noonan also played a clever villain pursued by the CSIs in "Abra-Cadaver".


Gil Grissom first appears in "" on the pilot episode. After this he has appeared in almost every single episode throughout the show's eight years, except in "Hollywood Brass", from , an episode that turns entirely around Jim Brass; besides him, only three other regular characters appear. ["Hollywood Brass". Sarah Goldfinger,Carol Mendelsohn (writers) & Bill Eagles (director). "CSI". CBS. 2005-04-21. Season 5 Ep. 2.]

Again, William Petersen did not appear during the episode "Gum Drops". This episode was originally going to be how Grissom was convinced that an abduction victim was still alive. When Petersen's nephew died, he flew home and was unavailable for the filming of the episode, which turned out being centered around Nick. [ [ episode summary] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ]

During 2007 ("CSI"'s ) William Petersen took a break from "CSI" to appear in a five week run of the Trinity Repertory Company production of "Dublin Carol" in Providence, Rhode Island, resulting in Grissom taking a sabbatical, being replaced by Liev Schreiber, as Michael Keppler, who developed a small story arc through "Sweet Jane", "Redrum" and "Meet Market".

Carol Mendelsohn, one of the show's producers and writers considers Grissom the center of the show. [ [ Chicago Tribune-"Solving the mystery of the 'CSI' finale shocker"] paragraph 19 approx. Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] He does play an important role on most episodes, although he is not always the center, for example both "Grave Danger" episodes, which center around Nick, there is also "The Execution of Catherine Willows", "Weeping Willows" and "Built To Kill, Part 2" which center around Catherine.

Public reaction

This fictional character has an extensive fan base. There are more than one thousand videos made using this character in sites such as YouTube and a thousand more depicting his relationship with Sara Sidle.Of more than twenty-thousand fan fictions written about "CSI" in FanFiction.Net, more than half include Gil Grissom. [ [] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] There are also many other sites that update daily news about either Gil Grissom's status on "CSI" or William Petersen's activities in real life. [ [ The William Petersen Appreciation Page] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] [ [ The William Petersen Attic] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ]

The GSR ("Grissom and Sara Romance"; the abbreviation is a pun on the term for gunshot residue, often mentioned in "CSI") has accumulated an extensive fan base during the years with some sites getting thousands of viewers a week. [ [] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] Some fans consider this "ship" very similar to the one of Mulder and Scully in the "X-Files". From the beginning, both shows showed a lot of chemistry between the two co-workers, leading viewers to assume that a relationship between the two would soon begin, when in fact it would take years of a platonic relationship and sexual tension for something to actually be seen, with both couples only sharing their first on-screen kiss in the eighth season of their respective shows.

In August 2007, upon rumors of Jorja Fox leaving the show, a grassroots campaign started. [ [ TVguide-"Ausiello Report"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] Thousands of fans that want to save "the GSR" and Jorja Fox, have donated to the cause, collecting over $8,000 for gifts and stunts targeted at CBS executives and "CSI"s producers and writers. Some of the stunts included a wedding cake delivery to Carol Mendelsohn, 192 chocolate-covered insects with the message "CSI Without Sara Bugs Us" to Naren Shankar and a plane flying several times over the Universal Studios of Los Angeles with a "Follow the evidence keep Jorja Fox on CSI" banner. [ [ Flyover pictures and videos] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] Another side of the campaign includes mailing the show's producers a dollar, so as to save Fox's contract "one dollar at a time". As of October 16, according to the site's running tally, more than 20,000 letters with money or flyers have been mailed to the Universal Studios and to CBS headquarters in New York from forty-nine different countries since the campaign started on September 29. [ [ TVguide - CSI Boss Vows Jorja Fox is "Coming Back] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] [ [ 'CSI' fan says losing Sara would be a crime] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ]

On September 27, 2007, after "CSI"'s season eight premiered, a miniature model of Gil Grissom's office (which he was seen building during ) was put up for auction on eBay. The auction ended on October 7 with the prop being sold for US$15,600, which CBS donated to the National CASA Association. [ [ CBS CSI Gil Grissom’s rare office replica TV prop] Retrieved on 2007-10-22.]

Character background

Family life

Grissom was born on August 17, 1956 in Santa Monica, California to a middle-class family and grew up in Marina Del Rey, California. His father was a botanist and his mother ran an art gallery in Venice. Grissom's father died when he was nine years old, most likely from heat stroke. His father inspired his love of the natural sciences. [Marrinan and Parker (2006), p. 22]

He was raised Roman Catholic. He told Sara Sidle in a episode that, while he is not really a practicing Catholic anymore, he practices a sort of "secular Catholicism, which implicates ritualizing aspects of everyday life and then viewing them with a spiritual intensity they would not otherwise possess". ["Double-Cross". Marlane Meyer (writer) & Michael Slovis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2006-10-19. Season 7 Ep. 5.] During one case, a priest asked him if he was still a practicing Catholic. Grissom asked the priest how he knew he was since the subject didn't come up. The priest responded, "When you greeted me, you said 'Father.' Only Romans do that. People of other faiths say 'Reverend' or 'Minister'."

Grissom's mother was deaf and because of this, he knows sign language [""Sounds of Silence"". Josh Berman and Andrew Lipsitz (writers) & Peter Markle (director). "CSI". CBS. 2001-4-19. Season 1 Ep. 20.] and can lip read. [""Grave Danger"". Anthony E. Zuiker, Naren Shankar, Carol Mendelsohn, Quentin Tarantino (writers) & Quentin Tarantino (director). "CSI". CBS. 2005-5-19. Season 5 Ep. 24/25.] He inherited his mother's otosclerosis, a disease which nearly led to the loss of his hearing. But he underwent corrective surgery ["Inside the Box". Anthony E. Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2003-5-15. Season 3 Ep. 23.] and his hearing problems have never resurfaced.


Growing up he became an avid reader and an amateur scientist, conducting necropsies on the corpses of animals he found in the neighborhood. In a episode he told Warrick that in high school, he was a "ghost", meaning that he did not belong to any group in particular. ["Ellie". Anthony E. Zuiker &Charlie Correll (director). "CSI". CBS. 2001-12-6. Season 2 Ep. 10.] When he was in college, Grissom financed his first body farm with his winnings from a high stakes poker game. ["Revenge is Best Served Cold". [Anthony E. Dannie Cannon (director). "CSI". CBS. 2002-9-26. Season 3 Ep. 1.] At the same time, he also attended boxing matches to learn about the patterns of bruise formations on bodies and eventual blood spatters from the injuries.

He became a forensic entomologist, earning his degree in biology from UCLA. Grissom has a PhD, but it is not made clear in what or where from. [ Season 1 Ep. 5.]


Grissom once mentioned losing a body while in Minneapolis, implying he spent time there before taking a job in Las Vegas. ["Precious Metal". Andrew Lipsitz, Naren Shankar (writers) & Deran Sarafian (director). "CSI". CBS. 2003-3-4. Season 3 Ep. 18.] This is mentioned again when he works with his former mentor, Dr. Phillip Gerard, played by Raymond J. Barry, stating that he used to work for him in Hennepin County, whose seat is Minneapolis. ["The Accused is Entitled". Elizabeth Devine, Ann Donahue (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2002-10-3. Season 3 Ep. 2.]

He became the night shift team supervisor for the Las Vegas CSI unit on the second episode of the series, after Jim Brass got demoted following the death of co-worker Holly Gribbs. ["Cool Change". Anthony E. Zuiker (writers) & Michael Watkins (director). "CSI". CBS. 2000-10-13. Season 1 Ep. 2.]

In , Grissom took a sabbatical to teach a class at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts for four weeks. ["Leaving Las Vegas". Allen MacDonald, Carol Mendelsohn (writers) & Richard J. Lewis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2007-1-4. Season 7 Ep. 11.] Prior to his sabbatical, Grissom had been showing signs of "burnout". Upon his return, however, he appears reinvigorated and tells Warrick Brown that he "missed" Las Vegas." ["Law of Gravity". Richard Catalani, Carol Mendelsohn (writers) & Richard J. Lewis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2007-2-8. Season 7 Ep. 15.]

Character development

Evolution through the years

Early episodes revealed Grissom to be a witty, enthusiastic and quirky scientist, who had some sense of humor. He flirted regularly and seemed to be constantly on a hyperactive state. ["I-15 Murders". Carol Mendelsohn (writers) & Oz Scott (director). "CSI". CBS. 2001-01-12. Season 1 Ep. 11.] ["Crate 'n Burial". Ann Donahue (writer) & [Danny Cannon] (director). "CSI". CBS. 2000-10-20. Season 1 Ep. 3.] However, when he began to lose his hearing, Grissom retreated into himself and lost a lot of the nerdy spark he once had. He became easily irritable and unapproachable. ["High and Low". Naren Shankar, Eli Talbert (writers) & Richard J. Lewis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2002-12-12. Season 3 Ep. 10.] After his surgery, he lightened up a bit, but he has never gone back to the whimsical science nerd he once was.


Grissom in the series is often regarded as well-educated, but unusual in his approach toward his work and social life. In the series, some of his comments and actions can be seen to dumbfound his co-workers and superiors. His relationship with his subordinates in the office is portrayed as being a father figure to the team, however very professional in his work.

In addition to being somewhat of a polymath beyond his career training, he exhibits Asperger-like traits, and in a episode it is hinted that, in fact, he has Asperger's syndrome. ["Caged". Elizabeth Devine,Carol Mendelsohn (writers) & Richard J. Lewis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2001-11-8. Season 2 Ep. 7.] Another character on CSI who shares these kind of traits is his subordinate (and current fiancée), Sara Sidle. She once insinuated that Grissom was a misanthrope when he quoted her Thoreau's "Walden". ["Happenstance". Sarah Goldfinger (writers) & Jean de Segonzac (director). "CSI". CBS. 2006-11-16. Season 7 Ep. 8.]

Although he is very dedicated to his job and sometimes goes to extremes in his investigations, his unwillingness to dabble in office politics often alienates his superiors, and sometimes his subordinates. ["Sex, Lies and Larvae". Josh Berman, Ann Donahue (writers) & Thomas J. Wright (director). "CSI". CBS. 2000-12-22. Season 1 Ep. 10.] He gets a lot of help in these areas from right-hand woman Catherine Willows, who is always trying to make him "look up from the microscope". ["Burden of Proof". Ann Donahue (writer) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2002-2-7. Season 2 Ep. 15.] ["Evaluation Day". Anthony E. Zuiker (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2001-5-10. Season 1 Ep. 22.]

Grissom claims to have never hired a prostitute for sex, stating that sex is intended to create a human emotional connection. He has also expressed distaste for carrying a firearm when on the field, a tendency that has brought several scoldings from co-worker Jim Brass. ["Ending Happy". Evan Dunsky (writer) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2007-4-26. Season 7 Ep. 21.] Despite this, he has proven to have an exceptional accuracy at the firing range. ["Assume Nothing". Danny Cannon, Anthony E. Zuiker (writers) & Richard J. Lewis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2003-9-25. Season 4 Ep. 1.]

He once listed his hobbies to Lady Heather: "I have outlets. I read. I study bugs. I sometimes even ride roller coasters". ["Slaves of Las Vegas". Jerry Stahl (writer) & Peter Markle (director). "CSI". CBS. 2001-11-15. Season 2 Ep. 8.] Indeed, he has proven to be a very cultured man on many occasions, having a wide knowledge of history, literature and art. He often offers quotes from a variety of literary sources, including Shakespeare and Keats. Later in this , he reveals himself to be a baseball fan. Sara notes that this is typical of Grissom, saying that he would like "all those stats". ["Primum Non Nocere". Danny Cannon, Carol Mendelsohn (writers) & Richard J. Lewis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2002-1-31. Season 2 Ep. 16.] However Grissom is not too familiar with popular culture. In "Two And a Half Deaths" Jim Brass was talking about a TV program which he thought had already "jumped the shark" but Grissom didn't know the term "jumping the shark". While trying to explain, Brass says, "Remember the Fonz?", which Grissom didn't know either.

Being an entomologist, he has a wide and varied knowledge of insects, which he applies to his investigations. This has led to his nickname, "The Bug Man". In the beginning of the show, he was referred as "Gruesome Grissom" for his sometimes morbid fascination with the more bizarre aspects of man and nature. Grissom keeps a variety of specimens in his office, including a radiated fetal pig, a tarantula, and a two headed scorpion. He also has a bulletin board that looks like a fish on which unsolved cases go: "the ones that got away". ["Who Are You?". Josh Berman, Carol Mendelsohn (writers) & Danny Cannon (director). "CSI". CBS. 2000-11-10. Season 1 Ep. 6.] Occasionally, he keeps evidence from closed cases (such as the models created by "The Miniature Killer"). In , CSI newcomer Michael Keppler takes a look around Grissom's office and observes that he must be quite a freak. ["Sweet Jane". Kenneth Fink, Naren Shankar (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2007-1-18. Season 7 Ep. 12.]

When asked why he is a CSI, he responds, "Because the dead can't speak for themselves." This is one of his favorite quotes and he uses it frequently. ["Toe Tags". Allen MacDonald, Carol Mendelsohn, Richard Catalani, Douglas Petrie (writers) & Jeffrey Hunt (director). "CSI". CBS. 2006-10-5. Season 7 Ep. 3.]

Relationships with other characters

In the sixth season episode "Bang-Bang" Grissom tells Doc Robbins (concerning a woman shot in the mouth) "This was someone who was emotionally close to her." Doc Robbins asks him if he's ever even been close to getting married. Grissom tells him about "Nicole Daley", who like him was interested in bugs. He goes on a bit about her, then says, "Second grade."

Grissom may not ask to take on the role of mentor, but it seems to happen naturally, going all the way back to Sara Sidle when they first met in San Francisco, then Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders in Vegas. Although he can be annoyed with his protegés at times, he is visibly proud when they succeed, as Greg did by passing his field test and becoming a CSI. ["Who Shot Sherlock?". David Rambo, Richard Catalani (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2005-1-6. Season 5 Ep. 11.]

He also shares a good friendship with Dr. Al Robbins, and in the finale, it was revealed that Jim Brass's living will gave Grissom power of attorney, showing that Grissom was the one person Brass trusted with his life. ["Way To Go". Jerry Stahl (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2006-5-18. Season 6 Ep. 24.]

His relationship with Warrick Brown had aspects of a mentor/student bond, but out of all the CSIs (Catherine included), Grissom seems to view Warrick as his successor, the one who will lead when he is gone. ["Leaving Las Vegas". Allen MacDonald,Carol Mendelsohn (writers) & Richard J. Lewis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2007-01-04. Season 7 Ep. 11.]

Some fans have always expected to see a relationship between Grissom and Catherine Willows, in whom he is shown confiding many times, once even likening her to being his "wife". ["Jackpot". Carol Mendelsohn and Naren Shankar (writers) & Danny Cannon (director). "CSI". CBS. 2003-10-6. Season 4 Ep. 6.] The two have never been more than very good friends, and will probably never be anything more since the show's producers see them as more of brother and sister than lovers. [ [ Chicago Tribune-"A very special 'CSI' Thanksgiving"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] Catherine has many times encouraged Grissom to be more open and less self-absorbed, ["Evaluation Day". Anthony E. Zuiker (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2001-5-10. Season 1 Ep. 22.] and to pursue something with Sara Sidle. ["Burden of Proof". Ann Donahue (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2002-2-7. Season 2 Ep. 15.]

Grissom has been allegedly involved with forensic anthropologist Teri Miller ["To Halve and to Hold". Ann Donahue, Andrew Lipsit (writers) & Lou Antonio (director). "CSI". CBS. 2001-2-15. Season 1 Ep. 14.] and with S&M parlor operator Lady Heather, whose "safeword" he knows. ["Pirates of the Third Reich". Jerry Stahl (writers) & Richard J. Lewis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2006-2-9. Season 6 Ep. 5.]

Sara Sidle

Since "CSI"'s there were hints that both Sara Sidle and Grissom were interested in each other romantically. In fact creators made Sara Sidle while thinking of a future love interest for Grissom, [ [ Chicago Tribune-"Bound for home"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22.] [ [,1249,645191271,00.html Deseret Morning News - Apparently, autopsies and romance do mix] Retrieved on 2007-10-22.] but during the show's first three seasons Grissom flirted with all the female characters, and when Sara asked him out to dinner he rejected her, claiming that he does not know what to do about what is going on between them. ["Primum Non Nocere". Danny Cannon, Carol Mendelsohn (writers) & Richard J. Lewis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2002-1-31. Season 2 Ep. 16.] ["Play with Fire". Andrew Lipsitz, Naren Shankar (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2003-5-8. Season 3 Ep. 22.]
Sara Sidle on the episode "Invisible Evidence".] In season four Grissom's true feelings are revealed in "Butterflied", an episode that centers entirely around him discovering his sentiments for Sara. It was then that he admitted not being able to risk his career to be with her. ["Butterflied". David Rambo (writers) & Richard J. Lewis (director). "CSI". CBS. 2004-1-15. Season 4 Ep. 12.] In this season Sara apparently develops a drinking problem, which Grissom acknowledges on the season finale; after this they would hardly see each other, and Grissom becomes interested in detective Sofia Curtis.

In mid-season five, Sara is suspended for insubordination and she reveals to Grissom her tormented childhood. He refuses to fire her and has her working in every case of the next two seasons with him. ["Nesting Dolls". Sarah Goldfinger (writers) & Bill Eagles (director). "CSI". CBS. 2005-2-3. Season 5 Ep. 13.]

It was not until the finale that it is revealed that Grissom and Sara have worked through whatever issues they had, and are, in fact, a couple, and have been for two years. ["Way To Go". Jerry Stahl (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2006-5-18. Season 6 Ep. 24.] This revelation caused mix reviews among critics, some of them see this relationship as "CSI" "jumping the shark", an attempt to include more drama and romance to the show, so as to be able to compete with the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy", which airs in the US at the same time. [ [ Chicago Tribune-"The Gil and Sara show on 'CSI'"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] [ [ CSI in] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] By killing off the sexual tension between the two characters and making them an item, the production crew were seen to be adding more personal drama to the show, increasing the appeal to some of "Grey's Anatomy"'s younger audience. [ [ Chicago Tribune-"The Gil and Sara show on 'CSI'"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] [ [ Buddy TV-"CSI's Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] [ [ TVguide-"Note to CSI—Don't Do It"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] This has been denied by the writers, Carol Mendelsohn even said that she has never been able to see Grissom with someone else other than Sara and that this episode was seen by the writers as the right time to reveal the relationship, Jorja Fox and William Petersen have also admitted that the relationship is not new. [ [ Chicago Tribune-"A 'terrifying' romance on 'CSI'"] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ] [ [ Cult Times, April 2005, Interview with Jorja Fox] Retrieved on 2007-10-22. ]

Throughout the audience sees Grissom and Sara as a couple, ["Leapin' Lizards". Evan Dunsky (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2007-5-3. Season 7 Ep. 22.] ["Fallen Idols"."CSI". CBS. 2007-2-22. Season 7 Ep. 17.] but the relationship is kept secret from the others in the lab until Sara's abduction by The Miniature Killer in the season finale. ["Living Doll". Sarah Goldfinger, Naren Shankar (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2007-5-17. Season 7 Ep. 24.] During the 2007-2008 season, season eight, they have become engaged. ["The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp". David Rambo, Jacqueline Hoyt (writers) & ... (director). "CSI". CBS. 2007-10-18. Season 8 Ep. 4.] In "CSI"s eighth season, when Jorja Fox decided to leave the show, [ [,,20054547_20055147_20152746,00.html Jorja Fox: Why I Quit 'CSI'] Retrieved on 2007-11-18.] both she and the writers decided not to kill the character, so as to leave the doors open for a possible comeback. [ [ Exclusive: CSI Boss Vows Jorja Fox is "Coming Back"] ] Consequently, Sara Sidle is submerged into depression after her kidnap in the season seven finale, and, even though she accepts Grissom's marriage proposal on the season's fourth episode, she shows signs of burnout during the subsequent episodes, breaking down on the season's seventh episode, leaving Las Vegas and the CSI's with only a goodbye letter for Grissom and a good luck note for Ronnie Lake. In the letter she claims that ever since her father's death she has been dealing with "ghosts" and that she now needs to go away and deal with them before self-destructing. ["Goodbye and Good Luck". Sarah Goldfinger,Allen MacDonald, Naren Shankar (writers) & Kenneth Fink (director). "CSI". CBS. 2007-11-15. Season 8 Ep. 7.]

Character's Future

It has been confirmed by CBS that the first ten episodes of the upcoming of "CSI" will be the last with William Petersen as a regular. [ [ "William Petersen's run on 'CSI' coming to end"] - Retrieved on 2008-07-22.] Negotiations proceeded regarding who is to replace him, and while it has been confimed that John Malkovich was approached about the part, he is no longer being considered. Laurence Fishburne has since been confirmed to replace Petersen. [ [,CST-FTR-zp16.article "Petersen pulls 'CSI' plug"] - Chicago Sun-Times. Retrieved on 2008-07-22.]


* Marrinan, Corinne and Parker, Steve. "Ultimate CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2006). DK Publishing Inc. ISBN 0-7566-2353-7
* [ CSI Characters Biographies at]


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